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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Arrow, Bones, Rookie Blue, Beast, Defiance, Falling Skies and More

Castle Season 8 Rick Hayley Spoilers

Who’s hanging with the Castle newcomer? Is Arrow downloading a new computer whiz? Who’s heading back to Bones? Will Rookie Blue have baby blues? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Any scoop about Castle Season 8? –Fred
There’s no good way to say this, Fred, so let’s just rip the Band-Aid off and let the Internet take it from there: As Season 8 gets underway, Rick will be spending a lot of time with Hayley. #JustTheMessenger

Any fresh scoop on Defiance? –Craig
If you, like me, think the show has been a bit conspicuous about displaying the forehead wounds where Nolan and Irisa had been connected to that pod for several months, it’s for good reason. Grant Bowler told me that towards the end of the season, that onetime “connection” will come back into play and “lead to the best episodes Steph[anie Leonidas] and I think we’ve ever done. It’s really, really cool.”

Defiance Season 3 Preview

What can we expect from the new season of Bones? –Katia
What you can expect is a (likely) revisiting of Hodgins’ brother Jeffrey. “We were dying to see his brother [in Season 10], but there was an availability issue with the actor (Jonno Roberts),” EP Stephen Nathan told us. “But we will definitely see him again. It’s a wonderful storyline, one that we definitely want to go back and explore much more.”

Your Orphan Black post mortem was a little light on my soul seestra Alison. Anything to share for Season 4? –Jeannie
Remember how Helena went all killer crazy and murdered those drug lords? That bloody massacre may come back to haunt Alison’s happily ever after with Donnie. “The Hendrixes are still bonded, but there’s a few things that happened at the end of the season that could have some impact going forward,” executive producer Graeme Manson teases.

Is it October yet? Dying for some Arrow scoop! –Catarina
I can’t let good Arrow fans up and die, now, can I? In the second episode of Season 4, the CW hit will introduce the heavily recurring character of a twentysomething African American male who is a technological savant on par with Ms. Smoak. Maybe during Felicity and Oliver’s romantic retreat, Thea/Diggle/Laurel had to recruit a new computer whiz via Craigslist…? UPDATE: Or better, as readers have suggested, he’s Felicity’s H.I.V.E. counterpart/adversary?

Any scoop on Beauty and the Beast, please? –Anna
Nearly wed Heather’s romantic loss will be her engaged sister’s gain. As Jay Ryan explained to me, “Because Heather hasBob & Carol & Vincent & Cat had so much experience at actually organizing weddings, though she has yet to walk down the aisle herself, she is a great help once Vincent and Catherine get caught up in the hunt [for the supernatural beings]. They don’t have time to be a normal couple and plan what the cake topper’s going to look like, so Heather comes to the rescue on that side – which is a huge relief!”

Any scoop on Rookie Blue? Preferably whether or not Marlo’s baby is really Sam’s?? #pleasesayitisnt –Kira
The little one is definitely his, but rest assured, the very unexpected bundle of drama is not about rekindling the Sam/Marlo romance. “We didn’t want to do a love triangle,” executive producer Tassie Cameron says. “We wanted to do a life triangle.” (Rookie Blue returns Stateside this Thursday on ABC.)

Coooome oooon, TVLine! Give me scoop on Falling Skies! – Wrier
That “beautiful”… whatever… that Tom saw at the very end of Season 4, upon waking up from his detoured trip to the moon? I can confirm that some commenters on my finale recap guessed correctly its identity. This… whatever… promptly suggests a rallying cry to Tom, one that will rub some of his comrades in the 2nd Mass the wrong way after he (somehow!) gets back to Earth.

What was the name of the song and artist played at end of The Last Ship‘s two-hour premiere? –Tim
That was “To the River,” by Down Like Silver.

Do you know the song that played during the Killjoys scene where Dutch throws her spider necklace? –J.
Look at me, I’m like a cuter Shazam this week. That tune was “Wicked World,” by Marco DiFelice and Trevor Yuile.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email InsideLine@tvline.com!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. N says:

    Castle and Haley???????

    • Just one thing says:

      It’s hilarious. Every time I try to give people the benefit of a doubt, they justify the freak outs with their choices.

      • DL says:

        Matt’s totally just baiting the crazies. If Beckett becomes captain, she’ll have less time out in the field, hence her at times sending Castle out with her detective replacement.

        • Just one thing says:

          I’m going to assume there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this creative choice until more evidence is provided to the contrary. I’m just in that kind of mood this week.

          • DK says:

            Matt, what are you ripping off? That Castle and Beckett won’t be building theory a lot this season? No real Castle or Caskett fan would be concerned about anything else going on with the newlyweds!

        • Exactly!

          The only logical assumptions are that beckett takes one of the job offers (becomes the Captain, most likely at the 12th) or goes to politics. Either way she will spend less/no time on the field, and it cannot be all Ryan & espo who go out catching the bad guys, so Castle will continue to do so most likely, and Hayley is the perfect “out in the field” partner for Castle.

          Also, another possibility is that Beckett is/will be pregnant, which would (even without her making career changes) mean she at some point would not do field work for a while. Hence the “Rick spending time with a new partner”.

          But most likely the s8 dynamic will be Ryan & Espo doing cop work, Castle & Hayley on the field. The whole team, including Castle & Beckett, building theories, interrogating perps at the precinct. I believe that the s8 Caskett will be scenes about their personal life (at the loft), and “rational theories vs crazy ideas theory building” scenes at the precinct.

          I could be wrong, but based on the little info we have on s8 this makes sense. Biggest change will be them not working so much together during the catching the bad guy phase (outside the precinct). But I am ok with that if they keep everything else that works about the show and their dynamic the same. LIke they have so far.

          I have loved all the seasons so far, and I believe I will like s8, too. But I must admit, I am a bit “anxious” about the future, because such big changes BTS (showrunner changing – original creators leaving, lots of other changes) usually does affect a tv show, and the “tone” of a show often changes when this happens. I do hope that with all the changes on screen, and off screen the show will manage to stay pretty much the same.

      • R says:

        You know, I was far from MilMar’s biggest fan; especially from the latter half of Season 5 until their series run ended. However, I never really shared the optimism many other fans did about the prospects of a new show runner.
        Personally, I think there is always room for a show to get worse. I’m not saying that is certainly what is going to happen ~ especially not from just this tidbit of info ~ but I think the worst parts of Season 7 will still be in play (Caskett seperation and this weird, imbalanced focused on Castle) along with some extremely worn out angst ~ which has already been hinted at in previous interviews.
        Geez, now that I’m forcing myself to think about Seadon 8 I am already cringing at the possible jealously story lines. Oh well…

        • Just one thing says:

          Yeah, I never have a Pollyanna approach to the show. I just think they’re humans, not villains. Possibly creatively stunted, or stunted by other factors outside their control, but not downright evil.

