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Question: Any Good Wife scoop on Cary? —Mohammad
Ausiello: I finally have an answer to the burning “Does he bat for Team Gay?” question. Remember a few months ago when Cary seemed to doth protest too much when his underling hit on him? Well, EP Robert King reveals that the odd, seemingly out of nowhere exchange was neither a seed being planted for a bigger storyline nor a non sequitur. “We liked how Cary was out of step in trying to get in touch with the newest generation coming into the law firm,” King explains. “He wanted to belong and he wanted them to feel like they belonged. And of course it’s misinterpreted by the young associate as a come-on.”

Question: Are we going to see Zach this season on The Good Wife? —Anabel
Ausiello: Yes, ma’am. Graham Phillips will return as Alicia’s golden boy in the first post-holiday episode (airing Jan. 10), an hour that finds the entire Florrick clan crammed into Peter’s campaign bus en route to the Iowa Caucuses. (Get a first look at the family reunion, below; is that Zach’s GF wearing the Georgetown hoodie?) Oh, and you know who else will be on that bus? Alicia’s new archnemesis Eli! Fun times.

Good Wife

Question: Anything new on the Gilmore Girls revival? —Maureen
Ausiello: What would you say if I told you that one of the main four characters (i.e. Lorelai, Rory, Emily or Luke) will be getting a new love interest? Spit it out, Maureen — what would you say?!?!?

Question: Can you give Nashville fans an update on Hayden Panettiere’s temporary leave?  —Shannon
We asked showrunner Dee Johnson this very question last week, and she said Panettiere’s medical leave (for treatment for postpartum depression( would end “soon,” but added that the actress hasn’t yet returned to set.

Question: Still freaking out after The Originalsmidseason finale. Please tell me you have good news. — Betty
Sorry, Betty, no good news here — especially if you’re a Mikaelson. As if Aurora, Tristan and Lucien weren’t enough, I hear another shadow from the Original family’s past is coming back to haunt them in 2016. Be on the lookout for Cortez, a “callous, smart and manipulative” vampire with “little regard for human life.” Sounds like a hoot, no?

Question: I want to know about Eliza Coupe’s Quantico character. I loved her first episode! —Paola
How about this nugget? There’s a good chance we’ll see former spouses/current partners Hannah and Ryan at work in their professional guises, executive producer Joshua Safran tells TVLine. Whether Alex also will see them working closely together — and how long it’ll take her heart to break all over again — remains up in the air.

MadamQuestion: Come on, give: I think Madam Secretary is the best show on TV, and I need the dirt! —Andrew
Did you pick up on the fact that there were a bunch of high-powered dignitaries — Elizabeth and President Dalton, as well as Maria Ostrov — very close to the area where the attack happened at the end of the fall finale? Because I did. “I’m so glad you saw that,” executive producer Barbara Hall tells TVLine, promising that the next episode will pick up right where the finale left off. “We’re not going to make you wait” to find out who lives or (gulp) dies, she continues. And the confusion over who was the attacker’s actual target? “The episode is pretty much dedicated to taking us down that path.”

Question: Did the Blind Item concerning a co-lead possibly dying ever get revealed? Did I miss it? —Billy
Ausiello: It was revealed, William. Nice job staying on top of things.

Question: Anything on Devious Maids? I’m dying for Season 4 over here! — Kate
Well, Kate, how about some fresh intel on two new faces popping up in Beverly Hills next season? First up is Kyle, a sweet, sexy — and, most importantly, filthy rich — newcomer who falls for one of the show’s core maids. But economic disparity isn’t the only obstacle for this potential new couple; the maid in question will also have to endear herself to Kyle’s mom Frances, a strong-willed woman who might be a little too attached to her son. (She calls Kyle her “miracle baby.”)

Question: We’ve seen Tyler in the future on The Vampire Diaries, but nothing from Jeremy yet. Any idea where he’ll end up in three years? – Ashley
I can tell you this much about Jeremy’s present, Ashley: He’s a little busy putting out fires in Chicago with the late, great Uncle Mason. As far as his future is concerned, TVD executive producer Caroline Dries says the writers have “talked about it here and there, but nothing is firm. Sometimes, we say, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if blah blah blah,’ but none of the stories are driving towards anything yet.” So the producers aren’t quite ready to steal him away from Chicago Fire, even though Dries assures us that “Jeremy comes up all the time” in the writers room.

