Was Castle Reveal Random? Did Flash Telegraph Death? Was POI Sex Good for You? Ballsy Outlander? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, Empire, Grey’s Anatomy and Legends of Tomorrow!

1 | As fun and Batgirl-y it was to see Hawaii Five-0‘s Abby motorcycle to Grover’s rescue, gun a-blazing, did we ever learn how she escaped Shioma’s gunman?Once Upon A Time

2 | Admit it, Outlander fans: Wasn’t Jamie’s gruesome, duel-ending strike on Black Jack Randall kinda satisfying?

3 | Didn’t it look as if Once Upon a Time’s captured heroes could have at least tried to squeeze between the bars of their cage?

4 | In the Quantico finale, how was Liam able to hear Alex talking to him while she was roving the dorm?

5 | Suppose you’re a zombie — would you rather be held in Hershel’s old barn on The Walking Dead or Celia’s cellar on Fear the Walking Dead? Also, did we blink and miss the moment when Chris went from troubled screw-up to dangerous psycho?

6 | Does Pat’s Last Man on Earth return indicate he got to Tucson after Phil left and forced Mike to tell him where the rest of the survivors were residing? Was Mike purposely left alive to leave the door open for future appearances by Jason Sudeikis? And who spied this Mad Men homage during the finale?

Mad Men Last Man on Earth

7 | Was Mike & Molly’s adoption-followed-by-a-pregnancy conclusion all too similar to the finales of former CBS sitcoms The King of Queens and Rules of Engagement?

8 | Could Person of Interest‘s Monday-night sex scene afforded to have been, say, 10 percent less rough, or was it exactly as some of you — as well as, apparently, Shaw! — imagined?

9 | On Dancing With the Stars, didn’t you find Tom Bergeron’s comment about Ginger Zee “shrinking down” a but inappropriate, given her battle with anorexia — which he knew would later come up in one of her video packages?

10 | Did Castle’s choice for the LokSat reveal pretty much scream, “Hey, we thought an existing, albeit random character would make this sorta interesting”? And for those puzzled by the series-ending coda: As TVLine reader Patti put it, “What dream states ‘7 Years Later’?”

11 | Nothing against RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Cynthia Lee Fontaine, but how did Chi Chi Devayne’s Southern charm not win her Miss Congeniality in the finale?

Chicago Med12 | On a scale of Ringer-boat-scene bad to Grey’s Anatomy-rooftop-helicopter horrible, where does C‎hicago Med‘s CGI’d trip to Hawaii rank?

13 | On Chicago Fire, how creeped out were you by Grant just sitting there and listening while Severide and Kidd had sex in the next room?

14 | Did The Flash too heavily telegraph Henry’s death? Also, considering that time was of the essence and speedster Barry is neither a costumer nor a makeup artist, how did Cisco and Caitlin so quickly and precisely transform into their doppelgängers?

15 | Had Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. not really established the sort of Epic Love between Daisy and Lincoln that would have merited such a teary goodbye speech? With that said, let’s play casting director with the fallen eye candy: Which shows should snap up Luke Mitchell and Brett Dalton? (Is the DC/Berlantiverse off limits now that Mitchell has been on a Marvel series?)

16 | Is there any recurring character we want to see as part of the Good Wife spinoff cast more than Carrie Preston’s Elsbeth?Supernatural

17 | Did your ears do a double-take when Arrow’s Diggle mentioned Mount Weather — before you realized he wasn’t referring to The 100?

18 | Do you think Supernatural‘s Amara at least occasionally dry cleans the black dress she’s been wearing all season?

19 | Given all of their problems through the years, how was this Wednesday’s Nashville only the first time that Rayna and Deacon went to couples’ counseling? And isn’t it hard to believe that Avery, a consummate professional, would check text messages on stage while performing with Layla at The Bluebird?

20 | Given Empire‘s history of twists, wasn’t it surprising that Anika actually was Rhonda’s assailant?Orphan Black

21 | Has Orphan Black‘s Krystal replaced Alison as the show’s funniest clone?

22 | It made sense for Owen’s mother to attend his wedding, but did Grey’s Anatomy really bring in Debra Mooney to say just one line? And as traumatic as Jo’s past is, is anyone buying that she’d sooner see Alex in agony than confide in the man she loves and trusts more than anyone?

