Quantico Ratings Premiere

Ratings: Quantico Opens Strong, Once Down Sharply vs. Season 4 Opener

ABC’s Quantico premiered on Sunday to 7.1 million total viewers and a 1.9 demo rating, up sharply from what Revenge did in the time slot a year ago (5.3 mil/1.4) and also besting that sudser’s two-hour series finale (4.8 mil/1.3).

Quantico delivered ABC’s best numbers in Sunday’s 10 o’clock slot since May 2012 (second hour of Desperate Housewives series finale) and September 2012 (666 Park Avenue‘s debut), respectively. TVLine readers gave the Priyanka Chopra-fronted FBI drama an average grade of “B+.”

Opening ABC’s night, Once Upon a Time (5.9 mil/1.8, average grade “A-“) plunged 38 and 49 percent from its previous premiere but matched its May finale. At 9 o’clock, Blood & Oil debuted to 6.3 mil/1.4 (and a “B-” grade), down 17 and 36 percent from Resurrection‘s year-ago premiere.


CBS | CSI‘s two-hour series finale drew 12.1 mil (its largest audience since January 2012) and a 1.8 (its best rating since May 2014).

FOX | Bob’s Burgers returned to 2.7 mil/1.3, followed by the season premieres for The Simpsons (3.3 mil/1.5), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (3.1 mil/1.5), Family Guy (3 mil/1.5) and Last Man on Earth (3.1 mil/1.4).

NBC | Sunday Night Football (19.7 mil/7.3) was down 14 percent from last week’s fast nationals.

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  1. Cc says:

    To be honest, that’s not good news for anything ABC aired last night. OUAT (which has always been a pretty stable show) needs to tick up in coming weeks. A 1.8 can’t be a season high considering once springs rolls around, it is bound to fall.

    I think Blood & Oil could be DOA, which is fine considering it was garbage. It will proably fall hard next week and be yanked before sweeps.

    Quantico has the chance to make it if good word of mouth (plus a repeat tomorrow night) is able to make next Sunday’s numbers decent. But really, unspectacular start.

    • Mike B. says:

      Honestly… I think a lot of shows with a rating around 2.0 (or in this case below), will get renewed, because the networks have to face the fact, that viewing habits are changing and, most of all, there is so much competition on cable, that only a handfull of show will be regarded hits, with really strong ratings. For example: the 1.9 Heroes did last week could easily be enough for a renewal (at least in my opinion), at least if they are able to maintain those numbers.

      • rinaex says:

        I think 2.0 is optimistic.

      • A Fan of TV says:

        I agree with this. Networks are discovering revenue in new and different ways – like selling broadcast rights to streaming services, streaming themselves with advertising – in order to remain even remotely competitive in the showrunning stakes, because the one thing about reality TV is that the shelf-life is too short. You don’t resell seasons of Dancing With the Stars for syndicate rebroadcast, for example, because once it’s been seen, no one cares anymore. People are obviously invested in storytelling, or they wouldn’t watch serialized shows on cable networks, the only think that networks need to do is find quality stories that a) meet FCC guidelines for networks which, as public info channels that offer news and widespread accessibility, are rather strict, and b) can be viewed weekly and still be entertaining, which many serialized cable/streaming programs actually fail to do, but don’t need to worry about because Neilsen isn’t their metronome.

        • Mike B. says:

          yeah. I was thinking the same about the restrictions. I’m from Europe (and still living there) and such strict restrictions just aren’t a “thing” here (for example: nudity isn’t a problem, neiter are swear-words). If I were a modern american, I think I would prefer cable myself… I even notice it in my viewing habits here… most of the shows I really love, are on cable in America. There are only a few network shows left, that are a must-see for me (mostly comedies and right now Gotham and Heroes… yeah, I know, most people hate those shows :D)

    • rinaex says:

      I agree, I’m not seeing how a 1.9 is a “strong” opening. Okay, maybe. It’ll be interesting to see what the adjusted renewal threshold will be for a lot of networks. I’m wondering if we’re to the point where 1.0 is the new normal for “good”, outside of a few outliers like Empire and The Voice.

