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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bates Motel, Once, S.H.I.E.L.D., The 100, Big Bang, NCIS, Nashville, Castle and More!

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Question: Do you have any Once Upon a Time spoilers? —Jackie
Ausiello: I have not just “any” spoilers, but a bit of a sneak peek at Season 6! For the final two episodes of the about-to-premiere Season 5B, the ABC series is looking to cast the recurring roles of two brothers — one who is physically imposing, brutish, morally corrupt and willing to destroy his family in the pursuit of power, and the other who is weaker and desperate to escape his older bro’s sinister shadow. Should Once get picked up for the fall, these two newcomers would spill over into next season, as well. Cain and Abel? An anthropomorphized Scar and Mufasa? Share your theories in the Comments!

HoCQuestion: House of Cards drops in about 24 hours — what have you seen and what can you share?! —Mark
Ausiello: I’ve seen the first six episodes. And I can share that in Episode [redacted], something happens involving [redacted] and [redacted] that made me choke on my Diet Half ‘n Half Snapple and violently s–t my [redacted]. Also, if the final seven episodes are as strong as the first six, Season 4 is going to give Season 2 a run for its money as the series’ strongest yet.

Question: I am dying for some scoop on Deacon and Rayna’s wedding! Since we’ve already been spoiled that it’s happening when Nashville FINALLY returns on 3/16, can you give us any details? — JC
You mean in addition to this list of spoilerish goods, JC? Wow. You really are insatiable. How about this: The last scene of the episode sets up an intriguing arc I definitely did not see coming.

Question: Got any Miranda Shaw-specific Quantico scoop? —Dionne
The midseason premiere, though heavily focused on Alex’s testimony about the bombings, spends considerable time on Miranda, Charlie and the lingering mystery of his disappearance — and someone surprising makes headway on that case.

ew GirlQuestion: Any chance of Megan Fox sticking around on New Girl? I’m enjoying the show a lot since she’s appeared. Winston has even had storylines that involved other characters! —Jennifer
Ausiello: I hear there’s a very good chance Reagan will RSVP yes to Schmidt and Cece’s wedding, which would mean she’ll be back for the season finale. (BTW, I too am loving the new energy Fox is bringing to the show, and will be sad to see her depart in next week’s 100th episode.)

Question: Got any scoop on Blindspot? —Michelle
Ausiello: As you might suspect, John Hodgman’s appearance as Chief Inspector Jonas Fischer in Monday’s episode wasn’t a one-and-done deal. Although series creator Martin Gero assures us that Agent Patterson is “professionally secure” for the time being, Fischer will be back very soon — in Episode 13, to be exact — with his eye on unseating Assistant Director Mayfair. “He’s not done with Mayfair yet,” Gero teases. “Mayfair and her past are something that we’re taking a look at all season. They all have so many secrets, and Jonas is just looking for any sort of wedge to get in there.”

Question: Will you throw us any teeny-tiny Bates Motel bone, please? —Sara
Ausiello: Monday’s Season 4 premiere is an unpredictable, twisted delight featuring several great Norman-Norma moments, one of which is depicted exclusively below. Executive producer Kerry Ehrin likens the mother-son relationship this season to “a marriage that is having problems,” adding, “but it’s still a marriage. They remain so incredibly connected and they will always try to hang on to that.” BTW, what happens shortly after the grooming scene below also made me choke on my Diet Half ‘n Half Snapple, although I did not violently s–t my [redacted].

Bates Motel Season 4

Question: Looking to get some good scoopage on Gotham. —Brock
Ausiello: If you’ve been waiting for Chris Chalk’s Lucius Fox to do anything more than offer the occasional consult, those days are coming. “Toward the end of the season, Lucius and Bruce will go on a journey together — with or without Alfred,” David Mazouz told TVLine at the series’ winter premiere party. Explaining the “immensely different” dynamic between the future Batman and the two mentors in his life, Mazouz said, “Alfred, Bruce is kind of stuck with. And Alfred is a protector of Bruce. Whereas Lucius really encourages the investigation [into Wayne Enterprises’ wrongdoing]. He cares about Bruce’s safety, but he’s not so overwhelmed with safeguarding him.”

alexQuestion: I never thought I’d say this, but I’m kind of digging the thought of Meredith and Alex becoming a thing on Grey’s Anatomy. –Sofia
Ausiello: There seems to be a lot of that going around. Nearly 40 percent of Grey’s fans are in favor of an Meredith/Alex pairing, according to the results of recent TVLine poll (which boasts a 0% margin of error). I was expecting that figure to be much lower, considering how much flak I get every time I even utter the word “Merlex.”