Question: What’s new for NCIS in 2016? —Marsha
Ausiello: The CBS juggernaut, perhaps inspired by our bullish renewal prediction, is looking to add a pair of fresh, young faces to the team in Season 14. The newbies, one male and one female, would both be series regulars.

Question: Will we see more of Mickey on Shameless in Season 6? —Shazul
Ausiello: Just as Cameron Monaghan hinted to TVLine, the jailbird turns up in the Jan. 10 season opener, but his ex Ian has no desire — at least initially — to visit him in the slammer.

TBBTQuestion: Can I have some Big Bang Theory scoop, please? —Aleksandra
Ausiello: Just because Sheldon and Amy are a couple again doesn’t mean we have seen the last of her ex, played by Stephen Merchant. “He’s a busy guy, but the door is wide open for him to come back,” showrunner Steve Molaro tells me. “We were honored to have him.” (For another TBBT tidbit, scroll down to “This AAnd That.”)

Question: Still obsessed with Empire, and dying to know: Is Jamal’s unexpected night of passion with Skye going to come back to haunt him? —Mona
Ausiello: Depends on what you mean by the word “haunt.” Seeing how Season 1 already found Jamal dealing with a back-in-the-day, opposite-sex romance (and the adorable little girl who ultimately turned out to — ick — be Lucious’), don’t look for Skye to swoop in with a Clearblue Easy box and tickets to Maury Povich. But when we asked showrunner Ilene Chaiken if there’d be any fallout from Lucious telling David Geffen-esque benefactor Jameson (William Fichtner) about Jamal’s hookup with Alicia Keys’ R&B diva, here’s what she had to say. “Without wanting to give away a whole lot of story, Jamal has definitively said ‘I’m gay.’ And I believe Jamal can say that, even if he might have had sex with a woman once or twice,” Chaiken reasons. “Who Jamal has sex with is nobody else’s business. We all know that, yet that’s the fight we fight as gay people. But then there’s Lucious Lyon — and Lucious will stoop low to get what he wants.” Uh-oh, Daddy Dearest had better not screw up that Pepsi endorsement!

This AAnd That…
Tonight’s coitus-themed Big Bang Theory completely lives up to the hype. It’s a deliriously sweet and funny half-hour, featuring predictably on-point performances from Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik.
QuinnI’m predicting Sunday’s Homeland finale will mark the end of the road for Rupert Friend’s Quinn. And I think I’m OK with that. The guy has suffered enough (as have we). (Whether that cuts down on Matt Mitovich getting asked by strangers, “Hey, do people ever say that you look like..?” remains to be seen.)
 Star Wars: The Force Awakens totally lives up to its 95 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating. The movie is a nostalgic triumph, but the real surprise is how much affection I ended up having for the new characters. Fun tidbit that underscores my VIP status: Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their two beautiful, well-behaved children were sitting behind me at the special screening I attended Wednesday night in NYC. 

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  1. John NYC says:

    “Question: What’s new for NCIS in 2016?”

    Can I put in a nomination for Josie Loren? She played a cop recently on the Mentalist and I liked her in that role and she showed comedy chops on her guest shot on Castle (the interrogation scene where she rocks back Rick much to the amusement of Beckett was hysterical).

    Her portrayal of a gymnast might be a hint sho could handle physical stuff, though the show to this point hasn’t done a tremendous amount of that.

  2. daveedtjr says:


  3. David4 says:

    I would hope Rory has a new love interest in the last 8 years! That would be very odd if she didn’t.

    • aph1976 says:

      It didn’t say that Lorelei, Rory, Luke or Emily didn’t have a love interest in the past 8 years.It just said when the Gilmore Girls revival begins only one of them have a new love interest onscreen.

      • B says:

        Out of that line-up, as much as I want one of the previous love interests with Rory by the end, I really hope she’s the one with a new love interest! I guess Emily as a runner-up. Richard could have been dead a long time ago on the show since they are going with the real-life time gap. I don’t want more Lorelai and Luke ups and downs, but my faith that we won’t isn’t that strong.

