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Question: I’m a longtime reader and lover of your weekly AA column and I couldn’t help but notice there wasn’t one last week. —Kaia
Ausiello: I was kinda hoping that would slip by unnoticed, but apparently nothing gets by you, Kaia! On very rare occasions, I will take a week off from AA to, you know, transition my award-winning Smurf dioramas from spring/summer to fall/winter.

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Question: Any more info on the new mythology on Castle and how it will shape or affect Season 7 overall? —Rachael
As you can imagine, Monday’s season opener sets up a very provocative, perplexing puzzle to be solved — and only a random piece or two are nudged into place by the time the hour ends, leaving Beckett decidedly uneasy. Suffice it to say, any obvious theories you’ve seen batted around out there over the summer (very likely) missed the mark. Color us definitely intrigued by the who, why and how of Rick’s vanishing act.

Question: Do we know yet who Sally Pressman is playing on Once Upon a Time? She has to be Elsa and Anna’s mom, right? —Deirdre
 Maybe. Maybe not. The Once creators were mum on Pressman’s role at the L.A. premiere party, largely because she’s part of “a storyline that has never been introduced,” Eddy Kitsis explained. Added Adam Horowitz: “Out of context, we could tell you her [character’s] name, but it might confuse you. You’d be like, ‘So…?’”

Question: On Once Upon a Time, will Queen Elsa get a chance to bond much with another magical, emotionally closed off, formerly lonely woman who just got her family back (AKA Emma Swan)? —Robert
Ausiello: Elsa will actually play a very important role in Emma’s life, especially with regard to magic. Explains Jennifer Morrison: “Elsa’s definitely helpful in terms of her starting to figure out ways to focus her power, control her power and try to use it as effectively as possible.”

AAQuestion: How will Olivia & Co. deal with Harrison’s death on Scandal? —Sarah
Ausiello: The original Gladiator’s untimely demise will have a profound impact on Abby. “It affects her in way I never saw coming,” teases her portrayer, Darby Stanchfield. “It affects her deeply, profoundly. You will see in the very first scene how Abby is different.”

Question: Anything on Scandal? —Anet
Ausiello: It may be a while before we find out how Huck’s family reunion went; he was last seen ringing the doorbell at his ex’s house, after which she opened the door. Per Guillermo Diaz, “We’re starting to shoot Episode 6 and we haven’t really touched on it that much. But our show is all about flashbacks, so I’m sure at some point Shonda [Rhimes] is going to flash back [to that moment] and we’re going to find out what [happened].”

Question: I’m not going to be able to handle the break after Outlander‘s finale. Give me something to tide me over until next year? –Molly
Ausiello: First, pace yourself. You’ve got one episode to savor before the midseason hiatus. Second, if you haven’t read the books, this next bit is a spoiler. Proceed accordingly. Third, how about a little intel on Season 2? The Starz series is casting Brianna Randall, whom fans of Diana Gabaldon’s novels know is Jamie and Claire’s 20-year-old daughter. Bree – who was raised in Boston and who calls Frank Randall her dad — is smart, strong-minded, practical, funny and stunningly beautiful (like her folks). Start your dream casting in the comments!

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Question: Any spoilers on Outlander would be greatly appreciated. This is definitely my favorite show of the summer!! —Elizabeth
Ausiello: We checked in with Sam Heughan just as he was wrapping the second half of Season 1. As book readers know [SPOILER ALERT!], Jamie suffers some spirit- and body-crushing injuries toward the end of the novel; as such, Heughan said viewers of the Starz adaptation should brace themselves. “It just gets stronger and stronger in the last few episodes — not just Wentworth Prison, which is very intense and I’m very pleased with how it’s come out. I think it’s going to be some insane viewing.”

Question: Got anything on Sleepy Hollow? —Liz
Ausiello: Lyndie Greenwood tells TVLine that Jenny won’t be enamored of Sheriff Leena Reyes (played by House of Cards‘ Sakina Jaffrey), who debuts next week. A former Sleepy Hollow lawwoman, Reyes was around when Abbie and Jenny’s crazy mom was alive, but “Jenny doesn’t remember her, so when she finds out Reyes was around [before], she feels extremely betrayed,” the actress says. “She gets her guard up pretty quickly. She’s not a fan.” BONUS SCOOP: I hear that when Matt Barr’s Nick Hawley arrives on the scene, he’ll have a past connection to one Mills sister… but be interested in the other.

Question: Do you have anything on The Mindy Project? I’m super excited about Rhea Perlman as Danny’s mom! —Nath
Ausiello: Then you’ll be super-duper excited about this: Perlman tells TVLine that she’s signed on for at least five episodes, with the possibility of more.

