Castle Aubrey Plaza

Castle Reveal: The Feisty 'New Woman' in Rick's Life Is... Aubrey Plaza?

ABC’s Castle this Monday introduced us to “Lucy,” the know-it-all that helped Rick adjust to life without Kate… and also blatantly ribbed him about it. Sucks to be you, Rick” and all.

Now, the all-too-familiar faceAPlaza_300 behind “Lucy” — an Alexa-like home operating system gizmo — has been revealed, and it belongs to Parks and Recreation fave/Friend of Fillion Aubrey Plaza.

Plaza revealed her stealthy voice casting on Twitter, in a message directed at Fillion. (Among other things, the actors’ association includes working together on Pixar’s Monsters University.)

If you wish to rewatch the “Lustle” scene now with an ear for Plaza’s voice, I’ve cued it up here. Did anyone by chance guess it was Plaza beforehand?

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  1. c-mo says:

    I knew I liked Lucy for some reason and now I know why, it was that touch of snark.

  2. Coralie says:

    I feel better knowing that

  3. Just one thing says:

    I take a teensy bit of pride in knowing I used the term “Friend of Fillion” long before Mr. Mitovich made it legit.
    I’m also glad Castle has a new woman in his life. He deserves it.

  4. John NYC says:

    The guy sure seems to know, and have fun relationships, with a LOT of former co-workers…..

  5. Kim says:

    It was a very funny scene!

  6. CastleBuzz says:

    Of course it was yet another Friend of Fillion. Heaven forbid someone else on the cast should be allowed to favor a friend.
    Lucy was stupid. All it showed was how shallow Castle could be: he wakes up in an empty bed, sad and distraught, only to turn into his jovial juvenile self in seconds upon getting a new toy in the mail. Ugh!

  7. lkh says:


    • lkh says:

      NF loves electronic gizmos. No mention of archery (which Castle was doing) which happens to be SK sport of choice.

    • S. says:

      Good grief. Is there anything you can’t complain about when it comes to this show? Also, of course you care. You clicked on this article and commented. We’ve been over this as a gripe, Internet. C’mon now.

      • lkh says:

        actually, I don’t complain much at all-comparatively speaking, I’ve been pretty supportive of this season so far. I’m just irritated that the fans have been so hard on her, calling her terrible names, wanting to get her off the show, planning her death, so I look at all that and then come here, see this, and reacted in a grumpy way because she can’t get a break. It actually was a funny scene…

  8. 88BHawk says:

    I knew it was her. For a second, I thought I was going crazy. Thanks Matt, for the confirmation that Im not insane.

  9. peterwdawson says:

    Not sure why the hell it’s in the show but… cool?

  10. lame says:

    At least Lucy won’t lie to him and isn’t psychosomatic for now. Until the writers have her take control of all the appliances and develop a baretone voice.

  11. Tom says:

    I would have known it’s her voice if I had heard it

  12. Bob Backus says:

    Can these moron show runners and writers do anything semi-original? Were they walking by the set of The Exes when they did that episode? Pretty pathetic when you are ripping off an rather unfunny TVLand show. I used to really like Castle, but if these morons are still around much longer IT’S TIME TO KILL IT.

  13. lame says:

    Imagine when Rick and Kate get back together and their getting in the mood, Lucy’s voice echoes in from the next room.

  14. lame says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find Beckett’s hair color anoyingly distracting. Or is it a wig.

  15. lame says:

    I know Beckett has extension, look how much shorter her hair is when she’s punching the heavy bag. I guess no one was supposed to notice.

  16. Jennifer says:

    I don’t understand why people are picking at and going after SK for. She is not doing anything wrong. Her character is doing what the writers are asking and don’t believe for one moment NF’s character isn’t doing the same. The story behind Kate leaving might not make sense now but I do believe that if the shoe was on the other foot and it was Rick who was digging around in something from his past that would put his wife, daughter and mom in danger that he wouldn’t leave as well. Your love for someone makes you do things that you normally wouldn’t do. You put their happiness and well being ahead of your own. That is what Beckett is doing. She never said she was divorcing him, she never said she didn’t love him. She told him over and over again that she loves him and always will and that when she comes back she hopes that he can forgive her. We all know he will. If people out there actually think this show can go on without SK playing Beckett it won’t. The show is just as much about her as it is about NF. Love the whole cast and I’m willing to see where it takes us. But for me no SK no Castle.

    • lila1star says:

      Agreed–but one tiny point. KB did not leave to keep him safe. That plot point is everywhere and now even the writers are saying it in interviews but in the show Rita told her she was safe and could go back to her life once the AG gal took the fall. But Kate can not–even with everyone from Rita to Mr. Smith telling her to leave it alone. Her issues are back “stronger than ever”. She is actually putting him in danger by investigating. KB is being very selfish and can not seem to get past herself and her belief she is super woman. IMO–this whole story line is yet another reset.

    • David f jGlblin says:


      • lame says:

        And with every reset it solidifys the fact that KB is in serious need of therapy. If not something else will come along and Rick and the family will play second fiddle yet again. Robert Downey Jr could recommend some excellent places. Ha, ha ha

    • shirley says:

      Can’t we all be friends?
      Lets give the new show-runners a chance.
      I wanted them married and the writer gave me that.
      I want them together and I guess the writers will give me that again.
      I think I know where they are trying to go.
      I’m it for the long haul.

  17. Julie Hallows says:

    I like lucy. I think she was put in place to keep him occipied and on track. He has a big kid true heart. He’s like a big Teddy Bear. That’s what I love about him. That’s why Kate loves him. I wish their were more men like him in real life.
    Maybe Kate sent lucy to castle to keep an eye on her family while she’s off saving the world. I love Castles new office.
    Have a awesome day. Try a smile it always works for me.

  18. John Monaghan says:

    How come Nathan Fillion never even aknowledges Stana Katic in anything and apart from promo posters when you see them now they a so far apart and in the video for the 100th episode Stana looked as if she didn’t want to be there !

  19. Missy says:

    I knew that voice sounded so familiar to me, that’s really cool. Loved Parks and Rec. Aubrey Plaza is delightful :D

  20. Robert Barron says:

    Consider this my break up letter with Castle. Just as Rick and Kate are breaking up this season, I am breaking up with the show. I have been a loyal viewer each season. There was nothing wrong with the show, it should not have been changed.

  21. Susan Wetzel says:

    Sounded like Scarlett Johansson – like the voice in the movie “Her”.

    • David says:

      Lol yeah but on Her (The movie) the PC eventually dumped the guy for a better cyber life (tongue in cheek) It’d be crazy if Lucy dumped Rick in the same fashion

  22. Colleen Arnowitz says:

    I want Castle back with Beckett. I don’t know where the producers’ and writers’ heads are but they could have a great storyline if they would keep Castle and Beckett together!!

  23. studio says:

    Its always a disappointment when you post a video that is only available to the american viewers

  24. Franks says:

    where to buy this pyramid-Siri?