        • Kate Donnelly says:

          I think it’s gotta be Rory. It makes the most sense. Secondly Emily is probably right too. I will genuinely be really disappointed if it’s Luke or Lorelai, but at ATX Amy said she was happy they ended up together so I’m hoping that puts them in the clear

  4. Seriously I wish they wouldn’t add new people to the NCIS team! It’s always been a four person team. Why wreck it?
    It’s predicting the end when they do Crap like that :/

    • Lori says:

      They could get rid of the newest member.

    • aph1976 says:

      One of those new characters might be working with Abby in the lab and/or working with Ducky in the morgue.We are just assuming right now that those new characters will be working on Gibbs team but they could just be working at NCIS but will be working primarily with Gbbs and his team.

      • Sherri says:

        I think that’s a good point. Will be interesting to see where they go with this.

        • Since the end of season 12, I think we’re heading to Harmon/Gibbs’ exit… And why not Ducky’s too ?
          The squadroom has only room for four people. So that’s the only explanation that makes sense. Plus it’s odd that we get that kind of news 9 months before the season 14 premiere. Maybe it means the reason of it all is already known, so cast turnover I would guess !

    • Sara says:

      I would actually love it if they finally gave Tony his own team and these two were his new team members. He’s been stagnant for a really long time.

      • Darlene says:

        I would absolutely love that, too! Way to change things up and keep this show running for a long time to come!

      • darkangel200 says:

        Now THAT I could get behind!

      • pAloma says:

        How exactly would that work? If Tony has his own team and Gibbs had his best wn team, would they alternate weeks? Because they couldn’t have two teams working on the same case every week. We’d end up seeing less of everybody.

    • Teresa says:

      Heartily agree with you. And what’s more, we’ve got a 4 member team plus 3 in house people (Abby, Ducky and Jimmy) and a scant 43 minutes per hour on air so that nobody except Mr. Harmon gets anywhere near enough air time already! Add 2 more to the mix? No thank you!

    • Larc says:

      Depends on whether characters the newbies will play are replacements or additions. If characters are being written out, replacements would be necessary. But I have serious doubts additions to the regular crew would work well.

    • Todd says:

      With the recent news about Michael Weatherly, this explains the addition of 2 new faces on the team.

  5. fiberlicious says:

    I loved Amy’s Sheldon-worshiping beau and am glad he’s not gone forever.

  6. Linzdsay says:

    The GG spoiler better pertain to Emily or Rory. Still holding out hope that Luke and Lorelai are together!

  7. Steven says:

    I think Empire lost me by having Jamal have sex with a woman. He has made it perfectly clear he is gay and has no interest in women.

  8. Maureen says:

    Michael, it wasn’t words, it was more of a gasp! Hope it’s Emily who gets the love interest. Love to see how she would handle that!

  9. Ian says:

    Its got to be Rory getting the new love interest. Im sure they arent going to get back Jared or Milo for the revival, and having to pick either one or the other was going to be polarizing.
    I’d absolutely if Mae Whitman somehow could appear in it though. I think many see her as iconic a fictional daughter to Graham as Bledel. The son Drew from Parenthood though, no one cares about, lol. Should’ve made him gay LIKE EVERYONE WANTED.
    Couldn’t care less about Jeremy returning to TVD. They’re still going out of their way to treat Bonnie like she’s yesterday’s leftovers, so. I’m sure Jeremy’s getting around.
    And can Ian get a new love interest this year? Shameless needs to take advantage of Noel doing other things and as an acknowledgment of Ian and Mickey’s brutal history, to let Ian explore feelings for someone else, possibly someone more nurturing than Mickey.

    • Alyse says:

      I don’t know about Jared or Matt, but Milo said he would do the revival.

    • Bwhit says:

      Mickey wasn’t nurturing? He tried to get Ian to take his meds, was front and center visiting him at the hospital and fought for Ian through everything last season. They both cheated, but if anyone was the selfish partner, it was Ian in my opinion.

      • almostgeddon says:

        How can anyone watch Shameless without Mickey Milkovich? The Gallaghers are unsympathetic jokes of who they used to be and are complete jerks to anyone who dares to love them. There is only room for ONE horrible Gallagher, and it used to be Frank. But it’s all of them now – Goodbye show I used to love — What happened to you?

