This Is Us Finale: 4 Nagging Questions We Still Need Answers To

this is us season 5

A handful of significant pieces are still missing from the jigsaw puzzle that is This Is Us‘ Rebecca-centric flash-forward mystery, even after Tuesday’s semi-revealing finale (read Kim Roots’ full recap here).

In the final minutes of the Season 4 closer, the action shifted to the future, during which we received answers to… well, precious few of our burning questions. We did learn, courtesy of the present-day storyline, that the mother of Kevin’s son (and daughter) is Madison. And we’re grateful for that morsel. (Check out Kim Roots’ in-depth analysis here).

But closure continues to elude us on a number of pivotal topics. Among them:

Where the heck is Kate?! | Toby previously said “they’re on their way,” but we still do not know who they are. Is it Kate? Is it Kate and their two children, Jack and Hayley? Is it none of the above? (Series creator Dan Fogelman sheds some light on Future Kate here.)

Who is Kevin married to? | We noticed his wedding ring, but the identity of his bride (Sophie? Cassidy? Madison?) remains unknown.

What is the nature of Rebecca and Nicky’s relationship? | Miguel’s glaring absence at dying Rebecca’s bedside certainly opens the door to the possibility that the Pearson matriarch at some point moved on romantically with her brother-in-law. But he could also just be her BFF and caretaker. Or Miguel could have died in the intervening years. We. Just. Don’t. Know.

Have Kevin and Randall been estranged all these years? | The chilly reception the duo gave each other in the climax of Tuesday’s finale suggests that time (in this case more than a decade since their blowup) has not healed all of their brotherly wounds. At the same time, It’s entirely possible that their somber demeanor was more about their mother’s ailing health and less about their rocky history.

What other questions do you have after watching Tuesday’s finale? Share ’em in the comments!

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