Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Nashville, Scandal, Blacklist, Good Wife, Arrow, Grey's, S.H.I.E.L.D. and More!

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Question: Will there be more fallout from Juliette and Jeff’s hook-up on Nashville? Please tell me it won’t break up her and Avery! — Nat
Ausiello: Downside: I hear Juliette will likely find herself with child (a move that would mirror Hayden Panettiere’s still-unconfirmed real-life pregnancy) when Season 3 picks up, but by whom? You’ll recall, she knocked cowboy boots with both Jeff and Avery near the end of the season. Upside: Both Ms. Barnes and her producer boyfriend will have plenty of songwriting fodder for months to come. Plus, Juliette changing diapers? You know I wanna see that.

Question: Could I please have some scoop on Scandal? —Kyle
Ausiello: The Season 4 premiere, airing Thursday, Sept. 25 (now at 9/8c, remember!), will pick up “about two-and-a-half months later,” Shonda Rhimes tells us — effectively spanning the time from Election Day to Fitz’s second inauguration.

Question: Have you heard any possible spoilers for season 2 of The Blacklist? —Robert
Ausiello: EP John Eisendrath confirms that Peter Stormare will absolutely be back as Berlin, effusing, “He has been and and will continue to be great” in that role. And when we asked about Tom’s unclear fate, he hedged that it “will be confirmed during the season,” one way or the other, “though I don’t exactly know when.” (Something to think about: Eisendrath let slip that for one brief, hot second, the writers imagined Tom would one day be revealed as No. 1 on the Blacklist, yet ultimately decided he wasn’t worthy. Hmm.)

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Question: Since Laurence Fishburne is going to be in a new show in the fall, can we assume Jack did not survive the slaughter on Hannibal? —Kathy
Ausiello: You actually can’t assume that. Fishburne confirmed this week at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour that he will juggle his new ABC comedy black-ish with Season 3 of Hannibal. “I’m not going to do a full season of Hannibal this year, and I’m not going to do a full season of black-ish, which will keep me free to do enough of both,” he explained. “It’s not a problem. It works out just fine.”

Question: Anything for my favorite shows, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Once Upon a Time? —Niky
Ausiello: Choosing from Column A, S.H.I.E.L.D. producers are typically mum on details for Season 2, even when it comes to how much time will have passed since Coulson was appointed Director of TFOKAS (The Former Organization Known As S.H.I.E.L.D.). “There is a jump,” EP Jed Whedon allows. “It might be a little skip, it might be just a hop-skip-jump…. But yes, a little time has passed.” As for an overall theme for Season 2, EP Maurissa Tancharoen shares, “There was a word that came up a lot towards the end of the season — evolution — and that is something we will be exploring.”

Question: Any word yet on whether B.J. Britt will be a full-time member of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Season 2? —Olivia
Ausiello: According to exec producer Jed Whedon, Triplett “will be around a lot” when the ABC series returns on Tuesday, Sept. 23 (now at 9/8c, remember!). Chiming in on how Britt instantly sparked with fans (as well as Miss Simmons), EP Jeph Loeb says, “You always have hope for characters, then when people ‘pop,’ you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s cool’ and you steer toward that.”

Question: Good afternoon! Do you have any scoop on Royal Pains? There might be some Snapple in it for you if you do. —Jessica
Ausiello: Snapple bribes are so 2002. I have long since moved on to cold, hard cash — small bills, preferable. And I’d say the exclusive image below of Hank and Evan skinny dipping from the July 22 episode should command at least… actually, you make the first offer. I don’t want to come off as greedy.

Royal Pains Skinny Dipping

Question: Any Chasing Life scoop? Preferably about which guy April will choose? — Kate
Ausiello: I hope you like love triangles, Kate, because this one’s going to be playing out for a long time — and it looks like the balance is shifting in Leo’s favor. “There’s going to be a wedge driven between Dominic and April before she tells him she has cancer, and it has nothing to do with Leo,” star Italia Ricci says. (A little bonus scoop hidden in there: She does eventually tell Dominic about her cancer.)