23 | Did The Blacklist make Liz’s return a bit anticlimactic by waiting until the season finale to reveal it?

24 | As Legends of Tomorrow’s Sara mourned her sister, we couldn’t help but wonder: Just how many times will Laurel’s grave move?

Arrow Legends of Tomorrow

25 | Was Bones‘ acapella group episode a couple seasons too late? (Like, how did the show not attempt one during Glee‘s run?!)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    17. Yes, that at first I was like, holy crap, maybe they are aiming to make all of the shows on the network exist in Greg Berlanti’s universe. Then I remembered that there was a real one of those which I think I looked up the first time it was mentioned on the 100.

    23. It was a touch anticlimatic and I ended up feeling so bad for Mr. Kaplan (should we just call her Kate from now on, she pretty much is Aunt Kate, or will be, to Agnes) because I was so with her in making the decisions she did and I think Tom might have been better about catching a tail. That I’m concerned this is entirely for some weird medical reason and that I thought Liz’s given last name was her mother’s and was Rostova not Rostov as he said. But then I’m curious, people seem to think Tom managed to escape with the baby, but I thought he got knocked out. Of course, he could just be further on the tail of finding Liz and the baby since we know he’s alive and the directions were to kill him.

    • swrwade says:

      Kate in the Russian language men are without an a on their last name and women have an a so the writers were correct in that. My sister is Russian and has explained that to me so that is how I know they are correct.

    • Erjames says:

      In Russia, female surnames add the “a”. So a son would have the last name Rostov but the daughter would be Rostova.

  2. tallsy says:

    13. Creeped out by the final scene in Chicago Fire, but also wondering how jaded Chicagoans are about someone OD’ing in the Park.
    16. Martha Plimpton’s character on The Good Wife spinoff.

    • maregolden says:

      Martha is currently starring on The Real O’Neals, a show you should be watching if you like good comedy.

    • KT says:

      I was wondering the same thing. I actually laughed when she ran up to his body since everyone around him was just walking by and no one thought to call the police. Chicago is a tough town.

  3. Rick Katze says:

    24. Maybe we are looking at different timelines.

  4. Bwhit says:

    3) I swear I saw those bars move back and forth when someone touched them, like they forgot to put a couple screws in them before they starting filming.
    13) So creepy

  5. Joanna says:

    “15 | Had Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. not really established the sort of Epic Love between Daisy and Lincoln that would have merited such a teary goodbye speech?”

    Not at all, it’s been less than 6 months of dating in show time and about a year of knowing each other. But knowing what they wanted to do, at least I can understand why the whole relationship was so rushed.

    It’s just a shame they didn’t bother with Lincoln and any of the other characters actual long having a friendship instead of trying to pull the heartstrings through a rushed tragic romance.

    “23 | Did The Blacklist make Liz’s return a bit anticlimactic by waiting until the season finale to reveal it?”

    I think everyone knew that Liz wasn’t going to really be dead, so I’m not sure the timing really mattered.

    • jerrired says:

      15. Agree. They had some nice moments, but I think we were supposed to assume most of their romance happened off screen. I did really like them though but I thought they needed more time to become a really great tv couple. As people stated most of their relationship was extremely rushed. Plus Lincoln spent half the season far away from S.H.I.E.L.D. The series should have used that time to build their relationship up more and Lincoln as a character. I agree with your assessment of Lincoln. That’s one reason I didn’t want/quite believe he would be the one to die. it kind of seemed like a waste to make him a series regular and then never truly develop his character beyond the romance, and then kill him. I had more faith in the S.H.I.E.L.D. writers than that. Guess I was wrong to. As much as I like Luke and Brett as actors, I just find it hard to imagine either of them on any of the current DC shows. Brett would fit best in some sort of procedural drama, cop, spy. Heck he might even work on a show like Scandal. Luke is a little hard to pinpoint, based on what’s currently on the air. I would love to see him in another role like John from the Tomorrow People or even something random like a neuro-scientist. Maybe another scifi show, just not comic book related. Maybe he could go on something like the Magicians or the 100. He might even work on a show like Orphan Black.

      • sanchopanza says:

        Considering how much trouble they went to in developing FitzSimmons’ romance, the Daisy/Lincoln relationship was no more than a warm friendship. Big dropout on the part of the writers.

  6. Cheryl says:

    10) I agree completely. The “dream sequence” assumption is ridiculous. I know my dreams don’t have timelines on them!