All InQuestion: I just discovered Beauty and the Beast and I’m dying to know what will happen in the new season! —Lauriane
Ausiello: Cat will still be with the NYPD when the show returns at midseason, but Tess will no longer be her partner — at least not as of Episode 5. That’s when the show will introduce Detective Harris, a relatively green cop in his late 20s who is quite chuffed to work alongside the infamous Cat.

Question: Jo and Alex are so happy right now, but that never seems to last long on Grey’s Anatomy! Anything coming up for them? —Sarah
Ausiello: As we all surmised, Meredith’s tendency to lean on the last fellow “original,” Alex, in the wake of her “person” Cristina’s exit, will raise Jo’s pretty little eyebrows. As Camilla Luddington explained to Matt Mitovich, “Jo’s never actually witnessed the depth of that relationship before, how with that gang there really were no boundaries, so she sees that and is taken aback. She’s jealous and she doesn’t know what to do.” In fact as the season unfolds, on a scale of 1 to 10, Luddington puts the state of the JoLex union at — eep! — just “a 5 or a 6.”

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Question: Will Meredith know Maggie is her sister by the end of the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere? —Nikki
Ausiello: Sounds like the answer to that is nope. “The revelation of who Maggie is to Meredith won’t happen until she feels comfortable in the hospital,” reveals Kelly McCreary (AKA Maggie). “She came for the job. The family thing is sort of a side bar. She’s got her work cut out for her at [Grey Sloan]. So it’ll take as long as it takes for her to settle in.”

Question: Any spoilers for The Walking Dead? —Lincoln
Ausiello: You know how last season the major-character-body-count was relatively low? That will not be the case in Season 5.

Question: I’m having a terrible day, but some Bones scoop can make it all better. Any more deets on the 200th episode (last week’s tease sounded awesome)? —Amelia
Ausiello: Yes! David Boreanaz is confirmed to direct the milestone outing, which is slated to air in early December. Also, Ep 200 will be overflowing with Bones alums. Pretty much everyone you’d want/expect to be back for the milestone outing will be present and accounted for. Except for Parker; he’ll most likely be MIA.

Question: I can’t wait for Chicago PD to return. I am dying for some Halstead/Lindsey spoilers. Anything romantic happening there? —Katrina
Ausiello: As long as Voight is around, probably not. “[He] warned them — Halstead in particular — that he doesn’t like in-house romances,” executive producer Matt Olmstead explains. “Then they saw the real-world ramification of that when Burgess and Atwater were both vying for Intelligence, and he dinged Burgess because he knew that there was that whole thing going on with Ruzek…” In other words, Lindsay and Halstead will have to avoid any hanky panky if  “they want to be in this unit [and] ascend.” Having said that, Olmstead notes that “given the opportunity, I think that they would fall into a relationship fairly quickly.”

Question: Any chance you have any Looking spoilers up your sleeve? I think TVLine is great even if you don’t have any spoilers for me. —Donna
Ausiello: Well, I think you’re great, Donna. Even if you’re always asking for spoilers on dumb shows I don’t give a crap about. Lucky for you, I love Looking — and I have scoop about it. Around the midway point of the show’s 10-episode second season, we’ll meet Doris’ (Lauren Weedman) surprisingly conservative and proper Aunt Sarah. (Word is Auntie S shares her niece’s penchant for being slightly scatterbrained).

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AAQuestion: Do you have anything on Criminal Minds? —Brandon
Ausiello: The long-running CBS procedural is hiring a woman to do a man’s job (i.e. kill lots of innocent people). In this season’s ninth episode, the show will take the unusual step of introducing a female unsub — and she sounds like Patrick Bateman’s twin sister. The character is described as a successful, extremely attractive thirtysomething career woman who is impulsive, emotional and prone to sudden rages. BONUS SCOOP: In the same episode, we will meet Rossi’s second wife in a circa 1994 flashback. Not sure what that’s about.

Question: Any details on Connie Nielsen’s recurring gig on The Good Wife?
Ausiello: Don’t look for Nielsen’s “smart, beautiful attorney with far-reaching Cook County connections” — a role first reported by TVLine last month — to be Alicia’s new martini buddy. “We’re actually exploring this line between friend and rival,” says executive producer Robert King. “If it were another circumstance, you might say, ‘This would be my best friend in the world, and I would love talking to her,’ but in fact, because of the situation, you’re finding yourself maybe not hating her, but hating the situation.” Could Nielsen’s character somehow stand in opposition to Alicia’s possible run for State’s Attorney? “We’re leaving it vague,” chimes in fellow EP Michelle King. Sounds like a definite maybe (or maybe not) to us! BONUS SCOOP: Robert King adds that the show’s writing staff has read up on its Illinois election rules — and learned that “Saint Alicia” won’t need to quit Florrick-Agos if/when she throws her hat in the ring for her husband’s old job. In other words, Season 6’s “pivot to politics” doesn’t mean Alicia’s case load will be “left in the rear-view mirror,” he promises.

