Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead, Bones, Bates, Dixie, Chi Fire, Witches and More

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Question: I’m still Team Stelena on The Vampire Diaries. Is there any hope? —Allison
Ausiello: Never give up hope, Allison! Elena’s emotions are all over the place in Season 6 and I have it on good authority that her love life is going to be far from dormant. In fact, I hear she’ll be locking lips with a handsome fella in Episode 3 — and his name does not rhyme with Shmamon.

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Question: Any intel on Nina Dobrev’s crossover to The Originals?  —Jacob
Ausiello: How’s this intel for you, Jacob? When asked if Tatia’s scenes with Elijah and Klaus would be “steamy,” or if they’d be all talk, Nina Dobrev answered, “A little bit of both, in different capacities. … I’m always going to be in a love triangle. I can’t escape it, so I might as well just accept it.”

Question: Will we learn in the upcoming Originals flashbacks with Kol about why he used to hang around the witches? —Tom
Ausiello: The flashback stories will kick in as early as Episodes 2 and 3, but it remains to be seen if that particular mystery will be answered. As for what will be explored, “You’re going to get see a little bit more of how the Originals wound up leaving Europe and coming to America,” executive producer Michael Narducci previews. “There’s definitely a reference to some things that we mentioned on Vampire Diaries, especially in the teaser of [Episode 2].” The EP also hints that we’ll learn how Kol came to be daggered.

Question: Hey, Ausiello. We’ve heard a lot of spoilers about Hayley, Klaus and Elijah on The Originals, but do you have any spoilers about Camille, her love interests and her role this season? —Mel
Ausiello: Despite trying to distance herself from the supernatural, Cami will get pulled back in thanks to her friendships with Marcel, Josh and Davina. Plus, she’s feeling a bit guilty over baby Hope’s death “because she didn’t act fast enough, she didn’t embrace the inheritance that Kieran left for her,” Narducci explains. “She feels a certain amount of responsibility. Now she’s thinking, ‘If I don’t get involved, maybe Davina’s going to wind up in trouble. If I don’t get involved, maybe Klaus is going to spiral out of control.'”

Question: Can you give me any spoilers on The Walking Dead? —Nancy
Ausiello: I had to watch the first six minutes of the Season 5 premiere with a Trapper Keeper in front of my face — it was that gruesome. I’m shocked AMC’s Standards and Practices signed off on it, to be honest. In related news, click here for my in-depth 140-character review of the episode.

Question: Any Chicago Fire spoilers? —Allyson
Ausiello: Look for Severide to jump into a seemingly “impetuous and ill-advised” romance with a new bombshell named Brittany (played by Graceland‘s Serinda Swan), previews showrunner Matt Olmstead. “Everybody’s looking at them sideways like, ‘Where’d this girl Ask Ausiellocome from?'” As the EP notes, “It’s another extension of Severide [grabbing] the next distraction to keep him from dealing with the Shay of it all. The secret, which is ultimately revealed, is that [Britt] has also run away from a tragedy in her life.” Ultimately, the relationship will allow Severide “to deal with what happened to Shay and put two feet on the ground.” (Programming note: Swan makes her Chi Fire debut on Oct. 28.)

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Question: I’m still devastated about Sweets’ death and would absolutely love some happy Bones scoop you have. —Amelia
Ausiello: Wendell isn’t going to die! As EP Stephen Nathan strongly hinted in last week’s premiere post mortem, it’s highly unlikely the show will kill off two major characters in one season. (The title of the show is Bones, not Game of Thrones.) That said, Nathan confirms that Wendell’s cancer battle will “definitely be revisited” this season. “We’ve already done the first episode dealing with that,” he notes, “and that will continue for a few more episodes.”

Question: Bones! What’s upcoming for Booth and Brennan outside of the conspiracy arc? —Kay
Ausiello: The big 200th episode — and here’s another clue about the premise of the milestone outing per Mr. Nathan: “They’re all going to be playing their characters, but in a different world and situation.” And he goes on to reiterate that this is not an “alternate reality” situation.

