Nicole Beharie Exits Sleepy Hollow: 'Abbie's Done All She's Meant to Do'

Sleepy Hollow Nicole Beharie Leaving

The following story contains spoilers related to Friday’s Sleepy Hollow season finale. Proceed at your own peril. 

Sleepy Hollow is not horsing around this time: Nicole Beharie has departed Sleepy Hollow following Abbie Mills’ very real death in Friday’s Season 3 finale.

In an exclusive statement to TVLine, Beharie says, “Sleepy Hollow has been an incredible experience in every way. I loved playing Abbie. It’s been such a gift to have taken this wild ride… Alas, ‘Abbie Mills has done all she was meant to do.’ I’m excited about what the show has in store for us next. I’m rooting for my co-stars and crew… they have been my inspiration, my teachers, family, my friends, over the last few seasons. I want to thank the fantastic producers, writers, and directors who have worked tirelessly to bring this show to life. I want to thank Fox for their faith and support. But, most of all, [I want to thank the] Sleepyheads for all of your love – what an honor. I will never be the same. Stay tuned.”

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Fox, 20th Century Fox and the producers of Sleepy Hollow issued a statement of their own, calling “the tragic death of Abbie Mills” a “bold move” for the series. “We feel we provided a wonderfully poignant conclusion for Abbie and showed some of the best moments between the Witnesses that we’ve seen on-screen. We thank Nicole Beharie for bringing Abbie and Sleepy Hollow to life. We are currently discussing Season 4, and should the series be picked up for another season, we have some exciting scenarios and new avenues we want to explore.”

Last November, Sleepy Hollow appeared to do away with Abbie in the fall finale, but Beharie’s witness turned up at the end of the midseason premiere alive and well.  In an exclusive post mortem with Kim Roots, showrunner Clifton Campbell confirms that this time around Abbie “is dead,” adding, “We’ve had a terrific run with her. She’s been an absolute delight. She helped build out the mythology of the show, and we’ve had a tremendous run with her.”

That said, while “the character is gone,” Campbell hints that Beharie could make the occasional appearance in a potential Season 4 in some other form. “In Sleepy Hollow it’s always surprising to see how the reflections of one character or another can influence the show moving forward,” he teases.

Lastly, in case you’re wondering, yes, Abbie’s final exit was the subject of last month’s blind item.

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