Why Did the Legends Spare Savage? Did Grey's Leg Grow Back? No Civil War for Big Bang Boys? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Gotham, Person of Interest, The Americans and Bones!

1 | Let’s be honest: Is there any reason to think The Good Wife‘s Peter wasn’t lying when he denied having an affair with Geneva Pine? Also, given that Peter yanked that judgeship right out from under Diane a couple seasons back, wasn’t it strange to see her pinch-hitting as his defense attorney?

2 | If you happened to cover ParachuteTV’s Periscope’d coverage of the Daytime Emmys red carpet, did the super-smart Qs from knowledgeable daytime-TV reporters finally put 2014’sGotham “social media experts” fiasco behind us?

3 | Almost two full Gotham seasons in now, the question lingers: Who/what are we supposed to be rooting for?

4 | Has there ever been a more satisfying Bates Motel moment than what occurred at the end of this week’s awkward family dinner, when Norma screamed at Norman to grow up and get on board with her marriage to Alex?

5 | Yes, The Voice‘s Daniel Passino gave an abysmal “save me” performance of “Uptown Funk,” but shouldn’t Pharrell as his coach have made some attempt to rally the guy’s fan base rather than give a rambling eulogy to his time on the show?

Agents of SHIELD FitzSimmons Sex6 | To sum up our open letter to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Hive: Allllll that time to think on Maveth, and your master plan almost peters out on the first try? Also, for all the talk of the next-gen weaponry the team had been authorized to unleash against Hive, all we get is (as one reader called it) a “miniature, sad rocket launcher”?

7 | Chicago Fire fans, here we go again: What do you think of Severide’s latest hookup, with Stella Kidd? On a related note, are you shocked he didn’t sleep with the cop before she was killed?

8 | Considering how quickly he had to slap it together in Person of Interest‘s Season 4 finale, was it a stretch that Harold outfitted the briefcase with an elegant battery strength indicator?20qs-poi-root-delete

9 | Who pulled off the badder-ass upside-down gunplay: Person of Interest’s Root or Underground’s Cato?

10 | Place your bets: Will Lucious kill his mother before Empire‘s season is over? Oh, and speaking of his victims… Harper Scott is totally dead now, not merely kidnapped, yes?

11 | So, Damien Darhk’s magic on Arrow can be repelled simply by thinking good thoughts? And can anyone give us a good reason why the show hasn’t made Audrey Marie Anderson a series regular yet? (At the very least, it’d help promote that Dig’s wife’s name is spelled L-Y-L-A.)

12 | Are you happy that Supernatural finally confirmed God’s identity? Or would you rather it have remained ambiguous?

13 | Which Criminal Minds character was more maddeningly slow to react: the prison guard who stood there as inmate after inmate was set loose, or Dr. Lewis, who didn’t make a beeline for the doorThe Americans when Ennis got free?

14 | How is it possible that The Americans keeps getting better and better, four seasons in? But who possibly writes this neatly on a chalkboard?

15 | Can someone explain to us why Aaron Paul’s disbelieving Eddie on The Path hasn’t already grabbed son Hawk and gotten the hell out of that loony tunes encampment?

16 | Does Modern Family take place in an alternate reality where Manny would still have new episodes of Downton Abbey to watch?

17 | Can we all agree that this needs to be Feud Season 2?

18 | Could Scandal afford to be, like, 50 percent less on-the-nose with its Donald Trump avatar aka Hollis Doyle? Don’t you want to get away from the election-season din when watching a primetime soap?

19 | What was Grey’s Anatomy trying to accomplish by giving Callie such a cartoonishly nasty attorney? (Did they want us rooting for Arizona? If so, mission accomplished, right?) Grey's AnatomyMeanwhile, TVLine reader Anna asks: “How is it that Arizona can wear skirts that reveal two good legs? Do the writers think we forgot that her leg was amputated and she has a huge prosthesis?”

20 | Bones fans: How long were you fooled before you realized Angela’s sex dream about Sebastian wasn’t real?

21 | Since the Legends of Tomorrow’s mission was to kill Savage, why didn’t someone clobber the immortal’s cranium with the enchanted mace the instant Carter got his memories back?

22 | As you speculated what deplorable fate befell Game of Silence‘s Gil at the Quitman “parties,” were you at all prepared for what we learned in Jackson’s flashback? On a much lighter note: ex-warden Carroll’s wife’s name is… Carol? Sure, she goes by “CeCe,” but… Carol Carroll??

