Did Doctor Who Outdo Himself? Is Dave Annable the Best Medicine? What Are Laura's Real Mysteries? And More Qs

Doctor Who Listen

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Doctor Who, Finding Carter, The Mindy Project and The Mysteries of Laura!

1 | Couldn’t Bill Maher have gotten literally anyone else to introduce his Live From D.C. stand-up special, instead of subjecting us to Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore’s clunky commentary?

2 | On a scale of 1-to-“Blink,” was Doctor Who‘s “Listen” episode the sci-fi series’ best installment in years?

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3 | American Idol fans, how long did it take you to realize that Miss America contestant Jasmine Murray (aka Miss Mississippi) was also a Season 8 Idol alum? And didn’t Miss Ohio’s ventriloquist dummy bear an off-putting resemblance to the late Joan Rivers?

elena-wendy-dresses4 | Who wore it better: Nina Dobrev in this new Vampire Diaries cast photo or Mädchen Amick on Witches of East End? Speaking of the latter…

5 | How is Witches of East End‘s two-hour season finale going to top this past week’s episode​? We lost count of the major deaths after three.

6 | Are we to believe that Unforgettable’s Carrie “forgot” to tell us about this “husband”? What do you think the story is there? (And will we ever find out?)

7 | Admit it, even the geekiest of you out there: Aren’t the number of comic-book properties being eyed as TV series starting to make your eyes glaze over?

Wendy Williams Show8 | Did any daytime talk show have a funnier fall premiere moment than Wendy Williams, who brought on a chef to prepare gourmet crow — which she promptly ate as a result of Kim and Kanye outlasting her prediction that their marriage would only last 72 days?

9 | Would Lolo Jones have avoided being the first Dancing With the Stars celebrity eliminated if she’d just kept her trap shut after her disastrous first routine? Or had her “Frankenstein with arthritis” moves already doomed her?

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10 | Does recent America’s Next Top Model evictee Chantelle becoming the new face of Desigual’s Fall 2014 fashion campaign prove that the judges got it all kinds of wrong letting her go home so early?

11 | Remind us again, the significance of Under the Dome’s Julia being the “monarch”….? (Hey, Rachelle Lefevre just did!)

12 | What does New Girl have against Anna Paquin?

13 | On The Mindy Project, was Danny’s striptease more or less swoon-inducing than his flawless piano performance of “Let It Go”?

Sons of Anarchy14 | Did this Sons of Anarchy scene give you Breaking Bad flashbacks?

15 | Forget Crash. All we need to know is: Will Max be back as a series regular on Finding Carter next season? We can’t think of a single reason why not.

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16 | Is it at all possible that the Galaxy tablet commercial with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard was a backdoor pilot for a half-hour comedy? ‘Cause we’d watch the hell out of that.

Legends17 | Was this week’s Legends the best Home Alone sequel ever?

18 | Was Ross really undeserving of Rachel on Friends, as “Gunther” asserted to TVLine earlier this week? (For all we know, they’re on another break now, anyway.)

19 | Did any Red Band Society samplers think they’d make the mystery of Coma Boy’s dad be an ongoing thing, versus answered in the pilot? And how is it possible that Dave Annable looks even better with some grey hair? It’s not fair, right? Between this and a silver fox Kerr Smith playing dad to a teen on The Fosters, is TV making you feel old?

The Mysteries of Laura20 | Is one of The Mysteries of Laura how she got off this precision, high-risk shot at a hostage-taker while holding her gun pointed upward, not looking anywhere near the sight? And aren’t Laura’s twins a little, well, huge to still be in Pre-K? (For the record, a call to NBC publicity reveals that their portrayers, Charlie and Vincent Reina, are six years old.)

21 | Bridge fans, can we have a moment of silence for Linder’s beard?

22 | Did you cheer when the Project Runway judges finally came out of their Sandhya haze?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Drew says:

    7. We have been watching procedurals tell the same stories with the same bland characters for decades now. At least comic books usually have a little bit of creativity behind them. So I am far from getting tired of them.
    Well, not the DC shows anyway. Agents of SHIELD is a cheap infomercial for their movies.