Question: With spring about to be sprung, any word from the folks at CBS about a possible premiere date for Season 5 of Person of Interest. —Deb
Ausiello: I just checked and there’s still no news, which makes me think we’re looking at a late-May launch for the show’s (likely) final season.

Question: Any Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. scoop? —Maddie
Ausiello: Tuesday’s midseason premiere opens with an out-of-this-world flash-forward that à la Arrow‘s grave mystery, for example, will leave you wondering what the frak happened to who and why.

Question: Any hints about what Lincoln will be doing when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns? —Susan
Ausiello: The onetime Afterlife resident will drop some knowledge about the seemingly random assigning of which Inhumans get blessed with which powers.

RELATED S.H.I.E.L.D. Bosses Confirm Ward Is Now [Spoiler] — With a ‘Unique Twist’

Question: Will Robert Wagner return for Tony’s last episodes of NCIS? –Christopoher
Ausiello: Well, DiNozzo Sr. is for certain returning during Michael Weatherly’s farewell run, appearing in Episode 19 (which is tentatively set to air March 22).

Question: I’m a huge fan of The 100, especially “Linctavia,” so I’m really worried about Ricky Whittle being cast on American Gods. Is he leaving The 100? —Charlotte
Wanheda: Part One
Ausiello: We share in your fears, Charlotte, so we took them to showrunner Jason Rothenberg: “I don’t want to say too much about what Lincoln has coming up, but I will say this wouldn’t be the first time Ricky’s been on two shows,” he tells us, alluding to the in-demand actor’s stint on ABC’s Mistresses. But if the end is near for Octavia’s main squeeze — and we all know this show isn’t afraid to kill off major, even beloved, characters — Whittle certainly won’t exit on bad terms. “Ricky’s done a fantastic job on the show,” Rothenberg adds. “We’re so happy we’ve gotten to work with him for as long as we have, and I think he’ll be fantastic [on American Gods].” Take that as you will.

Question: Can I have some The Big Bang Theory scoop, please? —Aleksandra
Ausiello: Sheldon and Amy’s sex life has cooled off considerably since they’re inaugural love-making session in December. “Sheldon made it pretty clear that this would be an annual event on her birthday,” explains showrunner Steve Molaro. “I don’t know what the future holds, but so far, he’s been sticking to that.” BONUS SCOOP: Howard and Bernadette’s baby-making mojo will not rub off on Leonard and Penny, confirms Molaro, who says the newlyweds are in “no rush” to start a family. Coincidentally, Molaro is in no rush for them to start a family either. “Realistically, if Penny and Leonard had a baby,” he says, “that baby would start to alter the DNA of the show a lot more dramatically than Howard and Bernadette’s.”

Question: Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m still rooting for Simon and Clary to get together on Shadowhunters. Any hope for that? –Alice
Ausiello: I wouldn’t hold my breath, Alice — especially now that Simon is a member of the undead community. “You’ll definitely see resentment,” Alberto Rosende says of Simon’s post-vamp feelings toward Clary. “Not only was Simon dragged into this world by her, but when he tried to call for help, no one was there for him. He can’t even fathom that Clary, his best friend, could do this to him… But at the same time, he can’t say he wouldn’t have done the same thing for Clary. There’s a constant conflict where he’s angry with her, but he can’t be angry at her. He’s so upset with her, but he can’t really say it was the wrong decision.”

Question: Burning Castle Q: Any idea on when Castle and Beckett will finally investigate LokSat together? —Joe M
Ausiello: Things appear to heat up on that front in Episode 19, when the marrieds’ attempt to make someone flip on the elusive crime lord leads to… a vanishing. BONUS SCOOP: Following up on Courtney Ford’s recent tweet, I can confirm that the True Blood alum is guest-starring in Monday’s L.A.-based episode as… an actress named Courtney.

This AAnd That…
These next 13 words are going to hurt me more than they’ll hurt you: I don’t have any new Gilmore Girls scoop to share at the moment.
A new couple will emerge on The Walking Dead in the very near future.
The X-Files finale was a nonsensical pile of trash, but I loved the six-episode revival more than I loathed it. And I think with a few key tweaks (many of which Kim Roots outlined here) it can return to greatness. I guess what I’m trying to say is (these next five words are going to hurt you more than they’ll hurt me) the quality is out there.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Kim Roots, Andy Swift, Vlada Gelman and Rebecca Iannucci)

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  1. Rebecca says:

    OUAT can’t even handle writing fairytale characters properly without ruining them. They shouldn’t be allowed to deal with Biblical characters.

