Is Suits Secretary Donna 2.0? Is Fargo Darker Than Fargo? Loony Awkward Gal? Timid 24 Terror? And More Qs

Tonys Hugh Jackman

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mistresses, Awkward, The 100 and Suits!

1 | Is there any better testament to Hugh Jackman’s talent than the fact that, early on during his fourth stint as host of the Tonys, we stopped noticing that he was sporting a beard that made him look like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof? And while watching the Les Miz performance, we couldn’t help but wonder: How has TV not given us a The Thenardiers sitcom yet? But was that awkward, lackluster Rocky number/“fight” supposed to make us want to shell out $150 to go see it?

2 | Game of Thrones fans, on a scale of Ned Stark to Joffrey Baratheon, how happy were you to see Sam live to fight another day (and kiss the girl!)?

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3 | Did anyone think Veep would actually go there and make Selena President of the United States? And when Selina and Gary were cracking up in the bathroom, do you suspect that was Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale ad-libbing and having their own fun?

4 | After how horribly Devious Maids‘ Adrian treated Evelyn last season, wasn’t it a bit gratifying to see how shaken he was to see her happy with Tony?

5 | Could Randy’s exclamation of “Emotions!”Mistresses on Enlisted be the sign of a burgeoning crush on Sergeant Perez?

6 | Mistresses‘ paint-splattered, right-on-top-of-the-canvas sex scene: Crazy hot or just plain crazy? And what did you think of the resulting abstract painting that Daniel wound up sending to April’s shop?

7 | Maybe it’s the accent, but on 24: Live Another Day didn’t the soft-spoken British PM’s TV address about the imminent terror attack sound positively quaint? But really, why doesn’t this guy (and Heller, for that matter) have a dozen anxious aides/crisis consultants milling around, with a massive drone strike looming over London?

8 | After Louie‘s 90-minute episode revealed how the titular comedian got into drugs as a kid, wasn’t it a bit disappointing that Louis didn’t have a more serious heart-to-heart with his daughter at the end of the show?

9 | Have we reached the point on So You Think You Can Dance‘s audition rounds where we can no longer truly enjoy a contestant whose routine is preceded by an interminably long tale of woe about a relative or friend’s death/illness/addiction?

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I Wanna Marry Harry10 | Whose badminton footwear is more ridiculous: The I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’ girls in boots, or the supposed Prince in $10 flip-flops?

11 | TV’s Fargo is totally darker than the movie Fargo, dontcha think? And how much (more?) are you hating Lester, given what he just did to his new wife?

12 | What is the deal with Awkward‘s Eva? If it’s not revealed that she’s an escaped mental patient, will you lose it? And did anyone else feel the love between Jake and Lyssa this week? (We wouldn’t be against those two rekindling their Season 1 romance.)

13 | After watching Faking It‘s out-of-left field Liam and Amy hook-up, aren’t you 50 shades of grateful that MTV renewed the show for a second season? (Side note: What do we need to do to recreate our own Ghost fantasies with Liam Booker?)

ricci-appleby14 | On Chasing Life, why isn’t Italia Ricci’s surprise half-sister being played by doppelgänger Shiri Appleby?

15 | Were you rooting for Playing House‘s Emma and Mark to kiss when they got crazy-close while painting Maggie’s kitchen, or does the local cop’s marriage prevent you from fantasizing about a reunion for the former couple — despite their obvious chemistry?

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16 | How did Bellamy and others among The 100 — kids raised on a spaceship by people raised on a spaceship — arrive on Earth knowing so much about military engagement strategy and jargon?

17 | Didn’t Graceland putting Briggs and Charlie together just seem so natural? But is sad sack Johnny already kind of a buzzkill?

suits18 | On Suits, is Mike’s secretary too much like Donna? Wouldn’t it have been a nice change of pace to see a Miss Blankenship type?

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19 | All right, help us settle this: Was Lena Dunham’s interpretive dance to Sia’s “Chandelier” really funny, or just plain weird?

Dr. Oz20 | Why, Dr. Oz, whyyyyyyyyy?