    22) Maybe she thinks if Alex realizes that she’s been lying to him all along and hiding things, then he will dump her. Maybe the abuse was that bad that she is terrified of ever being found.

  7. justsomeguy says:

    7) Yep. It was the only outcome though considering they had to change directions after already having completed 6-7 episodes and basically wrap up the main story of Mike and Molly.

    14) Yep. You always know it’s coming when a character goes from having maybe 4-5 lines per episode, and suddenly they’re all over the place. Writers do this because you want to justify the significance of the moment and they have these moments with key characters, but it’s awfully easy to spot 10 miles away. The second he said he was sticking around, you already knew the only outcome: death.

    15) The goodbye between Lincoln and Daisy was completely undeserving. They were fighting and breaking up last I checked, and up to that point had only been flirting with each other. This goodbye like they were long lost soul mates was pretty painful to watch, because they never showed that kind of relationship between them. I’d expect that kind of goodbye between Fitz and Simmons.

    23) The reveal was the worst kept secret maybe ever. It made me realize how weak of a character Elizabeth Keen is though. I thought the show was really good while she’s been gone.

    • Lexi says:

      I agree with you the goodbye scene with Daisy and Lincoln was at best meh! But the scenes between Lincoln and the Hive were excellent… my eye candies are gone..

      I agree the time Liz was away from the Blacklist I enjoyed those episodes more. It’s a great cast…

    • KCC says:

      The Blacklist was very good after Liz “died” but it was still about her. There isn’t another character in the show that would have every other character so involved in the stories. I think that’s what made the episodes without her so good. Love or hate Liz, the show is all about her. That’s why so many people didn’t think she really died.

      • Sarah says:

        The proof of who a show’s really about is whether or not it can survive when the character isn’t on it. The Blacklist proved it is not only fine, it’s better without Liz. The reality is that the show revolves around Reddington – there are other characters that I love, but he’s the only character the show wouldn’t survive without. They could have gone so much further with the “wrath of Red” storylines before they brought her back (if they even should have at all).

      • Sarah says:

        Neal McDonough already proved that being MCU doesn’t rule you out for the DC/Berlantiverse.

  8. Cheryl says:

    And 13) Please don’t you dare hurt Severide!

  9. thisismenow says:

    I took Castle’s ending as they died, and just like their journey began together it ended together. The jump was a reflection of their heaven and where they were. Still genuinely happy in the afterlife and spending an eternity with their peace and love.

    • BM says:

      I’m curious – how do you reproduce in the afterlife?

      • thisismenow says:

        It was the perceived future from the time traveler. Their happy ending. So this was what their happily ever after looked like for them. So that is the illusion of happiness they spend time in.

      • David4 says:

        Have you ever been dead before?

    • Cheryl says:

      Ok, but why would they specifically look to 7 years later? Those kids were not babies. You don’t see Beckett as a Senator. The “dream” or “heaven” jump is a big stretch. They were shot, and they were saved. By the people who say who/how were they saved – well neighbors can hear gun shots in large buildings like that and 911 responders are very fast. It is not a stretch. Both were shot in the shoulder. Kate was shot in the side of the stomach too. They were hurt but still breathing. So 7 years later, they are happy, in love, and have a family. Not much of a stretch compared to “we are in heaven now” theory.

      • rowan77 says:

        I agree. While it was clumsy and annoying, it was a clear jump to 7 years later to show that they lived and went on to have a family (suggesting that Morgan from Chuck was telling the truth). This was no dream, just a tacked on ending that left a ton of loose ends.

    • JosiahBartlet4President says:

      The finale as well as the entirety of season 8 and most of season 7 was totally botched and a complete disappointment.

      I’m still so bummed.

      • S. says:

        There were several eps of S8 that were old school Castle in tone. I can always tell who was watching it with a chip on their shoulder (if they were watching at all). Saying it was entirely botched as a season was simply not true. There were more issues with S7, I would argue. The disappearance storyline required money and episodes that they probably just couldn’t afford, plus they were a little beyond what was required of a crime procedural. I just assume ABC’s purse string requirements are what got them in the story bind they were in. Network won’t pay, you gotta not do things you were setting up so it looks sloppier than it needs to be. Yes there was ultimately a tie in back to Beckett’s situation IF you buy whatever weird sci-fi memory erasing situation we’re supposed to think happened. They’ve already had storylines like that executed better on Star Trek or Doctor Who. Found out something and had to have memories wiped for own protection type stuff.