    • Stephon JS says:

      They can handle it.

      • Angela says:

        No they really can’t. I agree Rebecca. They utterly ruined my fav Disney female Belle so much.

        • Stephon JS says:

          Too bad Disney didnt stay true to Belle’s story

          • KT says:

            Agreed. There’s making a twist to a story and then there’s just taking a story, ripping it to shreds, and stomping all over it. That’s what they’ve done to Belle.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t see the difference.

    • erigris says:

      Ouat has wrecked the beauty and the beast story. The ratings on Monday will be….interesting…..

      • Joe says:

        Ruined? OUAT was never about replicating the story or “the continuing adventures of”.

        It’s about taking what’s familiar and turning it on its head. To miss on that is to miss on what makes OUAT so fun – its supposed to subvert expectations (like Red Riding Hood BEING the wolf, for instance).

        So far, the only real issue I have with OUAT is they don’t know what to do with rumple – the actor is such a great villain, but they rushed his redemption, and then had nothing else to do but have him continue to waffle back and forth, which really ruined the power of that moment of redemption. If they need Robert Carlisle to be “bad rumple” for the show, then they need to be more creative and not spit on the emotional investment that’s come before, storywise. For instance, I thought having “Rumple-but-not-Rumple” following Swan around in 5a was a great way around this.

        The problem with the continual redeeming and backsliding of Rumple is that it makes you care less about the character over time, because you get used to the writers jerking you around. At which point Rumple will end up with as many fans as Neal had, and only because the writers handled his story so poorly. As trite and unoriginal as it sounds, if they need dark rumple so badly, they need to split him into his dark and light half, and keep that permanent. Then lets see how well they REALLY write.

        • erigris says:

          Exactly! Throughout 1-3 his love for Belle was still evident regardless of how bad he was. But how he treats Belle now is what many fans are upset about.

    • SherryB says:

      I agree 100%. Peter Pan was ruined, making him into a wicked character was wrong..This show was good, now its really not, plus these ever lengthening “breaks” are getting tedious and quite old..

    • Ben says:

      They are telling an entirely different story. It’s like Star Trek going into an alternate universe. For me, they can’t ruin a character because they are two different characters. Does that make sense?

    • thisismenow says:

      I mean biblical characters are technical fairy tale characters too. So I don’t see the issue here.

  2. Li says:

    I honestly hope Meredith and Alex get together! They have nice chemistry and history.

    • bj says:

      I agree. They have built a really strong relationship and I can definitely see it going to the next level now.

    • tvjunkie says:

      At this point it would seem a lot like a brother dating his sister, because that’s very much the dynamic of their current relationship. So that pairing would be all sorts of eww.

  3. Lerbert says:

    Late May until POI? Man. That’s worrisome.

    • JenJ says:

      We already pretty much know that POI isn’t being renewed. But for the network to continually leave this season’s episodes in limbo is ridiculous. Fans have been screaming for months and months for this show to return. It seems to me CBS just wants to kill the show anyway.

    • John NYC says:

      No worries: the cast is starting to appear in other shows so it’s pretty much done.

      • John NYC says:

        It was noted that in Sara’s new contract her new show has the number one slot in her priorities so POI would have to shoot around it were she to be needed for both.

        Too bad it is/was a fascinating show.

    • Ben says:

      The show is in its last season. Everyone has been up front about that except the network. So, there is no point in being worried about a renewal. There will be no renewal, and the show will be written to have a proper ending.

  4. Jason says:

    OUAT: The Brothers Grimm?

  5. Annie says:

    Anyone who follows Ricky Whittle on Twitter can guess that he’s left the show completely due to personal conflict. Lincoln is highly likely to bite the dust.

  6. Stephon JS says:

    I’ll go with Cain and Abel or Hamlet Sir and his brother. I can’t handle Scar and Mefusa switching roles.

  7. Sam says:

    I think Aaron and Jesus will be the new couple on the walking dead

  8. Eran says:

    I would sooner get on the Alicia Florrick-Howard Lyman couple wagon before joining team Merlex. That would be jumping the prehistoric shark (which was x25 as big.)