      • Harvey says:

        I don’t think makers are doing the Squaib and The Quail again, or at least I hope not, that alone is impossible to recover from, but they shouldn’t be doing the separation again either. Maybe, for the sake of makers enjoyment I guess, they can have one episode like this and Beckett being jealous professionally about how much she won’t be able to do if she becomes captain or something..

  2. Andrea says:

    As long as the new Castle character isn’t around due to a senate storyline I’ll be happy! I think other Castle fans may freak out over that spoiler though.

  3. Cassie says:

    WT&$! are you kidding me? what happened to a writer and his muse? How big is going to be Beckett’s role in season 8?

    • Beckett is still Castles muse. The fact that they will possibly not be doing one part of the job together much in s8 (the part when they meet at the crime scene, and follow suspects, and vist witnesses at locations) does not mean they will not be working together…if Beckett chooses the Captain option instead of Senate option. It could, but I doubt it. They will still be able to build theories together, and do interrogations together, etc. And even if she chooses the politics option, she is still his muse, because “her strength, honesty, and everything else about her he loves” still inspire him. It is not only about her being a (field) cop, and them catching bad guys together, but more. And even if they cannot work together at all in s8, we still have their personal scenes at home/at the loft. And she is still his muse. Even if their storylines are separate (him at the 12th, her at the Senate). Most couples do not work together, and she can inspire him without them being together 24/7 – at work, and at home.

    • Harry Wild says:

      New job could open up the politics of the 12th Precinct if Beckett is made a Captain of Detectives. But usually that rank is assign to a Lieutenant! Remember Kojack TV series? A Captain duties is to manages the overall departments of police precinct.

      I think Castle TV series got start out in assigning a rank of Captain as immediate Beckett’s superior which is wrong in real life!

  4. A.M says:

    Thank you for the Arrow scoop…sounds interesting, can’t wait.
    So tired of McSwarek angst…life triangle really???

    • Lo says:

      Am I the only one who thinks that Marlo is going to get ‘too close’ to that dirty cop conspiracy, someone will try to kill her and she won’t survive, but the baby will, leaving McSwarek to raise the baby? I’ll even go one further and say they name the baby Marlo!

  5. Diane says:

    Gotta say, for whatever reason the showrunner for Rookie Blue fails to excite me one iota when she comments about the show and so often it is sooooo disconnected from what actually airs, its pretty incredible that she even had a hand in writing the episodes. Time and time again, she isn’t capable of remembering when her show airs, what her characters story points are or where, what timelines her show puts forward. The point is to excite your fan base and not make them want to tune out.. or am I missing something.

    • Lily says:

      You’re missing something. Rookie Blue is a primarily Canadian show that’s already started airing in Canada weeks ago. I’m not sure she gets much say in when it’s run stateside and therefore wouldn’t really be that knowledgeable on the topic. I think what furthers the disconnect is that they wrote and shot the episodes last year and then the studio separated the full season into halves after everything was shot so what we should have seen last summer we’re only seeing now. They haven’t even gotten a renewal yet for filming next season as far as I know

  6. Trish says:

    I’m thinking this guy will be HIVES version of Felicity Smoak. But it’s good to see Arrow gaining more African American characters. I just hope he’s not a guest star that will eat the show and take away from Diggle fans finally getting his HIVE storyline and his own character arc.

    • GildedRose says:

      Was thinking/hoping the same thing. Felicity needs a nemesis on Arrow. Not another show. Not a one off episode. Some worthy adversaries on Arrow. I, too, am hoping Arrow learned from last year’s bloat and will curb its guest-star-palooza and tighten its story focus to its Arrow cast.

      • lisa says:

        I hope its not a love interest for Felicity
        I want Felicity too just force on Oliver
        I hope its a nemesis for her instead

        • Josh says:

          It’s more then likely a HIVE Nemesis for Felicity. Felicity and Oliver love each other way too much. It’s about time Felicity had a Nemesis on Arrow not The Flash

      • Trish says:

        I agree. I think her father will be the main challenge but I’m thinking this guy maybe the Felicity of HIVE that she’ll have to defeat to get Diggle closer to solving the mystery of the group that killed Andy.

  7. Hmm says:

    Confused re: BATB scoop. Maybe it’s just been so long that I forget what happened at the end of the season, but since when are Vincent and Catherine engaged?

  8. Susan says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! The news about Castle and Hayley is even worse than the possibility of Beckett running for state Senate. I thought they were trying to save the show, not kill it by the Christmas hiaitus.

  9. CastleBuzz says:

    Castle Fans, let’s not get carried away. There are lots of reasons Castle might spend time with a security specialist, especially one who’s not afraid to cross the line. My guess is she comes on board to investigate aspects of his disappearance that Beckett and the NYPD cannot do ethically or legally.

    • rowan77 says:

      And let’s not forget, Castle is over-the-moon in love with Beckett, and she with him. It would be very out of character for him to ignore his amazing wife.

      • lkh says:


        • Just one thing says:


          • lkh says:

            Hi JOT–ha

          • lkh says:

            Do you think Matt likes to see what kind of reaction he can get from these tidbits? :D Stirring it up–great :}

          • Just one thing says:

            I think they absolutely benefit from reporting these tidbits. But they really are just the messengers.
            They were the first outlet that telegraphed contract drama back when they interviewed Katic around November, and they were consistent during the drama uprising when every other outlet was jumping on the bandwagon during Upfronts (some of whom even getting it wrong).
            They don’t just share scoop out of the goodness of their hearts, but I think their reputation speaks for itself, whether fans want to acknowledge it or not.

          • lkh says:

            Oh no, I’m not suggesting it’s a bad thing–but, we all know how much to say when we want to elicit a comment or assumption by someone else. Not a criticism, just an observation–folks jump right in regardless of what a particular ‘change’ in cast really means. Everyone is very sensitive about the Castle series.

          • Just one thing says:

            SO sensitive. LOL And I include myself in that statement.

      • iSk says:

        He ignores her every time another woman or a geisha or a stripper walks by. The problem lately has been that they are trying so hard to give Castle layers that the character is all over the place. Which Castle will show up this week? I guess I’ll have to tune in and find out. Doesn’t mean I’ll hang around.

        • Harvey says:

          Naah, he tries to resist every time, unlike Beckett when she sees a handsome man of course.

