Is Sons' Juice Too Cheesy? Why Was Strain Sex a Bit Funky? Is Runway Really Anonymous? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Strain, Sons of Anarchy, Graceland and Project Runway!

1 | During that super-awkward Strain Sex Scenesex scene on The Strain, was there really not a single editor who noticed that Ephraim’s jacket is on in one shot, then off in the next — without him putting Nora down? And did Gus actually throw away the guard’s gun after escaping the prison transport? He didn’t suspect he’d, you know, need it again, with these creatures on the streets?!

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2 | Seeing as The Leftovers’ Guilty Remnant broke into everyone’s homes at Christmas, shouldn’t somebody in Mapleton have had a decent-enough security system by now to keep them from pulling off their Memorial Day stunt?

3 | Unforgettable’s Al asked Carrie if she robbed banks with the “bad boy” she once dated. Um, wouldn’t she have mentioned that when she had to pose as a bank robber last season?

4 | TVLine reader Michael asks: “Will Fox’s Minority Report pilot see its own cancellation coming before it happens? And will it be able to stop it?”

Top Model Matthew5 | Wait! America’s Next Top Model‘s unspeakably hot Matthew and beautiful Will made out — and nobody caught it on camera??

6 | Considering Under the Dome‘s Lyle was swimming in a freezing lake at night for several minutes, shouldn’t he have been the one with hypothermia? And does Julia’s impaling leave her with only 37 good pairs of jeans?

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7 | Sleepy Hollow’s Tom Mison, narrating “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”? In his native British accent? For free? What’s not to like?!

8 | Which would you prefer in Summer 2015: Bachelor in Paradise or Bachelor Pad? (Trick question: The answer is Season 3 of Mistresses, obvs!)

Sons of Anarchy9 | How much sliced cheese does Sons of Anarchy‘s Juice eat?!? (All while keeping his bod so lean?) And weren’t the last 10 minutes of the premiere made even better by that “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover?

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10 | Are the cops on Finding Carter even more incompetent than The Following‘s FBI agents? How come they couldn’t trace Crash’s location via his cell phone?

11 | Not to dwell on this again, but seeing as it could have exonerated Graceland’s Mike of much suspicion in the hacienda massacre: The six federal agents’ beach house also doesn’t have a security camera, that would have caught Sid stealing the gun? And in the Lina debate, is anyone still on Team Paige?

12 | In a TV universe teeming with shiny, finely tailored cartel bosses, is The Bridge’s shlumpy, trucker hat-wearing Fausto Galvan perhaps the most terrifying?

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13 | Is The Bachelor‘s Juan Pablo hoping to change his woeful rep by appearing on VH1’s Couples Therapy? And if so, should someone tell him that acting like an entitled, emotionally frozen sociopath isn’t the best road to redemption?

Meredith Vieira Show14 | Based on the desk/chair set in the background, we have to ask: Is Meredith Vieira planning a segment of her new talker where she writes letters to her pen pal and balances her checkbook? Also, is that battered-by-her-pets armchair from home a refreshingly real part of her set, or too precious by half?

15 | Rhetorical question: Could the cast of Fox’s Utopia be any more obnoxious and unappealing? And wouldn’t this “social experiment” have been infinitely more interesting set on a remote 50 acres in Montana, with fewer supplies/amenities and a cast of real human beings (instead of 14 drama queens/Big Brother rejects)?

16 | Hadn’t we all agreed that Colin Jost was the SNL Weekend Update anchor who needed replacing?Project Runway

17 | Libby Masters, what are you doing on Project Runway?! Meanwhile, TVLine reader Sarah asks: “How can they claim it’s an ‘anonymous’ runway when Alexander has had the exact same blonde model for the last four challenges???”

18 | Old-school Stephen King nod or not, is there a Haven drinking game to be played this season with utterances of the word “thinny”? And what’s the latest read on Mara: bad-ass baddie, or plain ol’ beyotch?

19 | Was You’re the Worst’s time-jumpy episode perhaps its best episode yet?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    #8 YES to Mistresses please!!!!
    #11 I seriously doubt that Mike is really (spoiler) dead but there’s no way they can just let Paige get away with that betrayal. She is dead to me, LOL!!!

  2. Jake says:

    More importantly how did Corey Stoll manage not to lose like any clothing, but Mia Maestro was in her underwear.

    Also for ANTM, it was really strange to not have footage of the kiss/make out. I would have been ok with them faking it if the missed it to recreate for TV

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    No. 9 More naked push ups please!!!!