    • wordsmith says:

      I agree with your general sentiment. As long as they are done well, I am happy to watch comic book shows all day, every day. Keep ’em coming.

      As for SHIELD, I think their mistake in the early episodes was *not sticking close enough* to the movies. The creative resurgence brought on by the Winter Soldier crossover really got the show to where it needed to be, in my opinion.

      • Drew says:

        Agents of SHIELD will always be plotted out according to which movie is coming out next and what happens in that movie. They will never be allowed to tell any story that might step on the toes of the movies. It isn’t a real TV show. It is a DVD bonus feature, if that.

        • wordsmith says:

          They don’t step on the movies’ toes in the same way that the movies don’t step on each others’ toes. They are all on a par.
          Basically, nobody is allowed to blow up the Earth without checking with Joss Whedon first. :)

          • Drew says:

            AoS spun their wheels for all but five or so episodes last season. The show isn’t allowed to make too many waves or step on any toes, but the movies are allowed to rule the kingdom. As long as their hands are tied and they have no ability to tell stories because the movie schedule doesn’t line up, or they have to address some major crisis from whatever movie is out at the time, the show will never be legit.
            What would have happened if Captain America’s release needed to be pushed back a month?

            This is why Arrow shouldn’t exist in the Justice League universe. Imagine having the TV show’s writers tied down to an event that won’t take place for two more years, and a representation of the character that is seen in that movie. It would make the show itself pointless. Just like Agents of SHIELD.

          • Katherine215 says:

            I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to write a path for characters to reach at a certain point in time. Don’t most shows plot arcs for their characters anyway? The problem with Shield was that the story was just not interesting until Winter Soldier’s twists. To me, that’s the fault of the writers for not *making* it more interesting. They needed to make it to point X by Winter Soldier’s release and they took a boring path to get there. Also, they wrote several bad/boring characters – Skye is obnoxious, Ward was boring, and FitzSimmons, while I like them, were caricatures of “quirky nerds.”

        • Cideric Rhyes says:

          Look Agents of SHIELD is tied into the movie-verse, I like it. Seeing Sif, Maria Hill, Sitwell and Fury was great. Arrow on the other hand is not tied into the dccu, which I am okay with. I do wish all these tv shows tied together though because it just feels like DC has no real plan overall for anything in regards to tv or movies other then making a quick buck while Marvel does the heavy lifting of creating something bigger, more cohesive, and overall more satisfying.

          • Drew says:

            Marvel may have had a plan, but it is turning into a giant traffic jam. The united universe is not being handled well.
            How is DC trying to make a quick buck? They aren’t following the Marvel plan, but their productions have been good quality. Better than Marvel’s for quite some time now.
            Marvel is the one churning out low quality material, just to make money off of this united universe concept.

        • Are you saying the show is gonna be influenced by Guardians? Because that would be awesome!

    • Agents of SHIELD is no less a infomercial for the movies than comics are to other comics when they share a universe properly.

      • Drew says:

        Okay, one of the major reasons why people stop reading comic books is because they have to start following a hundred different characters in order to understand one story. It is hard to keep track of and it is annoying.
        But even if you don’t mind that, AoS isn’t being done right. Doing it right would mean that the series wasn’t lessened by its relationship with the movies. AoS has obviously suffered because of the movies.

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    #5 I’m still in shock over the girls I can’t get that scene of them hanging and JoAnna and Wendy crying out of my head
    The season finale should be awesome I hope it gets renewed this show is the perfect summer treat
    Also I’m still on the fence about Frederick I know he has good intentions but I’m still not convinced he is good
    From the previews it looks like the hot brothers are going to try a spell to bring the girls back
    I think the total death count was 5 if you include Spike but who knows if he’s really dead
    I guess it could be 6 if Tommy’s body is taken over by the King

  3. CMart says:

    Do people really think that Danny’s piano solo in the Mindy Project was really him and not just a playback of the actual song? I have heard it so many times by now that I am pretty certain it is just the opening bars of the actual song…

    • S. says:

      Here’s the pesky thing about playing the same notes, it’s gonna sound the same. Funny thing about music, amirite? I went back and listened to it, it’s got just enough halting to the playing that no way is it just the soundtrack. Sure sounds like he’s actually doing it. Might’ve been someone else playing live and they used that for playback, but it’s not from the film.

