Year in Review

Year in Review: The 13 Most Shocking Reality TV Moments of 2020

Most Shocking Reality Moments 2020

In a year where most of us were ordered to stay at home with our calming companion TVs (what? It’s a thing), the reality genre delivered by being predictably — and gloriously — unpredictable.

Already this month, we’ve taken a macro level look at the year’s best dramas and comedies, the sexiest (and grossest!) scenes and more. But now it’s time to shine a light on 2020’s shame-free reality stars with the following list of some of the most jaw-dropping scenes from your favorite competition, baking and dating series.

From Survivor‘s banner all-winners season and Big Brother‘s (ahem) “all-stars” to Dancing With the Stars’ controversial host swap, reality TV kept us glued to our screens in a year where we craved some much-needed escape from the real reality outside.

Though the choices here aren’t all celebratory — from assorted blindsides, blunders, baking mishaps and more — these moments kept our furious fingers both typing and tweeting, while our mouths hung open and our brains struggled to catch up.

Review all of the amazing moments below, then hit the comments with your picks for the reality TV scenes that bugged you out the most in 2020!

Still to come in TVLine’s Year in Review: Quotes of the Year, Series Finales Graded, TV’s Biggest Scene Stealers and much more!