Question: Will Laurel and Felicity become friends in the new season of Arrow? —Meg
Not only will Felicity and now-in-the-know Laurel be friendly this season, but our favorite geek girl will also get on great with fleeting beau Barry Allen’s No. 1 Central City gal, during the Arrow/The Flash crossover (in Episodes 8). “[Iris West] does have an opinion on Felicity, and it’s all good. She’s a fan of Felicity,” The Flash’s Candice Patton tells us. “I think viewers will be very excited to see Barry stuck between these two women. It’s so good.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Andy Swift, Vlada Gelman, Kim Roots, Michael Slezak and Scott Huver)

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  1. cj says:

    RE: Walking Dead. Define Major character. Like season one/two characters or people that were added last year?

  2. DH says:

    I know Karen Gillan is on Selfie now, but I think she’d make a terrific Bree for Outlander Season 2!

    • alistaircrane says:

      I’m sure she won’t be on Selfie for long. ;-)

    • Sofia says:

      Karen Gillan is who I’ve envisioned as Brianna ever since I saw her in Doctor Who, red-head, tall, gorgeous, decent actress and she can do an American accent. The only thing is, though she is on “Selfie” on ABC, I’m not sure she’d do another TV series if she can land films. She probably could land some sweet gigs now after “Oculus” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

      • LaBete says:

        Ooh! I didn’t know her name, but I just saw a preview of Selfie and thought too bad that actress couldn’t be Brianna instead!

        • LaBete says:

          What about Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood) for Bri? She is tall and gorgeous and American. Too bad she was snapped up by Daredevil.

          • Susan says:

            I’m not sure Karen Gillian looks enough like Sam Heughen to pull off Brianna. Remember, she’s the spitting image of her “real” dad. It doesn’t have to be a red head…. just ask Sam!

      • Maniah says:

        I would LOVE to see Molly Quinn play Brianna. She’s the right age, even has eyes that slant whens he smiles, natural red head (i think!). She’s in Castle but she’s barely in the show any more since she started college. I bet she could do both!

        • Sofia says:

          Molly Quinn is on the short side though. I was hoping, in the least, they could find a taller actress to play Brianna. Hair and her looking more like Sam can be adjusted with make-up, but can’t do much for height aside from heels.

      • Kristine says:

        I so agree with the idea of Karen Gillan being perfect for Brianna. She is also Scotish which would enhance the similarities. The best news, depending on how you look at it. Selfies has been cancelled.

    • shelly says:

      My thoughts exactly! Great minds think alike. :) (Although I’ll admit I actually like Selfie but still would love Karen as Brianna).

  3. Brooke says:

    Stop messing with me Ausiello! There is only one episode of Outlander left before the midseason hiatus coming up this Saturday…right?? I would love to be wrong.

  4. TW says:

    Sorry, Michael, but that was the worst “spoiler” ever for “Looking.” That’s the best you’ve got? Nothing on Johnny Groff? Nothing? Come on, give us something on Kevin and Patrick. Please?

    • alistaircrane says:

      You mean Patrick and Richie.

      • TW says:

        I saw what you did there, @allstaircrane. :) No, I meant Patrick and Kevin :)

      • Ian says:

        I hope you just mean Richie. He deserves way better than Patrick. Let’s not go the way of Klaine, where people will always still keep shipping them even though Patrick’s a vile idiot.
        There’s a lot of scoop out there already on the 2nd season if you know where to look. I don’t know what Michael’s doing spoiling anything about Doris (like anyone really cares).
        It’s just too bad that they’ve cast a total dog to play Richie’s new boyfriend. Not fair at all.

        • Donna says:

          Thanks Michael for the scoop! I personally appreciate any news about Looking. I don’t want to look all over for information that’s why I come to Tvline. I agree I think Richie is fantastic and Patrick needs some work but I want them together. I like Doris and I’m glad to see they’re going to give her character little depth.

  5. Lindy Linder says:

    Does that Bones scoop mean Zack is back?! I cant help but miss the original intern.

  6. A says:

    I’m so excited for Felicity and Iris to meet! I love Felicity :)

  7. Nick says:

    Does this mean Zach & Nigel will
    Both be on bones?