    • Pat says:

      1. Ian is getting a new love interest, some firefighter 2. Noel is not doing ANYTHING, he’s had zero upcoming projects, he shot nothing except TMNT, which was done filming before Shameless even started filming. 3. Did you miss the part where Mickey was with Ian 100% through his bipolar, buying him vitamins, cuddling him in bed, watching over him while he slept, going with him to his doctors appointments, trying to deal with Ian being bipolar while he himself has very little idea as to what it entails. 4. I don’t think Ian needs a love interest, he needs to figure himself out because he’s lost who he used to be. He needs to deal with his bipolar diagnosis, take his medicine and figure his life out. But that’s not going to happen because the writers are just gong to throw a love interest (and a firefighter job, which he will lose) at him hoping that the people who shipped Ian x Mickey are shallow and will ship anything that’s hot. 5. Ian’s screen time is going to go back to s1 level. lol

  10. Alyse says:

    I’m guessing it’s going to be Rory who gets the new love intrest. She ended the series single and years have passed when it picks back up. Of course I’m hoping the love intrest will be temporary and that she ends up with Jess (more likely) or Logan (less likely).

  11. Stacy says:

    I think it would be funny to introduce a new ex-boyfriend for Rory, even if just for laughs.

  12. aph1976 says:

    Regarding NCIS, it could be interesting to see some new agents and how they fit in.However maybe there’ll be a major threat next season which causes Gibbs to add more members to his team.
    As for Nashville, my guess is to explain Hayden Panettiere’s continued absence, they might say Juliette got help but she’s still not ready to be near her baby and so she’s off somewhere.
    As for the Vampire Diaries, when they bring back Jeremy they may want it to be because of something huge happening and where the character is needed.

  13. Sadie says:

    Peter Quinn CANNOT die. He’s… he’s… Peter Fk. Quinn!!

    • Chiara says:

      Same here. After all the things he suffered this season they can’t kill him. Which was the point of saving him otherwise? I hope he will live finally in peace far away from the CIA (and carrie? I’d love to see them together, but probably astrid is better)

    • ? says:

      You don’t get nerve gassed and recover enough to be an international assassin. Even if you live, it’s debilitating. Sorry.

  14. Bwhit says:

    I like the Vampire Diaries but I love Chicago Fire and Steven McQueen is awesome as Jimmy so I say Chicago all the way…. I don’t want to lose him for an episode so he can tie up loose ends in Mystic falls. With Shameless, I know Noel Fisher had other commitments with TMNT but I am going to miss seeing Mickey full time, plus Ian kinda sucks for dumping Mickey like that in my opinion. Oh and nooooo to Quinn dying on Homeland, I already had to watch Brody die and poor Quinn get gassed, so he better not have gone through all that and bite the dust.

  15. Amanda says:

    Personally, I feel it’s more likely that Rory will have the new love interest. I hoping in the revival that Luke and Lorelai are together!

  16. justafan says:

    Perhaps someone on NCIS is getting their own team?!?! That’s the only way new agents would make any sense at all.

    • Shaun says:

      Kinda wish Harmon would retire from the show and let Tony lead.

      • Teresa says:

        I’m with you! But I’m afraid it’s going to be Tony who leaves – call it a gut feeling, but I think Mr. Weatherly is no longer feeling the love on NCIS (and I wouldn’t blame him at all for taking his leave to explore other possiblities! He is just too talented to continue being wasted. Don’t the powers that be on NCIS recognized Gibbs’ Rule #5???!!!!!

        • Erin says:

          I’ve felt for a while that Michael Weatherly was being squeezed out by tptb with diminished screen time and writing the character as not much more than the insignificant team joke. Meanwhile it’s become the Gibbs show with the ever dull McGee being pushed forward as Gibbs most trusted agent. If Tony goes, I’ll this faithful viewer and Tony fan will NEVER watch NCIS again no matter what “fresh faces” they get to replace the most interesting actor on the show.

          • teresa says:

            I’m with you Erin – no Michael, I’m out a there!

          • Sherri says:

            I don’t think McGee is dull at all. He’s just the more intellectual part of the team whereas Tony is the more action-oriented part who goes by his basic instinct, very much like Gibbs does. They each use their assets to make the team the success it is.

    • John NYC says:

      Well “fresh faces to the team” could be accessory support personnel as mentioned above: get Abby out of her solo act with one of them, less disruptive were only one new person being added to the field team perhaps?

    • justafan says:

      How did my comment end up in a pile of negative, Gibbs hate?

  17. ajspree says:

    Your OK with Quinn DYING?? I don’t think I would ever be OK with that happening.