  4. Bwhit says:

    9- well I hope Juice rats on Gemma so maybe the cheese is appropriate :). That cover made those brutal scenes almost poetic.
    11- or the maid that was cowering in the corner could of just pointed to Sid and not Mike. The Lina debacle turned into the biggest cluster when that storyline started out promising. In the beginning I liked Paige’s quest to stop those girls from being sold but, they turned her into an obsessed maniac. I look at it like she got personally attached to an informant, which is ridiculous considering she is fed. I have a gripe about how they made it look like Mike is dead too, that mask really didn’t have a seal so how could he lose oxygen that fast when Sid was squeezing his line? They could of come up with something better!

  5. Uh uh says:

    #7, people!!! Download and listen. You won’t regret it. Tom Mison’s got SKILLS.

  6. johnhelvete says:

    10) Crash destroyed his cell phone in the previous episode so it is possible that he was using a different phone/different phone number and the cops did not know what phone/number Crash was using.

  7. tahina45 says:

    1. Very trashy, agree on poor editing. I was anxiously awaiting for this show, now a big disappointment. Not to FX high quality standards.

  8. Leeann... :) says:

    9 – Welcome to the club “Bohemian Rhapsody”. You join “You Are My Sunshine” as 2 of the songs I can never listen to the same way again. Also, that apartment was just a bit too spotless for my liking. Must be all that time he has on his hands when not doing naked pushups, eating cheese, or staying away from the Club.

    • Tim says:

      Juice told Wendy he had a lot of free time on his hands, when she mentioned rearranging furniture, so probably safe to assume he is cleaning, too.

  9. sarah j says:

    8) LOL! Yes season 3 of Mistresses!
    11)Yes the should have had security. I have not been on Team Paige for a LONG time now.
    Another question: Did anyone else think her talk with Sid when she said she sent him to where Lina was to end it (meaning Mike) and he asked her if she still trusted him to end it. Then she gave up Mike to Sid, that maybe Paige was actually planted in the house to take down each member of the team and that she is working with Sid? Yes we see her crying when she told Briggs that she told Sid where Mike was..but that could all have been an act!

  10. roquelaure says:

    PR only has one anonymous runway show this season. A photo of the outfit and designers notes are on the cards that the judges hold and scribble on during the show.

  11. You’re the Worst is the best thing to hit my television in ages. Every single episode has been the best one yet.

  12. Larry McD says:

    Cummon, how can Runway be anonymous when the judges are facing the contestants as they congratulate each other, comment on their own work, and clearly display their pleasure or lack of it on their faces?

  13. Daisy says:

    11. I haven’t watched the Graceland finale and don’t intend to. This season was rather disappointing. If it gets renewed I’ll come back. So many plot holes, too much time.
    15. How much they have isn’t really the problem with Utopia. How unlikeable all of the people are is the real problem. There is no one to root for.
    18. I hope they figure out the Mara sitch soon. William was way more entertaining as a bad guy. Mara is just mean.

  14. unclelawwy says:

    Cummon. How can Runway be anonymous when the judges are looking across the runway at the contestants as they smile confidently, congratulate each other, and comment on their own and others’ work? The only way it could be anonymous would be if they were in different rooms.

    • ... says:

      They do two different shows – an anonymous one where just the judges watch and one where the contestants get to comment about the designs.

  15. Kate says:

    1. I was actually more distracted by starting on the bed and then moving to the wall and ending up on the floor, seemed like a lot of unnecessary expenditure of energy for two people that I am not certain have slept in like three or four days.

    7. Is he using some sort of other kind of British accent on Sleepy Hollow than his own?

    11. It is odd there is no security in the downstairs. I mean, it was always a rule that they couldn’t have guest upstairs, so it makes you wonder why there weren’t at least cameras in the hallway to catch the agents from breaking rules. I have been so confused over the whole Paige thing (but, whoa, that was wrong, just rat him out to his bosses if you are that concerned unless you recognize on some level he wouldn’t have been in that situation at all except to try to save you and to protect something you cared about), I mean, yes, Mike was wrong in just disposing of the body and then, geez, that letter. But he couldn’t have had the FBI rain down on the place, they would have just set up a new place with a new Sulla (or Sid would have been in there earlier) and that’s what Paige would have insisted happen because she wasn’t seeing any version of the big picture. I am curious what Charlie’s take on this chain of events will be, especially if she has forgiven Briggs for lying and all of his stuff and she learns the real chain of events of Mike. She was falling back into thinking of Mike as her little brother and even if Mike survives, he’s not going to be right for awhile, if ever (and I have a feeling his one confident skill, being an excellent marksman might be gone), Charlie won’t have any kind feelings toward Paige.

    16. Yes, and I had a weird other thought, Michael Che just did the best Daily Show segment I’d seen him do yet (it takes the newbies time to catch on and figure out their character niche) and Cecily was just becoming much more comfortable, so it really made no sense.