Question: Can you give me the scoop on Season 6 of Parenthood? —Margaret
Ausiello: With the series’ final 13-episode run set to “challenge” the Braverman clan like never before, even little-seen Haddie will be on hand for the season opener — if not beyond. In addition to appearing in the premiere that kicks off the ominous season-long arc, show boss Jason Katims says, “I’m hoping that [Sarah Ramos] will be able to come back for one more [episode].”

Question: Andy Samberg’s Peralta was headed undercover at the end of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s freshman season. Is he still going to be separated from his precinct pals when the show returns? —Bethanny
Ausiello: Let’s allow the show’s recent Emmy nominee for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series to answer that question: “Peralta comes back from his undercover gig with the FBI hoping to pick right up where he left off, but things have changed in the squad,” teases Andre Braugher. “There’s a new police commissioner and something different in the air. It’s the beginning of big changes within the NYPD, and our little precinct is going to be transformed in the coming months.” But just because there are shake-ups at the top of the food chain doesn’t mean Braugher’s Capt. Holt won’t engage in the “usual needling, that pushing back and forth” with Peralta. “We are a family,” Braugher explains. “But there are no fights more terrible than between people who love each other.” Bonus scoop: Asked if we’ll see Holt’s hubby (Marc Evan Jackson) in Season 2, Braugher sounds optimistic, but ultimately noncommittal. “Most of the stuff that happens in the show happens in the squad,” he says. “We don’t go home quite as often as other shows. I think you may see him — but the storylines don’t revolve around Holt’s home life.”

Axle Whitehead ShamelessQuestion: Any news on Shameless season 5? —Angela
Ausiello: It looks like Fiona’s dance card will be quite full when the show returns in early 2015. On the heels of news that Tony winner Steve Kazee has joined the cast as a rock musician who, ahem, interacts with Fi, TVLine has learned exclusively that Aussie actor-singer Axle Whitehead has booked an arc as… a rock musician who, ahem, also interacts with Fi. Whitehead’s character, Davis, develops a strong and sudden interest in Emmy Rossum’s lovelorn alter ego. And as the charming lead singer of the band Jezebel, Davis — with his sexy Australian accent, rock star arrogance, and dogged persistence — knows exactly how to make a woman weak at the knees. And that could spell trouble for the newly reformed Fiona.

Question: Any indication on the fate of USA’s Playing House? This show is amazing and I hope USA gives it a second season. —Gemini
Ausiello: “A lot of fans love it, and creatively it’s a great show,” USA Network president Chris McCumber concurs. “We’re assessing right now. It’s our second dip into comedy, and we need to take a look at the numbers. A decision will be coming soon.”

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Question: I binged-watched Resurrection solely because of one Matt Craven, and now I am shamelessly hooked.  Can you give me anything on what to expect when it “returns” in the fall? —Kira
Ausiello: What you can expect is a good deal more insight into Omar Epps’ character. “The way we left off, there are a lot of questions that we have laid on Bellamy that we will be dealing with,” series creator Aaron Zelman tells TVLine. “It’s an ensemble show, but we will very much learn more about him, that there will be more of a focus on him.”

Question: Any spoilers for next season’s Greys Anatomy, especially for Calzona? —Barbara
Ausiello: The pair’s decision to pursue a surrogacy is sadly “a Band-Aid” for the troubled twosome, Shonda Rhimes says. “It’s going to be revealed very quickly for them that it is a Band-Aid. How could it not be? I don’t know if anybody could watch that and go, ‘Yeah, that’s the answer for them.’ But I love the idea that it’s going to open up the opportunity for them to finally explore everything that’s wrong and whether or not they should be together at all. Their entire relationship has been a series of Band-Aids.”

Question: Word has it Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity shared a kiss in the Season 2 finale that hit the cutting room floor. Can you do your usual awesome work and find out why it was cut? —Julie
Ausiello: As EP Greg Berlanti explains it, “We felt like we didn’t need it, for a lot of reasons. But in part, we already were playing with [the viewers’] affections to a certain degree,” by having Oliver “profess” his love to his No. 1 gal, knowing that Slade was listening in.