        • Actually, I really tried at first to ignore the negativity coming from some Castle fans about season 8. It just got really hard to be happy with where the season was going.

          I agree that there were a few episodes this season that were good. The inconsistency was troubling, though. I could never be sure the episode I was about to watch would be any good.

        • Annie says:

          I don’t think there is even much question but that season 8 was horribly botched. As someone who has 1-7 on dvd and regularly re-watches, there isn’t one episode of 8 that I want to re-watch. The addition of Hayley and inclusion of “super PI” Alexis was a constant gaping hole that made no sense. Sure, those who are happy watching just Fillion may find something to enjoy here and there but those who loved Castle for the dynamic created by Rick, Kate, Javi, and Ryan and (to a lesser degree) the other supporting cast where hung out to dry and expected to just suck up the drivel that Hawley and TPW was spewing out. The finale was confirmation of that.

          • AnneK says:

            Agree. Not one episode of S8 i will watch again and will not be adding it to S1-7 DVD collection. Not only were storylines botched but characters so way off base it was like watching a different show. Rick was stupid and childish not smart and childlike.

    • Joe Mayer says:

      KILLJOY: Film Drama Language: C & B die holding hands. Snippets of dialog from their romance = life flashes before their eyes as they die. Empty Loft = time jump; others moved on. 7 yr. later=What MIGHT have been had they lived. NO HAPPY ENDING !!

      • Jake says:

        That’s not what the show runners say. If you want to do fan fiction, go ahead, but that’s not canon for the show.

  10. GeoDiva says:

    23) Maybe if they removed Megan Boone’s name from the credits, we might have bought into her death a little more.

    • Allie says:

      The show writers are getting really lazy so I doubt they even cared about (or realized) that obvious error. It’s sad. I miss the old Blacklist. S3 was a trainwreck of mediocrity.

  11. Alejandra says:

    8. I honestly expected that their sex would be rough, what I didn’t expect was that CBS would actually let them air that.

    • Mary Lynn says:

      Why not? Teen Wolf has much better and more convincing sex scenes. The amount of broken pottery in this scene bordered on farce – I kept expecting it to pile up and up like some “Blazing Saddles” epic. It was clumsy and forced, and having it be all in Shaw’s head was just a slap in the face to the fans.

  12. pfitzdc says:

    4. <> Wait—THAT’S the logistical improbability you choose to query?!?!

  13. D. Nolan says:

    No. 8 – Was that scene on POI really necessary? I’ve never liked Root and the story line over the past few years has been confusing at times. I’ve watch the show from the beginning, but have to say that I don’t care that it’s been cancelled.

  14. Sam says:

    16. I love Elsbeth, but her last few episodes were poorly written. The character became more of a joke than anyone to be taken seriously.
    I’d love to see her on the spin off if it is done correctly.

  15. wooglin116 says:

    6. The drone in the previous episode occurred before Mike went to Tucson

  16. Me says:

    10) The problem with the Castle ending is that the “7 years after” tag is the ONLY sign that this is not a dream sequence. We see Caskett getting shot, we see the empty loft (which clearly signifies that Caskett has moved from there), we hear the dialogue from Episode 1, and precisely at the moment Castle says ” it could have been great…” (or something in that vein), we suddenly transition into the happy family scene. In my opinion, the shooting and empty loft scenes just didn’t belong to the series finale. They would have been useful as a cliffhanger into season 9, but if they wanted it to be a happy ending for the series, they should have gone directly from the precinct scene to the “7 years after” scene. The feeling is that they wanted to show ALL the endings they had prepared, without choosing the appropriate one for the situation.
    Regarding Locksat….zzzzz….what did I want to say?…zzzzzzz….
    16) Diane and Elsbeth!!
    21) I can’t get enough of Krystal. She’s the best clone ever! I’m grateful that after losing The Good Wife and Castle I still have Orphan Black to watch. Great show and amazing actress.
    22) I was underwhelmed by Grey’s finale. There were too many spoilers and promos – nothing surprised me. Of course Jo should have spoken with Alex, but if people communicate in soap operas, there would be no drama to work on…

    • Dee says:

      For Castle: Unfortunately, they were given the axe a day or two before the producers and the editors were to submit the final product and their actors already on vacation. Just imagine the frenzy in the editing bay that day! Had they had more time, they could have had a reshoot and expanded more on the happy family scene instead of the two endings. Remember that they were cancelled around three or four days before the then-season finale was about to air. Editing out the whole shooting sequence, which was around a minute or two, will render the episode undertime. So I understand the need to not edit out that sequence…plus in a way, it symbolises how strong the bond between Castle and Beckett is. It’s a visual of the “interrogation” scenes with Mr Flynn and Mason. :)

      • mooshki says:

        Nope, they’ve said all along that they shot two endings from the start – one for if they got canceled, one for if they didn’t.

        • Dee says:

          They did and they aired both. They also said that the ending if they get cancelled should never see the light of day. Hence, the tag only lasting around 36 seconds. I assume they didn’t film that much on that scene. Again, the network gave them the axe a day or so before they have to submit the final product, which was to air the following Monday. Meaning, all of the episode was edited and in a haste, they just put the tag of the “Seven Years Later” in the end. If they edited out the shooting, the episode would only have been around 40 minutes long, 2 – 3 minutes under their required time.

          And they finished filming the series knowing, and looking forward, that they will have a Season 9, a couple of weeks before the Stana-gate came out. So they had in their minds, all of them including both Stana and Tamala should they want their contracts renewed, that they will be back for another season. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case.

          I’m actually very, very happy and very, very satisfied with the finale. Because I know they got their happy ending they so deserve, after all they’ve been through. It’s enough.

          • Annie says:

            Sorry, no. They knew weeks, if not months in advance, that they wouldn’t be asking Stana or Tamala to participate in season 9. Season 8 was completely geared to transitioning Beckett off the show

        • Annie says:

          They said they filmed and ending and a “button” scene in case of series cancellation. The editing was lazy but that was par for the course with Hawley and TPW this season.

      • sharminina says:

        Totally agree with you.If the network cancelled it a week earlier or two surely they could give us a much better ending.Still didn’t go into the story why even Castle considered skip their wedding like that and how he fell prey to LokSat.Disappointed :(

        • Dee says:

          Even then, they couldn’t have done reshoots. Stana’s probably out of the country. lol :D They should have just given the decision before they wrapped. That way, they could have expanded everything, the shooting never happened, Caleb is dead, and LokSat is put away. But how it was presented to us is Mason is locked away, how is Caleb alive and is he the real LokSat, and who the hell is the burned body? >.< They really expected that they will have a Season 9, which I presume would be taking the leaf out of Rise. (Beckett not dead, just kept in a safe place until everything is done, including the open case of who that burned body is and Caleb and will appear in the finale, using the tag scene we saw. :) )

          And re: Castle, now that you mention it…………………

  17. bryce says:

    My question: why is everyone reporting that Sara Ramirez was on Grey’s for 10 seasons when she was on 11? Is the world that bad at math?

    • PL says:

      They’re getting it mixed up/interchanging it with her statement that she has been on the show for the last 10 years, which is accurate.

  18. Gerald says:

    So many questions!!!!
    10. I know it was a hasty ending, but I wanted a happy ending for Castle and Beckett so I was happy to see the seven years later tacked on the end.
    13. Super Creepy – but they were just coming from a funeral. Kinda poor taste to jump in the sack when they got home
    14. Time is of the essence on Flash so I wondered why he stopped running to have a chat with Zoom instead of just going in for the clobber or something and not standing there and chatting.
    15. I quickly wondered how long before another show snatches up Luke Mitchell and also wondered if the CW superhero shows were off limits.
    24. I didn’t notice, but that is quite poor continuity.

  19. Berlanti already had Luke Mitchell on The Tomorrow People, so I’d say he’s a likely choice for a future reoccurring spot.

    • clintbrew says:

      he should be lightning lad on either supergirl or Legends of tomorrow or on the flash with firestorm (ronnie if he comes back) and golden glider in the same episode (there was a legionaire ring in the flash and supergirl)

  20. PatriciaLee says:

    7. It was enough like real life to be believable, so it kept the main focus on the series, which will help in rerun watching enjoyment. 10. The whole LokSat thing didn’t make sense, so what were a few more minutes of confusion. 22. There could be scenes that didn’t make the final cut. 23. Since they were all waiting for mother nature to indicate the best time for the actress’s return, there probably wasn’t much choice. 24. Well, this is a time shifting series, so changes seem normal.