23 | Wouldn’t it have made 100-percent more sense to have the Big Bang boys attend a midnight showing of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War instead of some random Marvel’s Avengers screening?

24 | Between her Mom reunion with Richard Schiff, her Late Late Show walk-and-talk with Bradley Whitford and last TVQs-ellie-kemper-deleteweek’s White House appearance as C.J., is it safe to say Allison Janney is itching for a West Wing reboot?

25 | Why did that credit card company hire Ellie Kemper as a pitchman, and then iron her hair so flat she barely looks like Ellie Kemper?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. bluji says:

    11. The reason behind Lyla not being part of the main cast is because she wouldn’t be such an amazing treat to have on the show if she appeared all the time. If it wasn’t for that, I’d totally support promoting her.

  2. Rebecca says:

    re. #23: I was literally wondering the same thing. Especially since the ep aired the same night as midnight screenings of Civil War.

  3. Tom says:

    23 | Wouldn’t it have made 100-percent more sense to have the Big Bang boys attend a midnight showing of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War instead of some random Avengers screening?
    But, Joss Whedon……..And seriously, couldn’t they have gotten him for a cameo?
    24 | Between her Mom reunion with Richard Schiff, her Late Late Show walk-and-talk with Bradley Whitford and last week’s White House appearance as C.J., is it safe to say Allison Janney is itching for a West Wing reboot?
    One can only hope
    25 | Why did that credit card company hire Ellie Kemper as a pitchman, and then iron her hair so flat she barely looks like Ellie Kemper?
    How do you know she didn’t make the choice herself?

    • Rebecca says:

      A Sebastian Stan cameo would make more sense since he and Melissa Rauch worked together on The Bronze. She even said on a Q&A that it would be great if he did.

    • sanchopanza says:

      re Kermper – Certainly. It was a silly question. I suppose they meant “Ellie Kemper” the character. Who wasn’t necessarily the woman in the ad.

  4. wgsecretary says:

    12. I’ve been saying it since he snapped his fingers and disappeared at the end of season 5. I’m glad they’ve confirmed that chuck is God! That was the best episode of Supernatural in quite a while.

    • kmayne says:

      I have really tried to enjoy the show. But through out the season the plot lines have had more holes in it than Swiss cheese. I think this season long plot lines on all of DC shows is getting very tiring.

      • wgsecretary says:

        Supernatural isn’t a DC show…I don’t think there have been plot holes in Supernatural. I think they actually just closed one up by confirming that Chuck is God.

        • kmayne says:

          Sorry I meant to post this to Legends Not Supernatural

          • wgsecretary says:

            Well, in that case, I agree. I do like the show and watch because I enjoy Arrow and Flash and it’s part of the universe. Plus, I’m a Doctor Who fan and the actor who plays Rip also played one of my favorite characters on Doctor Who. But, it is getting full of holes and they need to stop letting the group have Savage in their grasp only to lose him…again.

  5. Mark says:

    Everyone on Legends was making terrible decisions. I was screaming at my TV for Ray not to open the door and then for SOMEONE to kill Savage.

    • Bwhit says:

      The two criminals and the assassin are the smartest outta the whole bunch.

      • Anthony says:

        As much as I love the actors playing Rip, Ray, and Martin, and as much as I love the comicbook versions of Rip, Firestorm and Hawkman and Hawkgirl … I have to agree that Snart, Rory and Sara are the best part of this show. I can only hope the fact that they’ve made fewer bad decisions than everyone else is actually intentional on the part of the writers.

    • Winter says:

      Seriously when Ray opened that door I just yelled I hope he kills you. You deserve it. So so stupid I have no words.

      • Bob Jones says:

        4000+ year old immortal that regenerates vs. Ray ‘my brother stole my tech and sold it – Kaylee is not even my descendent’ Palmer. I actually punched myself when he opened that door

    • sanchopanza says:

      I suppose that the writers for shows like this that appeal to kids as well as adults don’t want their heroes to just haul off and kill somebody except in true self-defense. Especially their pretty nice-girl heroes. And I suppose they want to keep the chase going, too, so they keep the bad guy from getting killed. But even little kids know, if you have a cockroach under your shoe you stomp on it, period. Especially if you’re the only one wearing shoes.