    • zac says:

      I think if Blood and Oil can attract more viewers and grow in the succeeding weeks, it has a chance to get renewed. Like Secrets and Lies last year

  2. Bella says:

    Once Emma became the Dark Swan, I was done with the show. I’d started losing interest in it anyway, once they started the half-season focus on Wizard of Oz, Frozen, etc., as they just seemed to drag on and on and on.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I dropped out about mid-season last year. I just couldn’t get into it anymore which is sad because I used to love the show.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I started to lose interest when they pulled that crap with the Charmings having stolen Malificent’s egg. Basically, character assassination at its finest imo, and I didn’t finish the season. I’m sad, since I used to love the show, but not like this.

  3. SayNay says:

    Next season needs to be the end of OUAT. It’s getting more ridiculous, especially with the repeating storylines/tropes. Also some of the actors are phoning it in. The magic (pun very much intended) is gone.

    • rinaex says:

      Aren’t the contracts up next season anyways?

    • Patrick says:

      In all likelihood, this season will be the last. Its reached syndication numbers, and the cost of the show has to be prohibitive. If it is stuck creatively, then they should just end it.

      • Dizzle says:

        Being “stuck creatively” has never stopped a network flogging shows way past their sell-by-date if they still generate dollars.

        OUAT is a great crossover product for ABC-Disney so I wouldn’t bet against it lasting a few more seasons yet. A 1.8 isn’t as huge as it used to pull in, but it’s solid and ABC has more key time slots to “fix” before it considers yanking a popular show that provides them so many cross-promotional avenues.

      • ABG says:

        It was always going to drop from last year’s Frozen-inflated numbers. I think it has another season left.

        • Dave says:

          Very true. Last season’s premiere saw a significant spike over season 3 because of the heavily-promoted Frozen storyline. “Dark Swan” was simply never going to bring in similar number to Elsa and Anna.

        • Lysh says:

          Came here to say that. Frozen was a huge draw for last season’s opening. It was of course going to be down from that. I love the show no matter how sloppy it gets, but I feel like this or next should be their last.

  4. Chicago Dan says:

    Quantico should be moved out of Sunday at 10. B&O is certainly DOA. They should have moved Castle or Nashville to Sunday nights. Launching two new shows back to back rarely works.

  5. Missy Kelly says:

    OUAT is a DVR show. I watch it live but several of my friends watch later! I think it may be time to hold the numbers until DVR, On Demand, & Online views come in. Look at Orphan Black only 235,000 viewers until the other numbers came in and then it was in the millions!

    Other shows are soap operas typical of A(ll) B(ubble) C(ompany) every one of their shows is a soap opera. Now that Revenge is gone the only shows I watch are OUAT & Castle.

  6. Cassie says:

    Jury still out on Quantico for me, but it earned another viewing at least. I like several members of the cast; they were quite good. But might be too sudsy for me.

  7. Ram510 says:

    Not bad for Quantico, not too many shows are getting a more than a 1.9 at 10pm these days. I think ABC should capitalize and switch Blood & Oil and Quantico. Quantico would probably get better number at 9 than B&O

    • Jamie says:

      No way are they going to switch them, especially since Quantico is getting the higher ratings. Whoever stays in the 9pm hour is going to get eclipsed by TWD in two weeks. Why handicap the better rated show.

  8. N says:

    Revenge series finale was 1 hour….

  9. Kyle says:

    How long till ABC switches Blood&Oil and Quantico timeslots?

  10. dan says:

    Blood And Oil will be gone by the holidays. I hope ABC has secondary plans for that spot.

    • Boiler says:

      Maybe they move Quantico up an hour and move Nashville there if it struggles a little on Wednesday. Feel like there are different expectations for Nashville with the city involvement and popularity of actors in the community. At least I hope so

      • ABG says:

        I think Nashville is dead. It’s a consistent performer, but ratings are nothing to celebrate about.

