Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Spoilers

Grey's Anatomy: 5 Things You Need to Know Before the Midseason Premiere

Thanks to ABC’s terrifying promos for the midseason premiere of Grey’s Anatomy (Feb. 11 at 8/7c), we’re as braced as we can be for Meredith’s violent attack by a patient in “The Sound of Silence.” But what else do we need to know going into not only the Denzel Washington-directed episode but also the season’s second half? Read on…

5. Even after three months of suspense, we still won’t learn what Jackson was going to tell April in the winter finale — whether they were finished or starting over. However, since Michael Ausiello hinted that we would likely find out the Feb. 18 episode — and that installment is titled “All I Want Is You” — Japril fans might wanna put some bubbly on ice for celebrating.

4. Then again, the Feb. 18 title could refer to Alex and Jo, not Jackson and April. When last we saw Karev and Wilson, he’d just popped the question and was waiting for an answer. And, since the midseason premiere is “very Meredith-centric,” per Sarah Drew (April), even if Alex got his answer, it seems unlikely that we’ll be immediately told what it was. (If it’s a no, maybe the tender kiss that he gives a stricken Mer in the promo is a sign that Ausiello is finally going to get the Grey/Karev pairing he’s occasionally championed?)

Grey's3. Whether Maggie ultimately decides that Andrew is a keeper “remains to be seen,” her portrayer, Kelly McCreary, recently told Matt Mitovich. But in the meantime, the show has made up its mind about McStudly — by promoting Giacomo Gianniotti to series regular.

2. Though Martin Henderson and Kevin McKidd have both confirmed that Nathan himself is not the sister we never knew Owen even had, the mystery of her fate won’t be resolved for another month or so. (McKidd has said that we’d get the deets around Episode 14, and the midseason premiere is only Episode 9.)

1. Someone’s about to spend some quality time on a shrink’s couch. When we originally learned that Life Goes On dad Bill Smitrovich would guest-star in Episode 10 as a “fatherly” therapist, we assumed that he’d be counseling Derek’s widow. Now that we know about the ordeal she’s soon to endure, that scenario seems even likelier. On the other hand, he could also be treating Owen (whose PTSD has flared up since Nathan’s arrival) or Amelia (who’s just fallen off the wagon), or helping the Averys navigate the road to reconciliation.

What are you hoping to see — and see less of — in the second half of Season 12? Hit the comments!

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  1. Tricia says:

    You told me nothing!!!!!! :) I like surprises! NOT Plane crash, gun crazy, bus hitting surprises Shonda Rhimes!!!!

  2. Constance says:

    What about Callie? Has Sara Ramirez signed a new contract extension???

  3. donna says:

    I’m so mad we have to wait one more week to see jackon answer…this is not fair. and another ep in which mer has a NDE #boring

  4. Sara says:

    So looking forward for next episode, Any chance you interview Ellen Pompeo? It’s her centric episode!

    And the therapist is for Meredith, the actor tweeted many times he worked just with Ellen. After that attack of course she needs therapy, and to get back to work..

  5. tahina says:

    Did you guys forget about Arizona an Callie (see I didn’t use Calzona) they also are important people we want to hear about! Also give us something we haven’t heard before. Thanks!

    • Nancy says:

      I want to see Callie and Arizona back together and I want to see less of Amelia! I aso want Jackson and April back together! I would like to see Bailey more like herself! I love the old Bailey better! I also would love to see Cristina back on the show! Believe Mer needs her!

  6. guest says:

    Ausiello, for the love of God, stop it with the Meredith/Alex nonsense. They’re two characters who have been refered to as siblings by Shonda Rhimes herself. She said that Alex feels responsible for Meredith in a brotherpy way this season while there will be lots of romance with Jo. How else could it be when you have paid close attention to their friendship in the past 12 seasons? Alex used to date Lexie, Meredith’s sister. She was the best man at this wedding to Izzie and was the one who encouraged him to go after Jo. They really ARE just friends. Him giving her a tender kiss on her forehead after she almost died doesn’t have to mean that he has romantic feelings for her all of a sudden. Alex isn’t one to decide to get married easily, he really loves Jo to want to try marriage again after getting hurt so much by Izzie. I for one have neither seen Alex nor Meredith even so much as look at each other in a non-platonic way. Both care deeply about each other as friends, even as siblings like Shonda Rhimes said, but there’s not more to it. And given all their history it would be 50 shades kind of weird, inappropriate and even gross. Also, just because Jo can or will swy no doesn’t mean that Jo and Alex are over for good. This show had Owen and Cristina break up and get together at least once a season until Sandra Oh left. Both Jo and Alex love each other, they just need to figure some things out. Jo not wanting to marry him when he’s always preoccupied wih friends is her good right and an Alex, who loves her deeply, will eventually understand that and try to change. It’s not like Jo ever asked him not to hang out with friends or support Meredith, he’s just overdoing the friend thing lately.

