Supernatural Recap: The God's Honest Truth, as Told by Chuck

Supernatural Recap

Dear God, it’s about time.

As long suspected by Supernatural fans, Chuck Shurley (returning guest star Rob Benedict) reveals himself to be the Man Upstairs during Wednesday’s episode.

God – but he prefers to be called Chuck – exposes his true identity to fallen angel Metatron, and what follows is a two-hander deep dive into what’s wrong with the Big Guy that he would abandon his creations. Chuck explains that he’s been hiding in plain sight because he likes having a front row seat. As for what he’s been doing while the world’s gone to crap, here’s a short list: looking at cat photos, signing up for Snapchat, dating girls (and boys), starting a new book series titled Revolution (“I don’t think it’s going anywhere”).

Now, he needs Metatron’s help finishing his latest project: his autobiography. He hands over a draft, which doesn’t inspire the desired reaction. “Last time I saw that look on an editor’s face, I just handed in Bugs,” Chuck notes. (Oh, Season 1 Supernatural.)

Metatron criticizes the autobiography’s glaring omission of God’s sister, Amara. He also has issue with the work’s self-indulgence and lack of revelations, ironic considering the author. Editorial advice: Dig deeper. Chuck, in turn, comes back with a chapter titled “Why I Never Answer Prayers and You Should Be Glad.” Now we’re getting somewhere!

But Metatron’s not done trying to get real answers out of the almighty. He wants to know why God created life. “I was lonely,” Chuck explains. And his sister wasn’t very good company. “I am being. She is nothingness.” He thought if he showed her there was something more than them, something better, she’d change. Instead, every time he built a new world, she destroyed it. Even though she’s back to do it once again, Chuck doesn’t feel any responsibility to stop her. After all, Amara’s release isn’t on him. “The world would still be spinning with demon Dean,” if Sam could have dealt with it, he points out.

Metatron accuses Chuck of being a coward. His “experiments” may be failing, but at least humans don’t give up.

As for Dean and Sam, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about them. When God’s in the house, you have to take a backseat. The brothers are holed up in a town with Amara’s deadly fog, which has infected the younger Winchester. “Stop this, you dick!” Dean yells out. It seems Metatron’s words got through to Chuck, because suddenly Dean finds  the “Samulet” glowing in his brother’s pocket and all is fine and dandy. Dean and Sam marvel as all the dead and infected regain consciousness and then come face-to-face with Chuck, who announces, “We should probably talk.”

We, Supernatural faithful, have a lot to discuss, too. What did you think of the long-awaited reveal?

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