  6. Angela says:

    #4: Seeing Norma stand up for herself and her independence in general throughout that episode was so great :D. It was also heartbreaking, because we know Norman will not listen to a single word she told him in the end.
    That said, however, as terrifying as Norman was in that last part of the episode, and as right as Norma was to call him out for his behavior towards Romero, he did make a good point about the way Norma sheltered him from having a life of any sort for so long only to then turn around and go off and do the very things she tried to keep him from doing. Just…y’know, obviously he could’ve expressed that view a hell of a lot better, is all :p.
    #13: Probably Lewis, ’cause even before Ennis showed up and got free, knowing there were already prisoners on the loose elsewhere, no way would I have just stood around on my own anywhere in that prison if I were her.

    • JM says:

      My thoughts exactly on #4, and Norman making a point. I was disappointed that Romero didn’t bring that up.

    • jerrired says:

      Yeah I agree. I oddly found myself more on Norman’s side, despite him being a psycho and loving Norma and Romero. She did shelter him and then become a complete hypocrite.

  7. mooshki says:

    I’m very happy with Supernatural’s God reveal. Been waiting for it for seasons.

    If Phillip Kiriakis’s leg could grow back, why not Arizona’s?

  8. Patrick Maloney says:

    I have to say that I’m disappointed that they revealed God’s identity. The whole purpose of God on the show was to play the ultimate absentee father. So I don’t see what role he plays in the show except for a literal deus ex machina!

    • taran63 says:

      See, I feel the opposite. First off, I don’t think Chuck being God was any sort of reveal. While it was never directly stated in dialogue, in my mind it was already a certainty.
      But what had never happened before was no character had ever interacted with God while knowing he was God. And that was a real treat to see, after all the years of other characters describing God from their point of view. I thought that the scenes with God and Metatron were some of the best scenes in years. And with how it ended, it looks like next episode we get some scenes between God, Dean, and Sam. I’m really looking forward to seeing what direction they go with those. And who wouldn’t want to see a scene between God and Lucifer? If only they could bring back Lucifer’s original actor for that scene too. Although I’m sure Castiel’s actor will do a fine job.

      • sanchopanza says:

        I never got started on Supernatural because I used to not be able to get the CW on my antenna, and it’s so far along now I’d never catch up. But I enjoy reading these comments about it, and this issue is cool. I had no idea they’d incorporated an actual God. And the explanation given about who he and his sister are is a real kick to the imagination. I may have to get into it one day.

  9. Laurie says:

    #7 Seriously. Whenever a female cop, FBI agent, lawyer, etc crosses paths with Severide you know he will end up sleeping with them. The poor detective had the misfortune of dying before that could happen.
    #19 As far as Arizona’s prosthetic leg, I gave the benefit of the doubt and figured she was wearing nylons. She did add a slight limp to sell it as she was walking with Sophia.

  10. Heather says:

    #12: They never should have confirmed that Chuck was god! Keeping an air of mystery and intrigue around that would have been way better.

  11. 1. At this point,what motivation would Peter have to lie about sleeping with Geneva? He knows Alicia’s falling for Jason (who knows why!) and the divorce is already in progress. Makes no sense to lie.

    4. I root for Alex and Norma, though I know there won’t be a happy ending. I was glad she told off Norman.

    24. YES! TV Gods, please make a West Wing reunion happen. It’d be tricky with all of them being on successful shows, but a short mini-series (maybe four episodes?!) would be a dream.

  12. Rachel says:

    11 – Lyla is badass…and how does anyone not know how to spell her name?

    19 – I think Arizona and Callie are both idiots and need to be beaten with A’s fake leg.

  13. Josh says:

    I was very surprised Severide didn’t bang her before she was killed. Hes banged almost every female that comes on the show except for Dawson Brett and Chilli

  14. Bwhit says:

    21) I thought that it was explained that it had to be Kendra to do it with one of those objects when Carter tried to kill him in the second part of the pilot. That’s why she fought him in the last episode with the braclet on the mace. I just wondered why she didn’t go get the mace while Snart was fighting him and mick showed up instead of just standing there?

    • wendie says:

      because she is one of the most USELESS stupid superhero characters ever written. So sick of her acting and lame backstory. I want them to kill Savage so we can get onto a more interesting story line that doesn’t surround the wooden hawks. The rest of the team is great and could be a fantastic series without all this dreck!

    • sanchopanza says:

      Agreed, she has to be the one to kill him. I thought surely when Carter showed up with the mace that it would figure into the fight scene, but no, she chickens out (a hawk chickens out, oh hilarious) AGAIN.