        • Just one thing says:

          If they stick with the Season 7 storytelling methods, we may get more Richard Castle: Action Hero, which wouldn’t be so bad if they know precisely what story they’re trying to tell.

          • Harvey says:

            Sorry bro, but that issue was never cleared. The season 5 arc was bad and that not being cleared means it’s not exactly clear if Beckett actually wanted to get married that much and her love can really be argued by just that ep. I am still a watcher, so I am definitely not stuck there, but considering how far that episode went, what Castle does is hardly near.

          • Just one thing says:

            OK. Agree to disagree, bro.

  10. Ian says:

    Poor Andy. And after everything she’s already had to forgive Swarek for. It’s not like she went into that relationship accepting she’d be a stepmom, but after years of working to get to solid place with him, he had to get someone else pregnant. There arent any relationships left on Rookie Blue that haven’t gotten too sloppy to like.

  11. anon says:

    Thats good for Hodgins & brother….now what about Parker? He hasnt been seen since before Joffery Hodgins in S9….lets bring back Booth’s first born, please.

    • Laura C says:

      Anyone know if the actor who plays Parker didn’t want to/can’t come back? He IS a minor after all, maybe his parents/family moved. I haven’t heard anything.

      • a says:

        well, they did recast Parker with the actor Gavin Macintosh from The Fosters but since they never used him, is this even relevant? maybe Ty is still Parker? who knows, but there can be only one Highlander!!! ;) lol …to be serious, it just doesnt sit well with me that Parker is basically forgotten, they dont have to show him every ep but at least *include* his name in the conversation more esp when showcasing Christine & the Booth family life so much…idk with Parker being a teen now, it could of made for some fun & interesting narratives!!!

        • kmw says:

          Yes they should definitely mention him more often but I have said it before elsewhere, the execs at Bones( which now that they have a new show runner might change) do not feel the need to look back in any way and that apparently includes Parker. While it has been stated that he is overseas, the fact that none of these writers, a lot of them new, cannot put little things like this into the show, is hurting it I do not expect him around all the time but why did they recast if he wasn’t going to be on? This year Bones was busy shoving too many stories where they didn’t need it( The Psychic in the Soup) and busy trying to say the show was going to go on without David or Emily( see episodes 5 thru 9 and 11 and 18 thru 20) Realizing that Emily being pregnant had something to do with it, it still felt like I was watching another show this season where the leads were sidelined. Now that Parker is a teenager maybe he might show up once or twice

    • John NYC says:

      No thanks, he’s in Europe with his mother, good enough for me b

  12. lame says:

    If Winter/Hawley go down the worn out angst route the demos won’t be the only thing hitting new lows. And I hoped for a breath of fresh air, how foolish of me.

  13. Ian says:

    Is ad the bible continues renewed for a second season?

  14. lkh says:

    Here we go…stirring up the Castle fans! :D Maybe someone threatened to cap his a$$ and he needs security–hopefully it wasn’t Beckett :]

  15. ... says:

    Would it ? Anyway, not a great way to promote S8 …

  16. Alex says:

    “So we lost a lot of viewers by separating Castle and Beckett during the entire season 7…Hey let’s do that again for season 8 ! :D “

  17. Drew says:

    Still nervous about Arrow. If they don’t make this great, the show could be doomed.
    I’m still wondering what will get Oliver back in the game. Maybe it will involve his child somehow? Someone targeting Oliver could discover the kid and wind up killing the boy’s mother, forcing Oliver to not only suit up to save his son, but take the boy in once he is found.
    Then Felicity will cry and cry and cry. :)

    • Georgia Madman says:

      Drew, get over it. You whine more than Felicity. And she’s forced to by the scriptt. What’s your excuse?

      • Drew says:

        It was a joke. I was making fun of bad writing. Newsflash, I will probably always make fun of season 3’s writing, the same way I make jokes about Smallville’s weak seasons, or The X-Files, or Buffy or any other show. It is what happens when people produce bad TV.
        The real question here is why you are obsessed with me. I’m talking about a TV series, you’re talking about me. Who is the weird one here?

        • Georgia Madman says:

          You post the same comments over and over. When you do that its not a joke — maybe just a lack of imagination. And you take up space that could be used for intelligent comments.

        • Sil says:

          It’s OK. We’re all welcome to post our comments. The thing is Drew, we comment to express hopes, wishes and hopefully nots as much as we wish. But, some posts are expressed over and over with the same content. When people do that there goes out the window our comments of hopes and aspirations, just griping. Over and over about the same things. That is an obsession of being disagreeable. I didn’t like much of season 3, but, I love Arrow. Season 3 IS over, I’m over it. I am hoping for great stories season 4. Positivity is much more pleasant to read than griping. Negativity is a drag. So, I don’t read the same old stuff you talk about or others who have nothing but griping about it. On every article about Arrow. I choose to love Arrow and wish for great things. I think people gave the creators a lot of flack about last season, they get it, understood the disappointments and dislike for it. Now, they have new possibilities . I think if you can’t let things go, except to be derogatory, then, it’s time for those of you to let it go. Move onto another show to criticize.

  18. That vague Castle spoiler is TERRIBLE. I hope nobody is wishing season 7 was the last season by May 2016.

  19. NDfan says:

    Oh lord Matt, you should know better than to post something like that about Castle ;) You know how the fandom will automatically assume the whole season will be ruined… Even though there is no other information on why they will be spending time together and in what capacity…

  20. Harvey says:

    I don’t think makers are doing the Squaib and The Quail again, or at least I hope not, that alone is impossible to recover from, but they shouldn’t be doing the separation again either. Maybe, for the sake of makers enjoyment I guess, they can have one episode like this and Beckett being jealous professionally about how much she won’t be able to do if she becomes captain or something.

  21. I wanted to comment on A.D. which is a slap to the Bible, too many liberties are taken and a lot of miscasts. Doubt is the center of this show, doubt and fear and doubts. John is black and his brother James is caucasian o semite. History is to be respected, not mocked in such a way. What Will Durant would have said?

    • John NYC says:

      Hey if they can mess with Tolkien they’ll mess with anyone.

    • JBC says:

      There are two James’ in the series. John’s brother James (Denver Isaac) is also black. James the half brother of Jesus (Alistair MacKenzie) is the Jewish Rabbi.

  22. Ellie says:

    I need Oliver, Felicity and Diggle back in my life. My “non Arrow Wednesday” parties have us rewatching old movies and I’ve just added two new bodies to join the fun. When “Arrow Wednesday” parties start back up again all 5 of us will be glued to the Team Arrow action.

