Did Once Munchkins Ogle? Flash Twist Spoiled? Funniest Outlander Moment? Did H50 Overspend? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Outlander, The Flash, Lucifer and Scandal!Hawaii Five-0

1 | Really, Hawaii Five-0 — $80 million? For something with flimsy, plastic chest panels? And did you notice how they never showed the unwieldy “supersoldier” actually getting in or out of vehicles?

2 | Given what Grimm‘s Wu knows about the Wesen world, shouldn’t he have been a bit more concerned about the lycanthrope scratch he suffered?

3 | Outlander viewers, what was funnier: The looks Jamie and Claire tossed at each other during Annalise’s introduction at Versailles, or Jamie’s reaction to discovering that Claire had engaged in a little personal grooming? Also, how was Claire not spilling out of that red dress?!

4 | Could SNL‘s One-Dimensional Female Character From a Male-Driven Comedy be the sketch comedy’s next big-screen spinoff?

5 | Should we be worried that The Good Wife‘s Jason isn’t exactly forthcoming about his feelings/intentions toward Alicia? Or is he just the rugged, silent type? Also, how do you have an episode full of Canadian tropes with no Tim Horton’s or Degrassi references?!Girls The Shining

6 | What did we think of Girls‘ season-ending Shining homage?

7 | Did Quantico‘s final moments make you think that Caleb was faking his heroin addiction? (As we’ve since learned, he is not.)

8 | On Once Upon a Time, did you catch the brand of Zelena’s whiskey — Moloch, as in the god of child sacrifice? Is the Dorothy/Ruby romance where you had hoped Supernatural would go with its own Dorothy and Felicia Day’s Charlie? Speaking of which: Should the Munchkins have taken a picture, since it would last longer?

9 | Who hawks “hope” harder, Once Upon a Time or Supergirl?

10 | On Supergirl, is it Eliza Danvers’ plan Supergirl Supermanto leave an empty place setting at every meal until Elijah Jeremiah returns? #Passover And following up on last week’s question: Those are totally Henry Cavill’s feet, right?

11 | Is Petra’s twin sister on Jane the Virgin the gentler-but-equally hungry version of Orphan Black‘s Helena?

12 | This week’s Lucifer prompts us to ask: How would a devil-worshiping daughter hide an entire secret room/annex from her dad? Does he not know the floor plan of his own home?

13 | Now that you’re aware of how Dancing With the Stars really scores contestants — the judges jot down an “official” number on a piece of paper, rendering their paddles meaningless — are you starting to wonder if behind-the-scenes funny business might influence eliminations?

14 | Friend-of-a-friend or not, would Castle‘s Hayley really be allowed to freely interact with a crime scene/corpse? And given recent events, which unauthorized Lifetime movie do you want first, Castle’s or Sleepy Hollow’s?

15 | With Paxton Ingram finishing last in sales among The Voice Top 12 — almost 80 spots below his next-closest contestant on the iTunes singles chart — how did he manage to avoid the Bottom 2? Do people really love Blake Shelton so much that they’ll vote for his contestants even when they have no interest in their music? Also, did no one who works for The Voice or Gwen Stefani think the costuming/styling of the singer’s “Misery” performance was a bad idea?

The Flash Zoom Wally16 | Was The Flash unwise to release the spoilery photos that showed Zoom running free in S.T.A.R. Labs, with Wally his prisoner? Also, nobody on Earth-Two thought, “Hey, the new speedster looks like that infamous serial killer!”? (Perhaps we are applying Supergirl Hair Logic — different hairstyle = different person?)

17 | On Containment, why does Jana’s job, which seems to be data recovery, require her to put on a head-to-toe hazmat-like suit and go into a decompression chamber?

18 | Not that we’re advocating for more big-name guest stars on Empire, but didn’t the cartoonish “Stacee Run-Run” make you wish producers had ponied up a little extra dough and gotten Nicki Minaj underground-jamesas Jamal’s duet partner?

