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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Knave

What are Once Upon a Time‘s plans for The Knave? Is an NCIS romance intact? Will baby talk be the death of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Calzona? Which Hawaii Five-0 cop is getting a blast from the past? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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As excited as I am for Once Upon a Time‘s Frozen storyline, I’m curious as to how The Knave (played by Michael Socha) is going to fit in in Storybrooke. Know anything about that? – Sarah
Do I! Just seconds before publishing this week’s Inside Line, I got off the horn with Once creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, the former of which said that The Knave’s “background as Will Scarlett, who was one of the Merry Men and a thief, comes into play very early.” Kitsis then added that for Wonderland fans, “We will be explaining why he’s in town. I can also say that he fits rather nicely into Storybrooke, and his introduction is a really fun one.”

Will Once Upon a Time’s Emma go house hunting or will she be living in that loft with Charming and Snow and a crying baby forever? –Shen
“Emma needs her own place, and we’d love for her to see it this year,” Eddy Kitsis agrees. And perhaps to that end, Adam Horowitz notes, “The domestic situation of the Charmings and Emma and Henry and Regina does fit into the early episodes” of Season 4, premiering Sept. 28.

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Do you have any scoop on when Grey’s Anatomy‘s Calzona might start ripping off those “Band-Aids” that Shonda mentioned? –Jennifer
As part of our Fall Preview Q&A with Rhimes, she said that Callie and Arizona will start searching for a surrogate “fairly soon” — unexpectedly setting in motion said ripping. “It brings up some other issues for them,” says the series creator. “The speed at which they approach this and then the process [itself] illuminates some things for them.”

Is Revenge really not doing a flash-forward this season? It’s the show’s signature. –Jason
I can confirm that – tradition be damned — there will not be a flash-forward in Revenge‘s Season 4 premiere (airing Sept. 28).

Do you have any details on Hawaii Five-0‘s Matthew Williams storyline? –Sarah
When last seen during Season 1, Danny’s brother was on the run from the SEC. His current fate will be revisited “in an arc that ‘s going to play over the first five or six episodes,” show boss Peter M. Lenkov told me. (Concurrent with that storyline will be another arc, in which Jerry’s latest conspiracy theory “turns out to be real.”)

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Just curious, is the actress that played McGee’s girlfriend coming back to NCIS, or are they done? –Chris
Through production of Season 12 thus far, Big Bang alum Margo Harshman has yet to reprise her role as Delilah – though, as show boss Gary Glasberg promised, McGee’s complicated relationship has not been dropped. In fact, I’m hearing that Delilah has been referenced several times already.

Will we see Colin Ferguson back on Haven? –lilslim
Outside of the “previously on” catch-up segment that opens up the Sept. 13 Season 5 premiere, no, you will not see William again – but make no mistake, his presence is very much felt through the first episodes.

Is Nashville killing off Tandy? Judith Hoag tweeted that she’s leaving after Season 3’s second episode. —Chris
The show is not whacking Rayna’s sis, but the character will be written out in the Oct. 1 episode. I hear the door is being left open for Tandy to return at some point, though that seems unlikely (at least in the near future).

Any news on whether Natalie Dormer’s Moriarty will make an appearance in the upcoming season of Elementary? –Mel
At this point in time, no — but lest you leave empty-handed, here’s a scooplet: Episode 5 will introduce us to Gregson’s daughter, an ambitious 20something cop rising up the ranks.

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Any mild spoilers for The Originals? –Nasir
Now that Hayley is a hybrid, life will only get… hairier… for her. “Just when this woman found a connection to her werewolf ancestors, she’s now severed from that connection,” co-EP Michael Narducci observes. “For a lot of reasons — loss of her child, loss of her family, loss of her identity — she’s really going to be struggling. It’s going to push her to a place where she lashes out at everybody.”

Anything for The Following? –Giles
Ryan Hardy’s gonna be a dad! Sort of… ish. Season 3 newcomer Zuleikha Robinson’s character has a 7-year-old daughter who “fully embraces Ryan as a father figure” when she’s not busy lording over a grade-school cult.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email InsideLine@tvline.com(With reporting by Andy Swift)

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  1. spindae2 says:

    Thanks for the Once and Original’s scoop!

