Arrow Recap: Genesis Revelation

Arrow Season 4 Recap Andy Dies

This week on The CW’s Arrow, the Diggles’ sibling rivalry took a nasty turn, building to the realization of Damien Darhk’s grand plan. (TV’s other Hive, please take note.) Here’s what everybody was up to:

‘MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR’ | Dubbed this by Diggle himself, Oliver trekked to Hub City, with a persistent Felicity in tow, to meet up with an associate of Constantine’s — the “immortal shaman” Esrin Fortuna — whom he (eventually) met at an underground casino. The three then went quite underground — to a “new plane of existence”/ chamber where Esrin schooled Oliver on the trick to deflecting the dark (or Darhk) arts, by fighting them with “light” magic. Oliver aces the first practice run, but when Esrin doubles down, he is overwhelmed by dark memories from his past, up to and including the broken engagement and Laurel’s murder. Esrin bails on her padawan, worried he doesn’t have enough light in him to channel. Or does he…?

BROTHERS IN ARMS | Not content to sit on his hands while Oliver dabbles in magic and Thea goes on vacay with Alex, Diggle tracks his brother Andy, who ultimately gains the upper hand and strings up and stabs his kin. Diggle “escapes,” but it was all part of Darhk’s plan, using a tracker planted by Andy to lead them to the mobile safe house where Lyla and Sara are hiding out. Diggle leads Andy away from the intercepted truck by vrooming out the back on a motorcycle (with wee Sara strapped to his back!), while Damien enters the safe house and subdues Lyla. Oliver interrupts with an arrow fwip! and ultimately repels Darhk with his glowy eyes full of light magic (generated by, we later learn, “Felicity’s voice” reminding him of all that’s good in his life). Diggle meanwhile gets into one final tussle with Andy, who taunts and taunts his big bro about how no one, not even Lyla and Sara, will be safe from Genesis. Andy then crosses a big ol’ line by suggesting that John will never do what’s necessary to protect his own family, prompting Diggle to put down his brother, once and for all, with a bullet at close range.

THE RUBICON IS ON | In comforting John over killing his “baby brother,” Lyla realizes that during her skirmish with Darhk, the Big Bad extracted from her forearm a subdermal implant — containing the top-secret Rubicon program. She explains that Rubicon is a ballistic missile override protocol that can prevent any country, the U.S. included, from launching a nuke — or, just as easily, allow for the exact opposite. But if destroying the world is Darhk’s form of “Genesis,” what is his ark, his plan to restart humanity…?

INVISIBLE TOUCH | We then cut to Thea’s vacation in what I will call “Anvil City,” where her suspicions about her yellow-pill-popping, evil-bearded beau Alex and the seemingly on-a-loop nature sounds are confirmed by her discovery that this suburban oasis is actually situated inside an underground dome, protected by an invisible barrier! #CityOfEterna

What did you think of the episode “Genesis”?

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