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Did Grey's Not Serve Justice? Has Bones Overdone Daddy Issues? Does Arrow Hero Need a Paint Job? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Affair, Bones, Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy!

sleepy-hollow-john-noble-season-41 | Did John Noble’s Sleepy Hollow return make you miss him even more?

2 | On Grimm, isn’t Meisner much more fun dead than he ever was alive?

3 | Did The Affair really think we’d want to spend half of the finale focused on new character Juliette over, say, seeing Alison or Cole at all? (Speaking of which, why so little of Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson this season?)

4 | Did the haunted-house portion of The Bachelor last five hours, or did it just feel that way?

5 | America’s Next Top Model viewers, how shocked were you when Courtney and Cory Anne shared a moment of genuine empathy?

6 | What if Oprah’s 60 Minutes segments are just about her love of bread?

7 | What longtime Bold and the Beautiful fan wasn’t tickled red, never mind pink, when the soap’s brassy new ginger was revealed to be related to — and the namesake of — the legendary Sally Spectra?

8 | Why did The Flash refer to their miniature park as being made of “toys” versus the obvious LEGOs? Especially since — or maybe it was because? — a commercial for DC Entertainment’s LEGO Batman movie ran during the episode? And does any TV workplace get trashed/broken into more often than Jitters?

9 | Did you LOL that Legends of tvqs-legends-eobard-blackflashTomorrow‘s “amateur cell phone video” of Damien Darhk’s murder could only have been taken by an Arrow cameraman standing right next to actor Stephen Amell? Also, Eobard is peeing a bit in this moment, yes?

10 | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Simmons raised a good point: Why wasn’t elite hacker Daisy left behind to examine LMD Radcliffe’s complex code?

11 | Should Bones have changed things up and given Aubrey mommy issues instead of giving yet another character a complicated past with their dad?

12 | Do Criminal Minds‘ BAU agents rehearse before delivering the profile, seeing how they routinely and rapidly finish each other’s sentences/thoughts?

Arrow Wild Dog13 | To Tina’s “costume warehouse” point, can Arrow‘s Wild Dog at least spray-paint his goofy-ass hockey mask matte black? Also, how long is Thea’s conference? (And if she’s away and Lance is in rehab, who was in charge at the mayor’s office while Oliver was in Hub City?) Lastly, as some readers noted: Why would the CCPD have had Dinah Drake in their files under her cover identity of “Tina Boland”?

14 | Ever find yourself so distracted by what insane outfit Star‘s titular teen is wearing, you realize you have no idea what’s going on in the scene? On the same note, what was up with that detached-collar-shirt-as-dress she wore in the party scene?

15 | Is there any chance, any at all, that Code Black‘s outbreak crisis will teach Leanne and orphaned Ariel that they need each other in their lives? /sarcasm

16 | On Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, which of the Cher get-ups was your favorite? And are you surprised that the show didn’t have more fun with the fact that Delia looks a lot like the iconic pop star?

17 | How (regrettably) timely is the Too Close to Home plot in which Dax is using his government connections to have hisThe Late Late Show Broom unfaithful lover’s parents deported?

18 | Did The Late Late Show’s googly-eyed mop remind anyone else of the broom that briefly filled in for Darryl on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?

19 | Isn’t it crazy how much Smallville‘s Oliver/Chloe/Dinah (as recalled in our Throwback Thursday) mirrors Arrow‘s Oliver/Felicity/Laurel? What are the odds that Oliver Queen would end up romancing a blonde computer whiz instead of Black Canary on two shows?Riverdale

20 | Given that Riverdale‘s Archie and Betty are BFFs 4ever, shouldn’t at least one of them have a profile pic set up for texting?

21 | As TVLine reader and Nashville viewer Becca wisely notes, “A stranger approaches kids at a private middle school, the kids scream for help, and nobody chases after him?”

22 | That is an awful lot of decorative candles, isn’t it, Training Day villain?Training Day

23 | Did anyone not predict that Grey’s Anatomy wouldn’t actually send Alex to prison? Still, weren’t you relieved that the show didn’t? Oh, and after being relieved, didn’t you feel guilty as hell because it doesn’t appear he’ll be paying at all for the brutal beatdown he laid on DeLuca?

24 | Did Powerless make you think of H&R Block Adto The Grinder when two of its characters uttered the line, “But what if it wasn’t?”

25 | Did we miss news of a crossover between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Ghost Rider arc and H&R Block…?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. slayerangel78 says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the weird name thing on Arrow. Definitely one of the better episodes of the season and a solid performance by Dinah. Or Tina.

