Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Which Classic Sitcoms Will Be Done Next?

Live in Front of a Studio Audience

Less than a day has passed since ABC staged reenactments of Diff’rent Strokes and its offshoot The Facts of Life as part of its Live in Front of a Studio Audience franchise — but we’re already thinking about what series will be featured the next go-round.

The first LIFOSA special aired May 2019, and recreated episodes of All in the Family and The Jeffersons. That was followed by a second installment in December 2019, featuring a new reenactment of All in the Family and a classic episode of Good Times.

Seeing as how all six reenactments thus far have been series created, developed or produced by the legendary Norman Lear — both Diff’rent Strokes and Facts of Life were products of Lear’s now-defunct Embassy Communications production shingle — it seems likely that tradition will continue, should there be a fourth special. With that in mind, TVLine has compiled the following list of 10 other comedies that could be rebooted in the near future (assuming the decision to double dip on All in the Family won’t be repeated with any other already tackled sitcom).

Scroll down to see which iconic series could get the Live in Front of a Studio Audience treatment next, then hit the comments with your casting suggestions for any of the featured shows.