  23. Teri says:

    Well, the internet will rip off the bandage and start the Castle bleed. I seriously doubt the new showrunners would dare do anything to consciously piss off the fans at this point. That has already been done by MilMar after 6×23, so unless they want a war…………….

  24. kmw says:

    Not a good Bones scoop. Nathan already said they wanted him back. The previous Parker I believe couldn’t continue anymore and they did recast but they couldn’t find space for him in last season( no surprise since show isn’t about Booth and Brennan anymore it is about the supporting cast) That scoop doesn’t give me anything to look forward to. As for Castle I hope they do not push that character too far otherwise Castle fans will be as mad as the Bones fans who dislike Aubry( who was shoved down our throats)

    • Laura C says:

      Yes, I still don’t like Aubrey character and am still mad they killed off Sweets. Nothing will change that. In terms of Castle, they have made SO many changes in the last season or two that I prefer the EARLY seasons of Castle better, so I watch TNT repeats more than current.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’ll run my Bones items by you before I publish from here on, cool?

      • kmw says:

        Not necessary Matt just didn’t care for scoop that’s all. ( Sorry I am still a pissed off fan of a show that had a season finale that was supposed to serve as a series finale that only had two one on one scenes with the lead actors) Was never a fan of Bones made up story of a brother Hodgins never knew and sadly can tell where his brother coming back to show will lead to.

        • a says:

          well, since Stephen Nathan is no longer Bones showrunner I dont know what weìght/or importance to give to *his ideas*…. lets wait & see what new blood/input the two new Bones showrunners bring, shall we?

          • kmw says:

            That’s very true. Hopefully “his ideas” will go by the wayside and new show runners will get show back on track.

  25. I think more likely we will see him connected to Argus, seems a little early to be introducing the big bads of HIVE. I think Diggle will be more connected to Argus and will get some help from there for the Laurel & Thea.

  26. DarkDefender says:

    Way to stir the Caskett pot, Matt. :P
    Seems pretty likely Hayley will be security for Castle. Not to mention, Stana would not have re-signed if creatively they weren’t keeping Castle and Beckett together – as she agreed with them hooking up from day one.
    But nice work with getting the fandom worked up. Bravo.

  27. Kazbe says:

    I’d like to see the new Castle character Hayley be brought in to protect Castle and the family while Beckett does the Senate run which she will lose and then go back to where she belongs….to the 12th with Castle and the guys.

  28. Jane says:

    Thanks Matt, for confirming that Hayley will be the “new” Beckett, with Castle. Makes it so easy to drop the show now. New show runners starting new romance and partnership. Sigh. Oh well, its their show. I’m relieved that we know upfront what Hayley is there for, I don’t have to guess though my guess was pretty darn accurate anyway. At least by knowing this now I can quit the show and I don’t have to see all the drama. Poor Beckett, that’s all I’ll say. The casket supporters, Marlowe and Miller, are gone now so this is not surprising.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      Don’t jump off the cliff yet. There’s been no confirmation of any kind that Hayley is to be the new “Beckett,” as if anyone could at this time. Really. You’re being ridiculous.

    • Carly says:

      Part of me thinks you are wrong but the other part of me knows that the writers are very capable of this, they have always tried to throw a wrench into caskett, and I doubt being married makes a difference to them. Unfortunately marriage does not hold sanctity in tv shows these days.

      They have always liked drama for the sake of drama even though it may be stupidest plot out there lol. It’s just kinda sad that they keep playing the jealousy card. I bet they keep doing it when casket is 80 years old!

    • Jim says:

      I think the fact that many jump to this conclusion says a lot about the writers and the show. Unfortunately this assumption is not unfounded. Whilst I hope this is really not the case because then I’m most certainly not gonna be tuning in, I cannot deny that this show has a history of ridiculous stories with 3rd parties coming in to screw with our duo in a romantic way. I understood before they were together, but after? there were many instances, all for the sake of what? some silly childlike jealousy scene? Its… to put it plain simple…boring! No other tv show does it as much as Castle which is why Castle has this pathetic reputation.

      Reading this spoiler on another show would not have generated this response but for this show…a lot of fans straight away think its a love interest or caskett is in for some terrible marriage problems. Again…its because the writers have proven time and time again that this is the route they will take.

      So really can you blame fans for freaking out and getting upset. Their assumtions are not based on nothing. History has told us that Yes, its very very possible that this chick is solely there to drive a rift between casket and maybe slowly develop a relationship with Castle. Castle is blur, even extremely moronic at times so he will fall for it.

      While I don’t necessarily believe this will happen, I wouldn’t call others crazy for thinking it will. Simple because Castle has set a precedence on this type of storyline.

      • Kyarrah says:

        Just because he’s moronic or childish, doesn’t mean he can cheat on Beckett, when honestly Beckett has seemed to be blurred easily by handsome men and even kissed so easily, not Castle. It would have been more of a threat to Caskett if it would have been a male really.

        • Jim says:

          Of course him being moronic wont excuse cheating, I’m just saying that the writers could do that. Its silly to compare but if we are splitting hairs here…

          Castle had:-
          Meredith hook up
          Actress hook up in late shaft
          Model hook up in a s2 ep
          kissing suspect in s2
          Kyra make out while she was engaged to be married to someone else
          nikki heat actress
          serena kaye
          Reporter in s5
          Making out with geisha in s6

          Beckett had:-
          Eric vaughn

          I will not include Gina, Tom and Josh in the list because those were actual relationships. Based on the list Its obvious who is the flirt and easily distracted and does moronic things. So Kyarrah, really? caskett would be in more threat if it was male? totally disagree. I think the numbers speak for themselves here.

          Again I’m not saying it will happen, I’m just saying that for those who think it may, They are not being paranoid or ridiculous. And its because the show has made fans sceptical. The writers loathe keeping casket happy so they always create uncalled for issues.

