Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: April and Jackson Have the Talk (and It's Brutal)

Tonight’s “Japril”-centric Grey’s Anatomy features a heart-wrenching sequence between the estranged couple that Sarah Drew recently likened to a “one-act play.” Well, grab a seat, because the curtain’s about to rise a few hours early!

As Drew teased to TVLine earlier this week, the flashback-heavy hour — which takes viewers on a tour of Jackson and April’s long and twisty relationship — zeroes in on what is arguably the pair’s core issue: the death of their son Samuel and April’s subsequent vanishing act.

As you can see in the above sneak peek, Jackson forces April to acknowledge the elephant at their dinner party. “We need to talk about getting a divorce,” he tells her. “We’re not even living together. This is the first substantial conversation we’ve had in, what, months?”

April quickly counters that she “wants to work on things” whereas he “just want to end them.”

The conversation then shifts to Samuel and, from there, things go downhill fast.

Press PLAY above and watch the first two minutes of the “one-act play” at the center of tonight’s big ‘Japril’ episode, and then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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