Was Flash Blabby on Supergirl? Does The Catch Have Hair Issues? Does New P.D. Pair Get Your Vote? And More Qs

Supergirl The Flash

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Supergirl, Nashville, Empire and Chicago P.D.!

1 | If going back to the catacombs is too taxing for Sleepy Hollow‘s Abbie, couldn’t, y’know, Ichabod go alone?The Walking Dead

2 | Grimm fans: Are you #TeamNadalind or #TeamRenardalind?

3 | As showcased in the Walking Dead promos, isn’t Negan’s barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat (aka “Lucille”) rather pristine, if he regularly bashes in heads with it? Or is he known to fastidiously clean it with a toothpick? 

4 | Any Good Wife fans calling B.S. on Jason not immediately texting Alicia about his tense run-in with Peter? And does anyone care if Peter’s indicted?

5 | Quantico‘s NATs bounced back rather quickly from that bloody terrorist attack on the school, didn’t they?

6 | During Girls, were you surprised Marnie’s dealings with the cocaine-buying rich guy didn’t end much worse than they actually did? And for residents of/visitors to New York City: Are we buying Marnie walking home barefoot through the grimy streets of Brooklyn?

7 | To paraphrase TVLine reader Tenney: When Once Upon a Time‘s Liam came clean about ripping out the storybook pages, why didn’t he then promptly share that he had lobbed them into the well?

| Gotham‘s Elijah Van Dahl never wondered why his “heart pills” tasted like peppermint drops? And would the Fox drama be markedly more interesting if its corrupt characters (e.g. the Blackgate warden) were even a smidgen subtle?

Castle Spinoff| What if this is the Castle spinoff?

10 | Did you spend most of Monday’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend waiting for something awful to happen to that wedding dress?

11 | Fosters fans, did you facepalm when Brandon’s girlfriend said she never took her estranged (and angry!) husband off their bank account?

12 | We know he was on another Earth during the Supergirl visit, but maybe Barry should have been a tad hesitant about revealing his identity to the government-run D.E.O.? Elsewhere, Livewire proves to be a mighty foe for Supergirl and The Flash, but then is easily taken out by a fireman’s hose?

13 | If our 11.22.63 memory serves us correctly, hadn’t Sadie visited Jake’s house, back when she discovered his Lee Harvey Oswald surveillance tapes? Why couldn’t she have reminded Jake where he used to live?

14 | Didn’t The Flash‘s20Qs-time-wraith time wraith remind you of something that would appear on Supernatural, not the superhero series? (Where are salt bullets when you need ’em?) And what impact did the time-traveling events of this week’s episode have on the current timeline, aside from Hartley becoming an ally? Does it mean that Wells was under the impression all last season that he won? Anyone else suddenly have a headache?

15 | As excellent as this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been, are you hoping for Jason Mantzoukas’ plotline to wrap up soon?

16 | If the board of directors on Empire was truly terrified into inaction by Lucious’ henchmen, why did each member suddenly do an about face and enthusiastically applaud Hakeem jumping up on the conference room table and declaring himself the heir apparent?

17 | In an Arrow world where paralysis is healed by next-gen, non-FDA approved tech, why is Malcolm still sporting a stump in a sling? (Should he borrow Old Man Oliver’s robotic hand, or Phil Coulson’s? Flag down the Waverider?)

18 | Anyone have a count of how many times Supernatural‘s Dean and Sam have died? And why didn’t the reaper Billie put up more of a fight to keep Dean on the other side?

19 | Why hasn’t Nashville‘s Will gone back to Rayna, who once offered him a record deal, now that he’s seeking a new label? And do you subscribe to the popular theory that Frank torched Vita’s car?

20 | We all saw Chicago P.D.‘s Burgess/Roman coupling coming, but did we like it? And did that sexy Lindsay/Halstead scene sate your appetite, ‘shippers?

Grey's Anatomy21 | Grey’s Anatomy, are you telling us that Mer’s runaway beau Will did not have time to fetch his shoes or grab his shirt, but he did have time to perfectly fasten his belt?

22 | Big Bang Theory viewer Sheri Reid asks, “If Sheldon doesn’t drive and hates to take a bus, how in the world has he been taking all of his stuff to a storage unit that no one else knows about?”

23 | On Shades of Blue, did Cristina’s reaction to getting sent to live with her aunt seem a little extreme when you consider PATH train fare to Jersey City runs 24 hours a day and only costs $2.75 for a one-way fare? Also: Harlee snapping Miguel’s neck with her thighs as he prepared to sexually assault her: Gruesome, poetic, Bond villainess-esque, or all three?20qs-catch-hair

24 | Can we talk about The Catch’s lack of continuity with Peter Krause’s hair/shirt collar in three consecutive scenes?

25 | What in the world possesses the woman in the ad for prescription vaccine Prevnar 13 to inspect and purchase a single, solitary strawberry at her local market? (Doesn’t she know you can’t eat just one?)

26 | Is Alison Brie giving anyone else a Kristen Wiig vibe in her new Apple TV spot?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!