America Ferrera's Early Return to Superstore Sets Up XL Series Finale: Who Phoned Amy and Why?

America Ferrera - Superstore 6x13

And you thought America Ferrera‘s return to Superstore had been spoiled!

The NBC comedy surprised its audience on Thursday night when Amy showed up in the tag scene, one week ahead of Ferrera’s previously announced series finale comeback. As the closing credits rolled, floor manager Cheyenne rang her former boss to discuss the potential closure of Cloud 9.

Superstore 6x13 - Kids In the Hall ReunionThe retail giant’s fate came into question after Lowell Anderson — the eccentric son of Cloud 9’s founder, played by Mark McKinney’s Kids In the Hall costar Dave Foley — showed up at the Ozark Highlands store. After a series of Lowell’s harebrained ideas wreaked havoc on productivity (and Glenn’s hair!), the business tycoon let slip that corporate overlord Zephra may be ready to cut its losses and shutter the Cloud 9 chain, presumably due to diminished sales during the pandemic.

Cloud 9’s imminent closure was foreshadowed in the cold open. Cheyenne told a customer that corporate had yet to supply Store 1217 with new shopping carts after a group of teens stole theirs and turned them into BattleBots.

Prior to Cheyenne and Amy’s phone call, Jonah’s new girlfriend Hannah told him that she recently deposed Amy as part of Carol’s ongoing lawsuit against Cloud 9. Amy’s signal kept cutting out because she was up at some cabin in the mountains, for reasons unknown. With Sandra’s help, Jonah did a little social-media snooping and found out that Amy was on vacation with Emma and Parker, and not with a new boyfriend. (Phew!) But when Sandra encouraged Jonah to call Amy, Jonah insisted — a little too hard, I might add — that he was over his ex.

As for Amy’s return, that came a few minutes later, when Cheyenne gave Cloud 9’s Director of Customer Experience a call to see if the loony Lowell’s slip of the tongue was cause for concern. By the look on Amy’s face, she hadn’t heard anything about Cloud 9 going under, but promised Cheyenne that she’d do some digging and see what’s up.

Elsewhere this week, Dina broke up with veterinarian boyfriend Brian (with an unintended assist from Garrett). Afterwards, the co-manager agreed to “take pity” on her (sometimes) friend-with-benefits and go out to dinner, but would not admit that she cares about Garrett and wants to date him.

Did you squeal when Amy showed up on during the closing credits? Hit the comments with your thoughts on the antepenultimate episode — and your hopes for the March 25 series finale.

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