19 | Tragic as they all were, which Underground kid’s story most broke your heart?

20 | TVLine reader bmac_mama asks: Why didn’t Nashville‘s Rayna and Deacon use the Find My iPhone app to locate Maddie, because “No teen girl is leaving home without their phone. Ever”?

21 | How soon into The Blacklist did you guess that — spoiler alert! — Red’s companion wasn’t real?

22 |  Sure, Scandal‘s Olivia was eventually found out, but are we to believe that untrusting superspy Rowan wasn’t somehow monitoring her morning runs? That said, how nice was it to finally get the (twisted) backstory on the Jake/Rowan dynamic?

23 | Was Legends of Tomorrow‘s Teen Sara a bit chill about meeting her doppelganger? And were you unexpectedly moved by Jackson meeting the father he never knew?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin K says:

    Number 4 – Cecily Strong is at the top of her game on SNL (watch out Kate McKinnon).

  2. c-mo says:

    14. I was too distracted by the events of the day to pay attention to this week’s episode so…….don’t care 😢.

  3. 21 | How soon into The Blacklist did you guess that — spoiler alert! — Red’s companion wasn’t real?

    Almost immediately, but I didn’t know it was (spoiler alert)…

    Liz’s (grown up) daughter he was imagining

  4. jj says:

    I don’t think teen Sara fully comprehended who adult Sara was and what was going on

  5. Kim R says:

    13. DWTS – we already knew the judges wrote the scores down and handed them off so that when they reveal them for the production (and us) there is no changing them for whatever reason. This was not new news.
    21. The Blacklist – about halfway through the episode maybe? But not will 100% confidence. :)

  6. 8| Speaking of which: Should the Munchkins have taken a picture, since it would last longer?

    Yeah, that was creepy. At least go off and celebrate or avert their beady little eyes elsewhere

  7. texmike says:

    #14 I want the behind the scene’s Castle movie. There’s a lot of shanagans going on there.

  8. Luis says:

    16. If “Flash’s” Iron Mask is, in fact, the real Jay Garrick, then why did Harry recognize Zolomon as Jay Garrick from the outset?

  9. Luis says:

    8. OUAT producers have to show some love to Mulan before the series wraps. My heart is breaking for that girl.

  10. rowan77 says:

    #3. Jamie’s reaction to Claire’s grooming. That was great!

    #4. No need. They next male-driven comedy will fill that slot.

    #5. Yeah, he’s playing it, much closer the the vest than it should be considering how close we are to the end of the series. I can understand no Degrassi – everyone’s a grown-up, but Tim Horton’s could have used a shout-out. I wonder if CBS wanted them to pay for a shout-out or if it really just wasn’t thought about.

    #8. Supernatural really dropped the ball on that one.

    #12. I know, right.

    #13. Totally.

    #14. Sleepy Hollow! The behind-the-scenes on that show is crazy!

    #20. I literally shouted that at the TV.

  11. Annie says:

    14A. No. Of course not.

    14B. Oh man – tough call. I’ll have to give Castle a slight edge, if for no other reason than to hopefully see Dever and Huertas turned into a modern-day, on-set Greek chorus, because that would make me gigglesnort, I’m fairly sure.

  12. dan says:

    13) Not a surprise. I watch DWTS infrequently (a couple minutes here and there) and even I know that the Judges write down their scores and hand them off to a production person immediately after a dance is done. I’ve watched them do this (with Carrie Ann handing the score sheet to a person on her right) for years.

  13. Hollie says:

    Who did the Hive Mind better? Arrow, Supergirl or SHIELD?

    Also was that Flash plot twist the stupidest plot twist with the most plot holes you’ve ever seen? Usually Flash is ok in the writing department, but I think they borrowed Supergirl’s writers this week.