  2. Lisa says:

    Great news! Hopefully Henry will spend time again in Regina’s home too, about time after 2 years! She’s his other mother after all…

  3. Mel says:

    Thank you for answering my Elementary question, and for the NCIS/Delilah scoop. Hoping both actresses return at some point.

  4. Jake says:

    Can Nashville bring Paige Turco in to play Tandy when/if she returns?

  5. Bianca says:

    Hopefully this means Henry will begin living with his mother again & spending weekends with Emma. Regina is the mother that raised him & should have full custodial arrangements.

    • tp says:

      The reality in which Regina has a legal right to Henry is gone. Outside of Storybrooke Emma never gave him up and is his legal guardian.

      • Katherine says:

        How so? The only things that were altered were Emma’s and Henry’s memories, and both have their memories back now. Regina still legally adopted him.

        • ProfessorPreis says:

          No, she didn’t – Storybrooke was essentially erased from history, so Regina never adopted Henry.

          • LS1 says:

            Personally think Henry should be with Emma as in live with her as permanently, but obviously visit and stay with Regina whenever he wants.

  6. abz says:

    But what about Anastasia? I hope they don’t just gloss over that part of why he’s in town. I know not everyone who watches OUAT watched OUATW, but I still hope they give an explanation.

  7. JJM says:

    So Revenge will be doing a flash-forward, but just not in the series premiere. Okay, got it.

  8. Ryan says:

    We won’t see Colin Ferguson ever again on Haven, or just so far?

    • Thilia says:

      They have filmed the first half of the Season with the second half to be filmed by the end of December. So, I would be under the assumption he doesn’t show up in the first half….but he is so important I can’t imagine them ending the season and possibly the series without him.

  9. Mollly says:

    So tired of the baby story lines on Grey’s Anatomy, especially with Callie. I fail to see why it is necessary to have her constantly yearning for a baby. Why not show some of the challenges of being a brilliant and ambitious surgeon? Frankly all the mommy stuff on all of Shondra’s shows is a yawn fest. Glad it hasn’t infected Scandal yet.

    • tahina45 says:

      You are right, but between baby or cheating I go with a baby since it seems it’s the only two story lines for Calzona since like ever!

  10. LS1 says:

    Lets hope Emma gets the house that Henry said would be great for her, and them near the water ;)

  11. Matt C. says:

    I’m disappointed to hear that Revenge won’t be doing a flash-forward, as I can only imagine how epic it could have been given the current circumstances (David’s return, Emily vs. Victoria, etc). But since season 4 is essentially a reboot of the series, it makes sense that they’d end the tradition and start fresh.

  12. Grace says:

    Glad H50 is finally going back to the story about Danno’s brother! Does this mean Dane Cook will be back? Can’t wait!

  13. Lenny says:

    Emma needs to get a place by the sea ;) and she loves the water and you know ;)

    • Lily says:

      There is a place by the sea available now, since Ariel and Eric were not sent to Storybrooke by Snow White’s curse. ;)

  14. Bella says:

    I agree with those who said they’d like to see Henry on OUAT spend more time and live with Regina again. I would like that too. I also hope that Henry and Roland will bond next season. Even if things got difficult for their parents now that Marian is back. But I believe Robin and Regina will be together again. Pixie dust never lies.

  15. Brian says:

    Could you confirm that Haven has moved to Saturday (you put the date as Sep 13th) whereas Epguides has it as Sep 11 (Thurs). Want to call it an average and make it Friday (as before) the 12th??

  16. Dan the critic says:

    Maybe Alice herself will also come to OUAT.

  17. Lily says:

    Lemme guess…. Will Scarlet was the one who taught Snow White how to be a bandit.

  18. Wow, McGee’s girlfriend, who was a guest star in 4 or 5 episodes, has been referenced multiple times, but no one is allowed to utter Ziva’s name, who was the lead actress for 8 years. Ok then.