  9. Michelle says:

    So glad Robert Wagner will be returning to NCIS before Michael’s departure. I’m going to miss his visits after Tony goes, I love the dynamic between Sr & Jr & I also love the dynamic between Sr & Gibbs.

    • Rem_Marshall says:

      If MW’s departure is bringing any good, it’s definitely the absolute bliss that we won’t get to see Robert Wagner in season 14.
      Not only the writers do terrible work when he’s around (same old routine between him and Tony) but he’s also a real pain to watch. He won’t be missed at all.

      • Kathie says:

        Totally disagree! I love the comic relief Sr. provides, especially the episode when he was racking up big charges at the Adams House, later punched out the bad guy who called him an old man. When the accountant asked Gibbs what he should do about the hotel bill, Gibbs said, “Pay it! He’s worth every penny. “

    • suzi says:

      Here we have a perfect example of people having differing opinions.
      I agree with Michelle.

      • darkangel200 says:

        Me too,Suzi. Weatherly and Wagner have such a nice chemistry together, and regardless of what anyone thinks of the character, the two actors are friends and quite fond of one another, so I’m happy they will have another opportunity to work together before Michael leaves.

        • Scotty says:

          And in the early-mid 90’s they did a TV movie “The Natalie Woods Story”…. And guess who played “Robert Wagner”?? Yep! Michael Weatherley!!

          • Erin says:

            I just hope that when Robert Wagner guest stars he will share the most screen time with Tony. The last couple times he was on they’ve given him more scenes with Gibbs and McGee than Tony. I wish just this once the Senior episode would give us a story in which Tony is portrayed as a hero and Senior witnesses it. I doubt this will happen though since the writers don’t seem to be allowed to write hero Tony anymore. Just hero Gibbs.

    • John NYC says:

      He could still drop by, it’s not like he and Michael are tied by some contractual obligation.

  10. jr. says:

    Heard any news about The Lost In Space reboot series? Is Billy Mumy going to be a part of it?

  11. cc says:

    Could the new couple on The Walking Dead be Sasha and Abraham? He is thinking about her a lot, even when he is in bed with Rosita.

  12. Deb Saine says:

    thanks, michael, for checking on poi!

  13. Shaun says:

    I want Meghan Fox to stick around,much funnier than Jess(or Zoe :p).

  14. Walt says:

    OUAT getting renewed is a very big if.

    Having said that, it’s Lion King.

    And does Once really need even more male characters? More guest characters people don’t even enjoy anymore? More metaphores for a main story they simply refuse to just tell like they want it to actually make sense?

    • .No it’s not a “very Big If”-ratings aren’t what they used to be but it’s still ABC fourth highest rated drama.Castle,American Crime,Nashville,AgentCarter do worse /are more Likley to be cancelled than Once and with two shows already cancelled(WC,B&O),Once is 95% safe/getting renewed.Catch and Kings had a lot of retooling,recasting so they are unlikely to survive and Quanticos ratings are just “ok”. So againOUAT is very Likley to be renewed.

    • Ben says:

      And then it gets renewed the next day…

  15. lindag413 says:

    A vanishing I have been expecting on Castle,this would a way to get Beckett out of the picture.I am not happy but the writing has been on the wall has it not?Why can’t they vanish Alexis or Hayley or that great contributor to S8 Vikram?

    • John NYC says:

      Probably because the actors playing Alexis, Hayley and Vikram have showed an active interest in staying while the basis of recent contract negotiations left it clear it was otherwise for some other actors?

      As a possibility.

      • Susan Smith says:

        HOW can you possibly say this with a straight face?? YOU have absolutely NO idea how contract negotiations are going and who is taking an active interest or not.You consistently blame Stana for the poor writing that has put second and third tier characters above her .Michael Auselio HIMSELF said that before Anyone signs a contract the title character Nathan Fillion has to sign.Your mysogistic attitude towards Stana is probably shared by the Show runners who have totally changed the DNA of Castle. NF is doing other projects but somehow they seem to have no problem having nearly every episode as Castle centric. Millions have left because of this.Blame the show runners and the writers not Stana.

  16. Sad State says:

    So Beckett is going to vanish. Must be how they are planning to finally get rid of Stana/Beckett. Sets up the future grieving Castle PI spin off who is always seeking justice , we he’s not trying to be a fad comedian. So very sad that a once great show has been dragged down and reduced to this because of over sized egos!