  15. tallsy says:

    17. Feud Season 2 needs to be Julianne Marguiles v. Archie Panjabi.
    25. I didn’t know it was her until she’s doing the ad in the ad.

  16. Lerbert says:

    14. It is amazing–The Americans has not only maintained its quality season to season but episode to episode. In this period of dropped storylines, incorrect timelines, forgotten character history, and beyond outlandish plot twists I really, really appreciate the attention to detail. One of the best television shows ever.

  17. I was wondering about Callie too. I thought I had missed something regarding her leg.

  18. Jared says:

    The Savage storyline on Legends of Tomorrow is actually making me hate the show. Way too long of a story arc with zero resolution so far. He’s supposed to be this “Big Bad” yet they don’t wanna kill him when they had plenty of chances?. I feel like it’s going around in circles and at this point I could careless how it ends.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Agree just bleeding well kill him already, and move on to a better villain next season. Drop the Hawks as well

      • wendie says:

        Amen to both of you. Writers are saddled with this ridiculous plot that we all just want done! It’s not working, because it is a bridge too far to suspend our already suspended belief in a superhero series that it couldn’t have been resolved by now.

      • jerrired says:

        Yeah I’m a little behind, but knowing that Carter is back, I might not pick the series back up.I never warmed to him and actually preferred him not being on the series.

        • sanchopanza says:

          What I wonder about is where’s this Carter from anyway? The one Kendra knew was killed a while ago, and they just picked this one up along with Savage. Is he now gonna say, “Um, well, MY Kendra being stuck in the future, I might as well substitute this 2016 one, who is, after all the same chick, so what does it matter?”

  19. grazelled says:

    #19 Arizona’s leg. From what I remember I thought the prosthetic leg started above the knee so we wouldn’t be seeing were she attached it. Maybe being a doctor she has access to a very good one that looks, feels, and moves more naturally. They really should have made the skirt longer or just kept her in dress pants. I can’t remember which leg has the prosthetic so the picture with her legs crossed in a skirt and two good looking legs makes me want to know what hose or nylons she uses. I want those!

    • PL says:

      It’s her left leg, so the one on the right in the pic. She did get a newer prosthesis that allowed her to wear heels at some point, I forget exactly when, but I think the confusion is that for her to be able to sit like that (and cross her real leg over her prosthetic one) means that the prosthesis has a built-in/working knee joint. Perhaps those exist and Arizona could likely afford one…I’m not sure. Obviously, at the end of the day, Jessica Capshaw is just using both of her actual legs, but I was thinking the same when I saw her in the skirt this week.

      • Falcon says:

        She got the new prosthetic at the end of season 9. So I was willing to give it a pass, but it would have been beneficial if the skirt was just a few inches longer, as it was it was pretty close to (though not completely at) the amputation/ prosthetic connection spot.

        • chris says:

          Better Question – While isn’t this site crowning Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez with performance of the week honors?

          • Cory says:

            THIS! Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez! I mean I absolutely believed every single emotion they threw, and especially to watch Arizona having to bounce between fighting to keep her own child, and then turning “Bubbly Serious” as I like to call it, when dealing with trying to save another woman’s child at the same time. (By the way I was cheering for Arizona to win, while I understand Callie’s part to a point, I think she was being very selfish, plus it was all a rushed decision)…

  20. Luis says:

    11. Oliver’s love had to be pure for the mojo to work – he was actually drawing on the collective psychic energy of every Ollicity ‘shipper in the audience. As for Lyla, why make her a regular and ruin her character, too?


    21. That’s kind of the problem when you make a single, over-arching story line the focus of the season. It’s difficult to maintain a high level of tension/interest when you know the story isn’t going to be resolved until the conclusion of the season.

    • Bwhit says:

      I think the storyline will be wrapped by the end of the next episode and the season finale will be what they are going to be next season. Savage wasn’t in all of them and those were by far my favorites.

  21. Belle says:

    25. I know, it’s crazy how much she doesn’t look like herself!!

  22. N says:

    19-I saw that, too

  23. Luis says:

    3. Why would you bother rooting for anyone in “Gotham?” The show’s inevitable conclusion is a city left so deep in slime and mire that a sociopath in a bat costume seems like a reasonable alternative to everything that came before.

