Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Poll

Grey's Anatomy Season 13: 'Jolex' in Jeopardy — What Happens Next?

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes.

If you or I were Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jo, we probably would have admitted to non-fiancé Alex a long time ago that we wouldn’t marry him because we were already hitched to an abusive spouse we feared would hunt us down if we divorced him. The way Karev loves us her, he not only would have understood, he’d have been supportive as hell.

But alas, we aren’t the Grey Sloan resident. So, even in the Season 12 finale, she refused to disclose the reason that she wouldn’t accept her boyfriend’s proposal. Or at least she refused to disclose it to him. Instead, she drunkenly told all to surgical intern Andrew — just before Alex came in to find them in what appeared to be (but wasn’t in the slightest) a compromising position.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 PollFlying into a rage, Karev slugged DeLuca — repeatedly — and Jo was faced once again with a choice to come clean or risk losing Alex for good by keeping him in the dark. We know what we’d do — and what we think you’d do, too. But what will Jo do when Grey’s returns this fall to resolve the cliffhanger in Season 13? Will she finally trust Karev enough to be honest with him? Or, since she’s already confessed to Andrew, will she turn to him (thus capitalizing on the chemistry they first demonstrated back in October)?

Rewatch the climactic scene below, then vote in the poll and hit the comments with what you hope will happen.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Linnea says:

    This relationship has dragged on long enough. They need to break up so he’s free to hook up with Meredith. It’s gonna happen next season, people. I can feel it in my bones.

    • Velloso22 says:

      I hope not. They make good friends.

    • D says:

      LOL only someone who still doesn’t understand Alex and Meredith would think of Jo as an obstacle for them. They are like brother and sister, it’s been stated so many times by now everyone should know it. Even if Jo and Alex are done for good Aley won’t hook up with Meredith. He’s supposed to be her Cristina replacement, they are indeed just friends and nothing more. And usually when a couple is together for longer than two seasons on the show you can be sure that they belong together and you were just too inattentive to pay attention to them and realize what makes them special.

    • Ashbash says:

      I was thinking that Alex and Meredith would hook up next season and then they did this thing with Jo and Andrew and paired Meredith with Riggs. So I can feel an Alex/Maggie hook up brewing next season.

    • rowan77 says:

      Considering that both actors have said that their characters view each other like brother and sister, I think your shipping of Merev (Karedeth?) might be only something no one but your bones feel. That said, it never hurts to ship.

    • Pat says:

      Alex is like a brother to Meredith. So hook up, absolutely not.

    • Jenna says:

      YES!!!! I’d be thrilled with an Alex/Meredith relationship. I used to like Jo but she’s lied to Alex for so long I just can’t see him forgiving that… If she really loved him she would have trusted him enough to tell him the truth before now. Meredith and Alex are best friends, and he’s said he wants real. Meredith is real, possibly the most real thing in his life.

  2. Hurley says:

    Alex and Maredith yeeeha! Nothing against Jo, but Alex and Meredith have to be together, even though at first that felt so incestuous, now I ship them a lot!

    • D says:

      Not gonna happen, Hurley. No matter how often you comment about it here. Because it IS incestuous and even the actors say so.

      • Wooster182 says:

        It ISN’T though. And the actors said if Shonda went there, they would roll with it.

        The only reason I came back to this show was with the hope that M/A were about to get together. Now that it looks like we are full steam ahead with Riggs/Mer and Jo/Alex, I’m quickly losing interest again. To me, Maggie/Riggs, A/M, and Andrew/Jo is way more interesting.

      • Hurley says:

        Well, not that often. It must have been another Hurley.

  3. Me says:

    No, if I were Jo, knowing Alex, I would’ve done exact the same she did. I would never tell him. Remember when he said he could’ve killed Peckwell? I would be terrified that Alex could go after the abusive ex-husband and end up killed himself. She did right, she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness to protect him and I hope he understands that when he gets to know the truth, because no one has ever loved him the way she does.

    • Everton Picoli says:

      I don’t understand how can people after watching 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy think that Alex would do the reasonable thing. Just because he thinks something was happening between Andrew and Jo he punched him. If he finds out about the abusive husband he would end up killing himself, the husband or both…

    • Christina says:

      By keeping the truth from Alex, Jo is sacrificing his happiness too. She should have extended the same trust and faith that Alex had in her and given him the benefit of the doubt.