Question: Anything on Downton Abbey Season 5? —Andrea
Ausiello: Mr. Bates and Anna won’t be dealing with anything “as heavy as last season’s [rape] storyline,” previews the latter’s Emmy-nominated portrayer, Joanne Froggatt. “I don’t think anything can come close to that, really. But, at the same time, the clouds haven’t fully parted. Understandably. There are still some trials and tribulations for Anna and Bates but there is some happiness too.”

White Collar Series FinaleQuestion: I was wondering what White Collar‘s final-season storyline will be about. —Michael
Ausiello: Sounds like a Q perfectly tailored to the show’s perfectly tailored leading man Matt Bomer. “It revolves around the greatest crime ring in the world, which is a group that actually exists, called The Pink Panthers,” he explains. “Neal is trying to become a mole in their organization in order to get his freedom from the FBI. Old characters come back and new characters are introduced. Drama ensues.”

Question: I was wondering if you have any scoop on Chicago Fire? —Jennifer
Ausiello: The question of whether or not Dawson will accept Casey’s proposal will be answered in the season premiere, and it’s looking like it’ll be a… “Yes!” But even though “they’re happy and meant to be together… the complication going forward is she wants to be a firefighter,” previews EP Matt Olmstead. Casey will have to ask himself, “‘Can I deal with this? Can I be in a relationship with someone I’m also worried about because I know the dangers of the job?’ That’s another monkey wrench thrown into their somewhat star-crossed relationship.”

Question: I’ll take anything on Season 6 of The Good Wife! —Lauren
Ausiello: TV’s most stunningly chic ensemble will get a decidedly tattered infusion when a character by the name of Gunter arrives in Episode 2 — strutting around Florrick Agos HQ in a state of undress, sporting a dirty t-shirt and (!) regularly bathing himself in the bathroom sink. Yep, the man (who’s somewhere between 34 and 50) is homeless — and seeing how he’s comfortable enough to mutter complaints to management when the hot water is off, he’s also got potential to become a recurring character. Let’s hope somehow, some way, he crosses paths with David Lee, yes?

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  1. kira says:

    That Arrow part isn’t even a spoiler!! I swear I’m over the Olicity pimping. Just call the show Olicity at this point.

    Cause we’ll never get Laurel scoop.

    • Lauren says:

      I’ll be that person and ask, lol Did you send in a question about Laurel?

    • Danyelle says:

      You should chill, TVline is pretty much the only sight that writes about Laurel at all. Don’t bite the hand….

    • kath says:

      There was a lot of stuff about Laurel May 20th about her being the Black Canary. Other than that, she’ll probably be ADA or even DA next season. Laurel has had her own storylines for both the seasons of the show.

      The person who really gets the shaft in spoilers is Felicity because there’s never anything about her. It’s always about Oliver and what his feelings are, and how producers are going to use Felicity to get viewers to like the new character Ray just as they used her to introduce Barry.

      We know Laurel’s father, mother and her sister and their various storylines, three guys besides Oliver that she dated, and a ton about her work life including her work friends. We’ve met Sin’s father, know about Roy’s mother and even that Slade had a wife and child back home. Thea’s had her mother and three fathers (Robert, Walter and Malcolm). We know NOTHING about Felicity other than her father left, her mother is a cocktail waitress and she’s Jewish.

      Every spoiler about Felicity is really a spoiler about someone else on the show. They teased telling us about her father last season, but like everything else about Felicity that isn’t about Oliver, Sara or someone else, it got pushed to another season aka dropped.

      • Meg says:

        Amen Kath. Amen.

      • brenna says:

        Completely agree. I’ve rewatched Season 1 and 2 since the season finale and Laurel and Sara have gotten so much screen time and their own stories. Felicity has in actuality gotten a small amount of screen time and very little background. This shows how amazing EBR is and the character of Felicity to have gained so much popularity through a limited amount of time and story. I had hoped as I watched that I would like Laurel more because she has been made such a big part of the show, and I still just really do not like her character. It’s unfortunate because I do love this show.

