The Originals' Leah Pipes Teases 'Great Klaus and Cami Episode,' Analyzes Her Character's Killer Instinct

The Originals Klaus Cami

Has The Originals entered the era of Cami the Vampire Slayer?

Not quite, star Leah Pipes tells TVLine. In fact, despite her character’s newly illuminated penchant for violence, Pipes doesn’t think Cami meant to kill Aurora’s minion in last week’s episode.

“I honestly think she was just trying to use that broomstick as a ‘Don’t come any closer’ kind of thing, but then he fell on it and killed himself,” Pipes suggests. “She’s more Annie Hall Vampire Slayer than Buffy.”

And while we’re on the subject of violent confrontations, Pipes assures us that even though Klaus made it clear to Aurora that he couldn’t be less interested in rekindling their old flame, his crazy ex is “definitely not done with Cami.”

As for why the show has yet to deliver the Klaus/Cami kiss we’ve been teased with for the past two-and-a-half seasons, Pipes believes there’s a method to the build-up.

“I think there’s a soulmate element with the two of them, and you don’t take that lightly,” she says. “Sometimes, when you really like a guy, you think that if you ever kiss him, that’ll be it for you. Your life will be over, because you’ll be admitting to everything.”

That said, we might not have to wait too much longer, given that Pipes refers to this week’s installment as a “great Klaus and Cami episode. A lot happens. You get to see the side of Klaus we all love to see, that soft side.”

And what better time for Klaus’ soft side to emerge than Christmas?

“The Mikaelsons do a lot of decorating this week,” Pipes warns says. “Apparently, Klaus really loves Christmas. He goes all out. And with all those decorations, there’s probably some mistletoe somewhere.”

Originals fans, what’s your Christmas wish for Klaus and Cami? And for the rest of the crew? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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