          • Kyarrah says:

            Seriously! When somebody is single he/she can do all they want! It isn’t about what he did when he was single, obviously! I mean hooking up and all that, sure, but he was single, and actually he had really deeply liked that girl he kissed who was engaged and she obviously liked him too but still, single is just something entirely different, he waited for 4 years for Beckett, not exactly Beckett waiting, he resisted the reporter as much as he possibly could have without telling her he’s in a relationship and she forced him, I mean if a male was to push beckett on bed and jump on her, I am pretty sure that would have been called forced, and geisha was in danger and he had go through with the act. With Eric Vaughn, it was a completely different situation, Eric was a womanizer who was obviously just trying to get Beckett in bed, she was on duty and still drank champagne with him, how does that work? She could have pushed him and tell him firmly she’s in a relationship, but she let him kiss her. And it obviously looked like she had feelings for him. Numbers you are putting in are from being single too, I mean obviously you’re comparing a womanizer with a cop, but at the end of the day, when it is in a relationship, Beckett seems to be the vulnerable. I mean, at the end of season 4, Castle isn’t ready to talk to her so she just gives up easily and asks for coffee to the detective? And Eric kissed her slowly, again, see the ep again, it looked as if she was actually gaining understanding with him and all. With Castle, maybe it can be about lust but with Beckett, it seemed as if she is attracted even emotionally, so obviously a man would be more dangerous to the relationship considering how easy it was for Eric Vaughn who kissed her when Beckett could have done so many things, and letting him kiss her wasn’t even saving his life, lol

          • Kyarrah says:

            Castle stood on a bomb for Beckett, she never did something like that. In 4 years, Castle kept on proving his love for Beckett but she kept on postponing it. And once Castle takes her for granted and she lets another man kiss her? And BTW, always it seems that when Castle does something, it is shown that Beckett didn’t like that at all and she questions him about it firmly, with Eric it seemed like he kissed her and she pushed him away was all, nothing else to it, even though it looked so damn easy to just kiss her.

          • Kyarrah says:

            So I am going to have to ask Jim, being a single and a womanizer is worse or being in a relationship with a guy who has been there for you for 4 years and yet letting another man just kiss you so easily is worse? Who can be more trusted, one who stood on a bomb for the other or the one who went to D.C and came back and still didn’t tell it herself until he found out and solved the problem? Somebody who clearly resisted the reporter until she just pushed him on the couch (And he had called her at the first place for Beckett BTW) or somebody who even drank champagne with a womanizer on duty? Somebody who tried to stop the Geisha before but because it was her life in danger, had to go through a little of it or somebody who just kept on watching as a womanizer kissed her? And BTW, Castle couldn’t really push a women back as Beckett could. So yeah, I am pretty certain it’s a male who the Caskett should be afraid of. :)

          • Kyarrah says:

            Seriously, considering everything Castle easily wins when reasonable argument is placed. :)

          • Kelly says:

            This is a stupid argument but I’m on Jims side. Castle is portrayed as the playboy which is why his liaisons or flirtatious behaviour is acceptable with some folk. Because its who he is. Kate has always been the quiet smart serious woman that’s why her one and only screw up ever became a huge deal.

            Simply put, people expect Castle to screw up so they give him the benefit of the doubt, but they don’t give Beckett that because they don’t expect her to screw up. Castles screw ups are always coloured over with the fact that he is just that clueless;) But nobody expects it from Beckett, because its not in her nature. The fact is though, Beckett is human, just like Castle and it was interesting to see her fail and make that mistake with eric Vaughn. Was she wrong? of course. But that’s what makes her human yes. If fans can accept him flirting, then they should accept her doing it too. I see the point Jim was trying to make, he was just highlighting frequency of moments where it was castle jealous plot vs beckett jealous plot.

            Frankly speaking, I don’t think this lady will cause any issues, but Jim has a point as in the writers did set this up for themselves. Its just a plot that’s been overdone so fans start to think its the only plot they know how to do when it involves another woman;)

            Also Kyrah, I respect your opinon, I just don’t share it, so please take no offence;) this isn’t a debate about who is worse. Its just a debate about the overused jealousy or wrench thrown in for casket plot. This poor couple can never catch a break lol!!

          • Jim says:

            This is for Kyarah but I can’t seem to able to reply to her/him.

            Anyhow, reasonable argument is always subject to what one would find reasonable in the first place. Both have messed up and hurt each other. And in terms of winning reasonable argument as you put, to me there’s no winner, there is only opinions.This is why I said clearly in my post that it was silly to compare, because its based on opinions. Everyones differs:) You digressed from the point I wanted to make…which was that if fans react a certain way, its partially because the history of the show have proven their fears could come true. My initial comment had nothing to do with a comparison, I only made the comparison as i was simply replying you. So lets stick to the topic of writing which is what I wanted to relay and is much more interesting than debating which of our duo is more saintly :) Ok I’ve got to go. Appreciate your opinions on this.

            Thanks for the discussion.

          • Alex says:

            Agree with Kelly, it seems like Castle can do whatever he wants because he’s portrayed clueless and it’s always done in a “fun” way. Just take the kiss with Gates, the reactions would have been totally different if Beckett had grab Espo or Ryan and kiss them like this, but it was Castle so it’s fine …

          • Kyarrah says:

            Beckett seems to be the one forgiven almost always! I mean at the end of the day, Castle has proved his love by 4 years wait! And just a year later Beckett did that? The problem has never been that nobody expects Beckett to do that, the problem is that Beckett went too far, I again say, Castle always had a reason and couldn’t have pushed away a woman firmly at the time due to the situation, but Beckett easily could have. Beckett seemed like she was really very attracted to Eric till the end really, with Geisha or the reporter, it at least seemed at a one scene thing, with Eric it was like a huge attraction, and that kiss was way more romantic than anything Castle ever did. But nobody ever really questioned her about it, she hid things and still it was like at the end they both solved the problem, when it was always just Castle solving the problem. Castle did whatever he could to stop the kiss scenes but beckett straighout let it happen like she wanted it, and see whenever the reporter or the geisha are talked about, it’s said that it was Castle’s mistake, even though he had a reason, a good one really, but with Beckett it’s like how can anyone say that to Beckett, lol. In the end it was just Castle saying sorry, when it was obvious Beckett had done wrong too. Another thing is that Castle stood on a bomb for her during that time, but still she did all she did, let the kiss happen and even hid things. Beckett can easily be attracted to anyone because her relationship is at a little low with the man who loved her for so many years?

          • god-lover says:

            actually it’s always been that beckett is forgiven because she is a smart woman and all and that’s why is not bad, but when castle does something everybody just starts saying bad to him because he is playboy no matter how much different he is now. becket is never said anything because never needs to justify or apologize for anything. everybody just seems to forget about her why because she is the cop and the ‘mature’ one in relationship. its wrong. she should have made it clear that she is together with castle before eric kissed her and there was soo much she could have done but she didn’t and was just forgiven as if it is only eric who kiss her and like it was sudden when it wasn’t and she wanted it as she didn’t even try to stop it. castle always tries to stop it but because hes playboy and becket the so-called mature one everybody just forgets when beckett does it.

