Superstore Pilot Revisited: The Meet-Cute, a 'Moment of Beauty' and More

Superstore 1x01

Attention, Cloud 9 shoppers: It’s time for a stroll down memory lane.

In the lead-up to Superstore‘s series finale (airing Thursday at 8/7c), TVLine is revisiting the very first episode of the NBC workplace comedy.

The pilot, which originally aired Monday, Nov. 30, 2015, introduces most of the Cloud 9 gang (Sandra is sorely M.I.A.), establishes one of TV’s greatest will they/won’t they relationships, and features a grand gesture that can best be described as a “moment of beauty.”

If you haven’t watched the episode since it initially debuted, you may be surprised to see just how long it takes before Amy reveals a pertinent piece of information to Jonah. Or how hard Dina’s crushes on Cloud 9’s newest hire. Or just how much focus there is on high-school sweethearts Bo and Cheyenne — who may or may not be getting their own spinoff soon.

Keep scrolling for a selection of must-discuss moments from the pilot below — and we highly encourage you to watch it on Peacock or Hulu before Thursday — then drop a comment with your fondest memories of the first episode: Were you hooked from the get-go?

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