Question: I want Nashville scoop! —Chris
Ausiello: Zoey’s definitely not going to be happy when Kiley (played by Spy Kids‘ Alexa PenaVega) comes to town in the Oct. 8 episode; after all, would you like it if your boyfriend’s ex showed up with a kid that might be his? Plus, consider this less-than-comforting scoop from showrunner Dee Johnson: “There’s a lot of water under the bridge between them, and Gunnar’s in a very different place in his life now than he was when he knew her way back when.” She adds: “She’s initially pretty threatened.”

Question: What will Mary and Francis’ reunion be like on Reign after the way he left? — Bree
Ausiello: As you can imagine, Bree, “complicated” doesn’t even begin to describe Francis and Mary’s relationship in Season 2. “There is a connection between Francis and Lola, and he has to have a civil relationship with her, but he’s determined to show Mary that he cares about their relationship more than anything — and he does that through sex,” Toby Regbo says. “He just throws sex at his problems until they go away.”

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Question: Hey, I’m Kyle! Do you know if Witches of East End will get a third season? I’m just the biggest fan. This is my new Charmed! —Kyle
Ausiello: No need to introduce yourself up front, Kyle. Tacking it on at the end of your question is all that’s needed. Now, about a third season of Witches: No decision has been made. But Madchen Amick (AKA Aunt Wendy) promises that “a lot of the foes that have been haunting us and a lot of the storylines will be wrapped up [in Sunday’s two-hour finale].” In regards to Wendy’s line about being willing to “risk anything” for the people she loves, Amick chooses to play coy: “Something pretty big does happen, but I can’t tell you. I might have to kill you.” (Start your prayer circle now.)

Question: What is with this midseason finale stuff on Outlander? When will we get it back? And got any scoop? —Cherlynn
Ausiello: Did one of the Craigh na Dun stones fall on top of you, Cherlynn? The Starz series announced its return date last week. As for scoop, exec producer Ron Moore tells TVLine that shooting the culmination of Season 1 involved some “grueling, difficult scenes.” (Anyone who hasn’t read the book and doesn’t want to be spoiled, skip to the next question now.) Jamie finds himself the prisoner of Black Jack Randall, who tortures and humiliates him in Wentworth Prison. “There were a lot of hours spent in that cell. There’s a lot of rough stuff happening,” Moore says. “Just from the dailies, you can tell that it’s pretty amazing. It’s pretty intense stuff, and I think it’s going to really surprise people.” What about the herd of livestock that makes an appearance at a key point in the narrative? “We did wrangle some cows,” Moore affirms with a laugh. BONUS SCOOP: Though Jamie’s father, Brian Fraser, appeared for a millisecond in “The Garrison Commander,” he was not introduced. That will change in the second half of Season 1. “There will be a flashback in a subsequent episode where we will revisit that episode at Fort William, and we’ll identify Brian more clearly,” Moore says.

Luke Massy Sons of AnarchyQuestion: Any scoop on Sons of Anarchy? —Chelsea
Ausiello: Exclusive casting news coming your way in 3, 2, 1… English actor Luke Massy (AKA Frost Giant Raze in Thor) is joining the cast in the recurring role of Otis, a tough Aryan Brotherhood leader who wants to be put in charge but has a few obstacles to get through.

Question: Some Sleepy Hollow scoop, please? —Becca
Ausiello: Next week’s hour spotlights money that has really bad mojo. “There’s a coin that Henry puts into circulation around Sleepy Hollow that starts turning people against the ones that they love and they start killing each other, as well,” Tom Mison tells TVLine, adding that the cash has ties to at least two other severely bad moments in human history. Oh, and the Mills sisters will fall under its evil spell.

Question: Anything Ichabod-related from Sleepy Hollow would be more than welcome, thanks. —Jane
Ausiello: Ichabod’s finally learning how to drive! In an upcoming episode, “We see Ichabod and Abbie swap seats,” says Mison, who recently got his own first driver’s license and admits that his lack of experience was evident during production. At one point, the show’s stunt coordinator hopped in the passenger’s seat to talk Mison through a sequence where he was the only person in the shot. “I made one of the leading stunt coordinators on the East Coast whimper,” the actor reports, laughing.

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Question: My mother and I are huge Bates Motel fans. Got any scoop on Season 3? —Kornelia
Ausiello: Loads. For instance, even in the wake of Gil, Zane and Nick’s demises, the show won’t be short on nefarious baddies. Among the new crop of recurring connivers we’ll meet are middle-aged Chick Hogan, a tough guy who makes his living running a bike shop dealing in illegal firearms and seems bound to run afoul of neighbor Dylan and his dad/uncle (duncle?), Caleb; and Bob Paris, a fancypants old (read: former) pal of Romero’s whose business is shady enough that it comes with its own “fixer,” menacing Adrian.