  8. Kourt says:

    So over the Castle scoop. Give us something new.

  9. Freddie says:

    I LOVE EMMA SWAN!!!! I cannot wait for the Elsa and Emma friendship and parallels with magic, power and love = family and Hook! :)

  10. B says:

    Not sure if I am prepared for what will happen to Jamie near the end of the series, but I guess we still have some time till then. And now i’m worried about Jo and Alex.

  11. Emily says:

    My dream casting for Brianna on Outlander is still Rose Leslie. She really looks like she could be Sam and Caits daughter and i’m sure she could put on an accent. She’s also an actual descendant of the Fraser line, it’s meant to be!

    • Sofia says:

      Wouldn’t be shocked Rose Leslie might be a top contender for Brianna.

    • Sunny says:

      Brianna won’t have a Scottish accent because she is raised in the ’60s by Claire and Frank!

      • Anne says:

        Her lack of Scottish accent doesn’t have to do with being raised in the 60s. It’s because she’s raised in Boston.

        • Josh says:

          I’m shocked by all the major spoilers going on with this. Not that you don’t expect it in a spoiler thread but still…Claire goes back to her time, pregnant with another man’s baby? Does Brianna replace her as the main character?

          • Carly says:

            I’m shocked, too. I’ve read the whole series, so I know what’s coming, but that is a pretty major spoiler for non-book readers. To answer your questions: Yes, Claire travels back to the 20th century (I won’t spoil when or why) and has Jamie’s daughter, Brianna. No, Bree doesn’t replace Claire at all, but she does become a main character herself.

          • herman1959 says:

            I hadn’t checked this show out yet, but I was thinking about it…not anymore because I feel like I know the whole story now.

    • Shaun says:

      Rose is too slim and short to play Brianna.She’s described as a Braw lassie.

      • Sofia says:

        I admit I’m not as focused on physical attributes as I am if the actress can really act. Claire is also really buxom with amber-colored eyes and Jamie has narrow, cat-like eyes in the books, but Caitriona and Sam don’t fit those descriptions. Howver, I wouldn’t imagine anyone else for those parts. Cait IS Claire and Sam IS Jamie to me now. Rose Leslie is a good actress and might bring some Game of Thrones viewers over. I’m more concerned if she can do an American accent? Brianna was raised in Boston, so she wouldn’t sound like a Brit.

        • Grinny says:

          Rose Leslie is both Scottish AND can do an American accent: she’s in a movie called Honeymoon and she plays an American. And Richard Madden would make a great Roger, being so gorgeous. Game of Thrones+Outlander=Awesomeness!

          • Liz says:

            OMG!! This!! Make it happen! Rose Leslie & Richard Madden = dream cast!!
            Though I was never a fan of Brianna (Jamie & Claire are THE one couple for me, didn’t care that much for the rest), those two actors would be great as their daughter & Roger.

          • cogilviesmith says:

            This would be awesome yet semi disturbing at the same time. Isn’t there some rule about cutting your brother’s grass that should translate across dimensions in television land? Rob can not touch Jon’s Ygritte!

  12. Ali says:

    Love, love Sam, but there’s no way his fans will want to see what happens to him during last few eps. Already freaking out, my poor Jamie

  13. abz says:

    The whole time I was loving the idea of Alicia for State’s Attorney but at the same time bummed about it because she just started her firm and I wanted her to keep building it with Cary. This changes things a lot. Should be a very interesting season of TGW

  14. anon says:

    is the bones spoiler actually from inside scoop or info taken and interpreted from Davids and Emilys latest press interview on Friday?….personally I dont want a whole pile of characters that I barely remember taking up screentime when a milestone 200 ep should be actually focusing on the main core cast…you know the ones actually working day in and day out…

  15. Poor Felicity, having to endure the Laurel as friend

    • Steph says:

      Can’t wait to see the Laurel and Felicity friendship! I love both characters and the show really needs to more of the female relationships. I was so sad when I saw that so many important, character developing scenes were cut from season 2 :(

      • mar says:

        I’m all for female friendships, and I’d love to see Sara, Nyssa and Felicity do a Girls’ Night Out.
        But the show is going to have to build up to a Laurel/Felicity friendship, They’ve had four scenes together through the series and each time Felicity has been friendly while Laurel’s either ignored her or dismissed her even when Felcity was speaking directly to her. I know it was for the drama but if Felicity wants to be a friend to Laurel when she’s being treated like that, I’ll end up thinking less of Felicity.

    • Hmm says:

      For God’s sake, grow UP. Felicity doesn’t have many friends, let alone female friends. They will be good for each other.