  4. RedReddington says:

    I agree that “Listen” was by far the best episode of Doctor Who in a long time. Right up there with “Blink”. I also love Capaldi, he reminds me so much of Eccleston’s Doctor. I don’t miss Eleven at all.

    • michelle says:

      It took a long time to get to… the doctor is afraid of what is under the bed

    • DryOwlTacos says:

      A good episode, to be sure, but it never really resolved the plot point about “who is listening when you talk to yourself.” Who/what was under the blanket in Rupert’s bed and how did they all hear it slam the door if there wasn’t something there? Who wrote “Listen” on the blackboard when the Doctor turned his back? Still wondering.

      I do like Capaldi but I’m not in love with him yet. I didn’t like Matt Smith in the beginning but ended up loving him.

      • Simon Jester says:

        Another boy hid under the blanket and slammed the door. The Doctor wrote “Listen” (Clara said it was his handwriting). Every ‘mystery’ in the story, by design, also came with a perfectly plausible ‘mundane’ explanation.

        • westwingwolf says:

          Which is what happens when strange things happen to you in real life. They have mundane reasons, but a part of you kind of likes the idea of supernatural reasons. Is it a ghost or a tree branch scratching against the window? The mundane answer makes you feel safer, but the supernatural answer gives you a thrill. Best of both worlds in Doctor Who.

        • They established that nobody came in the room.

      • Sandra M says:

        After this episode, I fell in like with Capaldi. I don’t think love is far away. He’s been distant and hard to figure out, but this Doctor has many layers. I’m even starting to like his interaction with Clara.

      • But they established that no one came in, so that can’t be it.

        • canadian ninja says:

          No they didn’t. Clara and the Doctor even acknowledged that it might have been one of Rupert’s friends playing a prank on him. Could go either way on this.

        • Ryan Creely says:

          That’s kind of the point of the episode: you can’t take Rupert’s word for it that nobody came into the room, because when you’re scared your mind creates the worst-case scenario. The fact is that somebody could very well have come into the room because the Doctor also surprised them by being in there, and they didn’t hear him come in either. It could have been supernatural, it could have been another child.

    • Lizo says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing of Capaldi! That he’s like Ecclestone – who remains my favourite doctor. I haven’t enjoyed Who so much in years. Capaldi is excellent and I’m sure it’s been so good because he won’t take any of Moffat’s crap.

    • S. says:

      All I could think during “Listen” was how it was one of the most impressive episodes since “Blink.” So well written. Congrats to Moffat. Wasn’t in love with the Robin Hood ep right before it. Didn’t hate it but it wasn’t a classic. Peter Capaldi can do no wrong for me, love him. Jenna is doing a great job too. Moffat really nailed the timeline jumping in “Listen.” It had an impact for multiple characters, all of it made sense. Brilliant.

  5. wordsmith says:

    I think “Blink is the only other Doctor Who episode that comes anywhere close to “Listen”.

    Blink was more self contained, and brilliant as a standalone, but at the end of the day the core characters are barely in it, so it does little for the show overall.

    Listen, on the other hand, gives us some really deep and significant insight into the Doctor’s psyche. Also, the romantic fumblings of the Impossible Girl and Dan the Soldier Man are ridiculously adorable.

    • cboyd says:

      I agree Listen was a great episode. But, I would add in Vincent and the Doctor with those two in a tight top three. Realizing who the child was Clara was talking to and where he was in the end was wonderful.

  6. M says:

    #10 LMAO I was at the mall and saw the desigual pictures and was like wow did they get it wrong!