    • guest says:

      Also I think if Alex had suddenly developed feelings for Meredith he would realize them when she’s on the verge of dying. And since I can assure you that this won’ tbe the case, you should just accept that he and Meredith are friends and nothing more. Not every male and female on this show have to get involved romantically.

    • guest says:

      Also I think if Alex had suddenly developed feelings for Meredith he would realize them when she’s on the verge of dying. And since I can assure you that this won’t be the case, you should just accept that he and Meredith are friends and nothing more. Not every male and female on this show have to get involved romantically.

      • Andy says:

        Preach! I’m so tired of this Meredith/Alex talk! People always assume that Alex will go through every woman on the show who’s single, but the fact is he grew up and he wants to settle down with Jo. And his friendship with Meredith has always been viewed as such and nothing more. Derek’s death doesn’t change anything about that, because Alex has his own life and his own feelings for his girlfriend, not his best friend. He didn’t just stick around all these years waiting for Meredith to be available and dated her sister and her friend instead because he couldn’t have her. Also Shonda Rhimes is doing something beautiful by writing such a strong female/male friendship that was never romantic. The other one we had were Mark/Callie but they were involved sexually at some point. Meredith and Alex prove that men and women can be very close friends without it ever turning into more but it looks like people like Ausiello haven’t understood that.

    • PL says:

      Agreed. We already saw what happened when Grey’s put a sibling-like relationship into romantic territory: Gizzie. That worked out well for everyone, didn’t it? Some people should just not be paired together romantically. Alex and Mer are two of those people.

  7. Anna says:

    Alex gives Meredith a tender kiss on her forehead after she almost dies. Probably having in the back of his mind that her husband just died 1.5 years ago and that she’ll leave three children behind. They’ve been close friends since their intern year. You’re acting like he’s making out with her in the promo. I’m sorry but if someone I considered such a close friend for a decade who feels like family to me would’ve survived the millionth disaster I would give them a kiss on the forehead too, especially since hugging them wouldn’t work when they’re severly injured. Meredith and Alex are like brother and sister, let go of that weird fantasy of yours. Also how often have we seen couples break up and then get back together on this show? Even if Jo says no to Alex I’m sure they’ll get back together. They’re in love with each other after all, don’t have unsolvable issues at the moment and as far as I can judge neither has feelings for someone else. Don’t be ridiculous.

  8. reesa says:

    I’m secretly hoping for Merlex (?) pairing, too!! MUCH better than Jo! I dislike her sooo much.

  9. Dominique says:

    i can’t wait for the new episodes. it’s been really good this season so far.
    i really hop ejo and alex won’t get married. i’ve never liked them together and with the last few episodes, i can’t help but think how incredibly selfish and childish jo is, and how much better alex deserves.

  10. Whatevah says:

    I want less Maggie & the intern. She’s become so “high school” all she talks about is having sex with the intern…she’s so boring now.

  11. Jeri says:

    This show has gotten good again, It was kind of stale for a while but it has re-peaked my interest making it must see tv once more. Glad it’s back soon.

  12. Toni says:

    Andy – can you please confirm the line about Meredith being attacked by a patient? I know a lot of people were speculating that she would be attacked by Owen.

  13. I’m sorry it’s not Amy Madigan playing the shrink – she was terrific.

  14. So, basically, the shrink shoud be seeing all of them because they’re all nuts

  15. Debra says:

    Bring back Christina, she was (if you remember) Mer’s person, and vise versa. So she needs her NOW. And maybe a visit from Der would help, also Lexi, and a special ghost, her mom.

  16. Ana Cristina says:

    You have some information to pass on the Arizona Robbins? She will finally start dating someone again? Your fans would like to have information about it as well. Thanks.cristina

  17. Carly says:

    Karev and Wilson should get together. The writer’s should show her strength, not using her for jealousy. Alex and Meredith getting together is sick. They have always been like brother and sister. Eew! Meredith has made a “family” from the characters/people in her life, the hospital has been her “HOME” since she was a little girl. Putting those two together is just wrong. You should bring in a new character meant for Meredith. And honestly, I am sick of “Owen”, and for that matter “Arizona.” Both characters are the most extremely selfish characters, who have ruined every life they have touched in this series, especially “Owen.” So he can sing, big deal.