  16. Angela says:

    Not sure what they mean by an “unusual step” of introducing a female unsub on “Criminal Minds”, since there’s been a good number of those over the years…but if this female unsub is the one that might last throughout the season like I’d heard elsewhere a while back, that would be unusual, given that normally their long-term unsubs have been male. Either way, I’m curious, both for that and to learn a little more about Rossi’s second wife.
    And the stuff with Jenny and this new sheriff sounds good-bring on the tension! I can’t wait to see how this sheriff ties into everything with the history of Jenny and Abbie’s mom.
    And I too missed this column last week! But that Smurf shrine. Wow. NIce :p.

  17. Michelle says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the James Roday show for CBS? Did it get axed?

  18. Kat says:

    The fact that Alicia can stay with F/A and run as State’s Attorney does not make her the most ideal candidate. Part of her case load is representing criminals. I know Chicago has a rep for being corrupt, but running for top prosecutor while defending the city’s most notorious criminals is a stretch. If she wins, will she prosecute her own clients? Actually, she can’t. F/A could give up all its criminal clients, but she still couldn’t prosecute her former clients. I look forward to seeing how the Kings work this out. They often surprise me.

    • abz says:

      There are so many dilemmas, ethical issues, and other things to consider. It’s gonna be really interesting to watch. I have a lot of faith in the writers of this show. To still be this good of a show after five seasons still surprises me because TV shows nowadays are rarely great after their first couple of seasons. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  19. Heloisa says:

    Quando é a volta de Beauty and the Beast,vai mesmo ser 13 episódios e não vai terá quarta temporada?
    Obrigada pela atenção…

  20. TV God says:

    Does that mean Zach will be in the 200th episode as well?

  21. Matthew Weber says:

    Cannot wait until Castle comes back. Next Monday is going to be epic.

  22. RichCD says:

    Man, I gotta stop reading Outlander spoilers. Clearly, this show is going in direction I don’t expect, and I really don’t want to know.

  23. Please, Bones, DON’T bring Zack back. Most of us are tired of hearing about him. He’s been gone for 7 years, people. Maybe we should move on.

    • Scarlett says:


      Who ordained you to speak for the Bones fandom? Many people loved Zack (including characters on the show such as Brennan and Hodgins) and would enjoy seeing him again.

      Given the vociferousness of some who want to “school” those who want Zach to come back I would laugh and laugh if it actually happened.

    • georgiamadman says:

      Amen sister. He’s history–ancient history.

      • Laura C says:

        Whoever the whiners are that DON’T want Zack to come back to Bones, Don’t watch. There are far more of us that DO want to see him than don’t. That’s what I love about watching old repeats- Zack is IN them, would love to see him updated and included.

  24. Jenna says:

    Outlander is sooooo good. I haven’t read the books, so now the spoilers have me curious and excited. Wish there wasn’t such a long break coming up!

  25. Briggs says:

    Castle: Oh, they aren’t going to solve the disappearance in one ep? That’s good. :) I heard stuff about later eps and thought they would resolve it quickly. Maybe he comes back in ep #3?
    Bones: Oh, I hope Zach is back, like everyone else. I haven’t found anyone who didn’t love Zach. I want to hug him, only I’m sure that would weird him out. LOL
    Arrow: Yay, no cat fighting! I’m on board for no fighting amongst the ladies. Diggle being upset with Oliver is more than enough, though I heard that Roy might have a beef with Oliver soon enough. I’m sure Oliver won’t mind no cat fighting, though Barry might find the new friendship awkward (of course, Barry is always awkward unless he’s working…).

    • kath says:

      I don’t want cat fighting in the Arrow lair either but I hope that everyone just doesn’t welcome Laurel with open arms. It would make a better story if Diggle especially was cautious about her since he’s been suspicious of including her before, or maybe Roy, can have some conflict that Laurel has to deal with. Otherwise it’s just going to be like the producers plopped her in there because Everybody Loves Laurel.

      Felicity knows that Iris is who Barry loves so there should be no conflict there.

      • Briggs says:

        It’s been several months. Exactly how much conflict do you think there should be?

        • kath says:

          That’s one of the many problems with the time jump.

          Everyone else had to earn their way on to the team, whether it’s Diggle’s military days and desire to make life better for the those in trouble, Felicity working for them for months without knowing it and then saving Oliver, Sara;s time on the island and with the LoA and then fighting men who abuse women, or Roy tracking the Arrow for months because he wanted to be like him and then his anger during the mirakuru.

