Grey's Anatomy Recap: Party Pooper

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Oh, Bailey! The song doesn’t go, “It’s my party, and I’ll leave without realizing there was even a party!” Yet that was exactly what Grey Sloan’s new chief of surgery did in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. Was it the start of a new “Nazi regime”? Read on, then we’ll discuss.

TURNING OVER A NEW CHIEF | Early on in “Walking Tall,” Mer used an attendings meeting to lure Bailey to her surprise party — only for the guest of honor to remind everyone that she’d already cancelled all attendings meetings and hit the door before anyone could say “congrat-,” much less “-ulations.” Later, Bailey helped Andrew and Isaac discover that a pituitary tumor was causing an already Amazonian woman to continue growing at a rate that her body couldn’t handle. When the woman — who was bringing the Internet to Africa — refused to give Bailey more than four hours to come up with a treatment plan that would allow her to recover from surgery stat, the chief challenged her team to do exactly that — in other words, the impossible. Reminded of what a hard-ass Bailey used to be — and still was — Callie revealed her old nickname to Grey Sloan’s newer hires… in front of Ben. (Awkward.) Basically, said Mer, pissed at having had to take over the chief’s cases, Bailey’s “a Bond villain.” (Again, awkward.)

When the deadline came and went, Jo tried to stop the giantess from leaving the hospital — and all seven feet of her collapsed on Wilson! Surgery was necessary — right that second! — but the doctors had yet to agree on an approach. “I think I put us all in a terrible position,” Bailey admitted to Ben after getting the cold shoulder from everyone in the OR. And, of course, right then was the moment that Mer wanted to update Bailey on her cases. (You can well imagine just how poorly it went when Bailey tried to tell Mer, “Not right now.”) Sensing Miranda’s anxiety, Richard gave her the first-day-as-chief present that she hadn’t noticed that morning. In response, she suggested that she was the wrong person for the job. So he gave her something even better than his old stethoscope — sound advice. Afterwards, despite the not-so-hot prognosis for the tall patient, Bailey praised her team and promised to do better as chief the next day. (In the end, it looked like the patient would be okay after all.) She also rewarded Mer by appointing her chief of general surgery.

CAPTIVE AUDIENCE | Meanwhile, after Arizona heard April’s hacking cough and caught a glimpse of the gnarly rash on her back, Bailey put Kepner in quarantine. If, as April insisted, she was just run down from her travels, she could be run down in the bubble, Bailey said. However, if April had picked up something nasty in the Middle East, it couldn’t be allowed to infect the whole hospital. “There will be no epidemics today!” Bailey declared. Although April remained eager to speak with Jackson about their marriage — question No. 1 seemed likely to be, “Do we still have one?” — he wasn’t the least bit interested in hanging around to chat, and she couldn’t exactly follow him. “The bubble does not travel!” she pointed out. Finally, she paged her husband with a 911, totally ticking him off. But at least they talked. (Loudly, yes. But they talked.) “This is the worse of ‘for better or worse,’” she suggested. “We have to fight.” Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure that they were worth fighting for. At the end of the day, given a clean(ish) bill of health, April vowed to fight for her and Jackson’s marriage. “And,” she added, “I’m gonna win!”

ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING? | Off her interrupted lip-lock with Owen last week, Amelia tried to label their relationship. They can’t be going out, she told Maggie and Mer, because “we’re not 15.” So what were Amelia and Owen? He didn’t know, either. And rather than discuss it, they just went on making out.

LOVE HURTS | In other developments, Arizona overheard Callie raving about the new woman she was dating and assured her ex that she could tell her about it. Just, um, not too enthusiastically. And Isaac fairly hilariously tried to hit on Jo.

OK, your turn! What do you think of Bailey as surgery chief — proactive or combative? Hit the comments!

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