    • Brenda says:

      I totally agree with everything accept for bringing Christina back I don’t like her she was never good for Mer she always said she was her person but what did she ever do for her . Watch from the start and see how many times she apologized for a fight between them not once she always put herself above Meredith . She was always put in Christina’s shadow or in Dereck’s. Let Meredith shine for awhile stop with the bad things let her have a major medical break through or an award of some kind.

    • Whose life has Arizona ruined. Callie was the one who walked out. Arizona has been a good friend to Alex, April, Teddy, Bailey, Herman, Mark,Meredith(“We’re alright”), Christina(“Do you ever think about it anymore?”)… Don’t tell me you aren’t over her PTSD period of confusion, when she cheated. How long ago was that?!

    • Bazinga says:

      What show are you watching? Whose lives have been ruined by Owen or Arizona? And why are you putting quotes around the names like those are allegedly their names.

  18. Deb says:

    never the same without Derek so don’t always watch anymore

  19. Zia says:

    Patiently hoping for Japril’s reunion.. That kind of chemistry must not be wasted. Let them stay together and be happy for a change..
    P.S. I still haven’t forgiven TVLine for listing them as the most overdue breakup in the EOY 2015 list.. If they actually DO breakup, Im coming for ya’ll..

  20. Megan Bomalaski says:

    Please keep April and Jackson together!!! This show is notorious for splitting up couples!!!

    Is Owen mad because that guy used to be his sister and had a sex change?

  21. Lyssa Page says:

    Arizona: Gone!! The character has out – lived herself.
    Amelia: Gone!!! Totally un-necessary to the show.
    More men in the cast of characters.
    Derek back!!!!

  22. Guest says:

    So we’re going to forget that Callie and Arizona are characters on this show. I see more info out there about Penny than those two. Bad enough we no longer have Calzona. Can we see something or read something that pertains to their storylines?

  23. Laura76 says:

    Karev and Grey all the way… Long awaited….. They are best friends, who better to have a relationship with…… love them together

  24. Laura76 says:

    Jo is the most boring character on this show. Get rid of her. Meridith and Alex all the way

  25. Marissa says:

    I am so for Alex and Meredith hooking up . They been through it all together . They held each other up. Mer was there for his divorce . He is there for her husbands death. They push each other to be better . It’s a perfect pairing . They have a lot in common . This is why I hope Jo says no .

  26. Christine says:

    The two things i really wanna see is Meredith command this show like she’s suppose to. Plus Japril reconcile and be the power couple that this show so desperately needs right now.

  27. sherrie says:

    Sick of Amelia being so needy. Every show she has been on, she has been so weak. Would like to see her with her head on straight for a change.

  28. Foian says:

    Jo won’t be happy that Alex will be supporting his ‘person’ Meredith. Does Richard know the patient that beats up Meredith? If the hint is Avery and Kepner get back together that doesn’t mean everything’s gonna be alright though. My bet would be Meredith will need therapy, would be nice to have Cris turn up to support her friend though

  29. Colleen Todd says:

    Greys Anatomy- please show less or take Derek’s sister off . I never thought she was a very good actress and I LOVE this show . I been a faithful watcher , never missed a single show and have watched all the seasons several times on Netfix . Miss the people that have left the show .

  30. Karen Kania says:

    I will watch until Grey’s is no more because I’m a true fan of the show. But nothing will ever compare to the original cast. My favorite scene will never change. It’s the one where Bailey was giving birth and George was trying to help. Bailey told George “stop looking at my va-jay-jay!” Now that I find myself thinking about the original cast, I really think that my favorite scene, was EVERY scene that included T.R. Knight. How I wish there was some way to reincarnate 007!

    • Karen Kania says:

      Also, someone else in this thread mentioned that she liked the old Bailey better. I wholeheartedly agree! The tough as nails Bailey was by far, the best.

  31. Linda says:

    Love the show but the happy parts shouldn’t take so long, like the evil but good should squash it faster

  32. Leanne says:

    April is a whinner and only wants her way. She leaves Jackson and then comes back and thinks everything will be the hoo hoo. He is to good for her. On the other hand I would like to see Jo and Alex together. he deserves some happiness

  33. Brandie says:

    Arizona DOES NOT DESERVE SOFIA, she is not the biological mama. Callie should be granted sole physical custody of her, she is the Biological mother anyway. Arizona destroyed that when she cheated on Callie. I think it would be an enormous mistake of massive proportions to give custody to Arizona.

  34. Brandie says:

    I hope April and Jackson get back together and stay and raise baby, and Jacksons mother stayed OUT of their relationship,
    Arizona needs to go away, Miranda needs to back off of Ben, he made a mistake just as she has done, Miranda is not the Judge, she is his Wife and needs to start acting like it.