      • Nate says:

        That’s precisely why I get annoyed with Felicitys character. It seems she is only there for comic relief or for ‘Olicity’ fans to drool over. I’d much rather have her not romantically linked to Oliver at all and give her some backstory so she can be a well rounded character. She has so much potential

    • Jack says:

      I have to agree with you, Kira. Not necessarily just Laurel, although it would be nice to hear more about her arc (especially knowing that Sara will be back now), but also:

      – What will the Team Arrow dynamic be like now that they’ve got Roy as a fully fledged hero, and Laurel in on the big secret + does she bring her knowledge as a lawyer into it?
      – What will the dynamic be like between Thea and Oliver, now that she’s gone off with Malcolm to do what we can only assume is train with him?
      – Diggle is going to be a father? More on this!
      – Will we be learning more of Felicity’s backstory, and if so, are we getting a parent, a sibling, etc.
      – Will the show dig into the reveal of Oliver having a child, and will we be seeing Sandra brought into the story with a young Connor?

      So much stuff has been set up, and I know they don’t want to reveal anything this early, but all the spoilers so far, in the past few weeks to a month, have been very “Olicity” centric. I understand that its become a pull for the show (even though it was just as successful, if not more, in the early days where this ship didn’t exist) but I would like to know more about the other characters, and relationship dynamics within the show, both platonic and romantic.

    • Briggs says:

      The address is at the end of the article. Copy and paste it into your e-mail of choice and ask your question. He may not get to it, what with the sheer volume, but if you ask super-nicely, even flatter him, there’s a better chance he’ll answer it.

  2. Greys says:

    MEHHH. So sick and tired of Calzona. Boring and the same stuff over and over.

    • Chris says:

      Agree. I used to like the pairing but they’ve become the worst part about Grey’s Anatomy for several seasons now.

    • kath says:

      In a show full of immature couples, Calzona was the worst. It’s too bad because they could have been a solid couple as opposed to a ‘watch what happens next on this trainwreck’ one.

  3. torimelching says:

    Blacklist: I always thought Red would be #1 on the list.
    B99: I love the show and hope Kyle Secor will eventually guest.
    Playing House: Is funny but I won’t be upset if it doesn’t get cancelled. Loved Sirens way way more.
    White Collar: Glad they get to wrap it up. It was time for the show to end.

  4. Stacy says:

    The producers of Chicago Fire are usually pretty stingy with their spoilers so I’m happy to see you were able to get some info for the new season. After the finales deadly blast, it’s easy to understand why Casey would be even more worried about Dawson. I can’t wait for September to finally learn who survives the explosion and what injuries they may have to deal with.

    • Bill says:

      Not sure if you’ve heard yet, but the producers are also teasing the death of a major character in the opener.

      • Stacy says:

        I’ve heard. My guess is Capp but I really have no idea. Do you have any guesses?

        • revbill51 says:

          Hard to gauge. I’d say Dawson, just because it would clean up her storyline a bit. If she stays a firefighter, she has to transfer to another station. I doubt the show would follow two different houses. If she stays at 51’s, it would be because she decided to stay a paramedic, which makes no sense after all that she endured to become a firefighter. Just my opinion, though. It’s wide open.

  5. Steph says:

    Excited about SHIELD! I love Tripplet but I’m hoping that FitzSimmons gets together at some point. I know it’s probably not supposed to be that type of bond between the two, but damn, I wish it were.

    • Christina says:

      Thank you, I totally agree Steph! FitzSimmons is way better than Tripplet and Simmons, but I’m a bit worried that’s not the direction they want to go with it.

      • Steph says:

        That’s what I’m worried about too, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a series long tease, like Josh and Donna from The West Wing.

      • RReg says:

        Yuck Fitzsimmons! That’s like incest!. FitzSimmons is a no no. Glad that the writers hopefully think better about this.
        Fitzsimmons are like brother and sister….

        • kath says:

          They really are like brother and sister.

          It feels like wish fulfillment for the writers that the geeky guy among the athletes ends up with the hot woman. I like Fitz but Simmons can do so much better for herself.

      • Csbd says:

        This dynamic reminds me of Fred/Gunn/ Wesley from Angel. Simmons might get with Tripplet and be happy for a while, but end game will be FitzSimmons.

  6. Yule says:

    When are we gonna get some Homeland spoilers. Ugh.

