This Is Us' Rebecca Flash-Forward: What the Season 4 Finale Reveals About the Pearson Family's Future

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Pearson obsessives, assemble!

This Is Us devoted a significant amount of Tuesday’s Season 4 finale to the Flash-Forward Formerly Known as “Her.” We watched as Kevin — whose baby mama we finally learned the identity of in the present-day timeline — finally entered the room where an aged Rebecca appeared to be dying. We paid very close attention to a couple of the visual clues the show wanted to make sure we noticed. We met a whole new character… and this doesn’t even take into account what was revealed via the episode’s other flash-forward! (Read a full recap, as well as series creator Dan Fogelman’s Season 5 teases and our burning questions about the hour.)

Now that we’ve all had a little while to process the highly emotional, somewhat upsetting installment, it’s time for some sleuthing. We’ve gathered all of the Rebecca-centric flash-forward in the gallery at right. This includes visuals, dialogue, clues and salient intel from interviews with the show’s stars and producers. We’ve updated it every time the show airs additional flash-forward footage, and we’ll continue to do so until all of your questions are answered.

So flip through the gallery above — or go to it directly here — then hit the comments with the clues you’ve noticed, theories you’ve brewed up and anything else related to the future of the Pearson fam!

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