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Grey's Anatomy April Pregnant

Grey's Anatomy: Sarah Drew Reacts to Those 'Japril' Bombshell(s)

The following story contains gargantuan spoilers about Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, so hit the nearest exit if the episode has yet to air in your time zone! 

#JapriltheMovie had quite the twist ending, eh?

Thursday’s Jackson/April-themed Grey’s Anatomy did not conclude with the estranged lovers happily reconciling, as many had expected. No, as the flashback-heavy hour came to a close, viewers learned that the quarreling couple had indeed signed the divorce papers, making their split official.

And then another, far bigger bomb was detonated.

In the episode’s final minutes, April discovers that she is… pregnant. Yep, the couple whose relationship collapse can be traced back to the tragic death of their newborn son Samuel are expecting again (although, at this point, Jackson’s in the dark about the bun in his now-ex-wife’s oven).

Below, the mommy-to-be’s portrayer, Sarah Drew, reveals how she initially reacted to the ‘Japril’ curveballs and teases what’s to come in Season 12’s homestretch.

TVLINE | Which twist shocked you more — the divorce or the pregnancy?
They were both pretty big shockers for me. I kind of thought, walking into the episode, that it was going to start with us about to sign the papers, and then the flashbacks were going to make [everyone see] that we were meant to be together, and then it would [conclude with] a happy ending. So, the first jaw-drop was, “What?! We’re actually signing these papers?” But then the next jaw-drop was the pregnancy, which made me go, “OK, well, there’s some hope [for Jackson and April] now. I see hope in this new life. All is not lost.

TVLINE | When and how did you find out this was going to happen?
I got to see the script a few days ahead of [the table read], because [the producers] knew it was such a gigantic episode for us. I was with Jesse [Williams] when I read it and I was like, “Oh my God, look!

TVLINE | How do we know for sure Jackson is the father?
Come on now. We learned [in tonight’s episode] they’ve been having sex the whole time they’ve been in counseling. I can’t imagine she’s having sex with Jackson, while also trying to work on their marriage, while also having sex with someone else. Who’s that other guy gonna be?

TVLINE | Nathan? I have a hunch something went on between them overseas… 
[Laughs] You never know. I can’t imagine that anything did, but you never know.

TVLINE | What was it like revisiting so many different versions of April in this episode? I imagine the show’s continuity police had their hands full recreating April’s myriad hairstyles. 
They were all over it. And it was really fun because, in the script, it tells you, “This scene happens sometime between Episode 10.12 and 10.13,” and then they’d go back to see what my hair looked like in those episodes. I colored my hair four times over the course of this episode. And we added extensions and then we [removed] extensions. I got to play, like, four different versions of April. It was so much fun.

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  1. Bryce says:

    I just LOST IT! Grey’s does it again. That was excellent, and I couldn’t be happier about that revelation.

    • Bryce says:

      The episode also gave me really weird Calzona feels. I can’t deal with both couples being divorced, I just can’t. Someone in this show needs to be happily coupled (while still allowing for the necessary drama). As much as I want Japril back together, this episode reminded me that I want Calzona back together so much more.

      • abz says:

        I find Callie and Arizona to be much better characters apart than together. Arizona certainly has become a character I definitely want to see more of. I loved her storyline/friendship with Dr. Hermann. It’s a shame she’s been sidelined so much. Callie has been a favourite of mine since the beginning, but I feel like the show has been mishandling character so much. It’s like they’re at a loss with what to do with her. Pairing her with Penny is just boring. Callie, Arizona, Alex, etc. All of these characters demonstrate the problems with having such a bloated cast. So many of these once and front and centre characters get pushed to the background week after week. I still love the show and it’s amazing how good it has been at times even in its 12th season, but that doesn’t change the fact that Shonda needs to trim the fat. Get rid of Owen. Without Cristina he’s just a nuisance. I’ve been Team Amelia quite a bit at times during her battles with Meredith and supported her because I know what a flawed character she was, but The writers are clearly destroying her character and are at a loss with how to handle her. They’re making her unlikable to the point where even though she did nothing wrong in the previous episode where she showed empathy to Owen and comforted him, I still saw people complain about how she turned Owen’s situation around and made it about her.