    • mooshki says:

      23. I assumed they had filmed her “return” before she went on maternity leave. She still looked really pregnant to me.

  21. KT says:

    I’m glad that others noticed that Laurel’s grace has moved. You’d think they could get that right considering that they all film in the same town.

  22. DarkDefender says:

    3. The cell was probably sealed with magic.
    10. Lazy storytelling – but at least they didn’t ruin the entire premise of the series like HIMYM did.
    21. My favorite clone is still Pupok.

  23. Tom says:

    7 | Was Mike & Molly’s adoption-followed-by-a-pregnancy conclusion all too similar to the finales of former CBS sitcoms The King of Queens and Rules of Engagement?
    Apparently yes from what others have said. Never having watched the other two I couldn’t tell you.
    8 | Could Person of Interest‘s Monday-night sex scene afforded to have been, say, 10 percent less rough, or was it exactly as some of you — as well as, apparently, Shaw! — imagined?
    Anything less would not have done those two justice. And why don’t they show up in the scorecard under couples having sex for the first time? Is there a previous time of them having sex I don’t know about?
    15 | Had Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. not really established the sort of Epic Love between Daisy and Lincoln that would have merited such a teary goodbye speech? With that said, let’s play casting director with the fallen eye candy: Which shows should snap up Luke Mitchell and Brett Dalton? (Is the DC/Berlantiverse off limits now that Mitchell has been on a Marvel series?)
    You’re right they hadn’t. ANd I don’t care where they end up I’m just glad they’re gone from Agents of SHIELD. Especially Dalton. I’ve been calling for Ward’s death since he killed Victoria Hand and Eric Koenig back in season 1. I’m just glad my pre-series prediction that Jemma would die by the end of season 3 didn’t pan out. And that LMD better not be neither Lincoln nor Ward now that we’ve finally gotten rid of them

  24. Gospino says:

    10. Some viewers seriously thought that the Castle epilogue was a dream? That doesn’t even make sense. I don’t know where they got that from, it very obviously was not a dream.
    22. I’m not a Jo fan, so nothing crappy that she does surprises me. I expect the worst from this character.

    23. Isn’t that exactly what a season finale is for? Revealing the biggest secret that will then play out in the following season? Anticlimax would have been revealing that she was alive before the finale, IMO.

    • BoboTheRaven says:

      Yes, some people thought it might be a dream, or an “if only” scene… Since it cut from them bleeding out on the floor, to a shot of the loft without furniture (they moved out? They died?), to a shot of the loft with furniture back and kids. A flash forward made no sense.. Why the empty loft in between the scenes set in the same loft?

      • Me says:

        Exactly!! That’s why I think both the shooting and the empty loft scenes were intended for the season 9 cliffhanger, and they just pasted the happy ending onto it, without any clear logic. Just a very poorly executed job, like the rest of season 8. I’m really glad for the happy ending though- I would have hated for it to end any differently.

    • mooshki says:

      23. I also thought it was written perfectly. We get her back only for a moment before she’s gone again – I think it ramps up the dramatic impact, like a teaser.

  25. Lea says:

    15 – I wouldn’t say Luke Mitchell is off limits because he was on a Marvel show. It wouldn’t be the first time an actor who previously worked on a Marvel project was cast on a DC project and vice versa. As an example: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, the movie version of Killer Croc, was previously on Thor: The Dark World.

  26. dan says:

    You missed the most important question of the week: how did Michelle beat Aubry on Survivor?

    • Murn says:

      Yes, this!

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      Because the jury was full of bitter people who can’t appreciate good gameplay and wanted revenge by giving it to someone who didn’t do anything at all. So ridiculous.

    • Eric S says:

      Aubry should have won that last challenge for one thing. Aubry should have closed the season better. Michelle won the key challenges. Michelle also was very good socially. That is an underrated part of the game. Michelle had 2 ppl in the bag already (Julia, Cyd). So all she had to do was convince 2 others and I think she did that at Final Jury. I didn’t think Aubry did great at Final Jury. She said “at the end of the day” 3 times! She may lost it with me just for doing that. Michelle is not a great champion, but she is worthy. She won when needed, had key allies, closed well and also gave a better argument at Final Jury.

