Big Sky Recap: Checkout Time


This week’s episode of Big Sky prominently features: a character growl-hissing at a poster, a kick to the groin, several Victorian dolls and a big ol’ truck driving clean through Cassie and Jenny’s motel room.

Admit it: Even if you don’t regularly watch, you’re just a little bit intrigued.

And if you are a consistent viewer of the thriller, you’re going to want to find out what becomes of Blake, what Jenny and Cassie discover and how spectacularly Ronald returns to form. Read on for the highlights of “White Tiger.”

OOPS | Based on how much he freaks out after hitting Blake with the shovel, it seems like JW didn’t intend to kill his brother… but he did. In a panic, he drives off, which gives Cheyenne — who saw the whole thing — time to load Blake’s body and the shovel into a nearby cart and drive off before JW returns, perplexed.

big-sky-recap-season-1-episode-13-white-lionShe makes it look like Blake either fell or jumped from a cliff on the property; the next morning, Horst is mildly teary as he views his oldest son’s body sprawled out on the ground. JW can’t figure out what’s going on. And Rand is as creepily Rand-y as he usually is, though he’s definitely sad, too. Back at the house, Cheyenne Googles the name on the back of the belt buckle she found next to her brother’s corpse: Cole Danvers. Then she makes an animalistic sound at the white tiger poster she mentioned in the previous episode and starts her new plan: to own JW, whom she kicks in the groin before vowing that she’ll tell everyone what he did “unless you start listening to me.”

Sheriff Wagy defers to Horst on Blake’s cause of death; it’s eventually ruled a suicide. And after Rand and JW take Cole’s bones and put them in a drum filled with some kind of liquid (something to dissolve them, I’d guess?), JW tasks his brother with keeping tabs on their sister.

big-sky-recap-season-1-episode-13-white-lionDEAD ENDS | Meanwhile, Cassie and Jenny aren’t having much luck in their investigation. Both Rosie and her father are too afraid of the Kleinsassers and the sheriff to say much. Cassie is all for turning their intel over to Blake’s lawyer and getting out of town, but Jenny wants to stay — she’s very worried that Blake isn’t returning her calls. And when Denise calls saying she’s overheard a police-radio call about a dead body on Iron Cross Ranch, Jenny is sure (and soon confirms) that it’s Blake. Cassie hugs her (twice!), then heads back to Helena to accompany Lindor as he checks out a lead in the Pergman case. Jenny stays behind to talk with Angela, the sheriff’s assistant who’s indicated she’s willing to help in secret.

Before that, though, Jenny drives to the ranch and runs into Cheyenne. They play a crafty game of trading information: Jenny tells the younger woman that Blake was innocent of Rosie’s attack (but that JW and Rand weren’t), and Cheyenne mentions Cole Danvers’ name but says no more.

Eventually, a nervous Angela shows up at Jenny’s motel room with a smoking gun: a printout of the toxicology report proving that the sheriff knew — and had covered up — that Blake and Rosie had been drugged the night of her attack. And she’s about to elaborate when a massive truck pulls up to the front of the motel and, without slowing one bit, plows straight through Jenny’s room and then drives away.

big-sky-recap-season-1-episode-13-white-lionOLD HABITS… | Scarlet’s sister, Mary, texts Scarlet that Arthur isn’t who he claims to be. But by this point, Ronald has stolen his girlfriend’s phone and intercepts the message. So he drives to Mary’s place — which is filled with creepy Victorian dolls — and forces his way inside. He binds her with a blanket and tape, slicing at her with a box cutter until she admits that she contacted Dewell & Hoyt but only left a voicemail asking for them to call her back. Eventually, though, things escalate to Mary repeatedly calling Ronald a “monster,” and so he kills her, spattering blood all over her collection of glassy-eyed toys.

On the ride to Mary’s, Lindor shares with Cassie that his sister was kidnapped from a parking lot and they never found her body; though a man eventually confessed to taking her, Mark gets emotional as he confesses that he feels responsible for what happened. His openness in turn allows Cassie to lower her guard a little; she tells him about Kai’s father, who died in combat.

Ronald is cleaning up and preparing to dispose of Mary’s corpse when Cassie and Lindor come knocking. He hides and somehow gets both himself and the body out before they see a smudge of blood on the floor and break in, with Lindor citing probable cause. In the basement, they find a locked trunk with a dead body in it. But — twist! — Lindor notes that that corpse has been in there for a long time. And given how the show made sure that we heard Scarlet note that Phoebe’s dad was a “bad penny” who’s permanently out of the picture, how much do you want to guess it’s him?

The last we see of Ronald, he’s driving away with Mary’s body in the backseat and one of her dolls riding shotgun.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the Comments!

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