This Is Us' Flash-Forward: Photos, Theories and Other Crucial Intel About the Pearsons' Mysterious Future

This Is Us Flash Forward Clues Theories Photos Season 3

“It has taken me 37 years to accept the fact that there’s absolutely zero point in trying to control the future,” Randall told Kate and Toby’s wedding guests in This Is Us‘ Season 2 finale. “Because nobody knows where we’ll be.”

That’s nice and all, Randall. But even though we can’t control what happens to the Pearsons as the NBC series continues its third season, we sure can obsess about what might bring This Is Us‘ central family to a fraught moment in the far-flung future — or, as it’s more commonly known, the “her” flash-forward.

If you’ve got no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a quick breakdown. In several Season 2 and 3 episodes, the show leapt decades ahead in its timeline, giving viewers a glimpse of what the Pearsons are up to at a point down the road. Most of the action has focused on a handful of characters as they prepare to visit a woman initially referred to only as “her” and “she.” (Jumps to two other, much closer time periods — Kevin’s trip to Vietnam and Toby’s depressive episode — already have played out in the show’s present-day storyline.)

In December, the midseason finale answered one question —the “she” in question is Rebecca! — but begged a ton more. Why does everyone seem so upset? Are Randall and Beth still married? For that matter, are Kate and Toby? Why haven’t we seen Kevin yet? And for the love of Clooney the Cat, what does Pin the Tail on the Donkey have to do with anything?!

Fortunately, the only thing TVLine loves more than a mystery is enlisting your help in solving a mystery. So here’s what’s up:

* We’ve gathered all of the “her” flash-forward in the gallery at right. This includes visuals, dialogue, clues and salient intel from interviews with the show’s stars and producers. We’ll update it when/if the show airs more flash-forward footage.

* Here’s where you come in. Flip through the gallery — or go to it directly here — then hit the comments with the clues you’ve noticed, theories you’ve brewed up and anything else related to the future of the Pearson fam!

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