  16. ... says:

    1. I think Gus’ primary concern was not being fingered for the crash or the death of the officer and the gun would have made him look guilty/caused the cops to hone in on him. He doesn’t know about the outbreak, nor does he really know what Felix turned into, so I buy him being freaked out enough to ditch the gun and put distance between himself and the crash scene.
    5. Matthew’s hotness is absurd and I think Tyra basically throwing herself at Denzel and Keith and ignoring him makes zero sense. Also, ANTM has been weird about sexuality in the last couple of seasons – Rob all but called Cory a homophobic slur, Matthew gets interrogated for kissing Will, their kiss doesn’t get show while we watch Mirjana and Denzel in the shower.
    13. I didn’t watch The Bachelor, but I knew of his awful comments and the reputation he garnered while on the show. And he lived up to said reputation and then some.
    19. I preferred the break-up episode, but the time jumping one was also very good.

    • Brendan says:

      I mean really… did we need Denzel AND Keith. They have very similar looks and it’s not just cuz they are black – Zacquan looked totally different, but instead they filled 2/7 of the slots with two clones. Tyra clearly had her lady boner googles on when she made that call. I think it should have gone to Mark or Danny personally, but whatever. And yea, ANTM is not gonna be gay-friendly. They don’t want the guy models hooking up, they want them all there are eye candy for female viewers. Which is why boy band members and actors and models stay closeted too. (sad but true)

  17. Maggie says:

    16. Yes, Colin Jost was the one who needed to be cut from Weekend Update, not Cecily Strong. Bad move SNL.

  18. Tim says:

    I think with the Strain, it’s a combination of poor writing, editing and directing. They both should have kept all of their clothes on and Mia could have just unzipped her jeans, like Corey!

  19. M3rc Nate says:

    1) Ha! I didnt notice. Usually I notice that stuff, but then again I was staring at her butt not at his back.

    4) Lol thats funny, and true. Screw Fox, that show will have to be renewed for its third season before I start watching its episodes. You’ve burned me WAY too many times Fox, especially with “Almost Human”. The least they could do is put out a press-release or allow the showrunner to do an interview and tell us what was going to happen, the big plot points and story lines and where the show was gonna finish.

    9) Ya…had the show ever mentioned or established he is OCD or highly anal-retentive?

    11) Lol just….just dont….dont try to use logic on Graceland’s second season, your brain will explode. Just accept that the writers are THAT bad that the plot holes are so huge you can see them with your eyes closed and move on. I wasnt on team Paige from the get-go because it was so unproffesional and short sighted to want to save 10 girls instead of the 1,000s that will continue to be used as sex slaves if they ruin that lead (by busting the guy in charge, the guy inside with the 10 girls), let alone taking them down to save 10 girls will most likely burn the last lead to take down an ENTIRE CARTEL. That means thousands of pounds of drugs stopped, murder for a while stopped, 1,000’s of sex slaves being trafficked stopped…no agent would be as short sighted as her. She either has to die trying to take down Sid after what she let him do, has to be imprisoned for murdering (or attempting to) Mike, a Federal Agent, or if hes alive she has to almost die trying to redeem herself by taking down Sid. But either way they ruined the character, she crossed a line you (as a viewer) cant come back from. She will never be that flirty fun surfing babe she was all of season 1.

    15) Exactly why i didnt even start watching after i saw the introductions scenes. They made the typical reality TV show move of finding the biggest extremes they could to put into a house/property and watch the dramatic fireworks go off. Not only is it gross and stupid and people are tired of it, but it doesnt fit the show they are trying to make, Utopia? I mean i get it when they cast those people for “Bad Girls Club” or “Big Brother” but Utopia? A show trying to be a serious social experiment? No thats the show you get really real people for, and i agree, the location looks SO fake and manmade, they should have gone to Montana, gotten a way bigger property and found a way to have them get supplies in a more organic way than fixing a phone and being able to order groceries lol.

    16) Yup, the United States took a poll and the poll said Colin is more plain than oatmeal and needs to be replaced, and that Strong is smokin hot and funny and adorable and is great at the desk.

  20. Coal says:

    11) Really ? You really want the writers to pay attention to frivolous things like security, solving crimes and sticking to the avtual premise of the show ? No. What we want to see is couples Briggs/Charlie, Johnny/ “what’s her face ?” and Mike/Paige lying and deserving each other. We want CW vision of story telling for adults. Just kidding. Briggs tried killing him, now Paige ? Who are the criminals again ?

