Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Party Pooper

Oh, Bailey! The song doesn’t go, “It’s my party, and I’ll leave without realizing there was even a party!” Yet that was exactly what Grey Sloan’s new chief of surgery did in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. Was it the start of a new “Nazi regime”? Read on, then we’ll discuss.

TURNING OVER A NEW CHIEF | Early on in “Walking Tall,” Mer used an attendings meeting to lure Bailey to her surprise party — only for the guest of honor to remind everyone that she’d already cancelled all attendings meetings and hit the door before anyone could say “congrat-,” much less “-ulations.” Later, Bailey helped Andrew and Isaac discover that a pituitary tumor was causing an already Amazonian woman to continue growing at a rate that her body couldn’t handle. When the woman — who was bringing the Internet to Africa — refused to give Bailey more than four hours to come up with a treatment plan that would allow her to recover from surgery stat, the chief challenged her team to do exactly that — in other words, the impossible. Reminded of what a hard-ass Bailey used to be — and still was — Callie revealed her old nickname to Grey Sloan’s newer hires… in front of Ben. (Awkward.) Basically, said Mer, pissed at having had to take over the chief’s cases, Bailey’s “a Bond villain.” (Again, awkward.)

When the deadline came and went, Jo tried to stop the giantess from leaving the hospital — and all seven feet of her collapsed on Wilson! Surgery was necessary — right that second! — but the doctors had yet to agree on an approach. “I think I put us all in a terrible position,” Bailey admitted to Ben after getting the cold shoulder from everyone in the OR. And, of course, right then was the moment that Mer wanted to update Bailey on her cases. (You can well imagine just how poorly it went when Bailey tried to tell Mer, “Not right now.”) Sensing Miranda’s anxiety, Richard gave her the first-day-as-chief present that she hadn’t noticed that morning. In response, she suggested that she was the wrong person for the job. So he gave her something even better than his old stethoscope — sound advice. Afterwards, despite the not-so-hot prognosis for the tall patient, Bailey praised her team and promised to do better as chief the next day. (In the end, it looked like the patient would be okay after all.) She also rewarded Mer by appointing her chief of general surgery.

CAPTIVE AUDIENCE | Meanwhile, after Arizona heard April’s hacking cough and caught a glimpse of the gnarly rash on her back, Bailey put Kepner in quarantine. If, as April insisted, she was just run down from her travels, she could be run down in the bubble, Bailey said. However, if April had picked up something nasty in the Middle East, it couldn’t be allowed to infect the whole hospital. “There will be no epidemics today!” Bailey declared. Although April remained eager to speak with Jackson about their marriage — question No. 1 seemed likely to be, “Do we still have one?” — he wasn’t the least bit interested in hanging around to chat, and she couldn’t exactly follow him. “The bubble does not travel!” she pointed out. Finally, she paged her husband with a 911, totally ticking him off. But at least they talked. (Loudly, yes. But they talked.) “This is the worse of ‘for better or worse,’” she suggested. “We have to fight.” Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure that they were worth fighting for. At the end of the day, given a clean(ish) bill of health, April vowed to fight for her and Jackson’s marriage. “And,” she added, “I’m gonna win!”

ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING? | Off her interrupted lip-lock with Owen last week, Amelia tried to label their relationship. They can’t be going out, she told Maggie and Mer, because “we’re not 15.” So what were Amelia and Owen? He didn’t know, either. And rather than discuss it, they just went on making out.

LOVE HURTS | In other developments, Arizona overheard Callie raving about the new woman she was dating and assured her ex that she could tell her about it. Just, um, not too enthusiastically. And Isaac fairly hilariously tried to hit on Jo.

OK, your turn! What do you think of Bailey as surgery chief — proactive or combative? Hit the comments!

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  1. Alan says:

    Really enjoying S12!
    Let Alex be a dad!

  2. Zia says:

    I love LOVED April this episode!! Jackson was being an ass. I felt for him last finale even last episode.. But this ep.. COME ON.. But everything April said gave me goosebumps and even though next week’s promo is scary, I really think they’ll make it. THEY BETTER.. But its Shonda so.. Ugh..