  27. 7) Yes but that’s not a bad thing. Mike and Molly tried so hard to have a kid for so many seasons that it was nice for them to not only get their new adoptive son but also a biological Biggs. It just pissed me off that we are never going to get to see Melissa McCarthy play a crazy, hormonal, pregnant Molly due to CBS stupidly cancelling the show.

  28. jericho says:

    10) The finale in general left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The reveal was entirely too cliche. The 7 years later bit was cutesy and all, but did no one at show or ABC think to not only shoot that, but to shoot an entirely alternate ending? Seriously the “twist” wasn’t necessary at all and it did nothing but anger long time fans. If they had him simply make coffee, go in the other room, sit on a couch and transition to the 7 years later scene it wouldn’t have been perfect but it would have been a lot better than what we got.

    16) Please no. As much as I enjoyed Elsbeth, the spin off is not something I am interested in at all. Carrie Preston is great, she is wonderful even in her canceled (yet still airing) NBC sitcom even with bad material. She deserves something better than getting stuck in a TGW spinoff for a year before CBS realizes the public doesnt really want one.

    23) No, the problem was bringing back Liz at all. The show was much better without her. NBC failed when they didn’t see that.

  29. Jason says:

    8) It’s Root and Shaw. Consider the fact that their elation ship started with torture. I just wish it had been real.
    10) They telegraphed that from a mile away. Though I think Caleb’s late resurrection trumps it in the “are you kidding me” department.
    16) Actually, I’d prefer the entire spin-off to be centered around Elsbeth. Diane has had a lot of screen time over the years and I love her character but I would rather see all those great recurring characters get pushed into the foreground while the major players recede into the supporting role.
    19) I find nothing that Nasville does hard to believe because they’ve shied away from doing things that make no sense. Inevitably the show will end with some rediculous cliffhanger and afford fans with no closure. And yet I’ll watch until the bitter and unnecessarily covoluted end.
    23) Considering the fact that Megan Boone was out for maternity leave, I don’t think so. It also helped to lull people into acceptance of the status quo. Maybe even forget the possibility for a moment.

  30. Caelinae says:

    I imagine Cisco had Reverb and Killer Frost costumes on deck for the next Halloween party.

  31. kmw says:

    Definitely Bones was two seasons too late. Didn’t care about the singing last night but that’s just me

  32. Erik says:

    8. That sex scene should’ve been rougher. The broken plates right because they cut to black were a bit much and unrealistic though.

  33. arial2 says:

    23. Red, don’t you dare hurt Kate for doing what you should have done a long time ago. In the end, she loved Red, Liz and the baby enough to try to make everyone as safe as possible. But what’s up with Tom using a phone so easily traced? Nothing like telling the enemy exactly where you are staying as well as allowing yourself to be followed. Thought he was supposed to be an experienced operative. Apparently Tom and Liz (and now Kate) don’t understand the concept of “it takes a village” (or at least Red, Dembe, their “associates” and a bunch of experienced FBI agents).

    • mooshki says:

      I have to think that as soon as Red gets over his initial shock, he’ll realize Kate did the right thing. As she said, she was doing what was best for him, despite himself.

  34. Annie says:

    25 – Dude, Bones has been a season late and a coherent plot line short for quite some time now. But -yeah. It would have been somewhere in the neighborhood of “timely and topical” about 3 years back.

    • Jerri says:

      Aye. Bones has been a season late ever since Brennan found out she was pregnant with Booth’s first kid.

      • Kia says:

        so you think that but still watching? that’s kind of weird
        and if you’re not watching, then you can’t judge what it is now

  35. Ricky23 says:

    As long as Black Jack isn’t dead which I am a little concerned about considering where Jamie poked him. He’s such a great baddie

    • Allie says:

      I gave up on this show as it was just too much torture/gore. I even read the books but the series has fizzled for me.

    • mooshki says:

      Spoilerish: If they’re following the books’ story line, which they seem to be, he’s alive.

  36. Dude says:

    21. Yes, Kristal has quickly become my fav clone

  37. Mark says:

    10. Absolutely. It was so obvious they were trying to make it an interesting twist, but it was more of a head scratcher than anything else.

    14. Again yes. I was talking to a friend about the show over the weekend and predicting that Henry wouldn’t survive the season. I knew he was a goner when the show gave us one more geek out moment with Henry and Tina meeting (90’s Flash goodness).