        • Robyn says:

          Completely agree about Arizona and Amelia – I always enjoy watching Arizona and her interactions with Alex and how she shaped him. I really don’t understand all the hate for Amelia. I mean she did lose her brother and it’s almost like her grief is less important or she’s not allowed to express her feelings about anything.
          I’ve always been a fan of Owen but they have slowly destroyed his character and they’re now turning April back in to the annoying character she was when she first arrived.

  2. Monique says:

    can’t stand #japril
    let it go

  3. Al says:

    Great Epsiode

  4. The pregnancy reveal is the ONLY thing that kept me from throwing something across the room in anger at this story. I had been shipping Japril for YEARS before the writers finally pulled the trigger, and was delighted they went there with them. And then promptly started doing nearly everything to pull them apart.

  5. Cindy says:

    Loved it!!!

  6. Jesse/Sarah are amazing actors. And the pregnancy reveal gave Japril fans a LOT of hope for their future. I think of it as a “full circle.” When their baby died….that separated them. And now a new life created yet again by them can bring them back together. So to me, that’s a full circle. I just don’t see Greys directors/writers giving up on Japril because this pairing is hugely loved by the fans and because Jesse/Sarah shine on the screen together. So you really don’t want to waste that talent/chemistry on an unnecessary split. I think it will be intense, but as Sarah said in the interview….there is a lot of HOPE here. A new life can bring a new beginning to them. Them losing Samuel really shattered them because they were still newlyweds….they weren’t prepared for such a huge loss right away. So I do think a new baby will add more happiness to them and give them another chance.

    • Gab says:

      Since when do the writers of this show ever take what fans want into consideration? This episode only proved again how much Shonda hates the institution of marriage. Not ONE couple has stayed married throughout this entire show. Not ONE!

      • Dax says:

        Richard and Adele separated, but didn’t divorce, and did the ’til-death parting (Derek and Meredith, too…).

        Shonda doesn’t hate marriage, but marriages do tend to suffer and not survive on soaps with great frequency, yes.

      • Bryce says:

        Bailey and Ben are stilled together. A ton of patients have been happily married. And if Derek wouldn’t haves died I’m confident him and Meredith would still be married.

      • Anna says:

        Lmao, this is a freaking soapy drama. Couples never stay together for their entire run on soaps. Yeah, they might end up together in the end, but there are always going to be breakups, cheating scandals, people running off on their wedding day, and deaths. That’s the nature of soapy drama.

    • JCups says:

      Full circle… Like a carousel

  7. Jackson will discover April is pregnant, they will reconcile, and then Jackson will be killed off. That’s Shonda’s idea of “drama”

  8. LKE says:

    Such a good episode!!

  9. Miranda says:

    It was only, I’m assuming, a home pregnancy test. Let’s be honest, it very well could turn out to be a false positive.
    Personally, I’d like these two to stay apart – I really feel like their time together has played itself out. If April does end up carrying to term, I’m sure they could work out what’s best for their child, they’re both adults after all.

  10. Sara says:

    Hoping the pregnancy is false. This is the last thing the show need – another pregnancy. They use the kids for drama and than they never show them.

  11. Natalie says:

    April should have died during the hospital shooting. That would have spared me so much irritation.

  12. SA says:

    I only watched part of this episode and everything time I did April and Jackson were arguing or having sex. That was all their so called marriage was about. The same kind of so called marriage Christina and Owen had. Same story different characters. Not looking forward to April’s pregnancy story. If she does have the baby, we will never see it again, like the rest of the children on Grey’s.

    • Whatevah says:

      Don’t forget how we’ll all have “worry” that something will happen during the pregnancy. We’ll have to watch her getting pissy w/ everyone like she has for the last 4 years. April is the worst character to hit Grey’s since Erica Hahn. And actually I liked Erica Hahn more.