          Laurel is already a character that divides the fandom and I think she would be better accepted by the fans if she had to work to get on the Team, maybe proving that she can be trusted by not turning Roy in for having killed two cops. Because her name is Dinah Laurel Lance isn’t enough for those who didn’t come to the show from the comics.

          • Briggs says:

            …so, all the work she’s been doing to put away the criminals that Oliver’s been catching somehow means less than all the work Felicity does to help Oliver find them? Do they really need to show all that, either in the digital comic or on the show, in order for people to accept her?
            Speaking as an Olicity fan, that’s messed up. We don’t see all the things everyone else does for the cause, why is she the only one who has to show all of it?

          • kath says:

            We saw the work everyone else did to get on the team.. And none of them tried to get Oliver put in jail, unlike Laurel. Well maybe Quentin but we saw his development into someone who helps Oliver.
            But we’re not going to see the work Laurel does, just have someone tell us that she’s been doing it and we’re supposed to go “of course”.. Show, not tell. That’s the problem with the time jump, we don’t get to see how things got to where they are in the season opener. For some things, like Thea’s training, it’s not a problem. But how are they going to handle Roy’s cop-killing? And if Oliver still has quite a bit of money, as Berlanti said, why does Felicity have to work at Buy More to make ends meet?.

          • Briggs says:

            In Arrow 2.5 (digital comic), it’s explained Felicity is working for Kord Industries. Not a computer store. What she’s doing using their computers is anyone’s guess until the season premieres.
            I don’t actually remember Roy’s cop-killing, nor has anyone said anything about that storyline being resolved. So I’m probably more lost than you are on that one.
            *snort* Oh, so it’s okay that we don’t see Thea’s training, but we *need* to see Laurel’s work? Her work is somehow negated because we don’t see it, but Thea’s just supposed to be accepted as skilled because we can presume she did the work? That’s called a double standard, hon, and I *am* going to call you on it. Thea wasn’t any more qualified to kick butt than Laurel at the end of season 2, yet you are more prepared to accept her that way and not all the work Laurel has done to help Team Arrow? How much sense does that make?

          • kath says:

            Thea left with a fire for revenge and a resolve never to be weak again. She spent five months doing nothing but training with Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer. She also had a number of archery prizes in her bedroom so she’s had a head start.

            Laurel has a full time job at the DA’s office and as far as we’ve seen no inclination to cross to the other side of the law and be a vigilante. (In fact, she’s even given a couple of speeches about how it’s better to work within the law than be a killer like the Hood.) The only thing she’s done to help Team Arrow at this point is find out that Blood is connected to Slade. Other than that, they worked fine for two years without her, working around her trying to shut the Hood/Arrow down. So yes, if she’s going to be a full-fledged member of Team Arrow I need a motivation other than she loves Ollie and what she brings to the team that they don’t already have with Diggle’s contacts and Felicity’s hacking.

          • Briggs says:

            Yeah, competitive archery is nothing like what Oliver’s been doing. Besides which, we don’t know how old they were, seeing as when we meet Thea, she’s a hard-drinking, drug-taking party girl. So we’re back to my original point, that she wasn’t any more prepared for her new role (even if she was more responsible up until the club is yanked out from under her), ‘fire and resolve to never be weak again’ notwithstanding. Or so it appears, since we never actually *see* her shoot an arrow.
            Laurel has legal connections no one else in the lair has, as you yourself pointed out when you said she has ‘a full time job at the DA’s office’. I think she has something to offer the cause in getting the creeps in jail faster, seeing as she has the education and motivation to see them behind bars. I *never* said I thought she should be BC right off, so the vigilante part of your argument is moot, at least until the end of season 3, if it even happens then. She has a long journey ahead in that regard, but if you’ll notice, she found out who the Arrow was and *didn’t turn him in*. So she’s currently more pro-vigilante, as of the season finale.
            We no more need to see Laurel’s work as we need to see Thea’s, yet you keep insisting Laurel needs to do just that, while ignoring the fact that by your logic, we should also look in askance at Thea’s training. Because we don’t see the bulk of it. There’s still a glaring double standard, here.

      • aunni says:

        im also looking forward to iris/felicity friendship cz emily n candice r real life friend,also they hv chemistry

      • Hmm says:

        Let’s not turn this into a catty high school clique thing. Think Laurel has more than proven herself “worthy” of being trusted and has dealt with enough “conflict” to prove her worth. It should be enough that Oliver trusts her, but even past that, she’s a crusader for other causes. Her work at CNRI, putting away criminals, uncovering Sebastian’s badness. She has served Oliver’s purpose in many ways, just like the others. So let’s chill out with looking for reasons to beat Laurel down and accept that she’s going to be a part of the team. And be HAPPY that Oliver has so many people supporting him.