Question: I wanted to know what spoilers you can tell me about Pretty Little Liars or Bates Motel... or both! —Megan
Ausiello: Both? You’ll take Bates Motel intel, and you’ll like it. And that intel is… it looks like Dylan’s getting a new love interest, since the show is searching for a sexpot to play Annika Johnson, whose chill attitude and rockin’ bod can’t disguise her guilty conscience. Question is: What is she guilty Of?

Question: Is the Leo-Emma-Jordi triangle going to be an ongoing source of drama on Red Band Society?
Ausiello: I can answer your question in two words: Mmm. Hmm. But I’ll let series star Charlie Rowe, who plays Leo, flesh out the details. “We are shooting the last couple days of Episode 6,” Rowe reveals, “and things are escalating. We’re almost at the point where a decision is being made in terms of the triangle — and who wins who. There’s a lot of anger and upset involved from both guys, but it’s getting good and juicy.”

ng_s3ep21-13-300x207Question: New Girl is off to a strong start this season – almost makes me forgive them for Season 3. Can you tease anything fun coming up? —Steve
Ausiello: There’s an episode on the horizon that has fun written all over it: Jess & Co. realize they have a bag of meth in the apartment and they have to hide it when an officer comes to do a background check on Winston.

Question: Aus, do you have anything to share for Hart of Dixie? —Nicole
Ausiello: A few weeks ago, Matt Mitovich regaled you with a little ditty about Dixie adding a character that sounded like the 2.0 version of Rachel Bilson’s Zoe. Well, allow me to welcome you to Dixie‘s upcoming O.C. reunion, bitch, because Autumn Reeser got the role! (The actress took advantage of the 60 seconds I had my guard down yesterday and broke the news herself.) ICYM MM’s Inside Line item on the character, Reeser will play Olivia, a very attractive, fashionable and quick-witted New York attorney struggling to make sense of life in BlueBell. She’s set to appear in the Season 4 finale.

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  1. Boiler says:

    Hopefully Season 4 finale for Hart of Dixie isn’t the series finale. It is just a fun show to watch

    • Lizzie says:

      I hope not. Besides the weird first half of the third season. Its still fun show. I hope its not like The OC where it got canceled when it started to get fun.

      • Alex says:

        Um, WTH? The O.C. got cancelled when it “started to get fun”? It ran for four seasons, and the first one (minus Oliver) was best. Season 2 was messy, season 3 was pretty awful, and season 4 was all over the place.

      • Nicole says:

        I agree with Lizzie. The O.C. got dragged down big time in the middle, and Marissa was a large reason why. Once she was gone and they brought in Taylor Townsend it was so much fun to watch.

  2. Allison says:

    Thanks for answering my Stelena question!!

    • Britt says:

      Thank you for asking it, I really miss Stelena! So tired to see her become what she’s become because of Damon. Bring the old Elena and Stelena back, that’s two things that made the show as good as it once was. Stop listening to the tweets of some obsessed fans and tell your story, writers!

      • katerinapetrova says:

        Omg yes i miss the good times stelena had, did you know its rumored that caroline is going to tell stefan about her feeling for him

    • Letti says:

      Thanks for asking. I miss Stelena so much, this show was so good back then. If it would be Stelena again, maybe I would give it a chance again, but i won’t until Dullena is on.

    • ragoo16 says:

      i liked the show with Stelena but now i feel like he is to good for her

      • Sspeaks says:

        I don’t think Elena will kiss Stefan. No hate, but I think they are boring.

      • Donna says:

        Loved your comment, was a Stelena fan but no more. I can’t stand Elena now. I don’t watch VD anymore, probably won’t watch if they put them back together.

    • Sibi Stella says:

      Thanks for your question, I’d love to see Stelena together again.

  3. ... says:

    Autumn Reeser! But her role sounds very book end-y and series finale-like, which makes me sad.

  4. tp says:

    The love triangle bit has just ruined RBS for me.