21 | Has the AT&T’s “Whispering Parents” spot taken over as Most Annoying TV Commercial? And is the DirecTV/Marionettes campaign currently reigning as the Creepiest?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. M says:

    Rocky on Broadway was a superb show. The short scene they did at the Tony’s was a terrible representation of it. The scene from the actual Rocky show is considerably more detailed and exciting. It is definitely worth going to see. ($150 though? Didn’t cost nearly that much)

    • dan says:

      I was shocked that the Rocky producers decided to showcase what appeared to be a shortened presentation of the fight scene during their performance on The Tony Awards. Aladin did a shortened version of an eight-minute song, but they still showed over five minutes of song and dance. The Beautiful cast along with Carol King also did at least a five or six minute performance. By comparison, the Rocky scene was choppy and way too short. When it ended I was like “that’s it? that’s the big finale that everybody is raving about?” Bad PR move!

  2. Kim R says:

    1. Hugh Jackman is beyond talented but I’m sorry….no matter the reason, the bouncing was weird. :)
    18. Mike’s assistant did remind me of Donna but I attributed it to the writing style of the show more than anything. And I kind of like that Mike has his own “Donna”.
    20. This just made me laugh out loud. I truly do not get it.

    • Jane says:

      On number 20, look at the Bathroom Germ Chart below the Suits picture. Took me a minute to see it also.

    • goldie7203 says:

      It was a reference to a movie scene, Small Town Girl, with a guy bouncing through a town to a song called “Take Me to Broadway.” Somewhat abstract connection….

  3. Dav says:

    #2 Sorry but I have always found Sam to be incredibly annoying. I was actually cheering for the White Walker to kill him last season.

  4. s says:

    You’re kidding me right? Charlie and Briggs = NO. Just wait ’til she finds out he’s Odin. Then we’ll see how ‘natural’ it is.

  5. sarah says:

    6) Personally I thought it was hot! Maybe because I think the actor that plays Daniel is hot!
    17)Yes Briggs and Charlie was bound to happen and I like it! I did like Johnny last season but he has turned into a buzz kill, hope that does not last!
    18) She is a little like Donna, but no one can be Donna!

  6. Diana says:

    6) Mistresses…I’m going with crazy because all I could think about was how big of a mess that would be to clean up… I’m apparently too practical and mess adverse for paint sex.

  7. Tom Charles says:

    21 | Has the AT&T’s “Whispering Parents” spot taken over as Most Annoying TV Commercial? And is the DirecTV/Marionettes campaign currently reigning as the Creepiest?
    Most annoying will be the current Kit Kat ad campaign. I can’t stand it. And yes, the DirecTV marionettes ads were funny ONCE, after that, they just got old/stupid/horrible.

  8. Andrea says:

    #21 – The most annoying commercial.. hands down.. is the framily commercials. Ugh.

    • Jane says:

      These along with the DirecTV marionettes are the creepiest most annoying commercials out there. I change the channel or fast forward whenever either comes on.

    • KND says:

      Completely agree! I hate the framily commercials, they are completely awful. Judy Greer deserves better.

    • goldie7203 says:

      Hulu has these apple gate sausage commercials which are beyond creepy and weird. Some steroid dude in a cow costume talking to a chick all serial killer like…and there are multiple versions. I would rather watch the stupid framily commercials hands down. So weird.

  9. Babybop says:

    21: Yes and yes! I cannot stand that stupid “Are we still doing the whispering thing?” commercial and it is on all the time.

  10. Mary Ann says:

    Big yes on number 9! I am so sick of all the sob stories on SYTYCD. I think it takes away from truly talented people who don’t have tragedy in their lives. I am not taking away anything from those who have lost close relatives, because I know how painful that is through personal experience, but I would not use it to try to advance in a competition. Just let me see you dance.

    • Alexandra says:

      ^this. Enough with the sob stories. Most if those dancers don’t make it through Vegas week (or call-backs, I guess is what it is this year) anyway.