  7. Alexandra says:

    16. YES! That would be the best sitcom on television, hands down. Let’s get Chuck Lorre on that stat (so we know it would last forever!).

  8. ktbanks says:

    13: More. Much, much more.
    22. Yes. It’s SOOOO overdue. Having your own Point of View as a designer can only get you so far when you design clothes that are that hideous and unwearable.

  9. Jared says:

    15) Finding Carter was a pleasant surprise this Summer and Max was definitely the fan favorite. Although im glad MTV renewed the show, if Alex Saxon isnt a series regular in S2 I dont know if id be as excited watching each week.

  10. Luis says:

    2. “Listen” gave me hope that Moffat did not go completely soft in the head during the Matt Smith era. I think Capaldi is turning out brillinatly and I love his chemistry with Jenna Coleman.

  11. Daven C says:

    6. She didn’t forget him. She just didn’t mention him. I’m going to have to watch them again, but I’m pretty sure that earlier this season she mentioned a guy that she was serious with to Al and then quickly changed the subject. This might be him.

  12. 2) I’m still trying to get used to Capaldi as the Doctor. I haven’t quite warmed up to him yet but that could also be because of the direction this season has taken. However, I do think that “Listen” is the best episode I’ve seen in awhile. Right up there with “Blink”.

  13. IMHO says:

    22. YES !! It has been driving me nuts ! It was like watching circus clothes come down the runway and the Judges were “Oh how original, she took a risk ” Good grief…

  14. GeoDiva says:

    16. I love that commercial. It is so cute.
    22. Thanks for the spoiler… (I know it my own fault for reading this and not expecting TVLine to talk about a show they have barely covered. Especially since this is the first time in weeks that I didn’t watch the show the night it aired.)

  15. Daisy says:

    #7–Between comic book movies and comic book TV it’s kind of a lot. Glazing over indeed, but that’s not precluding me from seeing said movies and watching said TV shows so…
    #13–Danny’s strip tease was equally swoon worthy. So cute!
    #16–Hell yes! I would watch Kristen and Dax in anything! I usually fast forward through commercials, but when I caught a glimpse of Kristen and Dax, I actually rewound it and watched it and thought it was so great. Maybe question #23 should be–Are Kristen and Dax actually acting in that commercial or are they actually like that in real life? In my mind, that’s how they are in real life!
    #18–Ross was not undeserving of Rachel. If anything she might have been undeserving of his undying devotion to her.
    #21–I did have a moment of silence already for Linder’s beard. He looks so handsome without it, but now I can’t reconcile that voice coming out of that face.
    #22–Is a Sandhya haze like a dope-smoking haze? Because I thought maybe the judges had been smoking something when commenting on her designs. Seriously, some of her stuff was fugly and I couldn’t believe they liked it!

  16. ME says:

    #7 I am giving CBS the benefit of the doubt here despite the 5 years of superhero movies already booked into the future. Berlanti has made some pretty good tv and no one has managed to pull off a good and memorable female superhero show since Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. If the pilot is horrible, I have faith that CBS would not try and push it on us just because it is a DC character.

  17. Deena says:

    12–Don’t know but that was my favorite line of the night!

  18. Nicole says:

    13. I think the better question is, how many people rewatched that striptease more than once? I know I saved that episode on my pvr!!

  19. Cari says:

    Kindergarten is for 5 year olds in the 4 states I’ve lived in, making pre-k ages 3 and 4. At 6 years (looking 8 years), Laura’s kids should have been in school 2 years already. Of course, if they are 6 and not in school yet, maybe that’s why they act as they do. Liked all aspects of the show except for how the kids were depicted so will watch the show for awhile, but if the story doesn’t improve for the kids, I’m out of here. Oh, and yes. I do know what kids are like. I raised 2 boys.

