Chicago P.D.: Season 9's Biggest Moments So Far — Plus, Grade It

Chicago P.D. Season 9

Chicago P.D. pushed Intelligence to new limits in Season 9 as the team tackled more harrowing cases and faced personal struggles that revealed more of who they are beneath the gun and badge.

For Atwater, this season has been about finding someone to connect with while navigating cases that hit far too close to home. The detective hadn’t had an on-screen love interest since the Season 6 episode “Black and Blue” — he fell in love with Laila (played by Milauna Jemai Jackson), who was eventually sentenced to prison for murder — until encountering Celeste this season. With her, he found someone who could relate to him in ways others couldn’t.

Meanwhile, Upton and Halstead supported each other through the daily grind of a difficult job. Getting caught up in one of Voight’s lies and nearly losing their careers was enough to bring the couple each closer together, and Season 9 saw them take their relationship to surprising new levels.

Also carving a new path was Ruzek and Burgess, who built a nice little family unit with their adoptive daughter Makayla. The formerly engaged pair isn’t back together, but they’ve been navigating this weird space where they deeply care for each other and live under the same roof while raising a child together. The boundaries between them are blurred, and they haven’t completely shut the door on a reconciliation.

With so much happening this season, like Upton’s daring underwater rescue and Voight taking on a new CI named Anna, we’ve compiled the biggest storylines in one place.

Read on for highlights from Season 9 thus far. What are you enjoying about the season? What needs work?  Grade the season below, and let us know how you’re feeling in the comments.