  24. Kal says:

    I also thought it was strange that the ‘Big Bang’ Gang wasn’t seeing ‘Civil War’ but then I realized that they would have bought advanced tickets for a midnight showing and that a heard-about-at-short-notice ‘Avengers’ screening better served to cause the necessary friction between Sheldon and Amy. Certainly they wouldn’t have had plans to go shopping at midnight.

  25. Queen bee says:

    Yes please the comment about Arizona ‘s leg loss did the writers and creator of grey’s anatomy just want us to think they are so far ahead of their times at Seattle grace they can grow back a leg or make a fake one that looks totally real. Please someone explain this to me. Makes no sense at all

  26. peter says:

    19 i was thinking the same thing about arizona’s leg
    she need to tell us who was the person who developed that ‘LEG ” he or her should be foud ASAP

  27. texmike says:

    #20 I’ve watched Bones from episode #1 and I love it. But Hodgins is wearing me out. I’m tired of him being such a D-bag.

  28. Grey says:

    #19 Arizona got a new prosthesis in late season 9. This is when she started wearing heals. The new leg that let her use heals was introduced to allow the actress to use her real leg instead of CGI, the fake leg was (supposedly) made to look real. Also, #Arizona on the custudy battle.😭sad about this whole thing though!!!

  29. JMOM says:

    Really? “A huge prosthesis”? Do you know anything about prostheses and how far they’ve come with them these days? Also, her wife at the time/now ex-wife being an orthopedic surgeon, and a reknowned one no less for her work with veteran amputees, would have access to get her the best prosthetic leg available today. Plus when we saw her walking with Sophia at the end of the episode, she was clearly wearing opaque tights, not sheer ones or bare legs.

    • Falcon says:

      Excellent points!!

    • sanchopanza says:

      Ah, great, I wondered when someone would bring this up. I didn’t know about the progress of this storyline because I don’t watch the show, but of COURSE she’d have access to high-quality prostheses. Another silly question. Thanks, JMOM.

  30. bj says:

    14. lol I was wondering the same thing about that printing. I actually asked if they used a template.

    And The Americans does keep getting better and better. great show.

  31. Jeri says:

    Love reading the questions. Best concept ever.

  32. Alichat says:

    11) No no no no…..you must hold onto some magic doodaddy WHILE thinking good thoughts. You see…it all makes sense.
    14) How is it this site rarely ever recaps these fantastic ‘The Americans’ episodes?? This week’s episode was so tense. I needed a glass of wine afterward.
    19) I’m afraid I was rooting for Arizona before the cartoonish lawyer. Well, let me restate….I was rooting for them to work this out before we were given any cartoonish lawyers in a courtroom. Then I was rooting for Arizona.

  33. Kim R says:

    1. The Good Wife – I’m really starting to worry there is not enough time left for the writers to end this properly. I can’t imagine how they are going to settle some of these things in just 1 episode. I feel if it doesn’t get the finale it deserves there is no excuse at all. We’ll see.
    11. Arrow – sooo..when I was a kid and saw Peter Pan in the theater, there was a part when they asked the kids to clap so Tinkerbell would live. I won’t say I clapped for Oliver as the dark magic was overtaking him…but I might have cheered him on to find the light. :D
    13. Criminal Minds – I can’t believe she stayed there alone. I blame the wig.
    15. The Path – well, he has another kid, right? And a wife he loves. It is compelling TV.
    16. Modern Family – of course not. We all watch things at different times.
    17. Feud – May 13th can’t come soon enough for me.

  34. John NYC says:

    “Wouldn’t it have made 100-percent more sense to have the Big Bang boys attend a midnight showing of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War instead of some random Marvel’s Avengers screening?”

    The check was apparently NOT in the mail?

  35. Pat says:

    8- Not a stretch at all. It is Harold, for goodness sakes and for me he is a computer brainiac.
    9- Root always pulls it off.
    12-I wished that they had waited until the series finale. Now I have Chuck/God in my head.
    20-When Hodgins woke her up. Before he did, I was cursing at the producer’s and writer’s as I watched that scene.
    25-Ellie’s voice and adorable face, I would recognize immediately. Even if she had a bald head, I would know who she is.

  36. Prish says:

    3. Bruce and Alfred

  37. matty says:

    RE: #19, many prosthetic legs look exactly like real legs and from a distance you would not be able to tell. My assumption is that at some point Arizona got a prosthetic that looked more realistic than her first one.

