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Big Sky: [Spoiler] Won't Return For Season 2


Looks like you just can’t cage a white tiger… or her mom.

Under the Dome‘s Britt Robertson, who played Cheyenne Kleinsasser in Season 1 of ABC’s Big Sky, will not be back for Season 2, a Big Sky source confirms. Neither will The Killing alum Michelle Forbes, who portrayed Kleinsasser matriarch Margaret, meaning that the entire family will be missing from the upcoming episodes.

The Kleinsasser family became central to the drama’s story in the second half of Season 1, when Jenny’s ex-boyfriend, Blake (played by Terriers‘ Michael Raymond-James), requested her help in clearing his name of wrongful criminal charges, then died soon after. As Jenny and Cassie investigated the twisted clan, they wound up uncovering a series of murders, environmental crimes and cover-ups that went back decades.

The only two Kleinsassers to survive the season were sole daughter Cheyenne and her mother. In the season finale, Cheyenne made a point of stopping by Dewell & Hoyt to drop off cupcakes (decorated like the white lions whose fierceness she so revered) and to announce that her father was dead and she was the new head of the family ranch. (Read a full recap of the episode.)

On Monday, TVLine exclusively reported that Forbes is joining NBC’s New Amsterdam in the recurring role of Dr. Veronica Fuentes, who’ll be brought in to fix what’s wrong at the failing hospital.

Big Sky Season 2 will premiere on Thursday (new night!), Sept. 30, at 10/9c.

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