Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Crossing the Ol' Event Horizon

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This week on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson & Co. felt the Earth move, and then later… well, you can finish the joke.

It turns out that “swayed” Daisy didn’t rumble the S.H.I.E.L.D. base into rubble but merely left the place shaken and stirred — enough to jam ajar the hangar bay doors, though that’s nothing that May and some sideways, “Buckle up!” piloting couldn’t outmaneuver.

In the wake of losing Daisy to Hive, the team’s first priority is to seek out any semblance of a cure. To that end, Fitz and Simmons go undercover at a transhumanist speakeasy to confab with a Dr. Radcliffe. With Mack running the duo’s comms and Coulson nursing a bum leg, that leaves May and Lincoln to track down Alisha, the “multiple” Inhuman, before Hive can infect her as well. As a precaution, Lincoln is outfitted with not-a-suicide vest, and May is begrudgingly left in charge of the trigger, should he become at risk of swayage. One 2-on-2 clash with a pair of Alishas later, they realize that Hive got to her original first. Afterward, when Coulson mulls taking Lincoln out of the field, it leads to a heart-to-heart between him and May, about his parental, “no shoot” leanings toward Daisy. “You were never her father,” May argues, to which Phil says: “Yeah, but she’s the closest I have to a daughter.”

Hive and Daisy also beat S.H.I.E.L.D. to James, the Afterlife castoff who supplied Lincoln with the Kree orb — or at least most of it. Hive demands the rest, and in turn exposes James to Terrigen, transforming him into an Inhuman who can turn anything into an explosive. (This is where The Flash‘s Cisco could have come in handy, since the series of nicknames James cycles through fails to make a single spark.) Later, Coulson and May realize they are too late to find James, and instead stumble upon a booby trap — but thanks to a new holo-gizmo in Phil’s prosthetic, they manage to dodge harm: “I thought it’d be cool if the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a shield. Fitz agreed, so….”

As FitzSimmons wait to meet Dr. Radcliffe, they shut off their comms to talk openly about last night — or more to the point, what might/should happen tonight. When Fitz clumsily but charmingly lays out the risk in seguing a friendship into something more, Simmons says he is likening sex to “crossing the event horizon,” which admittedly is “quite lovely.” And yet also terrifying. “So we should stop thinking about it all together,” Fitz reckons, “and just do it.”

When they’re summoned to meet Radcliffe, FitzSimmons are delivered to a patient whom they are to, on the spot, outfit with the next-gen eyeball they hoped to dazzle the doc with. It’s merely a test, though, Radcliffe, the patient, reveals. Fitz’s appeal for the doc to help S.H.I.E.L.D. with a vaccine gets interrupted by Hive and Daisy, while Mack fights James out by the bar. Alone with Jemma, Hive speaks as spaceman Will, stirring up painful memories — until Jemma uses the gun May slipped her to fire three bullets into the beast’s belly. Daisy meanwhile vibes Fitz against a wall and issues a last warning for the team to back off and stop trying to “save” her from her new “family” — “Next time, I snap your neck.”

Back at the base, Coulson and May look on as Talbot’s troops take down Hydra’s worldwide infrastructure, “just like that,” thanks to the late Gideon Malick’s intel. At the hotel room rendezvous point, meanwhile, Fitz reunites with Simmons, and he’s not about to let a pair of “ice bucket” hands keep them from (finally) consummating their feelings: “I’ll do my best to power through,” he winks. Watch Luke Mitchell’s video of that table read:

At episode’s end, Hive tells Radcliffe that “with your help, we’re going to redefine humanity, permanently. By recreating the same Kree experiment that was done to me” all those years ago. In the meantime, Hive has procured a “hotel” whole town for his swarm to call home.

What did you think of the episode “The Singularity”?

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