Grey's Anatomy Recap: Life in Pieces

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Where did it all go wrong? The question loomed large over this week’s Japril-centric Grey’s Anatomy. But, even after rewinding all the way to their first meeting, were the Averys able to agree on an answer? Would you be able to agree on one in the comments section? And, most importantly, were we left with any hope for the couple’s future? Read on, and we’ll find out!

SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE | Using the progress of a longtime patient of Jackson’s as a framing device, “Unbreak My Heart” zipped from era to era of his relationship with April. Our first pit stop? The day that Jackson was marrying… that patient, Tatiana!!! Wait, what?!? Next, we zapped to the point where April, already livid after being served with divorce papers in the ER, couldn’t believe that Jackson was giving up on therapy only four weeks in. “We have the same exact fight over and over again,” he argued. So what was the point of continuing? “When did you decide that you were done?” April demanded to know. Ironically, we subsequently saw that what he was going to tell her in the winter finale cliffhanger was that he wanted a divorce. However, in that moment, he could no longer be sure. If he allowed himself to just look at her, just be with her, then his mind changed. “I want you,” he confessed.

MISFORTUNE COOKIES | Later, we zapped to the moment when, over Chinese takeout, Jackson dared to use the D word, prompting April to sound an awful lot like she was blaming him for their lack of meaningful conversation since her return from Jordan. “It’s not blame,” she corrected him (and me, it felt like!), “it’s just fact.” In return, Jackson reminded her that after their son’s tragic demise, when they could have been talking, “You left me! You ran halfway across the world!” Unmoved, April insisted that when Samuel died, she died inside in some more significant way than Jackson did. She knew this, she argued, because he was coping. Only “I wasn’t coping,” he admitted. “I was covering… to take care of you.” Eventually, April became so angry that she threw fortune cookies at Jackson and, as one will, they indulged in bad-idea sex.

CRIB NOTES | Closing in on halftime, we discovered that April had asked Jackson to go to Jordan with her. And though he said that he wouldn’t abandon the patients that depended on him the way she was abandoning him, he did try to make — and just missed making — the flight. Over the holidays, as April tried desperately to reach her husband, Tatiana was growing closer to her plastic surgeon, who we saw not taking apart but tearing apart Samuel’s crib. Next, we flashed to Jackson trying to snap April out of her grief by bringing up the idea of having another baby. Alas, she was, let’s say, not receptive. “Screw you for even suggesting that!” she hissed. Since a linear narrative would be just too easy, next we jumped backwards to the happy dance that the Averys did upon learning that they were expecting.

RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCES | By and by, we joined the newlyweds on their flight to see her folks. When Jackson balked at leading the family in a prayer to make a good (if false) impression, April wondered if “maybe I didn’t know who I was marrying.” Rewinding further, April declined to have premarital sex with Jackson on what would have been her and Matthew’s wedding night… then changed her mind and pulled him into her hotel room. However, they were still having fundamental disagreements about whether to have God on the guest list for their nuptials. Subsequently, we leapt to the day that April gave Jackson a pep talk before the first of his fortysomething surgeries on Tatiana, who, it turned out, had had acid thrown in her face. (Nice mention of Mark, by the way.) Going back even further, April complained to Jackson that, when she was held at gunpoint, her life flashed before her eyes, and it was so boring! She didn’t want to die a virgin. Next, we saw the moment that April and Jackson met at Mercy West. (He was uncomfortable being questioned about his surname, she was insanely perky.)

SURPRISE? | As the episode drew to a close, April signed the papers ending her and Jackson’s fairly brief, unfairly heartbreaking marriage. But — and this is a big “but” — that wasn’t the end of the hour, nor is it necessarily the end of their story. In the last minute, April revealed to Arizona that she was pregnant. Oh, and Jackson wasn’t marrying Tatiana as we were led to believe — she was marrying someone else, Jackson was just walking her down the aisle.

So, what did you think of “Japril the Movie”? Are you hoping the baby will bring them back together again? Hit the comments!

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