    15. You might be that big a scene if one of you is sacrificing yourself for the other, but they spent too much time on the will they won’t they to have really earned that scene.

  38. Teri says:

    Between ABC and the S8 Showrunners, they completely lost sight of what made Castle tick. If things would have stayed like the show it was in earlier Seasons, it would still be on for years to come. ABC should be ashamed for their flippant behavior on why they fired Stana and Tamala. Beckett is Castle and Castle is Beckett. They are equal to the story. ABC must be dumb, deaf, and blind to act so stupid and letting Stana go. She was brilliant in that role. If recent rumors are true, ABC also catered to the male co-lead and allowed him to bully Stana. After hearing that rumor, I will boycott both ABC and NF. Grow up.

  39. Allie says:

    The Blacklist season 3 sucked badly. I could care less about the dumb spinoff and just hope they didn’t tank their original show for such drivel. Jump. The. Shark (Tom)

  40. Eurydice says:

    I’ve got a question – How come every single season finale ends with “EP’s explain [spoiler]’s tragic death”? It’s like TV has become the Roman Colosseum. I get that real life sucks, but isn’t that why we have fiction?

  41. KeithH says:

    Missed the obvious question…. Ziva – dead dead or fake dead?

  42. J. Norman says:

    6) Like everything else on this show, it takes a whole lot of suspension of belief and reality.

    But, Tandy should be right to be worried and the girls should get of there fast until they know the intentions.
    In a world like this, not everyone is going to be a gentleman.

  43. Ree says:

    10. Since they knew there was a possibility that the show might be cancelled and they filmed 2 different endings, why didn’t they use the wonderful speech Castle made in the Season 7 finale, and then follow it with the “7 years later” blurb. That speech was the perfect wrap up for the show. No need to show the shooting because the speech would have taken up that time. They could have also added a few snippets of their best dialogue together as a wrap up. I swear my 4 year old grandson could have done a better job of the final 5 minutes than that mess that was aired.

    • partisan says:

      I only wish the season 7 finale had been the actual series finale instead of this one.

    • Plecodave says:

      If Andrew Marlowe and Terri felt they had a happy ever after than I do too.
      I like Hollander’s Woods speech and seeing Simon Doyle was right.

      • anthroptomist says:

        The time traveler was right only because Rick saved the son of Satan a few episodes back, so when Rick & Kate were dying, they got transported to a realm of hell that was an illusion of a happy ending, 7 years later.

  44. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    8) Given that she just had surgery, it was initally unbelievable, but since it was all in her head, anything goes!
    13) Absolutely, and I fear for their lives.
    20) No, just disappointing.
    21) Love Krystal, she’s a great addition. But I can’t pick a favorite–they’re all great!

  45. lynchrory says:

    The adoption followed by pregnancy also happened on Mary Tyler Moore.

  46. Kia says:

    I don’t see any reason to have an a cappella episode during’s Glee run. I actually think this served as a nice reminder (I didn’t actually finish Glee, stopped at S4 but the first couple of seasons were kind of enjoyable). Anyways, I like that episode.

  47. Item number seven – a pregnancy immediately following an adoption is a reality. It happens all the time. So it is not following another tv show it is literally ripped from the headlines of life.

  48. Jake L. says:

    22) I agree that Owen’s mother should have had a bigger role. Also, Amelia should have had Addison either present or name-dropped; the show seems to selectively forget about their friendship from Private Practice when it suits them.

  49. Cheryl says:

    I just want to know why no one gave a flip about Danny saving the day on Hawaii 50

    • Annie says:

      Seriously! No cards or flowers at all? He did just have major surgery! As a volunteer to save a friend no less ! 😜 Rotten friends

      And give Jerry a badge already please!

  50. Lisa Echerd says:

    7 the difference is that I stayed with Mike and Molly to the end and would have gladly watched another season. The other two shows I quit long before they ended. In the case of Rules of Engagement, that awful mess should never have made it past the 2nd season.
    22 – Agree that Owen’s mom should have had a bigger part. Wouldn’t she have checked on her son when he was waiting outside for the wedding they must have thought was never going to happen. After all that was made of Amelia having no family there, a contrast should have been drawn that Owen had only one family member and she was there. As for Jo, I don’t understand anything she does or care. Write her out!