  14. wakey says:

    17. Data recovery can involve taking discs apart and a piece of dust is like a mountain for the drive head which can then damage it and cause the head to then touch the drive platter and put a gauge in it which will cause further unrecoverable data loss. As such this kind of data recovery needs carried out in a clean room

  15. Jenna says:

    16: Yes, which leads us to the question, which promo photos spoiled you more? These ones or Agents of SHIELD’s episode 18 promo photos that all but revealed that Daisy was the one who was Hived?

  16. 16 – And shouldn’t Barry have said something more than ‘oh, im back’ and ‘how long was i gone for?’ after coming back from Earth Supergirl (whatever number Earth its meant to be!) – possibly a little explanation for where he was or even the last sentence of a convo to start the next scene!

  17. 3pears says:

    The Flash: Cisco opens portal, Zoom jumps through portal. Then it looks very much that postal closed/collapsed. So how did Zoom get back to his lair on E2 with Wally? Shouldn’t he now be stuck on E1?

  18. Colleen says:

    12) I think she had her own place. Her father says that he regrets not calling her more.

  19. Weezy says:

    #6 Seriously? How can you put that in and not the “Here’s Major”…scene from IZombie. Kicked Girls stupid homage right in the face.

  20. Weezy says:

    #4 How about this. We only cast women and minorities in every single role in every single show on TV period. We can even poll the audience before making anything. You know “democracy” in action (which is not what this country’s political system is by the way). That way we can preemptively decide (through the reading of one’s complex mind naturally) which art is ok or not ok for public consumption. I swear you PC mind controlled fools just aren’t going to get it until it’s WAY TOO LATE…

    I would have to think anyone with even the most basic common sense or ability to use logic/think critically (no matter how PC they are) has to see what all of this is devolving into? I swear everything is so regressive now it’s like the past 100 years never even happened. I guess people just have to play into the victim mentality so people don’t realize who has really put us all in the box.

  21. Weezy says:

    #19 No because I try not let FICTIONAL TV PROGRAMMING manipulate me emotionally and impact my real world decision making. I don’t care if they have figured out a masterful way to try to make perception reality, because the only thing real is truth.

    #21 At the very beginning I guessed she wasn’t real (because think of how random all of that had to be to occur) + it seemed like Red was leaving an Opium den or something at the beginning. There were times throughout the episode where I started questioning my guess, but I was pretty sure it was all fake. I haven’t finished the episode yet, but I saw the woman as a manifestation of Red’s feelings towards Liz’s mother.

  22. #3: Why with *Scotch” double-stick tape, of course!

  23. Jodi Arends says:

    Underground was haunting this week. Loss of innocence being the major theme. This is one of the best shows on TV and left me thinking for the last several days. James’ story was especially difficult. Being raised a playmate to his white half brother TR his entire life and the loss of that relationship in the final scene has stayed with me. I’m not sure whose loss of innocence was more heartbreaking, James realization that life was different for him because, ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the relationship was, he is a slave and TR owns him, or TR’s kindness and innocence lost as he turns his back on his friend and reports Samual for running. If you are not watching this show, you really should be!

  24. Mollie says:

    #22 I think the better question TV Line is does anyone care about the back story on Jake and Rowan?

  25. Preacher Book says:

    #23 – Yes, a wonderfully acted interaction.

  26. Flashrow says:

    8 Yes that kiss was really awkward because the long time. Even I felt weird when Snow did an smile to Mulan, because they were there just looking lol

  27. Chay says:

    Will Tvline make as big a deal about the SHIELD flash forward death as they did for the Arrow Grave mystery? Because they make a huge flipping deal out of that.

  28. Crys says:

    #19 James story was absolutely heartbreaking and hit close to home. My mom hates movies/shows that depict slavery as well as Jim Crow South because she lived through Jim Crow and all of that just “hits too close.” Underground is absolutely fantastic and my fav new show this season. I get people like my mom to watch it because to me it’s more Prison Break than Roots. But, this week was Roots and I had to stop watching because it’s so easy to forget these things happened to my ancestors and when faced with it as entertainment pricked my heart in the moment.