    • Velocisexual says:

      Funny, I’m the exact opposite. I think Jackson is completely in the right here. April made her choice and now is refusing to accept the consequences of that choice. And his comment about it always being about what she wants is completely spot on.

      • abz says:

        Agreed. I’m on Jackson’s side with this. Also, who the hell wrote April’s monologue toward the end of the episode. It was terrible. I don’t know if it was the words or the acting but it was just not good.

      • Alisha says:

        I think thats simplifying it. It seems very easy to pin the blame on April for leaving which is why i hoped they focused a bit on why she made that decision.. but I dont think her staying would have fixed anything. Yeah, Jackson wouldnt be as mad but to think that he essentially threatened to walk away if she left, i dunno.. doesnt seem like a good place to rebuild a relationship. We all know neither of them wants to end the marriage. He seems to be convincing himself that thats what he should want but clearly doesnt. I just want to see how they handle the whole her fighting for him thing. But being Greys, i see it ending badly.

        • LC says:

          Let’s face it…they’re both avoiding the bigger problem. They never dealt with the loss of their child. Nothing will improve until they deal with the pain and grief.

          • aph1976 says:

            I agree that both Jackson and April need to deal with the loss of the baby and maybe together and separately deal with it.However i think Jackson and April will get back together but they have to accept that things won’t be the same.

      • tvadict mom says:

        My thoughts exactly

      • pauladuffy says:

        Totally with you on Jackson vs. April. What the heck did she think? She’s lucky he hasn’t moved on

    • Sara says:

      Totally agree with you!

  3. kn1231 says:

    Wasn’t crazy about the case of the week, but I loved everything else! Meredith being the new Bailey is great! I don’t understand how that intern does not know about Alex and Jo are a couple. And I definitely think Arizona and Callie are going to end up dating the same woman.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think they are at least trying to make us think Callie & Arizona will date the same woman.. I wonder if it will be simultaneously or that Arizona will date her after Callie?

      • kn1231 says:

        I read somewhere that Jessica Capshaw said she has yet to meet the person she is dating. So it seems like we won’t have an answer to that question until after the winter break. Either way I feel it will end up bad for them.

    • zac says:

      I think the case of the week was just a tool for Bailey’s storyline so I was fine with it being “meh” haha. And Calzona, I still don’t know where this is going. Just praying for April and Jackson to make up or else. We need at least one happy couple in this show and that will never be Amelia and Hunt. Saw S05E01 last night , and Yang and HUnt were just electric. Never fel that with him and Amelia.

      • Miss Rozie says:

        @zac – you just said it all – no one that Kevin McKidd is paired with will ever equal or surpass the pairing of Kevin McKidd & Sandra Oh. Maybe I will need to lower my expectation, as one can’t get better than perfection.

        • msb says:

          Perfection? She aborted the child he wanted. Their “marriage” was a joke. She was not willing to sacrifice anything for him, and he was disgustingly fine with that. Shonda Rhimes is the queen of writing dysfunctional relationships and trying to pass them off as romantic, but come on.

          • Bazinga says:

            Ugh agree so hard! They had great chemistry but they were a freaking train wreck and honestly it just made hunt seem spineless and stupid. Like dude she’s been very clear on what she wants which is nothing like you want. Move on!

          • Anna says:

            Thank you! The actors had fantastic chemistry, but I could never understand why so many fans wanted that awfully dysfunctional relationship to keep going. They were so far from perfect that they were painful to watch for like the last two to three years of that relationship. They were what Callie and Arizona became.

  4. the girl says:

    I’m incredibly bothered by April and her behavior. That whole speech about there for each other, where was that energy when Jackson needed her to be there for him? Oh yeah right, she bailed on him. Now that she’s ready he’s supposed to just jump? No dice. I hope Jackson moves on, sincerely.

    • MelB says:

      In my opinion people are far to quick to say you should just move on. After you’ve married someone that should not be the go to answer. I hope April gets over herself. I think this was the beginning of that. But she needs to realize the mistake she made ad how that affected Jackson, instead of just expecting him to meet her there now that she’s ready. But there is clearly at least potential for her to change. So no, I don’t think he should just move on. He’s married.