    • sanchopanza says:

      Agree. If you invest in their personal life and then they bomb out you can’t help but think, “Well that was pure manipulation” – and then they do it all over again.

    • Gilded Lady says:


      Why not spend the the time showing us dancers who DO make it to Vegas instead? What a concept.

    • KiP07 says:

      I’m not only tired of this on SYTYCD, but on reality competition shows in general. The Voice was a bit better this year, but in years past has had sob stories both touching and borderline silly during auditions. I think the times when I have been the most moved by a contestant’s story is when we don’t know about it at the audition, and then they tell us later once they’ve proven their talent. It makes me feel slightly less manipulated.

  11. Toni says:

    #14) I thought it WAS her at first glance.

    #19) Not funny at all.

  12. Brandy says:

    14 I thought Italla looks like Shiri too
    4.I agree.Adrian did admit to still loving Evelyn in late season one (even in season two he got a gun so he could protect her he said) but he’s unable yet to forgive her for not keeping thier son safe/alive .

  13. Regina says:

    It’s a little annoying with Mike having a secretary exactly like Donna and him trying to act exactly like Harvey. Having a mini Donna takes away from Donna’s specialness a bit.

    Also the DirecTV commercial with the marionette wife trying to seduce her husband will haunt my nightmares forever. How do they allow that on TV? And while I think that the whisper commercial is annoying I must agree that the framily commercials are the most annoying right now.

  14. LK says:

    If England was really targeted by a drone strike with the US President there, the secret service would have him back on Air Force 1 and on his way home so fast.. no way they’d just wait around for the drone… at the least they should be in some secure underground bunker somewhere.. And why arent fighter pilots out there patrolling looking to shoot the thing down?

  15. Gwen says:

    #7: Yes, I wondered about that, too. I’m sure President Heller would not have had the time to have a “private” conversation with Margot because he’d be surrounded by aides and advisers talking about the very real possibility of another drone strike on London, and I think the President and the P.M. would probably both have been hustled into some underground “bunker” for safety. But then, this is television.

  16. Bwhit says:

    12- Eva is crazy and I have a feeling this is going to be the first time Jenna and Sadie work together and take the witch down!
    17- Yes Charlie and Paul are cute together but she isn’t done with the whole Odin thing so it’s going to end badly. If Johnny would stop being the life of the party than crying about it after, maybe he could run an op!
    18- I am confused as to why everyone is obsessed with Mike’s new secretary when she had like 2 scenes. Plus I think someone said it before, there will only ever be ONE Donna because Sarah Rafferty is amazing!

  17. Jen says:

    #3 Definitely didn’t think they’d make her the POTUS on Veep. At least not with another season to go. And yes to them ad-libbing the bathroom scene! That looked like their own actual laughter. Though haven’t I read that the show allows for quite a bit of ad-libbing?

    #15 I get that there is chemistry between Emma and Mark on Playing House, and as much as I am LOVING that show, I don’t get why they would play to that chemistry AND have Mark already be married. Clearly they want us to root for Emma/Mark, but it’s hard to when he’s married to a woman that they’ve already established as being a kind person, and even friends with Emma to an extent.

  18. Marc says:

    #12 – Looks like they are amping up the crazy even more judging by next week’s preview. I was thrilled with the way that Jenna handled her and Sadie smirking with pleasure. I can’t wait for them to find out how much of a liar and psycho ‘Evah’ really is.

  19. GeoDiva says:

    4. I really started to feel sorry for Adrian. He and Evelyn are perfect match for each other.
    21. DirecTV by far is the creepiest commercial. Those puppets freak me out!

  20. Patrick Maloney says:

    21. It started off as creepy but it got way better with the wife’s jazz dance and father in law

  21. ggny says:

    When i saw the trailer for 14 i thought Shiri was the star of the show was gonna watch till i saw it wasnt her

  22. Valerie says:

    I think the marionette commercials are hysterical – except for the bedroom one…

  23. cjeffery7 says:

    3 – that was a great twist and YES which only makes me love them more.
    15 – yes of course, but have a strange affinity for Bird Bones (much like Mark) so i’m rooting for that silly dynamic to continue for a time.