  5. LADY_in_MD says:

    I hope witches of east end gets renewed this season has been great
    I hope they dont kill Wendy (again lol) this is her last life the finale looks like it will be awesome!

    • Ray says:

      I’m hoping for a WoEE renewal too, but I can’t really take death seriously on that show because they play fast and loose with the rules (ie. Ingrid and Freya’s very short lived demise).

  6. Rachel says:

    Autumn Reeser on Hart of Dixie! I didn’t know exactly how much I wanted to see that until just now! That’s fantastic news.

  7. Alichat says:

    I’m interested in what the Outlander writers decided to include from the Wentworth scenes in the book, but I’m nervous about watching them. They were intense to read.

    • Zack Quinti says:

      you know they will show it (because it is pay cable), but I wish they would just do it like the book and describe it later. I do not want to watch that, and will fast forward it. Itws even hard to read it.

    • Alice says:

      I really really don’t want to see it. The whipping was hard enough. I feel like I’m gonna be fast fowarding through a lot of bits.

  8. Angela says:

    “Bates Motel” and illegal firearms. Oh, that should be…nuts.
    I’m REALLY intrigued by this coin business on “Sleepy Hollow” next week. Considering all that’s been happening thus far with everybody, especially Abbie and Jenny, I can’t even begin to imagine what all this coin will do to mess with the group and the town at large.
    And on a lighter note, yay for more fun opportunities involving Crane learning to drive! Hehe. That poor stunt coordinator…

  9. ankga says:

    god. hart of dixie still in the air.. that sow is garbage!!

  10. Lena says:

    Very excited about the Walking Dead premiere! Thanks for the spoiler. :)

  11. Tamika says:

    Wow, this is the first time Ausiello failed to mention series that I actually watch.

  12. lorna says:

    I really hope Nashville gets rid of Zoey. She’s served what little use she had.

  13. Krystan says:

    I just got even more excited about Hart of Dixie.

  14. Ella says:

    OMG, Autumn and Rachel reunited! Wonderful :)

  15. RP says:

    I’m done with New Girl. METH?!? Are you even kidding? Wow. Can they really think of nothing else funny to write without turning them into felons? I don’t even know what to say about the writers, the network, or even the actors themselves at this point.

    • Simon Jester says:

      You’re “done” with the show because of an episode you’ve never actually seen? Wow.

      • RP says:

        I’ve been trying to stick with it for awhile now, but all the drug references have really crossed a line for me. This was just the final straw, you know? You have to know when to walk away, and this sealed the deal. I guess the point is that I don’t WANT to see this in any form. Glad some people can still watch though, we’ve obviously seen their potential.

  16. ankga says:

    i agree with rp. new girl is just stupit show now.. once i idolize zooey d. but now i think she need a mirror.. who the f… she think she is. act like dumb teenager.. my god adorkable is so three tears ago.. stop already this piece of crap show.. mindy project far more quality show.. FAR!!!

  17. antara says:

    what happenes to baby hope in the originals?

  18. Britt says:

    Best AA in quite a while! You’ve outdone yourself this time, Mr. Ausiello! Finally something for Stelena fans, even if the guy Elena will kiss isn’t Stefan, I’m happy that she’s away from Damon because their relationship was unbearable to watch, so yay! Bring on the Stelena, I miss them!

    I love that Camille will get more involved, she’s one of my favorite The Originals characters and she gets too much undeserved hate. And I can’t wait to see Tatia!

    Also thanks for lots of Bates Motel and Sleepy Hollow scoop! And TWD! Damn, this AA was made for me, thank you and write more AAs like this one!

  19. V says:

    So I’m guessing that Erin and Severide are going to break up? Does this mean that her and Halstead are going to hook up? I actually liked that little crossover between the two every now and then.

  20. pamela says:

    she will probably be the girl that george ends up with aka the series finale (i would be shocked if the show went on another season).

  21. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for the Bates Motel scoop! So little is known about season 3 that any information is highly welcomed. I would love to see some more scoop on Bates soon, if possible.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Who would have thought the sentence “we did wrangle some cows” would make me so unbelievably happy. April’s so far away. Damn your awesomeness, “Outlander.”