    • MontanaMoose says:

      Agreed, not after what he has been through this season, but they are way past the point they can realistically rehabilitate him. At least not rehabilitate him to operative status. He probably should not have survived septicemia. Then there was respiratory damage from sarin, now neurosurgery and a brain hematoma.

      Homeland is TV, but it isn’t science fiction. Plus, his image has been broadcast in the media, which is counterintuitive to a career in black ops. Yet, I can’t picture them parking Quinn in a chair behind a computer for S6.

      I am beginning to wonder if he ends up in a vegetative state and someone pulls the plug as a mercy kill. I did read something that suggested we would see more how deeply affected Dar Adal was by what was happening to Quinn.

      • ajspree says:

        I agree…what he has been through has been gratuitous and excessive. It just doesn’t make any sense why they would keep him alive past 5.10, to kill him in 5.12. Just to tease the viewers? Just doesn’t make sense to me…but I agree, if he survives, I’m not sure where his character goes in S6. I remember reading Gansa saying that they like to write themselves into corners, to see how they come out of it (i.e., Carrie being pregnant, Quinn saying he wanted out, etc.). So would be interested in seeing what they did come up with.

      • niloofar22 says:

        Carrie pulling the plug on him has been on my mind since episode 10, but separating them and her not uttering his name for 3 episodes really pissed me off especially since she had time to go watch Jonas through the window and constantly ask about him.

  18. darkangel200 says:

    I have zero interest in NCIS adding newer, younger cast. I only watch the show because of the current cast. This would mean less screen time for the regulars, and they’ve already back-burnered Michael Weatherly’s character far too much. I hope this turns out better than it sounds, because “newer” and “younger” are definitely not the same as “better” !

    • Teresa says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more!! I’m so tired of watching in the hopes that Michael Weatherly will be given some real material – some real story line – anything other than propping up the scenery! Please!!!! No new regular characters!!!!

      • sadtonyfan says:

        Completely agree. They haven’t given Michael Weatherly anything interesting or dramatic to do in a couple years. Forget about anything as ongoing or significant as an arc. Those mostly all focus on Gibbs, with McGee, and Bishop rating mini arcs. Tony has been written as unimportant background noise so that the three team members that Mr. Glasberg and company are determined to shove into the spotlight will get all the big stories. I too am tired of watching this increasingly dull show in the vain hope that Tony might actually get something interesting to do.

  19. Shazul says:

    So excited for Shameless. Can’t wait!!!

  20. Pat says:

    Ugh I hope Ian gets written off. He used to be my favorite but Shameless ruins every single character. Or they get written off before they’re ruined ex Sheila, Mandy, Mickey.

  21. Frank says:

    Have they cast Kyle’s mom Frances yet? I would really love to see Linda Gray aka Sue Ellen Ewing back on a nighttime soap opera!

  22. Carla Krae says:

    Seeing The Force Awakens tonight!

  23. Jared says:

    I’m so confused. Where did this Cary gay storyline(?) Come from?? Watching that particular episode of The Good Wife didn’t make me think he was gay or bisexual. None of the past seasons even hinted at that possibility. Not that I’m against that idea. I actually think it could be quite good if done right but we all know Cary gets no love from The Good Wife writers.

    • Pixel says:

      He doesn’t get any love. Especially that season. And that’s the big issue about his character that season. Not his sexuality because Cary’s gay storyline was never a thing: just eyewash and a way to overlook the fact that writers have completely abandoned the character since last season. It’s like the trial and Kalinda’s loss never happened and Cary never went through those traumas. Whatever they wrote for him that season (Howard’s ageism suit, his attempts to to get in touch with the newest generation) had nothing to do with what happened to him last season and were just written like C-plots and writing leftovers anyway. And that’s something I’d ask Kings about.

    • Larc says:

      I don’t think people were questioning that situation because it appeared Cary might be gay. No reasonable person should have got that impression. But it was somewhat typical of the lame contrivances Hollywood writers sometimes come up with to introduce such angles. That’s why I believe it ignited suspicions.

    • EV says:

      Agreed. Never hinted, but out of nowhere someone is asking whether he is gay or bi.
      Kalinda is bi, and now she’s gone, some viewer wish they have another gay/bi character?