        • Brigid says:

          Wow, thanks for the adult comment, it’s so rarely seen any more! I agree completely with what you said.

          • kath says:

            That’s rather judgmental of you. When you say that one comment is adult, “so rarely seen” with which you “agree with completely”, the corollary is that people who hold the opposing view are childish and/or wrong.

            No one was rude or disrespectful, people were respectfully stating their opinions so there was no need to insult them. I post to exchange viewpoints, not to shut down people who don’t agree with me.

        • Laurel seems to get everything else unearned why not give her the DA job to she does have a magic jacket and is amazing at blackmail

        • kath says:

          I disagree. I think it would be helpful to have Laurel working with them from the DA’s office but her treatment of Diggle and Felicity in the times she has interacted with them (a combination of writing and acting) means that I don’t want to see her in the lair itself, continuing to treat them and Roy as if they are something beneath her and dismissing them because she’s the one who is important to Oliver..

          Oliver trusted a lot of people, including Moira, Malcolm and Slade.

    • Castle is not missing for three esp……he is back to somewhat ummm….there but he’s not all there….does that make sense, why was he gone that will not have all the answers…..

      • Briggs says:

        The spoiler in this ep said they’ll only have a few pieces of the puzzle by the end of the hour, which led me to wonder if they’d find him by the end credits. If, however, you have more info, lay it on me. :)

  26. Ana says:

    I’m so excited to see Emma and Elsa interacting. I never would have figured they would parallel each other that obviously in regards to their magic, that Emma would actually lose control of it…
    I’m so happy S4 will focus more heavily on Emma – she’s the protagonist after all. I’m also very curious what part Killian will play in all this since he’s been Emma’s greatest supporter in embracing her magic and helping her come to terms with who she really is and find home. Can’t wait for Sunday :)

  27. Meg says:

    Thanks for answering my question Michael! Love TVLine! Very much looking forward to Flarrow all Arrow/Flash crossover episodes. Iris seems fun from all the clips I have seen.

  28. Sofia says:

    My top two choices for Brianna have always been Karen Gillan and Deborah Ann Woll, but I think both are unavailable. Deborah is a lead in that Netflix “Daredevil” series and Karen might be more focused on films if/when “Selfie” is cancelled. Danielle Panabaker wouldn’t have been a bad choice, but she’s a regular on “The Flash”.

    Someone else mentioned Rose Leslie above, I could see her in the part. Possibly Holliday Grainger, Lyndsy Fonseca, Rachel Hurd Wood or Jane Levy could make a decent Brianna.

    • Lina says:

      @ Sofia: After you’ve posted your suggestions for Brianna I’ve googled Rachel Hurd Wood as she was the only one I didn’t know but in my opinion lookswise she’s PERFECT for the part. She looks like the perfect mixture of Claire and Jamie.

      • Sofia says:

        I know! She’s a really great actress to, has been since she was a kid.

      • I agree. Immediately, when I saw who they had cast as Jamie and Claire, I thought Rachel Hurd-Wood would be PERFECT for Brianna. She is the quintessential mixture of both right down to the slight cleft chin. My understanding, however, is that the powers that be are looking for someone at least 5’8″ and Hurd-Wood is only 5’7″ (like that is short or something) :) They need to take a very close look at her and her work!

  29. Andie says:

    Someone confirm there’s no typo in here: “Brianna Randall, whom fans of Diana Gabaldon’s novels know is Jamie and Claire’s 20-year-old daughter”

    I know it’s a time travel show and all, but I am the most confused.

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  32. sallyrrah says:

    So are you saying for Bones’ 200th ep we may see Zack, the original and irreplaceable intern?

  33. Bwhit says:

    I don’t really care if Jay and Erin get together on PD, I think the best couple on the show is Kim and Adam hands down!

  34. Ally Oop says:

    I wanted to be surprised about Outlander but I couldn’t resist but peak at the spoilers. It is my favourite show on TV now, it just surpassed Orphan Black for me which was my former favourite.

  35. Libby W. Lindauer says:

    I don’t know what to think about this Grey’s spoiler, but Shonda better not mess up with Jolex, they are the best thing about the show since season 9.

  36. Angela says:

    What do TPTB have against having Parker around even occasionally on Bones? Makes no sense at all

  37. leena says:

    oh hearing about the positive female friendships on Arrow makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  38. Laura C says:

    Hopefully that means Zack will be back on Bones, even if for only the one episode. That would be WAY cool, hope so! Where’s Parker?

