Castle Reveal: The Feisty 'New Woman' in Rick's Life Is... Aubrey Plaza?

Castle Aubrey Plaza

ABC’s Castle this Monday introduced us to “Lucy,” the know-it-all that helped Rick adjust to life without Kate… and also blatantly ribbed him about it. Sucks to be you, Rick” and all.

Now, the all-too-familiar faceAPlaza_300 behind “Lucy” — an Alexa-like home operating system gizmo — has been revealed, and it belongs to Parks and Recreation fave/Friend of Fillion Aubrey Plaza.

Plaza revealed her stealthy voice casting on Twitter, in a message directed at Fillion. (Among other things, the actors’ association includes working together on Pixar’s Monsters University.)

If you wish to rewatch the “Lustle” scene now with an ear for Plaza’s voice, I’ve cued it up here. Did anyone by chance guess it was Plaza beforehand?

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