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Scandal Season 5 Spoilers

Will a Scandal secret keep? Will Once Upon a Time make a nod to Neal? Is three a crowd on Castle? What was behind that Criminal absence? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Will Scandal‘s Olivia tell anyone about the abortion? –bevoette
Obviously, “It’s up to Olivia” who knows and doesn’t know, says Katie Lowes. But seeing as the season picks up (on Feb. 11) a full six months later, “Time has kind of done its thing to everybody,” says the actress. The back half of the season has “so much stuff going on that mimics real life, it’s crazy. There’s social commentary, like the lawn chair episode or when we took on rape in the military,” says Lowes. There’s also “a lot of Quinn-ery” for her character. “There’s a lot of Quinning, a lot of winning… a lot of ‘I’m Quinn, bitch.'”

Any scoop on Sleepy Hollow‘s Jenny/Joe? —Ramon
“They have a very significant arc in Episode 9 (aka the winter premiere airing Friday, Feb. 5), and their relationship kind of hits some milestones in that one,” teases exec producer Albert Kim, who’s a big fan of the budding couple. “They’ve been like their own little show, and it’s been gratifying to see how much people love them,” he adds. “[Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman] have really natural chemistry together.”

Will there be any Lucy and Beckett interactions on Castle? –Barry
“It’s funny you ask that – in [Episode] 816, we will be doing a little Beckett/Lucy/ Castle [interaction], a bit of jealousy,” co-showrunner Alexi Hawley shared when I hand-delivered your Q. “Your readers are very perceptive!” (Yes, yes they are.)

Any chance you have details on if Katrina Law will be back on Arrow as Nyssa again? –Christina
Nyssa is set to resurface on Feb. 3, though that of course is too late for any reunion with resurrected Sara (whose time-hopping Legends of Tomorrow journey begins this Thursday). But Caity Lotz hopes that Law at some point pays the spinoff a visit, to give closure to Nyssara fans: “I would love for her to be [on Legends], and hopefully that will happen.”

Will we learn any more about Lincoln’s backstory on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? –Susan
In a word, from EP Maurissa Tancharoen: “Yes.”

Can you tell us anything about The Flash‘s Wally West? Scoop about his interactions with Iris would be the cherry on top of the sundae. —Tatiana
“We’re going to find out that Wally’s a drag racer,” exec producer Andrew Kreisberg previews. “Iris is understandably upset about that, and actually uses her journalistic prowess to try and shut down the races. Conversely, Joe is just happy that Wally’s in his life, and he’s desperate to not do anything that might drive him away. In the beginning, he’s being a little bit too much of a best pal and a running buddy, and not being a dad. One of the things that Joe has to come to grips with, and Wally too, is that Joe can’t just be this laissez-faire guy in Wally’s life, that… he’s going to be there for him whether Wally wants him to or not. So they’ve got some tough stuff to do in the beginning.”

How worried should viewers be about Derek Morgan in upcoming episodes of Criminal Minds? What sort of emotional upheaval should viewers be preparing themselves for? –LaShawna
“There is a lot going on with Derek,” says show boss Erica Messer — as this provocative bit of casting for the episode titled “Derek” already suggested. “He’s really taking up our emotional head space for a good chunk of this midseason stretch.”

What’s with the absence of Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds these last few shows? –Traci
Though Reid resurfaced last week, he was MIA for a stretch, because Matthew Gray Gubler’s current deal doesn’t call for him to be in every Season 11 episode. As Erica Messer explains, “I always joke that [Matthew] makes me feel like I’m standing still, he has so many things going on all the time. There was an opportunity he didn’t want to pass up for the fall that made him light with us, and we were happy to oblige because he’s such a pro and such a love. We love to make him happy.”

We love Amazon’s Alpha House — is there any chance it will be back for a third season? Seems like a long shot at this point, but the political environment is ripe for them to pick on, so maybe?! – LTZ
“That’s TBD,” Amazon Studios boss Roy Price said when I brought your query to him. Noting that he met with series creator Gary Trudeau just two weeks ago, he added, “We’ll have to resolve that.”