  19. Cheryl Gress says:

    Are yo kidding us?! McGee’s long distance girlfriend is referenced several times and was only in 4 episodes?! Ziva who was ther for 8+ is not?! How ridiculous is Gary Glasberg?

  20. Annette says:

    Thanks for the NCIS scoop about Delilah and I hope we’ll get to see her in season 12 cause she and McGee were awesome together. Interesting bit about Delilah, who I absolutely love, is being referenced, yet, Ziva, a beloved character, especially by me, isn’t allowed to be spoken about at all.

  21. Karbear says:

    I love the Delilah character and am happy for McGee but am disappointed that they mention a woman who has only been on a few episodes more than they mentioned Ziva last season. In fact I don’t believe Ziva was mentioned by name at all. Seems a bit backwards to me.

  22. Jeannie says:

    So Delilah has been mentioned several times in S12. Someone who was a guest star for a few episodes is mentioned, but Ziva the leading lady for 8 years can’t be mentioned. Come on there may be no bad blood with CBS, but I’m thinking there’s bad blood on the set.

  23. Anna says:

    They mention can mention Delilah in season 12 but last season no mention of Ziva who was on the show for 8 years!! Seriously??!! Tony and Ziva no contact at all, for a year, now that’s beleiveable.. Not!! What a joke!!!

  24. Hank Voight says:

    Nice that Emma has her own place all of them under the same roof would just be too Brady.

  25. Milton Wedman says:

    I doubt we will ever see Delilah again. She is a far better actress than Bishop ever can be (I quit watching because of her) and Glasberg does want you to notice the comparison. haha as if ?- EVERYONE noticed.

  26. Ziva NCIS says:

    What? Where is any mention of Ziva? Delilah is nice, but has only been on about 4 episodes. Ziva was on NCIS for 8 SEASONS! Someone needs to remind Gary Glasman & Mark Harmon that NCIS was named “#1 Drama in the World” with a lot of help from ZIVA & her work! Most of the world is still seeing seasons 8-10! Ziva deserves not just recognition, but to be offered a decent contract with appropriate pay & terms; & to be brought back to NCIS!

    • Dean says:

      She chose to leave for Christ’s sake. What are you going to do kidnap Cote’s family and threaten to kill them unless she comes back to play Ziva? Wouldn’t put it past you.

      • That has zero to do with how they are trying to erase her.

      • Angie says:

        I agree with you Dean, Ziva is GONE & besides that, she is going to be starting a “new” show, so, so much for wanting to have “more time” with her family!! Personally I hope she stays GONE!!! As I stated before, she didn’t think enough of her loyal following to give them a heads up, she just LEFT!!! SO GOODBYE!!!:(((

  27. Fran says:

    Oh joy, another post hijacked by Ziva fans. Which literally happen to all say the exact same thing…. Boy what a coincidence….

    Anyway…. Thanks for the Originals scoop.

    • Angela says:

      I’m reading all those comments and going, “Seriously? Seriously?” Even when the question/answer has nothing to do with that issue people STILL find a way to work it in. Unbelievable. *Shakes head*
      (And yeah, the similarity-why do I get the feeling there’s going to be a comment from Matt in here at some point about sticking to one IP address only?)

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Sorry, I was out on a date. [Applause] Let me go see if there’s any fishy business going on….

        • Angela says:

          Haha, ah, hey, go and enjoy your life! Sounds fun, hope all went well :). Appreciate the response, though, thank you!

    • Looks to me like most comments are about OUAT.

    • Jane Doe says:

      You’ve got that right. I love NCIS, but everytime we get anything about the show the Ziva fans hijack the post. It’s really getting ridiculous.

      • Gabi says:

        People are free to comment on whatever topics they choose. If the other topics related to the show interested the viewers as much as the Ziva topics then we would be seeing a ton of comments on it as well.

        • What Gabi said. Most shows would be grateful to have a character that got this many comments about any character, never mind a year after she left. what a problem to have. Fans love her too much.