  20. Briggs says:

    2 – Was anyone else nervous to go to bed that night? I can’t be the only one. Some mysteries are creepier unsolved. I, for one, did *not* want to see what was under the blanket. And I don’t blame Rupert for the name change one bit.
    16 – Oh,, that was too adorable. I haven’t enjoyed a commercial like that in a while. If they *do* give them a sitcom, I am so adding it to my list.

  21. Jj says:

    18. No. Rachel was undeserving of Ross. She totally disrespected their relationship, and everything that went wrong prior to Ross cheating was her fault!

  22. Vi says:

    6… Would love to see this episode. Was able to catch the first hour on the DVR. But as it had a delay starting, the 2nd episode wasn’t a full episode since it cut off. Not available on demand yet, or online. I don’t understand why CBS makes it so hard to catch it elsewhere when you can’t watch it live, especially as it was delayed due to football.

  23. Sandra M says:

    3. Doctor Who was a solid 8, maybe more. LOVED this episode, especially the kid under the blanket. I LOVE the return to creepy, and Capaldi can do creepy like nobody’s business. Even flat Clara started FINALLY feeling like a real character. Maybe it’s because she’s not mooning after the Doctor. Now we have Danny Pink, who I already love and want to know more about.
    18. Ross was by FAR the worst, most annoying character on Friends, and he deserved nothing.
    19. I think Charlie’s Dad has a lot more to tell us and I don’t mind that we found out it was him.

  24. Mary says:

    19. Everything about number 19…. He’s hot, Kerr’s hot, and I’m not sure what makes me feel older….that they are suddenly old too or that I’m totally into older gray hot dads….

  25. DarkDefender says:

    2. “Listen” is definitely in my top 5 all time favorite Doctor Who episodes.
    7. YES. They can’t all be as awesome as ARROW, either.
    12. Jealousy is ugly.
    22. She was less Bollywood and more Circus, and I can’t believe it took them this long to figure it out.

  26. 2. Definitely their most ambitious but it fell flat once they started playing tricks like hiding what the Doctor saw.
    7. I will never be tired at them creating new comic series because it will always have the potential to lead to another Agents of SHIELD.

  27. cyclone says:

    6 is old for Pre-K, it wouldn’t be the 1st time older people played younger (maybe not with the toddler set though) but then again maybe the twins can be 6 and still in Pre-K since they keep getting kicked out and fail to move up. My niece is 6 (she’ll be 7 in November) and she started 2nd grade this year.

  28. guest says:

    BRIDGE Why is almost every scene set in the dark, even when it is daytime.

  29. Whatevah says:

    #16 they are the cutest couple in Hollywood! No doubt :)

  30. Bark Star says:

    “Listen” was not as good as blink but you are right, it is the best in years. No surprise though. Capaldi far outdoes Smith in pretty much every aspect.

  31. Sheldon W. says:

    2. Up until the reveal that the kid at the end was the young Doctor, yes. Then it all fell apart.
    4. Mädchen Amick
    7. Nope
    16. We wish…
    20. Nope. The real mystery is how this mess ever got made in the first place

  32. G. says:

    #2) Wow. I really did not enjoy “Listen” overall. But I have stopped liking Doctor Who much since #11 and Clara Oswald, so … I’m not sure if it’s a symptom of that, or what. I just could not get past how many truly boneheaded decisions the characters made.

  33. shutuprob says:

    The immense number of westerns spread across the three networks in the late-50’s/early-60’s makes today’s “flood” of comic book shows look like a drought. When one network can have three almost-interchangeable Law & Order shows for several years and another network can have three CSIs (and now, three NCISs) for several years, the TVLine staff should be able to tolerate four shows set in the DC Universe spread across three networks (soon to be five over four networks if Supergirl makes it to air), plus SHIELD & Agent Carter, IZombie, Teen Wolf and other superhero/horror hybrids the same way that we have to tolerate the mere existence of that soul-sucking, meretricious crap known as “reality TV.”

  34. Ana says:

    Or the writers for The Mindy Project and New Girl working out of the same office? Last week they both had a Frozen reference and this week they both had a Michael Strahan reference, what gives?