  24. Carol Murdock says:

    15 – Were you rooting for Playing House‘s Emma and Mark to kiss when they got crazy-close while painting Maggie’s kitchen, or does the local cop’s marriage prevent you from fantasizing about a reunion for the former couple — despite their obvious chemistry?

    I admit I was, but in my defense they are making the wife out to be a controlling ball buster.

  25. mommaknowsbest says:

    21. Totally creeped out – ready for them to be OVER.

  26. Ashley says:

    16) better question: how amazing was that last scene. I can’t get over it

  27. empp says:

    Wow – I am so thankful that you mentioned those commercials! Who the heck would take a baby to a store and expect quiet – definitely rude. And I have to change channels when Directv Marionettes comes on. Is it some kind of weird attempt at the belief the world has gotten too “PC?” I hate the framily commercials also. And I find those Time Warner commercials also bizarre and insulting – especially at the Amer-Asian bride speaking so rudely to her mother and being more excited about getting the internet than her marriage. I really can’t believe people actually get paid for thinking these things up. And they are so insulting to viewers. Love TVLine – so often I came here and find articles (or parts of articles), and comments that I can relate to.

  28. Dj says:

    13. I screamed NO at that hook up. I’m team Karmy

    18. I like that she is Donna 2.0 after working with the real Donna Mike would want to have some one just as awesome. It also gives the whole mirror feel to the Mike v Harvey.

  29. sanchopanza says:

    #21 Had not seen the marionette commercials here in Dallas yet. Just checked them out online, saw a couple. Now will gouge my eyes out.

  30. Janna says:

    16. Bellamy had a military training when he was a cadet to become a guard. Other kids with guns were likely trained by him.
    Anyway, fantastic season finale for the 100! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  31. Aaron says:

    8. Uhg. Please stop trying to force your annoying sitcom tropes on this show!!!

    9. Yes. Yes, it is.

    21. Yes, on both. On the other hand, I would totally watch a sitcom about Sprint’s “Framily”.

  32. tvgeek says:

    18. One episode and I already find her very annoying. And I love Donna, there can be only one Donna.

  33. Sadly Enlisted will be gone before any relationship can happen.

  34. Britta Unfiltered says:

    8. I dunno, I kind of liked how they ended it.
    11. I think of the movie as darker, but I haven’t seen it since it first came out, and it probably made a stronger impression on me then, than it would have now, since I’m more used to seeing dark things. If I saw it again, I might think the show is darker, even if it didn’t have a woodchipper type scene. Freaking Lester. I still find him very fascinating. It’s hard not to love Martin Freeman, even when he’s doing some pretty horrible things. I do think he’s an idiot though for confronting Malvo.
    21. I do find the marionettes creepy, yes, but I laugh my ass off every time I see the one with the wife dancing and the husband says, “yeah, that’s sort of jazzy.” I can’t explain why I find it so amusing. Maybe it’s just the actor’s delivery.

  35. Jon says:

    Yes, on the Whispering Parents. I cringe every time that commercial comes on.

  36. GildedRose says:

    OMG the DirectTV puppet commercial thing is the creepiest ad campaign I’ve ever seen. It’s like what? Did focus groups come back and tell them blow up dolls were in bad taste so they thought a puppet would be better? It’s still freaky and, frankly, weirdly pushes my equality/feminist button. It feels too much like objectification. Poor, poor message.

  37. 3. Veep is one of the most amazing shows in TV right now, and deserves all the awards! That scene with Selina and Gary cracking up in the bathroom, was one of the most funny scenes ever!

  38. The tales of woe is me are getting to me. It appears that if you don’t have one you lose. Additionally, I am not understanding why some of the wierd dancers, wrapping themselves up in their own bodies are sent to choreography and dome aren’t. They should all go since they will eventually be dancing with a partner.

  39. Eric S says:

    18.Haven’t seen enough of her to have any opinion yet.
    21. Nope. The Sprint Framily are #1. I hate them. DirecTV would be #2.