  24. What? You are predicting the end of the Road for Quinn? This is very cruel thing to do.Is it kind of play. End of the Road could be out of CIA forever. Nut, You are mean guy

  25. Isabela Milanezzi says:

    No! Quinn cannot go away. No no no no and no!

    • Ryan says:

      Right. Kill off Carrie, take her. LEAVE ME MY PETER QUINN!

    • Quinn dying NOW does not make any sense. Carrie pulling the plug? Did you see the promo? After surgery he’s in coma but breathes on his own. He is not brain dead. Why can’t you accept that he can survive and just be out of black ops, doing desk job, having PSTD next season? Very interesting story to write for showrunners. He was not brain dead in the last ep. He is not vegetable. I know Ausiello did not see finale. But it is Annoying that he keeps promoting this prediction. I though You were good (5-10 years ago – funny, smart). Now it is pure PR. Ok, If you guessed right what a point to torture us? What Would you say if he survives? I just checked your Fall predictions. A lot of them were so unreal, And never happened, But I guess it does not matter, Am I right? You want to keep us in shocking state.

      • MontanaMoose says:

        The author did not claim to have seen the episode, he was just purporting a theory, it is just speculation.

        Quinn started off intubated, so he was not breathing on his own, he may be doing that now, but it is pretty clear they don’t know the extent of damage, the doctor says “large hematoma,” he could have a stoke or seizure that puts him in vegetated state. I am also suspect of the title “A False Glimmer.” That could be anything, but it could also be that fabled light or a glimpse into a happy existence that people seem to experience at the end.

        I lile Quinn also , but I cannot imagine them giving that character a desk job, unless the intend to cut his screen time down significantly. Homeland, generally isn’t paced that way. Realistically, even if he can be rehabilitated there is a big difference between rehabilitation for the average person and a veritable mercenary. Also remember his picture has been broadcast all over the media, it is difficult to be a spy when your recognizable.

        It is a TV, and this show like all shows it crosses over into world of make believe, but I don’t picture Homeland going so far off the grid of reality to bring Quinn back next season like nothing ever happened, We will find out eventually.

        • Just tired says:

          Good point. I think the actor has a burgeoning film career and may want to strike while the irons hot. I’d watch him in other stuff for sure.

  26. Fresh faces doesn’t necessarily mean anyone is leaving or that the “Probies” will be on the investigative team. Perhaps Abby finally finds someone she likes to be her assistant. Maybe they’ll be a MCRT assistant. Maybe they’ll be regulars like Palmer – he’s a regular but not in ever episode. Lots of possibilities that don’t include anyone of the “Elite Eight” leaving.

    • Really? says:

      Oh, be careful–logical responses to hysterical blathering and threats to “never watch again”, only confuse some people, it ruins their “high” drama rants. (I agree with you completely, have been a life long watcher of NCIS, and I like to let the stories play out before issuing proclamations.)

  27. The co-lead blind item is about Sleepy Hollow, guys! Can we as a website please move on now? I don’t understand how people still missed that piece of news.

  28. Enelya says:

    If Luke and Lorelai are not together I’m going to burn something

  29. Jesse says:

    I don’t buy that Cary explanation at all. An episode or two later the associate who hit on Cary said something along the lines of “Uhhh… About the other night… I’m not gay.” There was some serious “no-homo” bro-ing out. It’s almost like they were going to go with a gay storyline and then very quickly decided to reverse course.

  30. almostgeddon says:

    Mickeys not coming back?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? And he’s still in jail??? What is HAPPENING! Why would you do this SHAMELESS? Mickey was the only character I cared about after last season.

    How could the show get rid of Mickey? And Ian doesn’t want to go see him? And he’s not on the show anymore????? What. is. happening? Season 5 was really terrible but I was holding onto hope that they could fix it this season. I guess not.

  31. We NEED more Michael! says:

    It has to be Rory!! There is no way it could be Emily, Luke, or Lorelai!! Ugh…this is the worst spoiler EVER!!! It is just more of a GIANT TEASE!!!!

  32. darkangel200 says:

    I can’t disagree about your rationale for being okay with Quinn leaving Homeland, but I really wanted the guy to have an ending with some hope and a bit of happy. The poor man has been whumped to the max! And there are far worse people Matt Mitovich could be compared with. Rupert is a hottie!

  33. Paco says:

    NCIS? That show is still on??