  7. HAP says:

    Can’t say that USAs coyness about Playing House makes me feel good. It’s better than most broadcast network comedies.

    • Tony Lang says:

      I discovered Playing House after the finale aired, and binged-watched the whole thing in one night; one of the most refreshing new shows of the year, it deserves to be discovered. I agree with you, USA should commit to more than a casual “Maybe”.

  8. sarah says:

    Okay so that means Dawson does not die on Chicago Fire. So that adds her to the safe list with Casey, Severide and Otis.

  9. A says:

    Big fan of Tripplet staying around

  10. Steven says:

    As long as Casey, Dawson, and Shay survive on Chicago Fire then I’ll be happy. And that Good Wife scoop sounds hilarious. Can’t wait!

  11. A says:

    Thank you for the amazing amount of Olicity news this week! It is much appreciated

    • Lizzie says:

      Right! Even though the non-shippers aren’t happy. But I honestly think that will be driving story line b/c as stated before flashbacks will finally happen to other characters (hopefully felicity who we know little about. So I think the atom stuff & the villain will be connected to her & ultimately Oliver. However How dare they cut an Olicity kiss!! I’m dying but torn because I would be able to survive that. Ugh! I can’t wait for season 3. Even though I know I will be torn most of the time because it’s going to be a slow burn

  12. sg says:

    Seriously Nashville, a who’s the daddy storyline? Could you get more unoriginal and soapy? If I wanted to watch Jonathan Jackson in other lame who’s the daddy storyline I would watch reruns of General Hospital. And I swear if Jeff turns out to be the daddy I will start re-watching GH to get my JJ fix cause I surely will not be watching Nashville anymore.

    • Boiler says:

      I assume you do know Haydn is pregnant so they probably need it in the show somehow. I do agree I hope it isn’t Jeff as the Dad

    • Whatevah says:

      I don’t know why writers don’t get that WTD storylines are the worst Plus Juliette having a baby? It’s as bad as Rizzoli being pregnant on Rizzoli and Isles. And they could hide Hayden’s pregnancy, it’s done all the time.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I already know that I’ll be FF through majority of it. WTD stories are boring and oh soooo annoying.

        • Shira says:

          Who don’t know if that’s the case. We just know the character will be pregnant! Think it’s better we wait for the season to start before we judge the storyline…and in Hayden’s case really don’t think they had much choice. Can you honestly imagine Juliette hiding behind pillow/big bags/shot from the waist up? THAT’S JULIETTE we’re talking about :)

          • wrstlgirl says:

            At the risk of repeating myself, I HATE WTD story lines. So yes, I can without a doubt judge the story line and know that I’m not going to like it. I don’t need to see how it plays out because they are always the same. Also, yes, they could have covered up her real life pregnancy. That too is done all the time. It’s easy with TV, especially these days.

          • Whatevah says:

            If they could do it with Kerry Washington, writers could do it with Hayden. It’s lazy writing. Oh yay she’s pregnant, well we have that storyline taken care of. And really, Nashville is all about clichés. I love the acting, but really? Some of the storylines are pretty lazy. I think they are all about the music. Not there is anything wrong with that. I know I can turn the channel if I don’t want to watch. So it’s on me if I keep watching.

  13. KS says:

    I watch Downton Abbey for Bates and Anna so I’m glad to hear there will be at least SOME happiness for them!

  14. Francis says:

    Is Camille going to pass away on Parenthood? Hmmm…

  15. Francis says:

    Is Camille going to pass away on Parenthood?
    Hmmm… That would be interesting.

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    Ugh, I’m so over the Casey and Dawson drama train. And more of her “I wanna be a firefighter” crapola. It’s so annoying. I love everything else about the show. Guess we know Dawson isn’t the death from the “main cast” that they announced earlier. Now I’m afraid it’s going to be Mills. And I hate WTD storylines. Bummed that Nashville is going there.