          • Harvey says:

            Agree with Kyarrah, what Beckett did was way bigger

            See with all the arc of Season 5 ending, and considering before that Beckett had never even said I love You to Castle, I think, and Castle had, it can be made to doubt Beckett’s love for Castle, about how easy it was to share information about relationship with a womanizer for a woman who is known to not open up? And then just kissed so easily like that? Then hide things from him? All these at once, one can say Beckett didn’t really love Castle like that, as even in the end, Castle was one the one who cleared everything. Castle can be called moronic or childish, but nothing can show that he actually was developing an understanding with the reporter or the geisha, lol, so nobody can question his love for due to those things, but Beckett love can be questioned by the season 5 ending arc especially.

          • lkh says:

            Welcome to crazy town!

        • dwayne says:

          i agree. castle did what he culd hve done. becket did not need to let eric kiss her lke tht

  29. spindae2 says:

    Thx for the Arrow scoop. I was surprised they were keeping their casting calls under wraps, as Flash announced theirs 2 weeks ago. + this isn’t even for the premier. I assume they will drop something major on us during SD Comic Con, like Hal Jordan or Carol Ferris casting news.

  30. JImN says:

    For Castle ratings are directly tied to how much time Fillion and Katic spend on the screen together. No couple has the chemistry. Fillion with some other actor has never been interesting to the fans. For the show to be a continued success beyond Christma the showrunners have to have lots and lots of Katic and Fillion on screen together.

    • kmw says:

      Yes Castle needs these leads to be on screen together. Now I wont go and say this new character will be new “Beckett” nor do I think she will be a love interest for Castle( sorry I don’t think ABC or new show runners would be that stupid to do that) however it appears she will be taking screen time that could be given to Castle and Beckett together. The separating of leads on screen is just ridiculous (See Bones, this past season) Apparently these writers cannot come up with decent plots to keep couples interesting. Depending, really, on how much air time this new character gets, Castle is risking alienating fans by changing their dynamic. I hope I am wrong and she is nothing more than a new interesting character that will add something good to show

  31. Alex Mindev says:

    Here we go again…ABC being ABC…Rookie Blue S5B (I refuse to call it S6 since they did the cheap thing to split up a full episode season already shot into two!) has already aired 5 episodes on Canadian TV. Given the summer drought TV show wise, why can’t they launch it at the same time makes you wonder?

  32. Luis says:

    I don’t know why people should jump to such a conclusion just from the item Matt posted. My first thought is that this item, combined with Penny Johnson Jerald’s departure, make it more likely Beckett will be getting a command, which means no more field action, leaving Castle at loose ends for action. After seven years helping to investigate crime, Castle would likely feel lost without a partner to accompany into the field. With a P.I.’s license burning a hole in his pocket, a handy security specialist would make a nice new partner. Naturally, writers would want to make her a woman which, unfortunately, means it would likely stir up some jealousy issues. Hopefully, they won’t make very much of it.

    • Cassie says:

      Who wants to see Castle being paired up with another woman to help him to investigate crime while Beckett takes on Gates role and is nowhere to be seen?

      • John NYC says:

        Possibly Stana Katic?

        Though I’m skeptical of that described scenario, the show structure allows for other ways to fit in a new character. Despite Matt’s blatant crazy baiting…

        • Cassie says:

          What exactly are you suggesting that Stana Katic asked for?

          • fbr says:

            Castle , since fans will not know what Stana asked for. But I trust that Stana tends to be a wise woman. I think that the interview she gave in Nov. revealed a lot of innuendo. She was as open as PC allowed her to be. I think that SK knows that things are not quite right. What that is, I have no idea.
            From this form your own definition. PC notwithstanding, Stana seems basically an honest person and refuses to lie to herself.

          • Just one thing says:

            Agreed, fbr.

          • John NYC says:

            Was there a portion of your own question you didn’t understand?

          • lkh says:

            We don’t know what she asked for–but, we do know that her negotiations went on. Maybe she asked for less time, less hours, less screen time and perhaps even to be phased out–appears there might be someone being phased in–strictly speculation. Actually, I starting to believe my own nonsense :[ Now that’s scary.

          • fbr says:

            Ikh, I really don’t get the impression that her negotiations went on and on. I think she had left the show and would announce that later, after the renewal of the show. That’s just my impression. When she tweeted those goodbyes and included that on instagrams, she finally convinced me that she was moving on. She seemed to have been convinced to return finally after much convincing ( forcing).
            I won’t speculate the role this Hayley will play, but I will definitely state that if TPTB did not learn anything from The Year of Castle and Castle PI then, I declare that they are seeking more low ratings and are a couple of stupid Yo-Yo’s.
            I will say that if Stana told them she will give only one more season and ABC wants more, then it really is reasonable to prepare for a show without Beckett and/or Stana.
            I am not sure it would be successful, because Stana’s presence in the show is just too strong.
            I was looking at Tick,Tick,Tick and Boom and trying to imagine those episodes without Stana. Even though Dana Delaney performed very well in her part, it was Stana who was driving these episodes, even when she was taking a back seat to Dana.
            Castle is a stronger show because of the Stana essence and presence.
            Even when the scripts are bad, she brings it.

          • Just one thing says:

            Fbr and Lkh, I think Katic made a good business decision.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–hopefully, whatever it is…

    • Luis says:

      I love that one little out there piece of speculation got so many people thinking

  33. Emily says:

    I got all excited when I read the words ‘Bones return’ and thought we might bring Zack back… :(

    • kmw says:

      Maybe with new show runners they would consider it but I doubt it. Hart Hanson seemed amenable to bringing him back a couple of years ago and then nope Nathan said no way. I don’t know if it has to do with actors health but it seems unlikely he come back any time soon

    • John NYC says:

      Given the actors’ imdb filmography is sparse to nonexistent since his Bones stint he might not be available.

      And I’d not like to see a recast.

      • lame says:

        John NYC insists on killing the messinger. Matt is the pervayor of news,, no more, no less, so lay down your stones, spears and flaming torches.

  34. Linda says:

    I want it to be the Hero Mister Terrific .Terry Sloane or Michael Holt I would love to see them on arrow.

  35. anna says:

    Cyborg on Arrow? Start of the justice league?

  36. Will says:

    Whoa this spoiler is creating lots of angst! Ok well I don’t think there would be any personal connection with this Hayley person. TPTB are not THAT stupid. At least I should think not. My concern would be on the professional level because if this character is hanging around with Castle, that could mean lesser on screen time with Beckett.

    One of the main discontentment I had with s7 was that Beckett and Castle worked too many cases apart. He went rogue quite a bit, doing things on his own, interviewing on his own etc. It very truthfully took away a lot of my love and enjoyment for this show. Certainly not something I want repeated. Now it seems he may be somehow following/shadowing/working with another person? Again, this will be s7 once more, because that would mean He would not be investigating with Beckett.

