The Originals Recap: Another Mikaelson Christmas Ends in Tragedy

The Originals Cami Dies

The Originals giveth, and The Originals taketh away.

Thursday’s fall finale gave fans the Klaus/Cami kiss for which they’ve been waiting oh-so patiently, but because no one in New Orleans is allowed to stay happy for long, the romantic twosome quickly became a deadly threesome. “Here’s to an even better tomorrow,” Aurora sneered from her piano as Klaus woke up from a post-makeout nap, only to discover that Cami had gotten her throat slashed (!!!) in her sleep.

Suddenly, my latest talk with Leah Pipes — in which she compared kissing Klaus to her life being over, then confirmed that Aurora was “definitely not done with Cami” — feels more like a prophecy than an interview.

But could this really be it for the ‘ship (formerly) known as #Klamille? I’m not blind, so I’m aware she lost quite a bit of blood, but I also can’t imagine Klaus just burying Cami and moving on with his life. Might he go to Vincent for a quickie revival spell? Or could she have died with vampire blood in her system? (I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.)

RABID-BEKAH | Speaking of prophecies, Rebekah (sort of) fell by family shortly after returning to the Big Easy. It turns out Aya’s dagger was cursed, and it left Bex with an ever-expanding mark on her arm that would eventually drive her completely insane. Hayley got the brunt of Rebekah’s madness, though Cami — good Lord, I can’t even type out her name without hearing Klaus’ screams of agony — also suffered a verbal (and somewhat physical) bashing. And although Freya thought she successfully cured her dear sister, the mark returned, at which point Rebekah asked Elijah to re-dagger her without telling anyone else. You know, because family secrets never lead to anything bad on this show.

OUT OF THE WOODS | In slightly more uplifting news, it seems that Hayley and Jackson are going to be all right. “My feelings for Elijah are complicated,” she admitted at the top of the hour, “but that doesn’t mean that I love you any less, Jack. I chose you, and I choose you again every single day. Can’t that be enough?” It wasn’t enough initially, but after seeing firsthand that it’s futile to ignore the Mikaelsons’ constant need for supernatural assistance, Jackson was able to find some common ground with his wife. After all, as he says, “I was born to love you.”

WITCH, PLEASE | Lastly, Vincent made good on his threat/promise to become the city’s new regent, though he probably wouldn’t have applied for the job if he knew what kind of (somewhat literal) strings would come with it. Tristan, with the Finn necklace in hand, crashed the coronation to inform Vincent that he’s basically his new servant.

Originals fans, I know you’ve got some thoughts about what went down tonight, so drop a comment and let me hear it: Do you think Cami’s gone for good? And did Rebekah’s fall count as “one by family”?

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