Is there more Peyton/Blaine interaction coming up on iZombie? Or any scoop on if/when Liv finds out about it? — Katie H.
“It’s not the focus of the back half of the season, but Ravi continues to pine for Peyton, and Blaine is pretty intrigued as well,” executive producer Rob Thomas teases. As for the second half of your question, “That I want to keep to myself,” the EP hedges.

Chicago Med is filling the ER-shaped hole in my heart. Any scoop to come? –Bex
Med star S. Epatha Merkerson thinks viewers are “really going to love” this Tuesday’s episode, in which Natalie gives birth. “They’ll be surprised about what happens,” she adds, applauding the people around Natalie “as a group who work together and who figured out how to deal with one another, who care for one another.”

On Once Upon a Time, is there going to be any mention of Neal possibly being in the Underworld? –Shannon
Though Season 5B will quickly lay out the rules for who is and isn’t lingering in the Underworld, “I would think that it would be very disappointing for Emma to go down there and not have somebody talk about Neal,” says co-creator Eddy Kitsis.

Is William Shatner’s Tweetfest for CW shows turning into a gig for him on Supernatural? — SnazzyO
“He’s been absolutely wonderful, but there’s been no formal discussions of that sort,” executive producer Jeremy Carver says. To make up for that bad (?) news, how about this teaser: The show’s return this Wednesday features the first scene between all five of its major players — Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley and Rowena — and it falls under the category of “strange bedfellows,” says Carver. “Everyone has an axe to grind as we move into the second half [of the season]… Fans should expect shifting allegiances, alliances and some fairly shocking turns right from the jump.”

I will do your laundry, vacuum your living room and do your dishes if you give me scoop relating to a certain Grey’s Anatomy pairing: Maluca! (Maggie and Deluca, that is.) Any chance those two might become more than friends with benefits? —Patrick
Oh, sure — I run this after my cleaning lady has just visited. Anyway: “We last saw Maggie and Deluca trying to negotiate being [casual hook-ups] and to be professional, and it’s still a challenge,” Kelly McCreary reports. Whether this coupling is the real deal “remains to be seen,” she adds. “They’re still trying to figure it out — but they’re having fun doing it!”

Is there any scoop for Reign? –Lori
CW boss Mark Pedowitz hopes that the historical drama sees Season 4 — if only because “we’ve got to find out if [Mary] goes back to Scotland!” When I asked if there had been any talk of keeping Francis alive even longer than he should have been, Pedowitz said, “No, because we wanted that moment, because there is a level of history. We get knocked on that, but we always knew Francis would meet his demise. And the real richness of the stories this year I think are coming from [his death], the introduction of Queen Elizabeth…. And I think it’ll even be richer when we move her to Scotland.”

Any Danny-related scoop on Hawaii Five-0? –Sarah
As hinted in our Winter Preview extravaganza, Episode 18 will serve up a story involving Danny, his kids and… a carjacking. “They’re not really in jeopardy, but they get in a situation where they end up having their car stolen,” says showrunner Peter M. Lenkov. “They go to spend a quality day with their dad and their car gets stolen for a robbery, and they chase the car.… It’s a fun story that brings him closer together with his kids.”

Any spoilers for Jake and Amy on Brooklyn Nine Nine? – Kate
As Melissa Fumero raves, “We have a superfun guest star coming up” on Feb. 2 — Married With Children alum Katey Sagal, as Jake’s mother. “And maybe Jake’s dad (played by Bradley Whitford) is there too… which is weird.” Whatever the case, “Amy is in Super-Trying-To-Impress mode, though whether or not she succeeds is a totally different story!” The green-eyed monster is also on the horizon, when New Girl‘s Damon Wayans Jr. guests as a former 99er who’s “like best friends with Jake,” Fumero reports, “so Charles gets a little jealous.”

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