    Castle on his own or with someone else is not an option for me and my wife. The same applies for Beckett. Its got to be CASTLE AND BECKETT. That is the dynamic /chemistry we watch for, that is what this show is about. Now I understand the need for these 2 new show runners to prove themselves and their styles and shake things up, but I have never been a fan of messing an entire dynamic/premise, and especially a damn good one at that…one that the fandom absolutely adores. There is a tendency for show runners to take things a little too far and then have it backfire. Marlowe and Miller did it in the s6 finale and tbh, they are still dealing with repercussions… still a lot of negativity towards that plot. So one can only hope that the 2 new show runners, have at the very least, learnt something from this unfortunate mishap.

    From the reviews I’ve been reading, I fear this season is going to start on the wrong foot and the writers are going to have to work extra hard to gain back the trust of loyal viewers if that happens.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…there is absolutely nothing wrong or boring in sticking to what works! Castle+Beckett+Cases. I love just the regular Castle and Beckett going to a crime scene, bantering, theorizing, morgue scene with Lanie/pearlmutter…Ryan and Espo piping in, some family moments, and then a great 2 parter thrown in, and a believable arc (JB arc). I can watch that every week. Its a winning formula. I mean Isn’t that what we have been watching anyway for the last 7 seasons, and we loved it! We don’t need new casts, we don’t need crazy shake ups. That’s what day time soap is for. You want to see jealousy, angst, unwarranted or unnecessary drama, new faces in and out…watch a soap, not a crime show. We just need good, fun, intelligent writing.

    Anyway, I sure do hope Mr. Winter and Hawley have some inkling to what they are doing, because the spoilers aren’t feeling that great at the moment.

    • lkh says:

      Agree–but that’s 6 seasons, not the 7th :[

    • DarkDefender says:

      Will, you make decent points. The problem is that sometimes the Castle writers seem to run out of ideas for witty dialogue and what we all want (more of the witty banter, sexy crime solving Caskett-y moments with some tender family moments at the loft sprinkled in) would work in a perfect world. However, they have written the many layers of Beckett for so long they seem to be at a loss for writing Castle with any depth. The cop out (no pun intended) on the “new Castle mythology” is evidence of lazy writing. Not to mention Amann expressing (with excitement) that they were also adding “new Beckett mythology” – which merely seemed like a soft cliffhanger of will her next step be Captain, Senator or mom.
      Regardless, my hope is that we finally have a witty, sexy couple solving crimes together and through whatever storytelling device they add to the mix (flashback, continued look into Ricks disappearance or Beckett looking to her future), we actually get to find out more about the titular character and how he became who he is now.
      One of my favorite Castle scenes was him admitting he bought an essay to get a good grade in school and that he never got over the idea that he needed to get other’s approval of his work because he had tried so hard to be the writer people thought he was because of that essay. That was the most raw and honest thing the character had ever said in 7 seasons and I want more of that. We have a ton of those kind of Beckett moments… So I am ok with SK not carrying the dramatic, emotional acting load and giving NF a chance to shine as Castle.
      I also believe SK would not return if they didn’t promise her more Caskett moments and getting back to the Nick & Nora aspects of the show.

      • Just one thing says:

        Within the last week or so, Fillion reportedly told an Aussie paper that he thinks the “magic” of the show is that it does not take itself too seriously, and essentially doesn’t have a lot of drama.
        Basically, he reiterated a stance he’s maintained for several years. That doesn’t sound like someone who wants to do a lot of drama, but rather someone who enjoys the lighter aspects of the show.
        Nothing wrong with that, of course. But people shouldn’t be surprised if that’s how he continues to play it.

      • lkh says:

        First–that pun was intended :] Second–you might get your sexy, witty couple but it might not be Castle and Beckett Third–I’m not sure he can carry or wants to carry a hard core dramatic show–those scenes with him, in opposite of your experience, make me very uncomfortable. I keep remembering when Alexis was ‘napped. He didn’t do a good job as that crying, anxious, angry, violent Dad–my opinion. But I’m not crazy about the goofy one either. How about a bright man with a quick wit who is attracted to his beautiful wife–and he really means it? Also, remember he’s the storyteller–when it becomes too much about that goofy fool, it doesn’t go well.

        • Harvey says:

          You didn’t like Nathan acting there? Really? I loved it! It was right to the point of what was needed, you might have been uncomfortable because his character doesn’t do that a lot, but he was awesome in what he did.

          • lkh says:

            I wasn’t uncomfortable for that reason–I don’t think he does high drama that well.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          I’ve got to agree with lkh on this one. Nathan’s acting is rather one-note when it comes to high drama and I’m absolutely tired of the goofy, bumbling side as well. And Castle IS the storyteller. The POV of the show should continue to be his so the new showrunners should stop the Castle-centric storylines that take him out of that role. Let’s go back to portraying him as the quick-witted, intelligent quipster who can actually put two and two together and come up with four.

          • Harvey says:

            Storyteller? What is that really supposed to mean? lol. Though yeah, I would like the less goofy castle and more mature one, give him the character development he deserves really. Though, I also think that Nathan does superb in dramatic scenes when he gets them, the scene where he tells Beckett he’ll never forgive her so she shouldn’t promise, something like that when Alexis was kidnapped, was just too good! I actually hope they make him more mature, witty, smart AND have some more drama given to him too.

          • Ellen says:

            The thing that attracted me from the beginning of Castle, was the mix of humor and drama. And I have to agree with Harvey, that no one does both better than Nathan. His dramatic scenes are done with a subtlety that is just natural and not overbearing. I’ve been taken completely out of a scene several times by Stana trying too hard in the heavy dramatic scenes where it is clear she is acting. The end scene of the episode with Dr. Neimann where the song plays actually made me laugh, it was just too much, too over the top. The staggering into the hall scene in Veritas was another example. I find her much better in the lighter scenes. I just hope they continue the mix of great Caskett in both dramatic and quirky, humorous episodes. That and Fillion are what drew me into this show and is still what keeps me here. And yes also to the character development that Castle, the character, deserves.