  17. Real-life Cougar says:

    Royal Pain: The are wearing underwear; not skinny-dipping (booting Photoshop….) :-)

  18. herman1959 says:

    I called it on the Scandal time-jump – this is the best way to move past the debris of last season and onto fresh storylines without ignoring the true cliffhangers. Harrison’s funeral and the inauguration provide reasons for Olivia and Jake to come back to town, and when what they hear about Harrison’s death “doesn’t sound right” they’ll stick around to investigate.

  19. I appreciate they cut the Oliver x Felicity kiss, because it would have felt wrong considering the situation. I have mixed feeling about that whole scene, because it //was// manipulative of the show. As for AOS, I hope Trip sticks around full-time. I have no interest in having Ward be on the team again. (Also, I’d be more interested if they stop mentioning his flirtation with Jemma, and focused more on the betrayal and pain that he must be going through considering his mentor/SO was HYDRA and killed his partner and brought down the organization that his family has been a part of since the beginning.)

  20. GildedRose says:

    Looking forward to Brooklyln 9-9’s comeback. In a weird way it’s become my Psych replacement. A moment of silence for Shawn, Gus, and the Blueberry, please.

    Interesting on the Arrow end. I’m glad a kiss (whether it was filmed or just pitched since there’s differing stories floating around out there) didn’t happen. Leave something in the bottle for Oliver and Felicity for Season 3 when I hope the pair will, ultimately grow closer and expand their amazing relationship.

    • A says:

      Yes Yes Yes to everything you just said. I will miss Shawn Spenstar and Gus T. T. Showbiz forever but Brooklyn 99 is the closest thing to having a replacement and I am excited for when it comes back. Also, I think you are right on about Oliver and Felicity.

    • RReg says:

      I would like to see more of Cap Holt’s husband.

  21. kath says:

    Thanks for the Arrow info.

    Do you have anything about Felicity that’s just about her and not about Oliver or Ray? It’s season three and we know less about her than about guest characters, and it seems like every spoiler that mentions Felicity is really about a guy. Will we finally get to know something about her family life and meet even one of her parents? We’ve met even Sin’s father, the Lance parents and even Sara’s lover but we know nothing about Felicity.

    • A says:

      I want to know this too, we should send e-mails. This lack of Felicity’s back story is getting ridiculous.

    • GildedRose says:

      That’s a great question, Kath. Really hoping we get Felicity character development too this season. They keep promising ….. Season 3 seems like the perfect time to stand up and deliver.

  22. Daphne says:

    Olicity from Arrow is the best OTP I have seen on tv so far. If they let them evolve in a mature, organic way, Olicity will become truely epic. The internet will go supernova when this happens.

  23. Bwhit says:

    Love the Chicago Fire scoop. So that means Dawson is safe from the death watch. I am getting increasingly worried about Shay for sure. Matt Olmstead said the tragedy brings Casey and Severide closer, that is why I don’t think it’s Mills (who I originally thought). I really hope I am wrong because Shay is one of my faves and her relationship with Severide is one of the best on the show!

    • Caro says:

      Hmm maybe it’s the chief? And Casey and Severide will have to step up to keep the place running, which is why they will become more close? But please don’t let it be Shay, she’s my fave too!

      • revbill51 says:

        From what I’ve read, the death is linked to the explosion. Everyone was inside the building except for Cheif Boden. I doubt it’s him.

      • Bwhit says:

        See I thought that at one time too. Maybe with the blast and him getting knocked to the curb. That would be a curveball for sure, I would say Casey would take his place and Hermann would be LT on truck.

        • revbill51 says:

          It’s doubtful. Even if he were to die or be incapacitated, the BC’s spot would just be replaced with another BC. Example, another chief subbed for Boden while he got married. I’ve been saying for a while that when Herrmann promotes, he should be the Engine Lt. That way he doesn’t go anywhere and he’s still a Lieutenant.

  24. Joey says:

    Ehhhh…no to more guys interacting with Fiona. With Steve/Jimmy/Jack possibly returning (huge collective NOOOOO on that part), what’s the point? I much rather would’ve liked to see Ethel return. Could’ve given some good moments to Kev and Veronica.

  25. Viv says:

    No no no about the Nashville thing! Seriously! The second I read about her pregnancy I hoped that the writers wouldn´t go there. Well, we´ll see how that plays out.