    • lrdslvrhnd says:

      Except it’s one thing to fly into a fit of rage and pummel somebody to death (or at least severe injury) in the heat of the moment… and it’s another to keep it up (without being talked down by Jo or Mer) while having to find the guy, get a ticket, fly there, find him more specifically, and THEN pummel him. That’d take time, time for him to calm down enough to get reason shoved into him. And Jo’s smart enough to know that.
      Of course, she’s not smart enough to realize that and go ahead and tell him. So it’s gonna be Andrew telling him, and Alex leaving in a rage because somehow Andrew knows all the details (including name and city) and told HIM that, too… without Jo or Mer having a clue he’s doing this.

  4. Jolexisajoke says:

    Jolex is a joke. End that awful relationship,please. Get rid of Jo,thanks. A nice death would be nice.

    • Maria says:

      You’re a joke. They’re clearly not ending after what happened in the finale. The writers are setting up for a longer storyline. And Jo isn’t dying either. Women like her who went through hell in life deserve protection and appreciation, not your hate.

    • Jenna says:

      I think they’re a joke too. I just rewatched seasons 11 and 12, it’s amazing people still want Jo with Alex. I don’t wish her dead, but I do wish she’d go away… Maybe she could go to Hopkins? Or Tulane or anywhere far away from Seattle. She’s the most annoying character on the show.

  5. Swchika says:

    I wish more people would at least try to understand Jo’s perspective. Yeah Alex would most likely be understand and supportive, but can an abused woman who had to change her identity to escape a violent man really fully trust anyone with that secret? Plus we all know Alex would let it slip to Meredith eventually (just because it’s Grey’s) who would then probably tell Maggie, who would tell everyone. You tell one person, you risk more people knowing and it just multiplies until you no longer have control of the situation. And in the case of domestic violence, control is necessary for the survivor. Why risk that control and cause a potential threat to your safety? After years of working for said safety?

    Not to say that Jo shouldn’t have told Alex she couldn’t marry him, she absolutely should have done that sooner, but this whole ‘she should have told him everything’ is not so cut and dry as many make it out to be.

    • Christina says:

      Better to live the rest of her life hiding and in fear? Better to remain married to an abusive man for the rest of her life? Better to keep the man she loves in the dark and feeling unwanted than telling him the truth? Better to stay single than marry the real man she loves? Jo is a victim and she’ll continue being a victim if she keeps this secret from Alex.

      • Swchika says:

        She will live the rest of her life in fear as long as the husband is alive out there. This new identity has been working for her and helped her live a life normally without being a victim. She has to weigh her options carefully now because if she does seek a divorce, the chances of this man finding her and killing her are very real. She should have cued Alex into the fact she wouldn’t marry him a long time ago, but to me, telling Alex isn’t a given. If it was me, I wouldn’t.

  6. bluji says:

    Jo confesses to Andrew that she has an abusive spouse, and a moment later Alex comes in and beats Andrew up. Hmm, must be an excellent reminder to Jo what she ran away from. I feel like that might break Jolex apart.

  7. Andrea says:

    I think that the show will waste too much of the season keeping Jo and Alex apart just for the sake of drama, before having Jo prove her love for Alex by seeking a divorce. The divorce filing will most likely lead her abusive husband to find her, and cause a heated confrontation between Alex and the Hubs. All this emotional turmoil will prove Jo’s love for Alex and lead to them reuniting, and paving the way for a possible Jolex wedding.

    As for the Alex/Meredith shippers, based on the conversation that Meredith and Riggs had prior to Amelia and Owen’s wedding, I think that it’s clear that the writers are pushing for that particular romance to go forward on the show, like it or not (I like it!).

  8. Brynna says:

    She’s so whiny and annoying. Can’t she just leave?

    • Kris says:

      Always the same old two adjectives used to hate on Jo. Only people who don’t understand her would call her that. You go through what she had to go through and then you can talk.

  9. patrickmaloney33 says:

    All I can say is that for the first time ever, I’m committed to watching a season of Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning (I usually just catch a few episodes here and there). However, this is mostly because of the marriage and the baby!

  10. Whatthewhat says:

    I personally want Alex and Maggie to be a thing. I thought GA was going to go there when Maggie first arrived but they seemed intent on making Jolex work. I think he and Maggie would make an interesting/fun pair.