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol yup. Couldnt have said it more sarcastically myself. This season has been a joke and the finale the biggest joke cherry ontop it could have been. What i think sucks most of all, is knowing in these situations on Network/Cable TV shows, there are no consequences. I mean Briggs got away totally clean with killing an FBI agent…so wheres the tension? Its not there if there are no consequences. Same with Paige, do any of us really think she will get arrest and put in prison for putting a hit out on a Federal Agent (Mike) and him either dying or dying and having to be revived? Of course not, cause that would mean shes off the show…so that means they keep a character on a cop show that cause she was pissed essentially murdered her ex-lover and Federal Agent….lol what a fraking JOKE. How will viewers ever see her redeemed? Its not possible, shes crossed the line. How can we ever take it seriously when she takes a moral high ground on a criminal? When she arrests a bad guy for being bad? SHE PUT OUT A HIT FOR MURDER ON AN FBI AGENT! lol…shes 100x the monster Mike is, or Odin was, or anyone (except Sid who murdered his entire team and a crap ton of mexican cartel guys). So basically they made the hot, cool, surfer chick into the second worst villain in the series history…and we are supposed to forgive her and move on when next season they try (and fail) to redeem her by having her cry a lot and say how sorry she is? Lmao what a joke. Its like they hire TV show writers from craigslist or something. Who the hell are these people? How can books and graphic novels be so good and TV and Movies be such recycled full of plot-hole garbage?

  21. Morgan says:

    #9 I actually thought that cover was questionable at best. The show usually does a great job with covers; some I’ve liked more than the originals (“Hey, Hey, My, My”). The Forest Rangers were not the right fit for that song.

  22. Shar says:

    Re # 14 – I had high hopes for Meridith’s show.. but hell no to the set, her wardrobe and her overall too perky for words mentality. Oprah where are you? All is forgiven.

  23. Bo says:

    Lord, how bland and awful Colin Jost is…

  24. Angela says:

    #7: Thaaaaaaaank you for this information! Off to download and listen!

  25. Jennifer says:

    #1-I have been TRYING for weeks to see any sort of chemistry between Nora and any other character on this show be it living or dead, I just can’t. I read the book last year when I heard it would be a series, I remember Nora was a bit bland in the book but I can’t believe how incredibly BORING she is! And until now that’s a title I’ve only given to Liz on Blacklist. I adore Corey, he’s a great actor, he’s the only reason I watched Midnight in Paris and on Strain he even has chemistry with the vampire disease itself. For him, I can tolerate the wig, but what was casting department thinking with Mia?

    #6-Julia only has one pair of jeans and those things will never come off unless someone drowns her in paint remover as they are clearly painted on. How the HELL does she move in those things? It’s gotten almost distracting, I mean, how exactly does she even breathe in those? There’s no way she’s not laying flat on the bed with pliers to get those zipped up.

  26. Rgb says:

    18. I hope Mara goes away real soon because I can’t take much more of her … she just goes around inflicting pain on anyone she wants to without feeling remorse … except when she shot Nathan on the beach … it looked like Audrey was trying to come out.

  27. richard says:

    #17 – Was this the actual anonymous runway show? Heidi gives the same speech at the beginning of each runway show.

  28. Das Snow says:

    5. That was the same question I had going through my mind.

  29. Kim says:

    Thank you SO much for number 16!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my first thought when I heard they were taking Cecily off Weekend Update. And please renew Mistresses!! Like NOW!

  30. Terry says:

    Does anyone else but me think that they are making up the storyline on Under the Dome week to week. Kill a person then watch as people feel sorry for you! Can’t believe I am still watching this!

  31. DreamRose311 says:

    19 – I wanted to check the TV Qs list just to see if this show was mentioned. I don’t think it’s the best one so far, but I still love it. I already loved this show and then they throw a background ep on me. Sold. I hope FX knows how awesome this show is.

  32. DavidSask says:

    I was not a fan of the time jump episode in YTW, SNL Colin should be removed indeed! Hope the new sidekick is a hit! Meredith’s set is way to homey but anything to get her demographic needed. Juan is looking to be the king dick on Couples Therapy. The fridge on Sons was ridic unbelievable. The missed filmed kiss on ANTM means it didn’t happen and is for fake storyline. Minority Report on Fox will be DOA no one trusts Sci-fi there! Mistresses needs to come back, screw Bachelor sequels!

  33. Lexi says:

    #12 He’ll yeah he is sooooo scary… wouldn’t want to make him mad at me

  34. Christy says:

    #19 — YES! You’re the Worst is the best. Can’t believe it hasn’t been renewed yet!

  35. Ben says:

    You’re the Worst is sooooo good! Gets better and better every week.

  36. Pia says:

    7. Downloaded. Thanks!

  37. UGH, #11. Not on Paige’s side, ever.

    I said before that I appreciate actress Serinda Swan’s dedication to making human trafficking awareness a thing this season. However, I feel it went way too far, especially with her discovering the incinerator. Just seeing an incinerator isn’t enough to just assume a missing/runaway girl has been burned to death. How do you jump to that conclusion??