    • lindag413 says:

      I was guessing but the PI spinoff will not be anything I will watch.
      So do you have copies of said contracts that can verify that it was big egos that contributed to this year’s fiasco?I have read she had signed earlier than was reported and of course that does not make for good gossip and rumors does it?
      Remember we are all guessing it could be Lainie that is vanished episode 19 is her episode.
      It drives me crazy all the mud slinging it’s her fault it’s his fault.Maybe we will never know what went down.
      Maybe that spinoff can be Alexis,Hailey and Vikram,Alexis can be the mastermind or is that Megamind,I do not want to be snarky but face it they have her solving everything and taking credit for everything.

      • AJR says:

        You do realize that was all talk and no bite, right? The person that funneled that story re-signed. And also, don’t believe everything read on Twitter. A certain actress’s fans have decided to “speak for her” and trash the show and Nathan because they can’t stand him. Have any one of you seen the horrible things Tweeted at the cast and crew? Wishing an actor’s character to get shot and die? Seriously? There’s a certain section of Stana’s fans who have pebbles in their skull instead of brains…

        • LindaG says:

          Wow I just know you did not mean me right?I am never said I hate Nathan only if we want to talk egos if the shoe fits…..
          I like the show but maybe just maybe people are sick of the snarky mud slinging instead of ideas and sharing theory and aren’t these places for expressing ones opinion it’s called freedom of speech look it up…
          I can agree to disagree …..but pebbles really? My husband says I am a smart a$$ but the pebbles that is a new one.

      • Susan Smith says:

        You mean Castle solving everything and taking credit for everything

        • Susan Smith says:

          Lindag413 My bad.Reread.Alexis as “megamind” yes she is quite the all around expert this season isn’t she.As they push Beckett aside.

    • majma15 says:

      No, Beckett will not vanish. But the ME, who is not a twin might…

    • AJR says:

      And how do we know Beckett vanishes? Proof. Stop spreading fears. Castle fans also double as fear mongers too. Stop spreading lies!

  17. Cranky Carl says:

    Wasn’t Megan Fox’s first episode, “Reagan” the 100th?

  18. Cat says:

    My guess for OUAT is King Richard & Prince John.

  19. Angela says:

    So happy to hear the “Bates Motel” premiere is good :D. Can’t wait for the return of that show-bring on more of that twisted relationship, LOL!

  20. Matt C. says:

    Glad to hear House of Cards season 4 returns to season 2 levels of goodness. I didn’t like season 3 AT ALL! But, alas, I’ll still probably inhale all of season 4 this weekend.

    I would totally be down for an Aaron/Jesus pairing on TWD. I foresee Aaron’s current boyfriend (whose name I can’t even remember) becoming walker chow, and Aaron seeking comfort with Jesus.

  21. Azerty says:

    I was thinking that Once would do Aladdin for its 6th season, looks like I am wrong!
    Please don’t turn The Walking Dead into Gossip Girl (even though I admit GG was a guilty pleasure). I think the new couple can be Abraham and Sasha like few people suggested it but I f we are right I guess it won’t last since I bet Abraham will bite the dust in less than 3 episodes.
    NO to Merlex :(. Love pairing ruined Izzie and Georges, imo it ruined April and Jackson too, don’t do it with Alex and Mer but try to write Jo more properly please!
    I haven’t watch NCIS in a long time but I will probably turn in for Dinozzo’s goodbye. Still in shock about it.
    As much as I hate to say this (because Zoey Deschannel/Jess is my dream), I kinda liked Megan Fox on New Girl. Probably because she is way less cartoonish than Jess. She does bring fresh air to the show!

  22. Dominique says:

    “Whittle certainly won’t exit on bad terms.” except that ricky whittle seems to completely and utterly done with this show and its writers. anyone who follows him on twitter knows he’s not been on set for a while, and he depises the writers and their creativity.

    • Allison says:

      I hate to think this is true.. I love Lincoln! He’s one of my favorite characters, and think Ricky Whittle is great. What seems to be his conflict with the writers??

      • Dominique says:

        i obviously don’t know anything for sure, but he seems to have some problems with the fact that he barely gets any screentime at all, while guest stars get more lines per episode than he’s gotten all season. he even cracked a joke with a fan that octavia’s horse has more screentime than lincoln, which is actually true.
        he’s not the only actor who seems to have trouble with the show this season, but i think in his case, it’s quite obvious lincoln is/will be killed off and that only added fuel to all of it.