    • Jess says:

      Gag. They’d make a horrible couple. I’m almost hoping for the writers to try them out for a couple of episodes just so all of you can see how much of a horrible fit they would be. He and Maggie have absolutely nothing in common and I’m glad the writers realized that too and never went there.

  11. Guest says:

    I’m really disappointed in you Charlie Mason for not even trying to understand Jo. She knows better than us that Alex would be supportive, it’s the exact reason she’s not telling him. She knows he would track the guy down and bring himself in danger because she knows Alex wouldn’t just leave it be. She even said so in the finale “Alex would help me but he can’t, not with this”. And seeing him punch Andrew like that will only reassure her that it’s best for him to not know. Andrew didn’t put up a fight but her husband sounds dangerous and who knows what he would do to Alex. I would expect more insight from a writer for such a big TV site. It’s alwayy the easiest to blame Jo without further thinking about this, isn’t it? If she had thought that there would be a chance she could tell Alex without him wanting to kill the husband like he wanted to kill Jason then she wouldn’t have let him break up with her. She was more ok with losing him than putting him in danger but I guess to you all it counts for nothing.

  12. Jess says:

    Why is it so hard to see Jo’s POV in this? The article is written so biasedly by someone who basically admitted to believing that Izzie is still Alex’s one true love so he clearly doesn’t have an understanding for the Jo/Alex relationship at all. If we all had told Alex it would only prove that we don’t know him as well as Jo does because he would’ve gotten extremely angry, would’ve searched the guy everywhere and maybe get himself killed if the guy is really as dangerous as Jo made him sound like. She did the right thing by not telling him and after seeing how he reacted to Deluca she will keep staying silent about it. She knows better than anyone else that Alex has a temper.

  13. Kayte CookWatts says:

    The problem I think is Jo hasn’t really had a meaty story line. Yes, terrible things have happened to her in the past,but we haven’t seen anything on the show that makes us feel connected to her as a viewer. I felt the same way about April until I saw her go through the trauma of the shooting. “Oh, there’s that character that I care nothing about.” Petty relationship problems with Alex are not enough for me to care.

    • Raina says:

      Which is why they are doing the domestic violence storyline now. Jo has a lot of potential because of all the things that happened to her and I think she’s a very strong character. It just happens that as long as characters are still residents the writers don’t seem to care too much about them. After hearing what happened to Amber Heard with Johnny Depp I think it’s even more important to tell this storyline. A lot of women experience domestic abuse even if not all of them were foster kids who had to live in their car.

  14. anon says:

    Everyone who’s been a longterm fan of the show knows that a) Alex and Meredith will never be a thing romantically because they’re like siblings, b) that Shonda is gonna stick with Alex and Jo because they’re one of those longterm couples now and those always stick together unless one of the actors leave, c) she wouldn’t have made Martin Henderson a series regular immediately and wouldn’t have kept him single if Riggs weren’t supposed to become Meredith’s happily ever after. And seeing that Alex used to date Lexie in s6 I don’t want him to date any other Grey sister. He and Meredith would be incestuous and he and Maggie are like day and night. it’s a miracle they’re even friends because Alex doesn’t do well with people who have her personality. We saw it with George and April. I would’ve rather watched him date April in s8 than to watch him date Maggie now because I at least like April. But it doesn’t matter because he loves Jo like crazy, Jo called him the love of her life, and they get each other better than anyone else gets either of them because of their similiar pasts. The reason Alex became such a grown up like he says now is mainly Jo. Before he met her in s9 he was a womanizing mess who was loathing himself and thinking he’s damaged goods because everyone he loves either turns out to be crazy, cancery or leaves. Jo accepted him for the man he had become and didn’t try to change him and Alex became a much happier person with himself.

  15. Fido says:

    It was an unprovoked extended violent assault. If Jo forgives him straight away then I say boo to the writers of Greys Anatomy. His actions should end their relationship forever, or at least a long extended time – that time being how long he is in jail after his righteous conviction of assault of DeLuca. Please don’t let this show do a Veronica Mars on us, there MUST be a severe consequence of his actions.
    It saddens me that I fully expect the next season opener to have DeLuca nowhere to be seen and it is a month or so later and no mention made of his attack on the guy who wad simply trying to be a gentleman.