          • Mel says:

            But controversial doesn’t necessarily equate to popularity. It’s possible the old saying that there’s no such thing as bad publicity may be embraced by the network, but the constant arguing and whining can sure kill a fandom. Ziva has been the source of far too many contentious discussion over the years. Doesn’t mean she’s beloved by one and all. Like all the characters, some like her and some don’t, but unfortunately, many seem to enjoy fighting over her, pro and con. Personally, I’d rather just enjoy what I still like about the show.

          • there wouldn’t be constant arguing if you and your buddies didn’t argue back. just saying.

      • I am very much enjoying NCIS this season despite the online tantrums from that one group of fans (and it’s not *all* Ziva fans, either, just part of them). I know many NCIS fans who are still enjoying the show, though I know many who, while they appreciate any news they get about the show (Thanks for hanging in there, Matt!), no longer participate much in commenting on these articles, for the same reason many non-NCIS fans are getting irritated.

        • Fran says:

          Lori, I agree. Its not all Ziva fans, just a very small group of people that post the same things over and over. The truth is that we have no idea as to what exactly happened. We can speculate but unless you were actually a part of the discussion, it doesn’t mean anything. The bottom line is that Cote has moved on and the show has too. Its just this small group of fans that can’t seem to. Watch the show or don’t watch it. Life is too short to waste time on a fictional show.

          • You know what’s funny? TVLine articles get posted on Yahoo. And when they are on yahoo, the comments are overwhelmingly pro Ziva. You will see the same on ever other website. Facebook, TV.com (omg the reviews for NCIS, wow!!!), even Amazon.com reviews, Twitter, all the same. This is one of the ONLY sites where there is notable resistance to Ziva. Did a tiny group of Ziva fans take over the entire internet? or did a tiny group of anti-Ziva fans take over this site? Is this site unique on the internet that it represents anti Ziva feeling and every other site on earth is wrong?

          • Fran says:

            First of all, those sites may all be what you say they are, but I have not visisted every NCIS site on earth, so I’ll have to take your word for that. I can only speak for what I see here. Secondly, you have this bizarre assumption that everyone who isnt obsessed with Ziva not being on the show anymore means that they don’t like her. That’s not true. I actually enjoyed her and wouldnt mind if she came back. But it doesn’t appear that she is and everyone, including Cote, has moved on. What is the point in stalking every social media site to complain about it (like the spammed comments here that have since be deleted)? Or replying to every comment that says something different than what you believe? Im honestly asking because it makes little sense to me. Not to mention that my real beef is with the Ziva “fans” who bash the other actors on the show, both professionally and personally. That’s uncalled for. And I see it on this site all the time. Thats why I said its not all Ziva fans. Liking and missing a character is one thing, but attacking and spamming in every article is going too far. So I stand by my point. It is just a TV show. And some people- on BOTH sides of this argument- take it far too seriously. You can agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter to me. Have a good one.

    • or it got posted somewhere with a lot of followers, and a lot of fans had the same reaction.

  28. website says:

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  29. Gabi says:

    Maybe if we are lucky Ziva will be mentioned in Season 79. With the way the show has treated her after she left one would think that she was only in the show for 8 seconds as opposed to 8 seasons when a character in 4 episodes has already been mentioned multiple times and a lead character for eight years is still on 22 episodes and counting without anyone saying her name. As if saying Ziva would kill them.
    However it does make me doubt Glasberg saying there is no bad blood because it seems pretty clear that there is still an ongoing effort to erase Ziva from the show’s history. Other shows which have written out characters have not been as vindictive towards a character as NCIS has been with Ziva.

    • David Duchovny totally screwed over the X files. he literally forced the entire production to move from Vancouver to LA (or lose your job, and many did). Then a year later he quit anyway, which ended up killing the show. Guess what? They mentioned his character nonstop for the 2 seasons he wasn’t there, and he came back anyway. The producers, cast, and crew got over their butthurt and it wasn’t that hard.

  30. JC1 says:

    I’m really curious about how they’re going to explain the Knave being in Storybrooke and not Wonderland. And I’m surprised they’re revisiting the storyline about Danny’s brother. Not sure how I feel about that. More Danny is good but….that was not one of my favorite season 1 episodes.