  2. 1 – Made me miss Fringe more!!!!

  3. Sara says:

    There is something about an insane amount of candles that makes me giggle. I like to imagine the people involved running around and attempting to light all of them before we enter the scene. Just methodically using a long lighter and individually lighting them.

  4. MelK says:

    Could it be on Grey’s that DeLuca dropped the charges so that Jo didn’t have to testify before Karev took the plea deal? Not sure if it works like that, but that is what I was thinking. DeLuca seemed confused when Arizona mentioned Karev was in jail.

    • MLO says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. On a more practical note, to waste Karev’s talents by putting him in jail may have also been something DeLuca considered, i.e. weighing his own ‘revenge’ against all the babies he could help/save. Karev is not a threat in general – he was only protecting Jo. Maybe some therapy to help control his reactions would be a better ‘punishment’. Disclaimer: I’m not one of those crazies who thinks these people are real lol

    • Stacy says:

      My thoughts precisely. Now Jo has two guys fighting for her. Former flame Alex who was willing to take the plea deal and go to prison to protect her, and DeLuca who dropped the charges in order to protect Jo.
      Meanwhile Jo looks like death and is pushing everyone away.

    • greysfan says:

      It could be the reason yeah i just think they should of explained it if thats the case. I think Alex should be in jail for what he’s done because what he did was wrong but every fan seems to think otherwise. I get its a TV show but be real here.

  5. kate says:

    What is so sort of sad, my DVR is packed and I’m honestly not sure when I am going to catch up on some things, and you didn’t ask any questions about the shows on my DVR that I haven’t watched (I am saving Arrow this year on this thing I discovered, its actually a really good bingeing show, so thanks Netflix, I also have Teen Wolf saved, for some reason, and then I am holding onto the Lucifer trilogy since I have months before that returns – and I’ve still got the last two Pitch and Doctor Who)

  6. Luis Roman says:

    13. Why wouldn’t they list her that way when, in the same episode, a bunch of nerds stole the most frightening information on earth from the NSA? No information is safe in the Arrowverse!

  7. Alichat says:

    1) YES! I want more John Noble on my tv!!
    2) He’s definitely much more talkative, plus he’s torturing Renard. Of course he’s more fun now.
    13) THANK YOU! It makes no sense. Why would her file have her undercover name as her given?!
    23) That whole subplot was crazy. He’d been at Mere’s in her bed all day? Why not sleeping in his room? Why not call her and tell her he’d not gone through with it?

    • Jamie says:

      Alex gave his room to Amelia after her fight with Owen. And then she “left Owen” and ran off to Steph’s while Alex was going to the DA’s office to turn himself in. He wouldn’t know that Amelia wasn’t using his room anymore.
      But who knows why using a phone wasn’t an option.

    • :-) says:

      Alex doesn’t have a room there. He was living with Joe. He bunked down in a room but there is no claim. As i watched last night’s episode i kept wondering where Mere’s 3 young children sleep if all these other people are hopping in and out of the bedrooms. (In my mind the kids are with a nanny or the hospital daycare when not with Mere)

      • Alichat says:

        I wonder that with every episode. She doesn’t mention her kids. I find that weird. You just need one moment of April saying something about the baby, and Mere piping up about one of the kids. But at this rate, that house has to be 5-6 bedrooms with all of the adults and the kids.

  8. webly3 says:

    Juliette was by far the worst part of The Affair season 3. If she wouldn’t have been included, the season would have been more recognized and acclaimed because a lot of it was actually excellent.

  9. Stacy says:

    #12 Hehe, that’s been going on for 12 years, you guys are just now questioning it? I have definitely wondered that before though. They always know who’s turn it is to talk.

  10. jrex says:

    If Dinah was under deep, deep cover the CCPD may have needed to keep her real ID hidden for protection against hacks or leaks. Or protect other family?

  11. mooshki says:

    Related to #15: Is the fact that no one (that I can find) is talking about a major character’s death a sign that this show is a lost cause?

  12. Mommaknowsbest says:

    12. Rehearsing the delivery of the profile – I’ve often wondered that myself!

  13. Tom says:

    8 | Why did The Flash refer to their miniature park as being made of “toys” versus the obvious LEGOs? Especially since — or maybe it was because? — a commercial for DC Entertainment’s LEGO Batman movie ran during the episode? And does any TV workplace get trashed/broken into more often than Jitters?
    Legal issues I’m sure. I can’t even begin to fathom the vast web that is DC’s corporate agreements
    10 | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Simmons raised a good point: Why wasn’t elite hacker Daisy left behind to examine LMD Radcliffe’s complex code?
    That would have made things to simple?
    22 | That is an awful lot of decorative candles, isn’t it, Training Day villain?
    Maybe he really likes fire?
    24 | Did Powerless make you think of to The Grinder when two of its characters uttered the line, “But what if it wasn’t?”
    Drat, no. I feel shame.

