Did Bell Clang? Does Graceland Need Better Security? Will SYTYCD Return? Will Carter Kill Max?! And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story, Graceland, Finding Carter and So You Think You Can Dance!

Falling SKies1 | Falling Skies fans, can we talk about how fake-tastic this docking scene looked? Including how the Beamer gently attached itself while clocking about 400mph?

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2 | Was the word “beau” as ubiquitous in the late ’50s/early ’60s as Masters of Sex would have us believe? Also, did anyone see that big sibling twist coming?

3 | What exactly did Big Brother‘s Frankie mean when he said the Head of Household competition was built for “someone like Nicole”?

4 | If ABC really, truly wants to get into the summer music-reality competition game (see Duets, Rising Star… or don’t), wouldn’t it be wiser to follow the template of VH1’s intimate, sometimes fascinating Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project than trying to churn out another dime-store version of Idol or The Voice?

5 | Are we really at a point where the MDA “Used to Run 20+ Hours” Telethon is now barely as long as an extended Sons of Anarchy episode?

Saved By the Bell6 | Who else was wishing a bell would save them from Lifetime’s The Story of Screech’s Secret Pain Unauthorized Saved By the Bell movie? And would they have us believe that Dustin Diamond (amid all his life-drama) coined the “That’s what she said” catchphrase?

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7 | Between creating a drone and putting together a radar gun, doesn’t it seem like Under the Dome‘s Joe has a lot of technology smarts that he should have, you know, revealed from the beginning?

8 | Joss and Harry succumbing to their passions in the Mistress‘ Season 2 finale: Swoon-inducing, stomach-churning, or a bit of both? Also, if there is a Season 3, how the heck are the show’s writers going to be able to continue the addictive scenes of our four central women pow-wowing, given that Joss is apparently in love with her sister’s ex?Top Model

9 | What exactly were the Top Model contestants modeling/selling during the Silly String runway show?

10 | Grammarians, do you think Gang Related ultimately was a victim of its title’s missing hyphen?

11 | The twist to Rizzoli & Isles‘ season-ending murder mystery can’t possibly be as obvious as it appears to be, right? That the wife did it? Also, can the eventual DVD extras include more instances of Maura mangling pop lyrics in front of tweens?

12 | Finding Carter wouldn’t dare kill off Max aka its most likable character, would it? And can we get a little less Crash (OK, a lot less) and a little more explanation for why Lori kidnapped Carter?

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13 | Is it too early to start our celebrity wish list for the next season of Drunk History?

14 | Which Frozen special/“What might have been” secret horrified you most — that Elsa originally wore a cloak made of live weasels?!

15 | Who did History’s Houdini miniseries have you missing most — Sally Struthers, or Ruth Gordon?Legends

16 | This Legends meet-up didn’t look suspicious and super-covert at all, right? Just three people in dark suits on a bench in a park, one with an unusual metal case, all looking surreptitious…..

17 | Really? Graceland, the easily accessible beachfront home to six federal agents, is protected by one door handle lock? Sid didn’t even need to get past a deadbolt??

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18 | Any So You Think You Can Dance fans still reeling from Season 11’s biggest “growth” story Zack only managing a fourth-place finish? And on a scale of 1-to-“hurl your TV out the window,” how devastated will you be if Fox doesn’t bring the reality delight back in summer 2015?

Project Runway19 | We can’t be the only ones shocked that this Project Runway design was the winner of the week, right?

20 | Could Rosie Perez’s casting on The View threaten Ellen DeGeneres’ position as daytime’s premiere boogie-down host? (Based on this Soul Train highlight reel, we seriously hope so!)

21 | Anyone else find themselves fast-forwarding through Satisfaction when the daughter’s storyline pops up?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!