Flash Boss Teases Chester P. Runk Plan, Shares Funny Story About Arrowverse's Dueling Black Hole Storylines...

“What’s up, party people?!”

What’s up on The Flash is this season’s introduction of Chester P. Runk, a scrappy scientist whose experiment-gone-awry demanded Team Flash’s intervention READ MORE

Post Mortems

Flash Boss: The Countdown to Barry's Death Has Begun, and It Will Bring Him and Iris 'Closer Than Ever Before'

Is the Monitor creeping TVLine? Because in The Flash‘s Season 6 premiere, the omniscient being delivered a What to Watch alert that on Dec. 10, 2019 — which is when Part 3 of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover airs on The CW — Barry Allen will “make the ultimate sacrifice.” READ MORE