        • Boiler says:

          As I said there are a lot of other things going on with Nashville beside ratings. The city chips in a ton, CD’s, concerts, actors being embraced by city and vice versa and ABC also does other country specials. Maybe the ratings are not enough but would like to think if this year similar to last it keeps going.

  11. brandydanforth81 says:

    Peopke saying s5 should be OUAT last-First abc Dosent care about quality or lack thereof in a show.Secibd,it’s still in abc top five highest rated shows & abc has Castle,Nashville,Blood & Oil doing worse already.

  12. Mr. Tran K says:

    In my opinion, Quantico is destined to be a breakout hit for ABC but for Blood & Oil it should be a miss because I called the series “Dallas gone terribly wrong”.

  13. Coach Taylor says:

    I hope abc gives OUAT writers a chance for a real ending. Give them one more season or maybe let them know before they wrap up 5B its not looking good

  14. Dave says:

    Last season’s Frozen storyline may have initially brought in a lot of viewers and interest, but I think in the long-run it only hurt the show. I can’t count the number of people who I’ve heard say they quit Once Upon a Time because of season 4A. The whole half-season was basically a sequel to Frozen. It largely pushed every character we had come to know and love over 3 seasons to the background in favor of Elsa and Anna who weren’t even very interesting. They overwhelmed the show with Frozen, more so than the show had ever been overwhelmed with a storyline/setting before (Neverland, Oz, etc). It was such a bad idea for the show to let Frozen completely take over. In that half season, the show dropped from a 3.5 to a mere 1.7 in the live ratings. Frozen killed Once Upon a Time.

  15. Bartimeus says:

    I hope Quantico gets excellent DVR numbers. Fox recently said in a THR interview with network heads that they now base their decisions on renewals on L + 7 and digital viewing, so I’d have to think the same is at least partly true for ABC. I want Quantico to stick around for a long time if it can continue to be that entertaining.

  16. kmw says:

    No surprises at FOX or NBC but good for CSI to go out strong. Quantico did decent numbers especially considering where they have been at 10 on Sundays. Not great for OUAT or Blood and Oil but not awful either. I think expecting a lot of new or returning shows to come back up is just not realistic anymore with all the different ways to watch television. Empire is the exception not the rule

  17. robandco says:

    Next year will be OUAT last season. 6 years, just like Lost. I can’t see the show reinventing itself after this terrible season premiere. The creativity and freshness is all gone.
    How did ABC thought Blood & Oil wouldn’t tank? I want what the people in charge of approving the pilots at ABC were on that day.
    Quantico did great really, considering everything this timeslot gave us the last couple of years.

  18. murley says:

    How do the numbers for Brooklyn 99 and Bob’s Burgers compare to last season?

  19. N says:

    I didn’t like Quantico

  20. Boiler says:

    Don’t know if it was a match up issue but it is nice to see football slip both last night and last Thursday.Hope OUAT bounces back

  21. mary says:

    am so excited for Quantico…

  22. MyFairLady says:

    I liked Blood and Oil..those numbers seem ok, hope it keeps rising.

  23. lms says:

    I couldn’t watch Quantico past the first few minutes. Chopra’s acting lacking. I doubt if the show will survive the full season / As for Blood & Oil, complete boring crap

    • Ryan says:

      Honestly, go back and give it a second shot all the way through. If you still hate it, fair enough but the last ten minutes are what sold it for me. It was a bit uneven, which was to be expected given the last minute cast reshuffles and issues, but the last ten minutes were really good I thought and got it a second viewing from me.

  24. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Watched OUAT last night that’s kinda of a surprise that the ratings weren’t that good I think it’s going to pick back up. Then Blood & Oil which I thought was alright and saw the first 15 min of Quantico. All i’m excited for is the return of The Walking Dead!!!! S6 is going to BIG and they dominate the rating on Sundays!

  25. ouat need changes the day maybe mondays or tuesdays