Nashville: 10 Teases About Rayna and Deacon's Wedding (It's Almost Here!)

Nashville Season 4 Wedding Spoilers

Allow us to echo a sentiment voiced by one of Nashville‘s key players on the eve of Rayna and Deacon’s long-awaited nuptials: “‘Bout damn time!”

ABC has released the country-music drama’s midseason premiere — which airs Wednesday, March 16 at 10/9c and which takes place on the couple’s big day — to the media. And while it may be bad luck for a bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony, it can’t hurt to give you a glimpse of what’ll take place during the hour, right?

The following spoilers are intentionally vague, in an effort to maintain some of the event’s surprises (and to keep the network from revoking our invitation). Think of these quick hits as the passed hors d’oeuvres course during cocktail hour: tasty, yet leaving you hungry for the main course.

Without further ado, here comes the bride, y’all!

* Not everyone is psyched about the upcoming union; three characters in particular strongly make their misgivings known.

* We get an update on Juliette. (Related: You’ve all gotten the update on Hayden Panettiere, right?)

* Avery drinks a lot of whiskey. (This one may or may not be related to the previous spoiler.)

* Early in the episode, Deacon does something he probably shouldn’t.

* Someone not known for being level-headed makes a really good point, but then the situation descends into histrionics.

* Gunnar crumbles under pressure, and it’s pretty funny. (Seriously, one of Nashville‘s best decisions was to use Sam Palladio as comic relief from time to time.)

* Someone you would expect to attend the wedding… doesn’t.

* Context-free quote: “Are you into poetry, music or animals?”

* Someone stress-vomits.

* You’ll hear a beautiful new arrangement of a song you already know.

Are you looking forward to Rayna and Deacon getting hitched? Sound off in the comments!

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