    • Shira says:

      I’m not a fan of the idea either but really think they didn’t really have a choice in this case. Juliette is not the kind of character that can spend the season hiding behind pillows or being shot from the waist up.
      And yes, I agree, we’ll see how it plays out. Most interseted of seeing the interaction between her and Rayna when the latter find out…gonna be funny.

  26. Kate says:

    Thank you so much for the answer about the Olicity kiss! Been wondering about that since the news came out that there was one. I’m glad they didn’t include the kiss, though. I agree with Mr. Berlanti, it would have been too much. “Arrow” can save Oliver and Felicity’s first kiss for a much happier time (fingers crossed). I’m glad to hear Mr. Berlanti is aware of the mansion scene’s impact. Many fans are understandably wary after that finale, so I really hope Oliver’s real feelings are addressed satisfactorily in the season 3 premiere. The show has done a great job developing the relationship between Oliver and Felicity. I’m really hoping that will continue.

  27. albertj15 says:

    I think Oliver an Felicity would or should be together. I never cared for Laurel, she seems out of place in the show at this time.

    • I looooove Laurel, but I really wish they would have introduced her later on in the show. Bringing her in carrying all the baggage between her and Oliver really weighed down the character, I think. It also seemed like they were at a loss for what to do with her for a while. I’m excited to see her start her journey towards becoming Black Canary though (as long as they don’t kill Sara to make that happen).

      • Meg says:

        Yes about Sara not being killed. If they want Laurel as Canary write it smart without killing Sara to do it.

    • kira says:

      Does Felicity have a life or story outside of Oliver? Nope. But Laurel does!

      • Briggs says:

        That’s because he has constant need of her skills. I don’t think he ever bothered to get current, tech speaking, after meeting Felicity. *She* doesn’t need *him*. *He* needs *her*. And she *did* have a life outside Oliver. Then he pulled her up 17 floors. If she doesn’t have a life outside of Oliver, it’s basically his fault. True, she made her choices, but she wouldn’t have the choice to make if she wasn’t working with him.
        AND, he was the one to go after her when she walked out on him first season, when she thought he might be a psycho killer. Against Diggle’s advice.
        Now, if you want to make the argument she doesn’t have a life outside work, you might be right about that…

      • Maria says:

        What a life that seems to be. Being a drunk and depending on other people to save her all the time. Whereas Felicity can and has saved herself and others. Felicity has a reason to go after the bad people. Oliver brought her into his world. Laurel just injects herself in everything. She is obviously someone most people aren’t checking for when it comes to Arrow.

        • Laurel is a lawyer. You can not like her character, but don’t dismiss the fact that she has a place. Or that in the first season Oliver often sought her out, and when she did seek the vigilante it was in service of a client or to see justice served. That’s her job, her passion, her life. And please, please, do not use her addiction issues to demean her. Felicity and Laurel are very similar if you look at them objectively: they both have abandonment issues, they’re both very intelligent and brave, and they both stand up for what they believe in. They are not (and should not) be competitors. I’d very much like to see them become friends.

  28. Tony Lang says:

    If there is a God, The Good wife’s Gunter will be played by Friends’ barista Gunther. That would be beyond funny.

  29. schu says:

    Haddie back on Phood would be fantastic! Sad it’s ending, but it survived much longer than I would have thought. Class act of a show :)

  30. tahina says:

    Calzona saga. Shonda Rhimes has been that dead dog stick too long, even using same words for the last 2 seasons. Hope the writers will come with something refreshing for them, otherwise, they will become the next doomed Crowen..kaput!

  31. Amber says:

    Cutting the Olicity kiss was the smart move; it needs to be in a truly honest moment – for both the audience and the characters. Really hoping for some back story on Felicity this season. The show is about Arrow/Oliver, but its time to show her life apart from that

  32. Rob N. says:

    Might I point out that, since we can see Hank’s underwear fairly clearly, that that’s not actually skinny dipping going on in Royal Pains?

  33. kia says:

    Hope they release a video for the fans. They’d appreciate it.

  34. Ella says:

    How is Felicity Oliver’s No. 1 girl?! Biased reporting? I’m a little fed up of this Olicity pandering.