      • JustMe says:

        I completely agree with you. She shouldn’t have left like she did, and him giving her an ultimatum wasn’t great, but they took vows, made a commitment. They should at least attempt to fight for their marriage. I don’t think anything they’re dealing with is irreparable.

  5. Becky says:

    I really like April’s haircut.

  6. Lauren says:

    I liked this episode a lot more than the premiere last week. But I kept wondering where Meredith’s kids were. In the carpool scene, I kept thinking, shouldn’t she be driving them to the hospital’s daycare? At least she mentioned them. I hope in the future they show a little bit of what her personal life is like. It can’t be easy having that kind of job and three young children. At some point that is going to run her down.

    • NurseJazz says:

      I was wondering the same thing, about Meridith’s kids. In the first episode this season, they showed the kids toys all over the house, but no kids. This episode again no kids. I want them to show more of the kids especially Zola & the new baby. All in all I enjoyed both episodes.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I am happy to assume that she finally found a nanny.

      • LC says:

        Agreed! I don’t know why this sudden obsession so many have with the kids.

        • Miss Rozie says:

          @LC – because when the show has introduced three babies for one character, one starts to think, where in the heck are these kids & why don’t we see them, even once a month for an episode? Oh wait, Halloween is almost upon us, maybe there will be trick or treating on the show. :-)

          • LC says:

            OK, but we’re two episodes into the season. I’m sure we’ll see them. When is the last time we saw Sophia? Or Tuck!? Does he still exist?

          • Datya says:

            Mer mentioned how busy she is with 3 kids, Calkie and Arizona discussed Sophia (and Callie mentioned her earlier in the episode too), and Ben and Baily diacussed Tuck last week.

  7. Tony says:

    Great episode. Some really good moments from everyone

  8. Alisha says:

    Im excited to see where Jackson & April go from here.. Jackson is stubborn & seems pretty firm. Im glad April stepped up, she accepted that she was at fault & I needed her to commit to fighting. He loves her, diligently wears his ring but he seems to be convincing himself that they’re done. No can do. I dont know where they’ll end up but they’ve been through so much. just be happy & make babies (or practice making babies atleast, if they arent ready)..

  9. Jared says:

    This was a great episode I am really excited to where the rest of season 12 goes

  10. dil says:

    i am officially in love with this season.

  11. Lindsey says:

    I really don’t get why Alex gets like one scene an episode…oh wait two tonight!
    He’s one of the best characters!

  12. Allison says:

    I have changed my mind. I think Bailey will be a great chief. I had a knee jerk reaction last week because my opinion of Bailey is that she is loud, rude and ill tempered, but in tonight’s episode, she softened a bit and admitted what must have been a painful truth to realize about herself, but she resolved to be better. I cannot fault a person for that. Very admirable. I didn’t like how Ben didn’t remain impartial and judged her harshly while he was scrubbing in for the surgery, but that role was meant for the chief, sorry, Richard (he will always be the chief to me). I like that Bailey gave Meredith the position of the chief of general surgery. It must be a proud moment for Meredith to have Bailey’s respect and recognition of her as being the one she can trust and depend on. So yeah, I was wrong about not liking Bailey being chief. I have not and will probably never get on board with the Amelia and Owen pairing. I know that it is because I can’t get over Owen not being with Cristina and that it is unfair. I have great respect for Caterina Scorsone and admired her on Private Practice. I think I would have like to see her play the field first and then settle down. Owen, in my opinion, has always been one to do long term relationships. It would have been nice to see both of them date other people and then form a friendship and then maybe possibly end up together. Well, Shonda has proven time and again that she does not give two blankety blanks about what fans want or think. She does whatever she wants. It is Shondaland after all. April is back to being April…kinda…sorta…not really. I can’t tell if she is still healing or having a breakdown or what. Whatever the case is, she is not listening to her hubby. I don’t know. I have grown to heart Jackson and April so perhaps all hope is not lost. Next weeks promo had me gagging because Jo might have a little Alex baking in the oven! I don’t know how Alex will feel about that, but I am looking forward to his reaction!