  13. Grace says:

    I have to admit, I didn’t see that curve ball coming! I’m glad it did though. Jackson and April have a lot of differences, and I think those flashbacks show that it is constantly going to be a push and pull with them. But I think there’s a lot of love there–even when she signed the papers, Jackson didn’t look sure. He couldn’t even tell her when she asked that he was sure. So… there’s definitely hope. Especially when you look at moments like April asking Jackson to come with her to Jordan, and him showing up at the airport only to miss the plane. They fight–and then they meet in the middle.

  14. April is an angry woman, who is not even compatible with Jackson. She has always failed to see his side of things. Never accepting that he is who he is, always wanting to change him. PLEASE !! Never ever put them back together! He deserves someone who will accept him as he is.

  15. Kristen says:

    I was finally happy that there would be some sort of closure for this pairing and then they drop this bomb. Ugh. Biggest eye rolling moment ever. You cannot expect a couple that can’t even get past their issues WITHOUT a child to work now that she’s all of a sudden with child again. Knowing April, she’s going to keep the pregnancy a secret as long as she can, wait until Jackson has begun to move on with someone else, and then drop the bomb at the most inopportune time. Then when he asks why he kept her in the dark she’ll use him wanting a divorce and wanting out as her excuse. Why? B/c she is never able to accept responsibility for her actions. Her actions are always because of something or someone else. It’s getting old. It’s the reason why I don’t like them together because Jackson was ALWAYS taking the fall for things. He was always the one to compromise to what she wanted. Then after all was said and done, she failed to recognize just how many sacrifices he made for her.

    Over this couple.

  16. mercurio6662015 says:

    What a lot of articles for a chapter of little media interest; I think there are too many items with the same information there are boring to talk about a couple whose story has never had charm, they have always been a couple of second line, which was used to fill in Chapters . Maybe it is because the media has been occupied by Patrick Dempsey vacation with his family in St Barts. It seems that Shonda Rhimes is very interested in outshine the appearances of Dempsey. Maybe, or she is busy with hers multiple series, and no longer pays due attention to the oldest, or is afraid of the reaction that their actions provoke in the dissenting fans who follow more active than she expected these heights when we’re about to reach the first anniversary of the disappearance of the character of Derek.
    It seems that trying to remember the monographic history of April and Jackson couple. The idea of exploring life would be like if the character had made a different decision, is not new. In the series two episodes one dedicated to Meredith, episode 13 of Season 8 (What IF) and another dedicated to Cristina in season 10. I think I’ve read the other characters appear briefly, Mrs. Pompeo ¿if it is less than 2 minutes display no longer be the main character? They are copying the episodes aired. I think they intend to create a nonexistent MerDer. parallelism with the couple, because they, MerDer, are irreplaceable, while Jackson and April are anything but a dream couple.
    I think now the writers are not able to develop varies simultaneous plots in episodes. Maybe it’s because of lack of imagination that they only write about a couple and a few dialogues of the remaining cast. Of course now that I think maybe the new directors are not able to run more than two players. Where are the writers and directors of the first few seasons? The episodes were full of dynamism and dialogues between the original internal were bright; it felt that the episode lasted only 5 minutes, because life is eternal in five minutes.¡¡ How I miss those time!!
    What most inspiring comments Sarah: She talks about her physical appearance and how was her hair; I think an actor should worry and talk about how to interpret these distant scenes where her character that was different from the character who now plays. Well I not surprised me too I read an article that said she was so happy with the scripts of the team that if she had to interpret scripts written by other writers she would be sick. I hope Shonda not have planned / scheduled without hers character because it would difficult to continue working in interpretation.

  17. Alaia says:

    It was hard to watch an entire episode of April and Jackson only – but it might have been easier to take if they hadn’t tried to get Memento with it.

  18. April went from being an annoying, whiny character… to an even more annoying and whinier (and now tragic) character. Not that the burden is hers alone, but we saw how traumatized she was from Samuel’s death–how is she not on The Pill?

  19. SRSB says:

    I can’t stand April and Jackson. They argue way too much ands April is really selfish and can’t see that. Um sop over them…I fast forwarded most of this episode.

  20. Shae Beery says:

    Give Sarah Drew her Emmy already.

  21. JACK HARRIS says:

    Hi April kepner I love you to much FROM JACK HARRIS