  23. csb says:

    As OUAT it tackling classical mythology with the underworld (albeit inaccurately), maybe Agamemnon and Menelaus, or Castor and Pollux (Polydeuces).

  24. Lily says:

    Meredith and Alex? Are you kidding me? Just no, please stop! They are best friends, why a male and a female can’t stay friends? WHY? Is that such a big deal?

    • Anna says:

      Sing it. It’s like every time a man and a woman are onscreen and get along, people want them to start having sex. Y’all do know that there are more ways people of the opposite sex can interact without screwing, right? #keepmerandalexbffs

  25. Jake L. says:

    If OUAT actually touched The Lion King and made them into humans, which they’re not, that would probably be a bridge too far for me. I also hope any possible biblical influences would be measured, as I am not religious. Include it, sure, but if the bible takes over the show (like Frozen and Oz and Neverland before it) then I’d probably be done.

  26. Barb says:

    I was going to say King Richard and Prince John but that would bring Hood to the forefront and well I just don’t think his character is compelling enough (Granted I like him I just don’t think he’s arc worthy) I like the idea of the Brothers Grimm though

    • Stephon JS says:

      too late there already nods of Biblical material on show. Emma/ The Savior = Jesus Christ.
      David (Charming) had a david and goliath moment. David from david and goliath great grandmother name was Ruth and what’s David’s mother name on the show Ruth.

  27. KLS says:

    So, now for S8, the rumor-mill has had Castle’s Beckett/Stana Katic:
    Killed, divorced, pregnant, and now vanished!
    What’s left?

    • Grey says:

      If I were Stana I would start worrying about how little faith Castle fans have in her staying. Who said that she wants to leave the show?

      • She signed on last year for one season and rumors are She &Nathan can’t stand each other,which is why the separating happened

        • AJR says:

          I dare anyone who says NF and SK can’t stand each other to provide concrete proof. That is, a quote from one of them saying “I dislike my co-star.” Other than a bunch of “fans” running their mouths off and trashing Nathan every chance they get (and their multiple personalities), there’s no evidence. And please, don’t insult me (or anyone with a brain that functions) with the “screen time” argument. It’s a load of BS. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are Castle fans who take pleasure in beating this show into a bloody pulp. And stop making Stana the victim. You cannot seriously call yourself her fan on one breath and then trash the show in the other breath. I’m so tired of the anti-Castle fans—who insist on calling themselves fans—of making up stories. Get a grip on reality.

          • KCC says:

            Thanks for your comment and I agree with you. I’ve stopped reading the comments on the Castle recaps on TVLine because of all the negativity. Reading a bunch of whiners bemoan the fate of their beloved show is not entertaining to me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I appreciate well thought out and articulated criticism. But to continually make up or repeat rumors as to why they “think” it’s not going in a direction they’d like serves no purpose and adds nothing to my enjoyment of the show.

          • Mary says:

            Totally agree!

    • TNT says:


  28. Stacy says:

    Grey’s Anatomy fans are mostly in two camps: Mer/Alex friends forever or, because there are so few well established, single characters to pair either with, they’re now on board with Merlex.

  29. Amber says:

    Very nervous about the AoS flash-forward. We haven’t seen any FitzSimmons in the promos and I’m worried about the fate of my science babies…

  30. Allison says:

    Shadowhunters is based on a book series, The Mortal Instruments. The story involving the characters in the show is pretty much complete in the books… Not much to spoil.

    For example, Clary and Simon will never be together romantically… the Jace/Clary/Simon triangle is a very small part of the first book or two. The show is playing it up.

    Then again, who knows what the show runners will do, as they have deviated significantly (and not at all for the better) from the books. They are pretty much making a really cool, interesting fictional world and story into a really cheesy and poorly acted TV show.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      I have to agree. The actress playing Clary is almost painful to watch, whereas the Actor they have to play Simon is much better. Never seen him in anything before.

    • elisaulbelis says:

      Have you ever watched The Vampire Diaries aka Dullena Fan Service? It is about a book too and they made Delena a epic love, so if the fandom is more popular, they are doing whatever they want

  31. James D says:

    follow up question for the New Girl scoop. Can we say bye bye to Jess permanently and keep Reagan. Megan has reinvigorated this show with her surprisingly brilliant comedic timing. never thought I’d write that sentence :)

  32. BarryFlash says:

    I have really enjoyed Megan Fox on New Girl. It would be great if she became a regular next season.