  13. DarkDefender says:

    Although we have the whole Japril crap to have to sit through, I am totally digging the new lighter approach the writers are taking this season. Only 2 episodes in and season 12 is looking strong.
    Also, Chandra Wilson knocked it out of the park this week.

    • LC says:

      I’m right with you on that. That was my biggest complaint about the last season. The whole thing was so heavy and dark. It just didn’t feel like Grey’s anymore. So far, we’re getting those shades of light and dark in a much better combination. Loving it!

  14. Eryn says:

    Really enjoying season 12! It definitely seems lighter. Hopefully Jackson and April will work it out (though I have to admit I think I’m going to enjoy seeing her fighting for him), I definitely think Owen and Amelia are quite cute (but they need to label whatever they are soon), and I hope Alex finally finds some real happiness (and maybe even gets a storyline?) Also, as much as it pains me to say it, I’m not really feeling Derek’s absence the way I thought I would. I don’t think I’ve thought of him once since this season has started… Yes, him and Meredith were great and a core aspect to Grey’s, but I fell in love with the show for the ensemble. Good episode, I hope this season continues on this positive path!

    • NotAnselAdams says:

      Wow, I didn’t even think of this until you said it.
      I really did not notice Patrick Dempsey’s absence at all. He wasn’t missed. The ensemble is just too good to suffer the loss of any one person.

  15. Babygate says:

    So far, I’m loving the tone of this season. I love the big group scenes and how they are integrating the doctors more so that we get to see more of the characters. I love the three sisters and all their scenes. I liked the case of the week. Jo was simultaneously sad and hilarious. As long as this doesn’t become Bailey’s Anatomy, I guess i”m ok with her being the Chief. But I still don’t like this version of her. I like Bailey pre-season 7. April was tragic to watch but also funny. Well done. I’m getting a little impatient with the lack of movement on Callie and Arizona’s life. Two episodes in and we still don’t know this new mystery girlfriend of Callie’s. And why do I feel that this mystery woman is Arizona’s doppelganger? Like, Callie is crazy about her because she’s Arizona 2.0. We’ll have to forget that Arizona showed zero interest, concern or jealousy about Callie dating in Season 11 but suddenly, 2 years after being divorced, she’s interested. I’ll take it if it’ll finally get this story moving forward.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Callie described the new girl like another version of herself. I’m guessing Arizona and the new girl will eventually get together, because by the sound.. She is more like Callie 2.0, than Arizona 2.0.

    • Luli says:

      OMGGG I totally forgot they’ve been divorced for two years! wow…. I really want them to get back together, I just don’t know how they will….

  16. Amber says:

    The best exchange of the whole episode was Amelia asking Callie about having a friend that you want to make out with all the time. “What happened?” “Sofia.” LOL

  17. abz says:

    Is it just me or has Callie gotten a lot skinnier?….April was so annoying this episode. And that terrible monologue she gave at the end. It was so bad.
    And ugh Amelia and Owen make me wanna vomit. Amelia used to be a favorite of mine. What is Shonda doing to the character? And why is Scorsone acting her out the way she is? This was such a great character. She made me cry on Private Practice and gave me goosebumps during intervention. She was such a complicated and wonderfully portrayed character, but ever since the end of last season when they started this Owen relationship (a character that after 7 seasons I still am not too crazy about), she has been terrible. I hate how childish they’re making her. The last time I remember connecting with that character was last season when she confronted Meredith about taking Derek off life support without letting her see him one last time. After that she’s been terrible. I want Addison to come back and knock some sense into her. Speaking of Addison, I do hope she’ll return once before the show ends. I’d love to see how she took Derek’s death.
    Overall much better episode than the premiere. I hope they devote more time to Meredith and how she’s handling things. Its annoying that they still have not showed her together with her kids this season. The woman has 3 kids one of which is still a newborn. How is she juggling things? That’s one really important thing Shonda needs to show this season.