  16. K says:

    Jo and Andrew can have each other. Alex and Maggie should be a thing.

    • j says:

      no thank you. nobody wants to see that. alex and maggie don’t fit, have no chemistry and she’s annoy the hell out of him like she does with me.

  17. Fido says:

    PS. There should be a vote option for Jo forgiving him 3 months later whilst visiting Alex in jail.

  18. Kate says:

    My prediction: She won’t tell him because she saw what he did to Andrew which was the reason she didn’t want to tell him in the first place, to prevent him from searching her dangerous husband and who knows what would’ve happened to Alex then. If the guy is a psycho he could kill Alex and I think Jo must’ve estimated the situation rightly if she prefered for him to break up with her over telling him. I don’t think she will hook up with Andrew because Stephanie and Maggie both need love interests and I think Andrew will either get back with Maggie or date Stephanie. Jo wasn’t even interested in him when she was drunk off her ass. I think she’ll feel bad for him though and maybe they could be friends? I would like for her to have some friends outside of Stephanie. There is also the misunderstanding about Deluca himself that Alex needs to hear of. I think that one will be cleared pretty fast but the husband thing will be up in the air for a big part of next season. Maybe the guy will show up and that’s how Alex will know. He will need some time to process it but then he and Jo will overcome that somegow, get her the divorce and then get married and maybe look for adoption. I just hope they’ll be able to get that divorce without Alex or Jo getting in danger.

  19. Pamela says:

    This is greys , a show show, nothing will go down without drama.

  20. DarkDefender says:

    Jo not telling Karev, is on point. He’d want to go find the guy and kick his ass. He proved that with Andrew. Jo won’t tell him, but maybe she can “hear” that the ex is dead. Putting it to rest. And they can move on. Mer and Alex need to stay friends. Besides, they already have Riggs and Meredith mirroring her early relationship with Derek.. So I think they are here to stay.
    They had a surgery moment together.
    She slept with him in a car.
    He looks at her like Derek did.
    Also, he didn’t want a big wedding, Owen’s sister did. And she didn’t, but Derek did. They are going to be more alike than different.

  21. Mya says:


    In the words I am sure you are use to, SERIOUSLY?!? You wrote the other silly article, if one is willing to call it that since it was a poll involving a character that is no longer on screen, now or in the foreseeable future. I understand your reasoning, I do for the poll. It generates hits for your site (yeah).

    However, if you weren’t so far gone out of touch with what most people opinions were for Deluca and Jo you would know it’s a FRIENDSHIP. Much along the lines of what Alex has with Mer ie, Joluca. Nothing romantic there.

    Good luck to you, or whomever is feeling this horrid idea out.

  22. bj says:

    You definitely need a 4th choice where she ends up with neither.

  23. N says:

    I don’t care for Jo

  24. Dominique says:

    shonda is about two years too late with a jo-centric story. i never cared much for her and always thought alex could do better, but with jo being an absolutely ungrateful b*tch these past seasons, i have no reason why i should care about this at all.
    please allow alex to get away from her and this mess.

    • Renee says:

      Why do you force me to go on a rant about how Alex was the ungrateful b*tch in their relationship now when I love Alex and don’t want to do that? Please tell me, when has Jo been an ungrateful b*tch? When she felt ignored by the man she loves (which was the case! You would’ve felt the same, it was done on purpose by the writers and it was done to create some drama between Alex and Jo) or when she wasn’t keen on living with Meredith and her three kids plus Arizona and Sofia plus Alex in the frat house and found the loft instead? Or when she didn’t appreciate being thrown out of bed by Meredith in the middle of the night? Ever since she befriended Alex Jo has supported him through everything. She bought him a couch, rooted for him against Jackson in that face of the hospital challenge, stood by his side no matter what when his dad showed up, didn’t leave him when the board probade their relationship, supported him when he wanted to join the private practice, was the only one who had his back when his friends voted all for Bailey in that board presentation. Through almost all of these his friends weren’t there for him, Meredith included, but when Cristina left Alex felt responsible for Meredith and started ignoring Jo for her. He even said stupid stuff like he can only count on Mer because the writers have to point out how great their friendship is now that Cristina is gone. if you supported your boyfriend like that and he dropped you for his friends, wouldn’t you feel terrible? Or would that make you an ungrateful b*tch too? I’m seriously shaking my head at some of the people who comment on the show. Do you pay any attention at all or are you talking out of your butts just for the sake of hating?