  33. shutuprob says:

    Uh, Michael, you should know by now that if there weren’t parts of it that didn’t make any sense whatsoever, it wouldn’t be The X-Files! (rolls eyes)

  34. Morgan says:

    The longer CBS takes to air POI, the more I hate them.

  35. bob says:

    i saw that courtneys gonna be in castle 8×14 on imdb

  36. erigris says:

    IF…..ouat gets a 6 th season… is so crummy this year.

    • Quality or lack Thereof has nothing to do with renewals/cancellations.OUAT is still the fourth highest drama on abc and with two dramas cancelled already WC&B&O)and bunch of shows doing worse than OUAt(AC,AC,Castle,Nashville)

      • erigris says:

        We’ll see. It has fallen from a 1.8 to a 1.3 and the ratings are a reflection of the drop in quality. It just isn’t very good anymore, and it if it continues to fall that much in the second half that will be something to be afraid of.

  37. Sadie Wyers says:

    OUPT: it would be even more awesome if you would just have casting for Adam and Eve we would flashBack to how all of us was created by God Himself do the whole scene when they were created and when sin just came in when they ate the Forbidden fruit

  38. BenM says:

    I like to pretend I’m an optimist. So, hopefully CBS is secretly holding onto POI for their big push w/ CBS all access. Maybe they’ll bring it back right when they air star trek. I’d hate to pay 5 bucks a month for another service, but if there’s any chance it could bring back POI then I’d be 100% on board. Especially, if it will let them be a little grittier. I don’t want it dark, but sometimes the show glosses over just how crazy all the gunfire/explosions are.

    It’s probably not the case, but man I sure hope it is.

    On the completely other end of the spectrum, I’m really digging New Girl. I definitely have a celeb crush on Zoey, and have for like 15 years. I usually hate Megan Fox in anything/everything. The weird thing is, I think the shows gotten way better sans Jess. Reagan is kind of fun, and so different from the other characters. Winston and Ceecee have been great with the chance. I think part of the problem for me, with Jess, is she’s so similar to the other characters. They’re all pretty neurotic and insecure. Which makes for good comedy a lot. Adding a character so different from the rest of the pack though sort of let’s everyone grow a bit. At least it seems that way.

  39. A fan for now says:

    Pertaining the Castle scoop, here’s to hoping that Vikram ends up vanishing.

  40. laurelnev says:

    RE: OUaT: Hans Christian Andersen wrote a fairy tale called “The Two Brothers.” How about that for potential fodder?

  41. Craig says:

    I’m digging the Simon storyline on Shadowhunters (in the books he was over being a vampire in a hot minute). Alberto Rosende has been sensational so far. Looking forward to his turn to the dark side.

  42. JImN says:

    The Castle writers should have run Loksat over with a beer truck before the holiday break. Worthless distraction.

  43. Dianne Hill says:

    Just when I thought I could start to enjoy Grey’s again you throw MerLex into it! GAG! If Shondra puts Alex in Meredith’s bed iI am done with Grey’s Anatomy. He finally is getting his sh*t together and ends up with Meredith? Kiss of death for Alex.

  44. Alyssa says:

    I agree about Fox on New Girl. I find it much more funnier now and it’s just a great energy. I’d honestly rather see her stay & Jess leave but I know that would never happen

  45. Waleed says:

    Oooo castle news……wait it’s not s5 anymore. 😛
    And I find new girl more funny wirg Fox

  46. Peter says:

    Maybe OUAT is doing Thor and Loki for season 6.

  47. SherryB says:

    Person of Interest…I vaguely seem to remember that show…EXACTLY!!! Been off so long, many of us have moved on and don’t even remember the finale..This is beyond ridiculous CBS..Just go ahead and cancel it and be done, you’ve done shot any chance of it getting another season as it is..Really sorry way to treat a GOOD SHOW and LOYAL FANS..Just because “Shaw” had maternity leave in real-life is no excuse for doing this to the entire cast..

  48. Rkar says:

    I am not feeling the same love for Megan Fox’ character on The New Girl, I actually find her a bit annoying, with that said I do like how the other actors react to her. Looking forward to Zoey Deschanel’s return.

  49. Katya says:

    Wish we could get more info about Tony’s farewell on NCIS. We already knew DiNozzo Sr would be back because Michael tweeted pictures…

  50. Marie says:

    Thank You Mike!! At least I wasn’t the only one that thought The X Files finale was a piece a crap!!