  31. Chris from Raleigh says:


    Thanks for answering my question, I did not mean to spark a controversy.

  32. lilslim says:

    @Matt: Thanks for answering my question. I’m so sorry for all the emails. Now i know we can only send one email per week!

  33. cycworker says:

    @Matt Mitovitch Thanks for the mention of Callie and Arizona. That said, I’m a tad disappointed that the scoop doesn’t really read much differently than the original article, so I don’t necessarily feel like I’ve learned anything new. Still… it’s nice to know the story is important enough that you’re still promoting it.

  34. cycworker says:

    A little bummed at Tandy leaving; was hoping maybe Tandy & Teddy would spark up a romance.

  35. Sherri says:

    Margo Harshman is very good as Delilah on NCIS. I hope she will be back some this new season. I like when they show a bit of the characters’ personal lives away from work. I am looking forward to hearing more about McGee’s dad & their relationship, as well as updates on Delilah.

  36. witch234 says:

    I sincerely hope regina will take in her redemption arc and not go crazy and start being a dangerous evil queen again. Of course I’m confident she won’t be in any way an antagonist for the arc. Otherwise what would be the point of possibly having the malevolent diabolical snow queen if regina goes crazy.

    I guess it’s logical she had that reaction when marion came back. Finally feeling 100% complete. She had a loving son. A family she truly cared for. Friends. Accepted as a true hero. And fell in love again. And now another charming screwed it up, and her mentality would of course make her go into a breakdown after all she has been through. I just hope the situation is handled properly in a calculated way because no one wants to see the mess of her arc that was in S2.

  37. Ana says:

    You’re a star, Matt!!
    Thank you so much for the Once scoop. I haven’t watched OUAT in Wonderland yet but I think Michael Socha is a very cool dude and can’t wait for what he’ll bring to the show.
    Seeing Emma getting her own place would be incredible – now if we only knew what Killian’s domestic situation is :)) I mean, I’m still in awe of what it really means that he gave up the Jolly Roger just for the possibility to see Emma again (dear Eddy’s words, not mine) but we have no idea where he’s been sleeping since. Is it Granny’s? I shudder at the thought of our Captain being homeless. Any scoop on his domestic situation?

  38. It would be nice if Delilah returned to McGee on NCIS but the only couple viewers REALLY care about is TIVA!
    So if Gary Glasberg cared about viewers Ziva would have been mentioned in season 11 already! This guy always pretends that he cares what viewers want and makes promises about great story lines that will never happen!
    I hope that Delilah returns and she can take over Bishop’s job because even in a wheelchair Delilah would be a better choice as a field agent!

    • Pete says:

      This viewer doesn’t want Ziva mentioned as she is no longer a part of the cast and unlikely to return. So Glasberg is listening to what I want.
      And no, I don’t care for Tiva either.

    • Andrew Links says:

      Uh, well as a viewer in a house of five viewers–NONE of us really care about “TIVA”–we are massive fans of NCIS–a show with other cast members who are still there. You obviously don’t care a damn about what Cote wants–just yourself and your fictional storyline. Shame on you. And stop speaking for the “viewers”, it is not your right or your call. The histrionics that spill out of a select few are so damn annoying and never seem to end. Now you are arguing about the fact she isn’t mentioned every 5 minutes–Hell, perhaps they should put up a Ziva shrine in the elevator, and make everyone genuflect in front of it before speaking. See how ludicrous you people have become? Cote probably ran screaming into the night to get away from the likes of all such “devoted” fans–sheesh…..

      • congrats, a majority of five! I love anecdata. She doesn’t need to be mentioned every 5 minutes. She was mentioned exactly once by name after she left. To quote Tony in Truth or Consequences, it’s not normal. I have never met Cote, but I suspect she is far more scared of the folks who have posted trash about her here for over 8 years.