  34. I Am ready for homeland to just go away. it was awful last year and only slightly better this year.

  35. niloofar says:

    I’m not OK with Quinn dying, he was wasted this season in favor of Allison. At least Brody was on his feet until the end.

  36. msstargate says:

    Noooooo..Quinn is the BEST character on Homeland!

    • Exactly, he is the most believable character in a show, who put a new life in it. He is the best, interesting character, Do not watch finale is not solving problem, Ausiello. We already are emotionaly invested in Quinns character, And see him die (i Hope that he is not) or not see it but reading about it do not change a thing. It will be very very painful and sad. And not watching the show will NOT erase it. (i will not watch HL if Quinn dies, cause he’s never been so mean and cruel to anyone (as Brody was) in a show. He is brave, loyal, trully supportive. And make him a bit damaged by gas poisoning will not make him less interesting character. So, if he dies, I will not watch. But It will NOT solve the problem. Don’t you get it?

  37. niloofar22 says:

    You know it’s coming Ausiello & I’m not OK with Quinn dying, he was wasted this season in favor of Allison. At least Brody was on his feet until the end. should have taken your 2015 wishlist & deathwatch list more seriously.

    • Maritza says:

      I agree, but still waiting for renewal. BTW, can someone tell me if THE FAMILY has any chance of being renewed?

  38. MarianaBanav says:

    If Lorelai and Luke are not together from episode one, I won’t watch it! …ok I will, just wanted to be a little dramatic but seriously! They better be happily together!!!

  39. doh says:

    No to what you said about NCIS, don’t need new people. But, Bishop needs something, maybe a Ziva makeover!? Nothing against her personally, but she does not work in this group/team.

    The only question I have is when is Gibbs getting a haircut? That shaggy thing does not work for him, needs to be shorter like it was.

    • John NYC says:

      It’s about “like it was” originally actually.

      Yankee White was just shown again last night in fact. Great pilot.

  40. This has been a dreadful season of Homeland with one good episode (the latest one). If Quinn dies or goes away for good, it’ll just be the cherry on the top of a horrible season.

  41. Mar Tim says:

    No no nooooo plzzz don’t kill Quinn

  42. Ellen Good Wife Fan says:

    Glad Zack will return on TGW. Not looking forward to Alicia being upset with Eli about deleted voicemail. She should use that energy and motivation towards either staying with or leaving Peter.

    That’s the real bombshell that would be a truly satisfying payoff for this viewer…just saying.

  43. Helen says:

    Just not Jamie Leigh Curtis…Please!

  44. lame says:

    NCIS could be adding the newbies, rumor has Micheal Weatherly leaving at the end of this season.

  45. doh says:

    I’m afraid it’s the beginning of the end for NCIS. Weatherly is leaving and the want to add 2 new regulars next year when the last one, Bishop, has not been a success. I hate to say it will start to become more boring now but I think it will. Shame, this has been a really good show.

  46. Judy says:

    Tony should get his own team he has been ready for a long time and can do guest appearances. Sorry to see him go. But it us time fir change. Abbey has to grow up. She is in her forties and the pick tails and acting like she us 16 is wearing thin. Everyone is getting older and maturing her character should also. Just my thoughts.

  47. Joanne says:

    Fan of NCIS since the beginning, but I think it’s time for the show to end. Let Tony go off with Ziva, let McGee head a cyber-crime team, let Abbie head out to LA, let Duckie pass on, and let Gibbs retire and go off to room with Agent Fornell like the Odd Couple. But Tony has to end up with Ziva

  48. Pat says:

    In regard to the new “gal” on NCIS. I would like to see the woman that plays the “FBI) agent that appears every once in a while become a regular. They always call her by her last name which of course escapes me now. She has a great pairing with Gibbs and gets along well with the rest of the team. The guy they should replace tony with is the son of the guy that was suppose to protect gibb’s family. He was aired a few weeks ago. He has great charisma, charm and repore with Gibbs. I think they need to replace Emily with “Tess”‘s character. She and this guy really would make a dynamite team along with McGee, Abby etc.

  49. Jubal Smith says:

    The Newby female should be a redhead, no matter what! Maybe BROOK. Shields, or maybe Gibbs wife, in real life!

  50. james rafko says:

    will galinda come back on the good wife i really liked her , and what happened for her to leave?