  23. Letti says:

    Thanks for The Originals spoilers :) I hope we’ll see Kol (in his own body, a.k.a. Nathaniel Buzolic) as much as possible, maybe even resurrected? :D I’m glad they’ll finally show Tatia and I hope Cami will have a storyline that will actually make me like her, as she’s the only main character who I still can’t connect with.
    Also thanks for giving Stelena hope, but I’ll believe in it when I’ll see it ( or read about it as I don’t watch TVD anymore xP)

  24. madbengalsfan85 says:

    So glad that Wendell’s going to survive the season…I’m having a hard enough time getting over Sweets’ death (RIP baby duck). Also really intrigued by the 200th episode

  25. friv 5 says:

    That’s all that happened.

  26. Pat says:

    Thank goodness that some good news will be coming on Bones, regarding Wendell anyway. After the death of Sweets, beyond being a shocker for me, it is now becoming harder for me to watch the reruns of this show knowing the fate of this character. His death scene had to be one of the most heartbreaking ones that I have seen in a very long time. I hope that the Witches of East End will get renewed, but with this two hour season finale coming up worries me. I guess I will have to wait and see but I will be dissappointed if there us no renewal.

  27. Saava Willex Salvatore says:

    when is the season premier of TVD 6 ?

  28. DL says:

    No Castle intel? Noooooooo!

  29. Tracy says:

    I wanted Zoe and George to get together! I hate Zade! The show went downhill with that unrealistic and zero chemistry relationship! Plus, they never gave Zeorge a chance – they just strung the Zeorge fans along and then hung us out to dry! Hart of Dixie is terrible!

  30. Ella J. Wade says:

    I have never heard of half of these shows! :) Whatever happened to all the network shows?

    • Fran says:

      Network shows are always on here. 14 questions in this article are about network shows versus 6 about cable ones. They’re mostly CW and Fox shows though so perhaps you don’t watch anything on those networks.

  31. Alice says:

    Thanks for the Hart of Dixie scoop! This undetermined air date is killing me. But I agree with the poster who said that having a “new” Zoe arrive does seem like an awfully series-ending wink-wink kind of thing, rather than a regular season finale. As long as Zoe and Wade are together I’ll be OK, but I’m going to really miss this show.

  32. mary moore says:

    Watched NCIS New Orleans last night, I may be a voice of one but I thought it was terrible!
    Who wrote this stuff? Can’t understand why they put this in NCIS LA time slot.

  33. Maureen says:

    I really want to know what happens between Stephan(Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina debrov) in season 6 oh the vampire diaries, and I love Joseph Morgan so much!!!!

  34. bj says:

    I’m really happy about the “Wendell” news. I’d love to see him back.

  35. 1mars says:

    With the “intense and surprising scenes” they filmed on Outlander, I hope you can give us a heads on how much of the ep I can miss. I wont watch our Jamie being tortured and brutalized, my imagination is bad enough.

  36. 1mars says:

    As a 10 year Bones fan, I have to admit finally, my interest is waning. More emphasis on squint lives and B & B at odds, plus Booth needing his hand held to work a case…..just no.

  37. Jay says:

    Watched the premier of Castle on 9/29, it was a let down. Hope this story line and tension between Castle and Beckett end quickly, any idea if it will? Any news on season 4 of Unforgettable, loved the show and hope it continues.

  38. wrstlgirl says:

    “Elena’s emotions are all over the place in season 6” in other words nothing’s changed from seasons 1 thru 5.

  39. Donna says:

    Loved your comment. I was a Stelena fan but no more. I can’t stand Elena, Stefan deserves somebody better. Stopped watching VD when she slept with Damon.

  40. Jaks says:

    It will be the final season of HoD. Perfect bookend ending – Zoe & Wade have baby – move away and new doctor [zoe2.0] will take over the practice…

  41. Ruth says:

    Any word yet on whether or not EXTANT, GRACELAND, or DALLAS Has been renewed! Crossing my fingers for Witches of East End too!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      TVLINE’s Renewal Scorecards (for both Broadcast and Cable) are linked from atop every TVLINE page.

  42. Leila says:

    Stelena kiss? No thankyou, such an awful couple, give me Steroline!

  43. Cathy Joyce says:

    I love this show and can’t wait until it comes back! When will it start again? I want Zoey and George to get together. They would be great!

  44. Brenda McPeek says:

    Is the series Bitten coming back and when..I liked it..there are so many subjects to write about ..should keep writters busy for awhile…