        • Casey Richards says:

          Oh, it’s more than five–you obviously didn’t excel in math, just ignore there is more people out there. But, please continue to post your delusional remarks–it just shows your obsessive persona (or, in your case, “persona’s”). She also has been mentioned more that “once” by name–it’s hard being called out by someone who has watched the show religiously and remembers, once again, very poor math skills. What–you want to delve into what is or isn’t “normal”? Oh, sweetie, that’s extremely rich coming from you–especially, after seeing all your comments posted here. Let’s leave that door closed. Answer me this, if Cote didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to try something new with her career–why isn’t SHE saying how much she wants to return? According to the “Ziva” fans, (and that’s the saddest thing of all–Cote is hardly mentioned in these rants only the character’s name) they want her back, she deserves to be back, she’s being “slighted”, blah,blah,blah. Yet, word one has not come from her. And before you say yes, it has– make sure to submit the actual link to these “statements”. I find it mind blowing how so many people seem to know EXACTLY what Cote has thought or done–when, as you just pointed out–“I HAVE NEVER MET COTE”. As far as people posting trash about her–what about the trash posted about everybody else on NCIS? Oh, that’s different because it’s you–right? Not only poor math skills, horrible logic as well.

  39. dee123 says:

    This will SO be Revenge’s last year.

  40. As always, thank you very much for the NCIS information. I really liked the Delilah character and am happy that she has not been dropped from the story. Also, regarding Colin Ferguson from “Haven”, I just spotted him in last week’s episode of “Major Crimes.”

  41. Mary says:

    Guess I’m about the only one that when I say the Charmings, I mean all of them. Snow, Charming, Emma, Henry, and now baby Neal.

  42. mooshki says:

    Darn it, Colin Ferguson deserves better than Maytag commercials. (As fun as they are to watch.)

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  45. Ziva NCIS says:

    Seems as though Gary Glasman & Mark Harmon want us to forget Ziva ever existed! They seemed to forget that their “#1 Drama in the World ” was awarded in part because of much of ZIVA’S work! Most of the world is still seeing season’s 8-10! Ziva’s work! Someone please remind them, & please try to get Ziva back !

  46. OlivaK says:

    Did you repeat yourself for emphasis? As far as forgetting the character “Ziva”, well no chance of that, when the select group swoops in and hijacks the whole column with the same endless nattering. Answer me this, Cote left. She quit. Like Elvis, she left the building. Shouldn’t you all be asking her if SHE wants to return? Instead of assuming that is what she wants? FYI–ZIVA is a fictional character played by an actress who chose to leave the show. All the work was done by an actress–not the character ZIVA–you are basing your entire statement on a FICTIONAL character. Reality is a b*tch people, but I suggest you dive in and accept the fact you are arguing over a character who does not exist in the real world. Get a freaking grip. SMH

  47. Dean says:

    Please you’d blame the entire cast of NCIS for Brazil not winning Fifa.

  48. Dean says:

    ziva is just their excuse to say the crap they say about the cast and to others who don’t agree with them. ‘Cbs should have paid her’ ‘the cast should have supported her’ ‘mark harmon should have done sonething’ hell they’d blame those same people for world hunger and for the gaza strip war right now.

  49. I would love for her to come back, if and when she chooses. What’s the harm in fans saying how much they like her character?

  50. did you repeat yourself for emphasis? your post got posted twice too. That’s comedy. :)

  51. Andrew Links says:

    When you write stuff like that do you do it with a straight face? You have obsessively posted ad nauseam throughout this entire story alone–not to mention everywhere else you see NCIS mentioned–if I was Cote and saw you coming, I’d reach for a restraining order and a stun gun in that order. No wonder the poor woman wanted out after 8 years–you “fans”, are one scary crowd.

  52. Erin says:

    So true. It has been over a year. Cote de Pablo CHOSE to quit the series. She is NOT Ziva. She is a real person who CHOSE to quit her job. These tiva/Ziva fans persistent whining and ranting makes me think that they are a pretty unhinged bunch and I really wish they’d turn their obsessive behavior to something more positive and something that they could actually do something about. I think they would be much happier people. Their only connection to de Pablo is imaginary as is the tiva. Without Ziva, tiva is over and Michael Weatherly’s character shouldn’t be held hostage just to feed into delusional desires of a handful of “fans” who can’t let go of the past.