  14. Ryan says:

    12 has always driven me nuts.

  15. Luis Roman says:

    I have forever wondered why Wild Dog continues running around in that stupid hockey mask, bu, then again, Curtis’ disguise is a “T” painted on his face and magic braids.

  16. DJ Doena says:

    19) I always assumed that Felicity as the non-canon character was molded after Chloe as the quirky blonde computer whiz. And having a romantic triangle is par for the course for CW shows, is it not?

  17. skrable2a says:

    11. Bones still has fewer daddy issues than the NCIS mothership

  18. Hollie says:

    10: I just assume that the Darkhold mission took precedence.

    25: That’s the same thought I had!

  19. July Lark says:

    11. More daddy issues for the minor character on Bones is not what I wanted to see in the final(thankfully) season of Bones. They are giving every character closer and pushing BnB further apart every week, It is unwatchable, I expect to see 2 minutes of BnB reconciling in the final ep, what a waste of a once fine series.

    • Nancy says:

      Totally agree July! I thought I was the only one imagining a distance between the B’s. Bad Dad is way overdone on Bones… it seems the only one who turned it around is gonna be killed off. I’m really not enjoying season 12 so far.

  20. Kim R says:

    10. AOS – I would say it is because they need Daisy’s powers in the field to help them in battle mode.
    12. Criminal Minds- it’s funny you should mention this. I am a long time viewer but for some reason, this season Emily seems a little “robotic” in her delivery, like she’s reading instead of speaking. And it seems to spread during the unsub profile description.
    25. Right?!!

  21. Stacy says:

    15. (CodeBlack) Code Black has some things going for it (namely the actors), but it’s ridiculously trite and mediocre writing.

    19. (Smallville/Arrow) Maybe they should stop planning to put the main character with a 2 dimensional character played by uninspiring actresses.

    23. (GreysAnatomy) I was unhappy they wrote a story that was never going to get a deserved ending. Alex was never going to prison, and we’re supposed to root for the guy who beat the crap out of Deluca. I like Alex, but the story never made sense.

  22. kmw says:

    To the Aubry from Bones no otherwise Booth wouldn’t have been able to give out advice. I do agree that Bones does too many daddy issues but what are you going to do

  23. jml says:

    23) I’ve been saying since they started the Alex-to-prison storyline that it wasn’t a matter of whether he would go but how the writers would dig themselves out of that particular hole. I’m hoping that maybe DeLua dropped the charges in exchange for something from Alex, like maybe coming onto his service in order to lean from him. It would be nice if there was an evolution in the relationship between those two characters a a result of this, at least.

  24. Collette says:

    11. This is grossly off point but I happened to catch a season 1 episode of Bones yesterday and the comparison of Emily Deschanel’s delivery to now is staggering. in the first season her speech flowed easily and had a pleasing cadence. When did she develop the slow drone she effects now? That hesitant hectoring speech pattern this season makes my ears bleed.

  25. CA says:

    Regarding #8 — at this point, the insurance coverage for CC Jitters must be astronomical!

  26. Deb Saine says:

    #CriminalMinds#BAU … not only is it easy for the partners to finish one another’s sentences, it’s also become almost as easy for viewers to do so as well because you can pretty much count on the same dialogue being repeated weekly with changes only
    coming in a “fill-in-the-blank” type of crime …

  27. PatriciaLee says:

    2) Yes, and his scenes makes this farewell season less painful. 12) Like married couples, they read each other and don’t need to hear all the words before their brains work out a response? 22) It fits the show’s over-the-top mode, a’la Gotham.

  28. queensgirl says:

    “On Grimm, isn’t Meisner much more fun dead than he ever was alive?”

    Well, I guess when you’re already dead, you can relax since you no longer have to worry about mundane things like possibly being killed. ;)

  29. Shannon says:

    @ 13 – We don’t know what her cover story was, and it could have been she was a dirty cop so they needed that name in the database instead of her real name in case the people she was undercover with background checked her.

  30. A fan of TV says:

    I’m hoping that DeLuca dropping the charges himself will actually lead to those two taking like grown-ups to get past it all at some point. Obviously, if DeLuca truly WANTED Karev to pay, he didn’t need to stop the charges.