  25. robin says:

    Jo is a fool on so many levels. She is just there, biding her time.

    • Renee says:

      Why is she a fool in your opinion? For overcoming hell since her mother gave her up at two weeks old? That girl had it so rough in life, she grew up poor and unloved just like Alex. If she were a real person nobody would call her a fool, we’d all admire her for her strength.

  26. Ashley says:

    Still hoping Jo reveals her past life as an archeologist that was shipwrecked on an island and had to do terrible things to escape… Who then married some abusive guy.

  27. Larc says:

    I think Jo will tell Alex (she’ll almost be forced to in order to explain what was going on with Andrew) and he will be angry and disappointed she didn’t tell him much earlier. He may decide if she didn’t trust him enough to tell him, she doesn’t trust him enough for him to be committed to her. Alex will probably walk away if the writers stay true to the character they have created for him, but things will likely work out later.

  28. EM says:

    Jo won’t tell anyone and might have forgot she even said anything. But her ex will show up. DeLucca will know and probably tell Mer because he doesn’t want Alex to kill him or hurt the hospital or Jo. Jo’s new guy could set his sights on Mer and that forces Jo to speak up. That involves all the characters.

  29. Ash says:

    I feel like the fact that he’s beating the crap out of another person while she’s drunk and living through memories of her husband will hinder her from coming clean. Or she’ll try to break it up and he’ll accidentally backhand her (like on oh so many shows when a woman tries to break up a fight) and that’ll make matters worse. At least ’til they can introduce her abusive ex right on the cusp of winter break.

  30. bigdede says:

    None of this makes any sense. Jo has told Alex everything about her life and we saw Jo almost kill a guy she beat him up so badly. Yet we’re suppose to believe she’s so scared of a husband that she won’t tell Alex about it? And how was she able to get into medical school with a fake name? Does she also have a fake social security card, birth certificate? When did they stop fingerprinting for background checks for doctors?

  31. Emma says:

    The whole time Karev was punching DeLuca I was yelling at my TV “not the face, not the face”, haha, but seriously, lawd that DeLuca is a good looking boy. Anyways, as for Jo she can go back to living in her car for all I care. Alex deserves better.

  32. fiberlicious says:

    The real question is “What will SHONDA do?” – and since it was idiotic for Jo not to tell Alex in the first place (for all of the reasons you stated above), who knows what she’ll do?

  33. Maarten says:

    Sorry Shonda, still want Izzie to return. Nothing against the actress, but I don’t care about Jo and Alex & Izzie belong together.

  34. Salma says:

    I’m not a fan of Jo but in this story Alex has his part of responsabilities. I hate this Alex, so violent. Sorry but for me jealousy or not it’s not an excuse. It’s not romantic or a proof of his love. She scares of her violent husband and now she has a violent boyfriend. Even if he’ll never beat her. He shows a crazy side of his person. I really hope Shonda will not erase his violent attack toward Deluca. Because if so, what an awful message. Hope Jo will not for give him easily.

    About Jo, she beated her ex boyfriend almost killed him but she’s afraid of her husband who is violent… She can défends herself so there’s more or Shonda forgot? Maybe her husband he’s very powerful…

  35. kgalimmuoe says:

    Jo should confess to Alex. If Jo is selfish enough to keep the “secret” from Alex; who has done nothing but love her unconditionally… Then she deserves to end up with Andrew … Or not

    Alex loves Jo period. Jo doesn’t trust herself this phase in their colorful relationship could either make or break them .

  36. Denise says:

    Lauren ambrose should definitely play Owen sister.

  37. Grey'sFan says:

    Is it just me or does…. Jo remind you of Izzie Stevens!!??? The reason why I ask and say this is because she is ALWAYS Whiny and of course annoying!!! AND that was how Izzie was.., the more I watch Jo the more I think of Izzie!!! -.-

  38. Aeryn browning says:

    I really don’t want jolex to breakup

    • Carmen Willey says:

      I agree o he somebody else come to Jo’s rescue–he needs her friends and about time. feel sorry for her. Abuse is horrible.