  18. Pat says:

    It was really a good show but I have to ask the question as I did last week, where are the three kids? I am wondering if the writers and producers feel like they made a mistake having Meridith with three kids, because they do not seem to acknowledge them other then seeing a few toys scattered around the house last week. I knew when Bailey started acting with to much authority barking out orders, that the reprocussions would be the old name that the Doctors gave her when they interned under her and that was The Nazi Bailey. I laughed because I remember when they referred to her as this. As for Jackson and April, I am not sure what is going to happen to them, but I do feel for Jackson. When he needed her the most after the loss of their baby, she just up and left, for the second time. I really hope that Alex and Jo, who I assume is pregnant will get married and I hope that the intern that is working under her finds out that she is already with someone and he stops following her around like a lost puppy but something tells me that stalking is in his future, He is downright creepy!

    • LC says:

      I said this in another comment above, but I’ll say it again. I’m not sure why the obsession with the kids. We hardly saw them last season, either, except for the last couple of episodes. This show isn’t about Mer’s kids, it’s a bout Mer and the doctors at Seattle Grace. Heck, we haven’t seen Bailey’s son in several seasons now. When is the last time we saw Sophia? This isn’t anything new for this show. We know the docs have kids, but we don’t dwell on it. I’ll just happily move forward thinking that Mer has found a great nanny or some other form of child care.

      • LC says:

        Wow, did I say Seattle Grace? I mean Grey Sloan.

      • Azerty says:

        I just wanted to say considering the weird timeline of the show (some seasons are only a few months, others are a complete years + all the time jumps) maybe Tuck is in college by now.

      • Bazinga says:

        Well I know it bothers me a little Mer is chief now and teaching like when is she ever home to see them? Also she has two other adults living with her, where exactly are the kids living, in the attic? The other ‘s kids do get mentions like tuck we know he’s in school now and he can easily be explained as being with his dad a lot. Sophia we know is in day care and they do mention her going back and forth between Callie and Arizona like they did tonight.

  19. EM says:

    Excellent episode. Lot’s going on and the episode flew by.

  20. Sara says:

    Japril better work it out!

  21. Lerbert says:

    I’m really enjoying the interpersonal moments between the regulars in the first two episodes. Both of the medical cases had some very dubious moments but of course, that’s Grey’s. Agree with those who have said the character of Amelia has lost something in translation from Private Practice. As usual the interns are the weakest point of the show. Maybe Jo is going through early menopause?

    • Suzi Q says:

      Does anyone else think Amelia is just about the most annoying character ever? She should have stayed in LA. She and Owen have absolutely no chemistry. The whole relationship just feels forced.

  22. Dominique says:

    i was pretty 50/50 on this episode. loved the bailey stuff and all of mer’s scenes. really could’ve done without april once again making it all about her. jackson was completely right to walk away. april doe what SHE wants and then acts surprised when people blow her off.
    she might’ve found a way to grieve her son’s death, but she left jackson all alone to do this by himself.
    and maybe justin chambers can have more lines next episode? geez, he’s practically the leading man now yet he has to get in line behind new INTERNS to say a few words. wow.

    • LC says:

      RE: April…I don’t think she ever found a way to grieve, she found the ultimate way to avoid. That’s the problem. She and Jackson never grieved together, they just immediately jumped back into life and then she ran, twice. As for Alex, based on next week’s previews, I think we’ll see more of he and Jo coming up real soon!

  23. Philada says:

    Combative, definitely combative. Just don’t like Bailey. Part of it is the actress’ over the top portrayal. Not feeling the love.

  24. Philada says:

    Combative, definitely combative. Just don’t like Bailey. Part of it is the actress’ over the top portrayal. Not feeling the love for this character!

  25. Bazinga says:

    Can we start a petition for them to stop making these slow awful covers of top 40 songs. Both all about the bass and shake it off were super distracting. As was wrecking ball last week. They used to have such cool indie music now for the last few seasons we get this. No thanks.

  26. Son says:

    you all are going to be surprised when you see who Callie’s gf is

  27. lorna says:

    Owen deserves better. And what did April expect?

  28. EmilyM says:

    Did anyone notice not once but twice near the end of this episode – when CalZona were talking about the new girl – they showed both of Arizona’s legs in a pair of skinnies and pumps. No artificial leg there. I know that in reality Jessica Capshaw has both legs, only Arizona Robbins has one artificial…I just find it funny after the last week when Edwards told Arizona that interns think she is faking her fake leg.