  39. angrylittleprincess69 says:

    Please give us something Mentalist related us fans are dying over this giant hiatus!?!

  40. Elizabeth says:

    I really don’t want Alicia to run but I also can’t pretend that I didn’t see that Instagram.

  41. Krystan says:

    Will Zack be back on Bones!?!?!?!?!?!
    I have been waiting for years for the rest of the gang to find out he didn’t actually kill that guy.

  42. patty says:

    I have a question…please let me know who to contact to stop that piece of c__p, Matt Damon to NOT play in any Bourne film. None of his films are making any money and he is just trying to rescue his terrible career& make some money. THERE IS A REALLY GREAT ACTOR THAT IS NOW THE FACE OF BOURNE “JEREMY RENNER’ This man was nominated for an Oscar for acting & twice. damon won for writing only. Please, please – agree with me and say so! Thank you and I hope you agree.

  43. Jenn says:

    Having read the Outlander books, I don’t know I will be able to watch parts of the Wentworth Prison episode/s. Just makes it too real…and that is some awesome news about the casting of Brianna.

  44. Phyllis Nethken says:

    Castle spoilers are really starting to tick me off. What is the deal with ABC not promoting Castle? Are they trying to self destruct this program and if so why? Do they want to be able to say the moonlighting curse was the reason? IMO ABC has the attention span of a puppy and can only concentrate on one program at a time. Forever is getting all the attention this season. Shame on you ABC. You have a great program with a great following and you let us down. The cast members of Castle did a better job promoting my favorite program than you did. Shame Shame Shame.

    • Dot says:

      What does ABC exactly have to do to promote one of their MOST popular shows? Actually tell us what’s going to happen the whole season? I don’t think the show will suffer any ratings drop when it premieres next week. Yes, they have been pushing “Forever” (which happens to have the most handsome lead actor ever to grace our TV screens)but I HAVE seen promos for Castle.

      • i like forever cause of the guy (kinda handsome) who plays in it. He was my fav actor that is untill i watched Castle then I think it’s about a tie, both still great actors and I think the ratings could go either way, i think that some of the spoilers ect….have been blown out of proportion on Castle. I think we just need to watch and see what happens…..

    • fogel says:

      They are just trying to figure out how to “exit” the series gracefully.

      Am I really going to have to wait for three episodes to find out about the new Castle?

      When was the last time we saw “both leads” together promoting the show? I keep asking the questions but no one seems to be in the mood to reply.

      • Briggs says:

        They aren’t together in the first ep, it makes sense they wouldn’t be promoting it together. Yeah, we all know that Castle isn’t dead, but if they were promoting together, then people would be crying foul about them not even trying to keep the mystery alive.
        Besides which, if you look at IMDB, you’ll see that they both have other projects going, *aside* from Castle. It might be a time issue, as well. They might not be free at the same time, hence the separate promotion. I wouldn’t read into it unless someone actually *says* something about their relationship. And by someone, I mean one of them, not some outside source that may or may not give their name.

        • exactly well said. and now we are seeing promotions, well okay sneak peeks what else can they do tell you the whole story? so they aren’t going to be right under each other’s feet in the 1st esp, so…..that’s not why i watch the show-yes i want them to be in each other arms just as much as the next guy, but how the last esp ended, they can’t be…..I think that we might be surprised at the end. Someone i know saw the esp, she told me that it was emotional one. so I have to just wait and see, one bad-okay really bad esp is not going to take away years of greatness. I will be watching till the end!

  45. Raven says:

    I’d love to see Deborah Ann Woll as Bree in Outlander!

  46. Outlander dream cast for Brianna? Deborah Ann Woll. I know she has another gig, but she is Bree to me.

  47. Hmm says:

    With the addition of Serinda Swan to Chicago Fire (which I really hope turns into a larger arc because I am ALL FOR Serinda joining the cast after this past abysmal season of Graceland), I am 1700 times ready for Erin to let go of Kelly and Jay and Erin to go down that path. Given that I have always wanted them anyway since promos for the show first surfaced, not to mention the ridiculous chemistry they have (particularly in the episode where he agrees to pose as her fiancé for her HS reunion), I have been CRAVING this dynamic be explored. Now that Adam and Kim have broken through and given in, we need a new forbidden romance.

  48. Dot says:

    Alicia will have to eventually give up her law firm job, at least temporarily. She will not be able to do both – be a named partner in her own firm AND run for and be State’s attorney. She may have to “step down” for the time that she would hold the State’s attorney position. “Conflict of Interest” issues will possibly crop up with her being the State’s attorney and any clients, present or future, of her law firm. So, yeah the writers did the research about election laws but didn’t go any further.