    • Bianca says:

      I’m pretty sure there was one episode where Oliver was like you’ll always be my girl to Felicity.

    • Briggs says:

      If you have an idea for someone who’s been there for him as much as she has (even parachuting onto Lian Yu!), and who is as devoted to him, and qualifies just as much if not more for the title, you are more than welcome to name them and why.

  35. Maggie says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Parenthood. What will this challenge be??????

    • Alex says:

      Probably Camille dying. They haven’t killed a major character yet, and it would affect the entire family for a long time. I say Camille because she doesn’t have a huge story that would give her a lot to do throughout the season, but her death would impact everyone, including the younger children on the show. Hope I’m wrong, but I really do think someone will die, and it’s most likely Camille.

  36. Angela says:

    Like someone else mentioned, I found Playing House after the finale. I hope they keep it, because it is really interesting.

    Also, thanks SO much for the Chasing Life scoop. It is a great show and look forward to it every week!

  37. Jill says:

    Best AA in a while!

  38. Chay-Chay says:

    I agree Felicity is Oliver’s number one gal and I’m happy they didn’t include the kiss cause if and when they do I want it to be undoubtedly real no questions asked. These two are so special–I adore their friendship, chemistry, and their love and respect for each other.

  39. Jen says:

    Thank you for including Playing House! Such a great find this year. I’m a little worried about its fate with that response though. Here’s hoping USA gives it a chance.

    And Parenthood….ughhhh, I’m so scared of what the “challenges” are going to be this season. They already broke my heart by selling the house last year, so I can’t imagine my sadness if they kill off a Braverman.

  40. Lizo says:

    I love Tripplett on SHIELD and it would be awesome if he stuck around for seasons to come. And I’m totally loving the Tripplett/Simmons romance. They are so dang cute!!

  41. dman6015 says:

    “…Hank and Evan skinny dipping”. Uh, no, not if they’re wearing underwear.

  42. Grey says:

    They’re not skinny dipping. They have thier underwear on. It’s not skinny dipping unless you are “Buck’ed Nake’d.” :D

  43. Rich Abey says:

    Playing House has been by far the best comedy of 2014 and considering all the new comedies of the 2013-14 season is only slightly behind Brooklyn 99. We definitely need season 2 of Playing House! (USA would be losing a rare gem of a comedy if they cancel it, especially given the lack of comedies and the fact that it is one of their best shows after Suits, White Collar & Graceland)

  44. Leila J says:

    Scandal is a must see for me as well as Grey’s Anatomy, though, I don’t know how I feel about the Calzona surrogacy story line. The worst thing they could do is to bring a baby into the nightmare they have become. Well, then, I guess I do know how I feel about the Calzona surrogacy story line. With Nashville, I just want to hear those beautiful songs again! That is what made me tune into the show week after week. After Lamar was killed off, I lost interest in any of the stories, but I still watch. It is still a great show, no need for me to abandon it. I feel so out of the loop, I haven’t seen Blacklist since what seems like forever. The last time I saw it, I believe William Shatner had guest starred in an episode. I have got to find the time to binge watch!

  45. Katie says:

    TvLine is what sparked my interest in Arrow after reading tidbits on here and Olicity is what hooked me…. So I say keep the spoilers coming.

  46. Bona says:

    Thanks for the good scoopage on AoS, “The Blacklist,” and B99. I am especially looking forward to the latter two coming back this season. Love everything about TB its pacing, the action, the mystery, the great leads (characters & actors-ESP. Spader) the stories are riveting as well as the mythology, Alan Alda as a baddie-it was one of the best new shows last season, and B99-its characters, its ” family” element, the stuff with Peralta and Amy and Boyle and Rosa, the cop show setting; Braugher & Samberg, it’s funny, and every single character on that show is gold. I’m enjoying my summer, but when the new fall season rolls around, these are two shows I am anticipating the most.

  47. PLEASE don’t end Parenthood!!!! It is the BEST show on TV!!!

  48. Tonya Moore says:

    Please tell me anything about season 7 of Sons of Anarchy

  49. Anonymous says:

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