This Is Us Finale Offers New Clues About Jack Damon's Family and Future


Warning: This post contains major spoilers about This Is Us‘ Season 4 finale.

This Is Us‘ Rockstar Jack gained not one but two new family members in Tuesday’s Season 4 finale, which is as good a reason as any to dive right back into TVLine’s obsessive in-depth investigation of the future of Toby and Kate’s son.

One flash-forward in the season-ender concerned itself with the birth of Jack and Lucy’s daughter, Hope. (Read a full recap, see if you agree with our burning questions and check out what series boss Dan Fogelman had to say about the episode.) But it also introduced us — via some very on-brand sleight-of-hand that made us think one thing when the truth was actually something quite different — to Jack’s sister, Hailey. (Admit it: At the start of the hour, you thought she was just another one of Kevin’s Hollywood hook-ups, didn’t you?)

We’ve gathered the ever-expanding coverage of Jack’s adult life in the gallery at right. In it, you’ll find visuals, snippets of dialogue, clues and anything else we thought might be good to know — including intel from interviews with the NBC series’ stars and producers. We’ll update it every time the show leaps ahead to show us how the rockstar is faring in the far-flung future.

Flip through the gallery — or go to it directly here — then hit the comments section with any clues, theories or observations about Jack’s future that we might’ve missed!

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