    • MM says:

      My beloved (African-American) grandson is about the same age as James, and I find that James’s story is almost unbearable. I am not one to cry at the tv–or laugh or throw things for that matter, but I cried for James–and Boo and all the countless children who endured slavery for real. This is an excellent show that places this part of our history in a perspective that will be new to many. Thank you, WGN, for presenting a show like this no matter how painful–or rather especially because it is so painful.

  29. Shar says:

    I have a question – who is running ABC right now and do they believe that any publicity, even bad is good?

  30. Karen says:

    1. That’s your Hawaii question? What about the worst CGI elephant in tv history? Even worse than the 100 Gorilla.

  31. mooshki says:

    21. As soon as the woman walked into the water I figured it was a dream/hallucination. She wouldn’t have done that with him sitting right there.

    I figured Wu was in major denial, not surprisingly. I’m so glad he’s become part of the team. Another reason I don’t want Grimm canceled – as with other groups, Asians are vastly underrepresented on tv.

  32. arial2 says:

    14 – Castle!
    21 – As soon as he looked at her locket on the beach.

  33. Marci says:

    21 | How soon into The Blacklist did you guess that — spoiler alert! — Red’s companion wasn’t real?

    I had no idea until the very end? WTH????

  34. Sandy Scott says:

    YA IN the Good Wife..You cannot use a burner phone in Canada from the US..Or was that in Quantico?? One of those used a burner and you can NOT do that…

  35. Deb... B... says:

    I agree very strongly with all the other moms that this LGBT thing was wrong unnecessary in called for.. but hell no one is going to hear it.. so this is just another household that will bann that program of once upon time… sad since we watched it since first episode now can care less.. thanks alot.. you some some things need not to be written to aired …

  36. Stephen says:

    21 | How soon into The Blacklist did you guess that — spoiler alert! — Red’s companion wasn’t real?

    As soon as he took her into the house and he went to get towels and the scene flashed to the past. Made it clear Red was in an unreliable mindset.

  37. lrdslvrhnd says:

    8. I assume that Dorothy/Charlie *did* go there, it just wasn’t shown.
    9. Supergirl, by far. She used hope to deprogram an *entire city*. OUAT tends to use it more one-on-one.
    10. They were totally George Reeves’ feet, lifted from his show, colorized, and digitally inserted in.
    12. I had that same thought at first, and then decided she’d probably moved out and Dad was simply meeting them at her place.
    14. As much as I hate to defend her, Hayley *is* a licensed PI. Given that, the fact that she’s known to the team, and that she both asked for permission for and used a glove, it’s not too out of the realm of plausibility, IMHO.

  38. Quantico is awful….I just mute it and stare at Priyanka Chopra’s ass

  39. N!loofar says:

    Liv & Jake are making out all over the place and making plans without thinking the house is bugged

  40. Sheldon W. says:

    12 – Decker told Lucifer that the victim’s father would meet them at her apartment – not his home. Totally different location. Seriously. No room for question there.

  41. Blah says:

    14) definitely Castle. Could there be a more perfect lifetime movie casting then Misha Barton as Stana Katic and Melinda Clarke as Castle’s Mom.

    23) Turns out Sarah is cool at every age

  42. Phun says:

    10) I don’t know if it’s Eliza’s plan to leave an empty place setting at every meal for Jeremiah but I’m sure it’s at least for the ‘special’ meals. My mother does something like that as a way to remember my father and I do the same on his bday and death anniv.

  43. 1. I felt insulted by H50, it was an 80s concept, that got fumbled(probably because the CGI elephant took up most of the budget).

    14. Castle crawled up it’s own backside with the Conspiracy, in a Conspiracy, of a Conspiracy, that is part of a Conspiracy, within yet another Conspiracy. It’s awesome as a real-life Scooby-Doo, but as a Conspiracy-show, they suck, I so badly wish that next Season, will Reboot Castle as a lighthearted PI, who works fun cases, because dark, is not Castle’s thing.