          • fbr says:

            I agree that his acting tends to be one-note and sometimes I find myself getting irritated at that because it seems that he is just making faces. I think he can do better but maybe it’s because he just does not enjoy drama and he’s really not a good comedian either.
            He’s should be written as the person telling Beckett’s story. Castle the best selling writer.
            As far as Hayley, maybe she is being brought in to add some nuance to his character. To strengthened his portrayal since he hardly interacts with Stana now.
            And maybe they are trying to get a strong female in place before Stana leaves. I don’t sense that Stana is being challenged anymore. Her scenes in Reckoning and the scene in HW with the politicians are standouts and have been few this season.
            I am not sure Hayley will be a love interest. They said she will be in her late 20’s. That will be too young for Castle. His daughter is in her early 20’s now. That just wouldn’t be believable.
            I will give S8 a chance, but so far I am not excited.
            If they do separate Castle and Beckett I would like to see her run for the Stare Senate.That could open so many doors of storytelling and we could get the Killer Bracken somehow plotting against her from jail with some of his criminal cronies.

          • Kyarrah says:

            i would also say Becket overdoes it sometimes and in comedy she is not close to Nathan.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Reply to Ellen: LOL – the words subtlety and Nathan Fillion simply do not go together. There is no gradation any more in his acting on Castle, whether comedy or drama.

  37. Missy says:

    I’m interested to see what Haley is all about(security specialist, hmm? I’m assuming it’s part of the shake ups that Winter/Hawley are doing). I’m not concerned at all that she will tear my OTP apart. Their too tight now. Too honest and open to let a new young thing at work get even close to what they have :)

    And, I had a feeling that Alison and Donnie wouldn’t escape what they had done. Donnie’s prints are all over everything and they have Helena!Alison on Pouchy’s workplace CCTV footage.

  38. Dani says:

    A life triangle….so, they pretty much want to make Sam and Andy’s relationship as difficult as possible, forEVER…..
    I have been a fan of RB since the beginning. I suffered through the break up, took a small time out while they dated other people but LOVED the finale of S4 and got as excited about S5(a) as I was for the early seasons, but this baby storyline is my breaking point. I’m ready to turn in my RB fan card. It’s careless, lazy, unimaginative writing and is not anywhere near the quality they are capable of producing. The S&A relationship has been riddled with far too many contrived roadblocks to be realistic and maintain a captivating love story IMO. The timeline is a hot mess, I wonder how the genius who pieced that together managed to keep their job? I’m truly embarrassed for anyone involved in the development of this plot, I’m embarrassed to admit I watch it even! (which is why it’s time to hand in my card lol) I do applaud the actors for sticking with such drivel, they are the ONLY reason I have stuck with the show for so long. Maybe I’m imagining it but it seems like Tassie goes out of her way to annoy or p!ss off the fans….? Well congrats. She has one less viewer and I will never EVER watch anything she is associated with again. She claims to want the show to be as realistic as possible, but that’s a load of the brown smelly stuff. There is no realism left in this show. It has graduated to a cheesy soap opera. What a shame, it started out fantastic.

  39. lame says:

    I’ll bet she’s the new member of Ryan and Esposito’s team and that’s where this contact with Castle takes place. This is much ado about absolutely nothing.

    • lkh says:

      That’s a movie reference–I see what you did there :]

    • fbr says:

      The more I read these comments of hope, exasperation, abandonment the more I realize that this show is ‘much ado about nothing’.
      How did we arrive here. We had a nice little engine that could.
      We had drama interspersed with moments of lightness and even contained good acting, especially by Stana.
      What all that has been replaced with is silliness woven into idiotic dribble that they have the audacity to call an episode.
      I had mixed feelings about Stana’s return to the show. On one hand I thought that there is no show without Stana and on the other hand I wanted her to leave and go somewhere where her talents are best suited.
      I afraid that if S8 reminds me of S7, that is more pieced together dribble then I will be convinced that her returning is a waste of time. She should have left and let this show die a slow death on its own.

  40. annek says:

    Im a newcomer to Castle and love the show. I was looking forward to S8 this fall but this preview worries me. I think the rumors of SK and NF not getting along have proven themselves with less and less air time together. If this Hailey character in any way comes between them, or is a foreshadowing of SK leaving – my binge watching may have ended with season 7.

  41. Kris says:

    Based on the comments above, you can obviously tell which ones are fans of NF or SK…which is hilarious to read. They are both just OK actors, not great.

    ABC just doesn’t know when to quit…it’s all about the money to them…(and to some..)

    Matt, too bad your wish list for S7 to end didn’t come true.

  42. fbr says:

    Nathan is not close to comedy either. I like to call it big silly and that is just not entertaining.
    Stana’s humor is so on point. She doesn’t get all in your face and irritate. Her humor is sophisticated, it flows and fits the moment and moves on. You find yourself smiling and enjoying the cleverness. Nathan’s so called funny has been groan inducing at times and just plain tiresome and out of order. You find yourself thinking ‘Please, enough already, get on with it and get out of my face’.

    • Harvey says:

      LOL! I am pretty sure now the problem isn’t the acting, it’s that you hate Nathan or Richard or both too much. Stana’s comedy is mainly funny and ‘puts a smile on your face’ due to the situation, while it’s the drama that she can grasp firmly, Nathan’s funny because of his right-on expressions.

    • annek says:

      I really dont understand the split in loyalty between NF and SK fans. If you are a fan of the show, how could you not be a fan of both? Face it. If either of them leave, the show is doomed. One without the other isnt “Castle”

    • CastleBuzz says:

      Exactly, fbr. Nathan wasn’t always this way, only in the past 2-3 seasons when he began putting more of his own self into the Richard Castle role. For me, it’s certainly been one of the reasons for the downward spiral the show has been taking in the past couple of years. He even has said in an interview recently that he hardly has to act in the role, just show up and do his thing.

      • Harvey says:

        I think in season 6 he didn’t get much of the role to do and that’s why got bored too much. Though, I do think that when he does comedy or drama he does it very good, but I think he’s just bored of what he has to do, or rather not has to do.

        • fbr says:

          Boredom is a human reaction, yes. But i too get bored on my job at times. But it is my responsibility to not allow it to affect my job performance. When I allow boredom to rule, it is time to move on.
          They pay him to entertain not to irritate because he is Bored. Please.

          • Harvey says:

            Well after so many seasons they might just pay him to bring his fans to watch, and then he was awesome when he was given a sensible writing to have comedy or drama, like Reckoning, even if you didn’t like that. At times is one thing, not having much to do when you had a lot more first is something else.

  43. lame says:

    Now that the cries, the screams, the nashing of teeth are done and fans realize that the new lady isn’t there as a wedge between Rick and Kate but as a comic relief butting heads with Casket. Now let’s hope that poison pill that Marlowe left “the missing days of the aduction” are left to die on the vine. That’s best left to disappear, that was a lousy idea thar Winter/Hawley had nothing to do with.