What to Watch Today

Fort Salem POTUS In Danger, Titans Encores and More

  • Hulu
    Only Murders in the Building

    Mrs. Gambolini becomes a critical window into Bunny’s last day alive. (Every premiere clue!)

  • OWN
    All Rise

    Lola runs into someone from her past; Mark makes a startling revelation regarding Luke’s defendant; Emily represents a juvenile charged with serious crimes.

  • NBC
    America's Got Talent

    In a break from the audition rounds, Simon Cowell and Terry Crews take a look back at the best Golden Buzzer moments in AGT history. (Get NBC fall premiere dates.)

  • ABC
    Holey Moley

    Eight contestants compete for the last spot in the finals; Rob Riggle professes his love to Miss Piggy, rom-com style. (Get ABC fall premiere dates.)

  • ABC
    The Chase

    Victoria “The Queen” Groce goes head-to-head with an ER doctor, a fashion blogger and a data analyst. (Who should host Jeopardy?)

  • The CW
    Tom Swift

    Tom is caught between a rock and a hard place; Zenzi is startled when The CW pulls the plug after five episodes a worried Isaac surprises her in her car.

  • NBC
    Dancing With Myself

    A doorman, a Vegas showgirl, an elementary school student and nine other contestants enter the pods. (Watch La Brea Season 2 teaser.)

  • Freeform
    Motherland: Fort Salem

    President Wade’s political stance puts her in danger; the Unit splits up to avoid the Cession Marshal; Tally, Abigail and Adil meet with an old ally.

  • TNT

    Weekly Season 2 encores begin! In the 2019 opener, the Titans battle Trigon. (Previously renewed for Season 4 at HBO Max; premiere date TBD.)

  • ABC
    Who Do You Believe?

    Lines are crossed among a tight-knit community in an up-and-coming Detroit neighborhood.