    If I were Alex, though, I’d be rethinking my commitment to the woman who was going to let me rot to save herself. Jo needs to confront that particular issue like a grown-up, too.

    • Hannah says:

      Jo refuses to act like a grown up, so I hope Alex cuts his ties. She clearly doesn’t give a crap about him. Move on, Alex.

      • Connie Wanyandie says:

        Yes, my thoughts exactly! Ultimately it should be Alex and Meredith. He’s great with kids and they are each other’s person. Go Merex!!! Lol, I hope!

  31. Yoko says:

    Alex suffered enough. We all need to move on…..

  32. Larc says:

    23- Karev should do all of DeLuca’s staff junk duties for the next 30 years.

  33. carrionne says:

    Also, why was it ever in question that changing the future was possible on The Flash, when the fact that Iris is no longer the author of that futuristic article should be proof enough?

    • A.F. says:

      Good question and it wasn’t only now that this was obvious. In season 1 reverse Flash was worried about changing the future, so he thought it was possible and we even saw it in the season 1 finale when Eddie shot himself and deleted reverse Flash from history.

  34. Mike says:

    Why is Jo even still on this show? I have never understood the appeal of her character. And never thought her and Alex were a good match.

  35. Tim Church says:

    I had an issue with nobody chasing the “Nashville” guy, until I noticed 3 other things I had bigger problems with:

    1] Why didn’t he try to approach her when she was alone, not with a bunch of potential reporting witnesses?! (She negated her friend’s suggestion to approach the kid earlier, & seems to be storming off or entirely alone a lot in this season & previous ones.)

    2] There was (IMO) no reason to chase him when he didn’t appear to be chasing/following any of the kids (&, in fact, more appeared to be heading away from them & the school itself).

    3] In the “after-action” talk with staff & family, she seemed to mention to her parents he had given her something, when in fact, she never touched it that I saw!

  36. Connie Wanyandie says:

    Alex isn’t wholly responsible for deluca’s beatdown! It was Wilson who chose not to tell anyone about her ex husband, Alex walked in On a near nude her and duluca seeming to take advantage of her in that state. She told DeLuca after he was beaten and DeLuca must be #blindedbydatbooty cause he glossed over that fact. He was scared out of his wits(if he ever had any), and placed every single bit of blame on Alex. Sorry, but Jo isn’t even that likeable. And the way he just expects sympathy and understanding for himself, but wants everyone to turn on Alex is complete and utter crap. It isn’t Alex’s fault DeLuca couldn’t defend himself. DeLuca wants to be seen as a victim fine, go for it. I won’t for a second feel sorry for him or Jo. Alex is the victim here, he wanted to share his life with Jo, everyone knew that. And she claimed to, but neglected to mention her abusive ex husband. Because she refused to trust anyone, she forever changed 3 lives. It’s her fault.

    • canadian ninja says:

      Wrong about almost everything. “Alex is the victim here” Wtf? DeLuca and the viewers are the only victims. Absolutely horrible plot by the show.

  37. dean says:

    I love Rene’s costume. Reminds me of Jason.

  38. richard says:

    I have a general shredder issue – On “Jane the Virgin”, Scott was able to tape together the addendum after it was shredded. I have seen this happen on other shows, I think the same thing was implied to be used to get document evidence on “Rosewood”. I have a shredder that turns documents into confetti, and I would guess most businesses would have one as well. I think this plot device needs to go.

  39. L says:

    I don’t think it’s strange that Oliver romanced Felicity. I don’t see it as a comparison to Smallville’s Chloe/Oliver. It just worked out that Oliver had more chemistry/spark with Felicity and none of the gross history that he had with Laurel. That never worked.

  40. Sheldon W. says:

    8. And does any TV workplace get trashed/broken into more often than Jitters?

    Gotham City Police Department

  41. HesterP says:

    3. I was hoping for a season finale with Helen, Noah, Allison and Cole all included somehow. Not the boring professor. It was kind of like the Gilmore Girls reunions and them spending so much time on that stupid play, and also Michelle and his incessant whining. Both shows spent too much time on secondary and third tier characters

  42. greysfan says:

    I’ll probably be crucified for this but i honestly believe Alex should be in jail. Its kind of a cop out he got “let off”. I love Alex Karev, always have and as a fan of the show i think its wrong its happened this way. He should of served time for what he did. Typical TV writing. Would have been an interesting storyline to show.

  43. Jean says:

    When will series 4 the affair , be aired in England?