  38. PFitzDC says:

    #19: Arizona’s leg was amputated very high up and they have shown her in past episodes wearing a prosthesis with high heels. That said, the film-makers have gotten pretty lazy about it…and there have been quite a number of shots where her pregnancy is pretty obvious.

    • LaDonna says:

      Lazy or budget cuts preventing CGI…either way, it doesn’t excuse the prosthetic. Realistic or not, has anyone seen a prosthetic so realistic that it has a knee that looks natural while walking AND sitting with her legs crossed? The pregnancy thing, I’ll give them a pass…remember the last few episodes of Hart of Dixie? Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy was PAINFULLY obvious…it actually made me laugh several times.

  39. fiberlicious says:

    24: Her and me both. WW was, hands down, the best TV series in history. I miss it every time I turn on the TV.

  40. Deb Saine says:

    grey’s doesn’t seem to pride itself on the details sometimes, i.e. arizona’s amputated (or not?) leg – i’ve recently been rewatching all the seasons and have noticed the same black vehicle circling the parking lot in search of a space for about nine years now whenever there’s an exterior shot of the hospital … and sometimes, it’ll be spring and sometimes it’ll be fall in the same episode when somebody walks out the main set of glass doors between those rows of trees …

  41. JM says:

    3) Who do I not root for?? I love all the characters–even the baddies who keep it so entertaining.
    5) No, what Pharrell should have done was to coach him better on choosing songs. EVERY song choice made me groan.
    7) Yes, and I’m still confused on the point to that whole storyline.
    10) Yes and yes. But as bad as he is, the show needs Lucious, so I hope he’s not the one that “will fall”.

  42. Falcon says:

    19. OK, so about AZ’s leg- a while ago I looked this up because it bothers me whenever Arizona is in shorter skirts or they show her feet. There are some pretty great prosthetics out there are life like, particularly the ones that are shaped for heels. So it is plausible. But they are EXPENSIVE. So the average middle class person, or even upper middle class person, would not necessarily have access to them. I’ve decided that since Arizona is a doctor, she has access to the very best and have decided to suspend disbelief.
    They did say that she got a new prosthetic specific to wearing heels, and showed it to us while she was in her underwear in the end of season 9. To the show’s credit, usually when she wears heels and they show feet/leg, they discolor one of them slightly so it looks more like plastic. I’d have to rematch yesterday to see if it was the case.
    It still drove me crazy. I would have been able to better deal with it last night if the skirt was just a small bit longer. As it was, it was a little too close to the amputation site when she was sitting down and the skirt rode up (like in the picture included in this article, for instance).

  43. Marci says:

    4 | Has there ever been a more satisfying Bates Motel moment than what occurred at the end of this week’s awkward family dinner, when Norma screamed at Norman to grow up and get on board with her marriage to Alex?
    Yes, that was a very satisfying moment. Now, I’m afraid the sheriff will be Norman’s next victim. (You know he and Norma don’t get out of this alive–it’s just a matter of when.)

    20 | Bones fans: How long were you fooled before you realized Angela’s sex dream about Sebastian wasn’t real?
    Not until she woke up. I was actually rooting for them, since Hodgins has been such an ass. But, after the last scene between them, I’m hoping they’re moving past his anger phase.

  44. I am itching for a West Wing reboot! With all the original cast (except Mandy, obvs). I yearn, I tell thee, I yearn!!

  45. NP says:

    Aren’t we all itching for a West Wing reboot?

  46. Dj says:

    11. They only thing that would have made thinking good thoughts worse would be if they said his love for Felicity helped him fight the Darhk magic.

    12. Loved that Chuck was god. It was one of the best episodes of the series.

    21. I was screaming at my tv when they didnt kill him.

    23. Well since tbbt is a WB show they might not have wanted to give Civil War any free pub.

  47. Sandy Scott says:

    #8 I thought THE MACHINE built the briefcase as a way of saving itself and they just had to pick it up.. It was awhile ago so not sure but am pretty sure I remember them getting it already done..

  48. Heather says:

    OMG…. How did I not notice Arizonas Leg!!! I am a super fan and didn’t even notice!!! Oops!!

  49. ? says:

    Can we talk about how this season of Banshee is so bad it’s almost retroactively ruining the entire series? Or is no one even watching anymore besides me.

  50. A3rynSun76 says:

    Arizona a has a prosthetics that looks like a normal leg for heels. The leg crossing is definitely pretty weird, but Jessica Capshaw is over eight months pregnant during these scenes. I think cutting them slack on this is fair.