GH's Genie Francis on Luke and Laura's Final Adventure: 'It's a Crowd-Pleaser'

General Hospital Luke Laura Reunion

Strip away the fit-for-royalty wedding… and the kidnappings… and the catatonia… and General Hospital‘s Luke and Laura are basically just your average, run-of-the-mill former couple forever united in their love for their kids.

After all, it’s not their fault they once had to subvert a catastrophic weather event by gaining control of a giant gemstone, is it?

“The relationship has always been realistic,” Genie Francis tells TVLine, chuckling, “and the circumstances have always been absurd.”

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The fan favorite’s recent return to the ABC soap, which began earlier this month as part of Anthony Geary’s/Luke’s farewell arc, centers on a similarly outlandish premise: Though outwardly appearing to reunite with her ex-husband, Laura actually is in Port Charles to recruit him for a rescue mission to save their missing son, Lucky, from peril.

On the heels of the drama announcing that Francis will stick around past after Geary’s last episode, we chatted with the Daytime Emmy winner for the scoop on her latest stint of love mutual respect and affection in the afternoon.

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TVLINE | What will the race to save Lucky will look like?
It’s going to be another Luke-and-Laura adventure. There will be many fan favorites that we’ll touch on. I think it’s going to be a really nice bookend piece for the fans… I think it’s a crowd-pleaser. Other than that, I can’t give away any stories.

TVLINE | We know that Jonathan Jackson (who played Lucky) and Nathan Parsons (who played Luke’s son, Ethan) are coming back. Have you shot scenes with either of them yet?
Yes. With both of them. I didn’t get to do too much with Nathan. We’re in the same scenes, but I didn’t get really a one-on-one scene with him. But the Lucky moments are so, so nice. There are some amazing, not-to-be-missed scenes with Jonathan Jackson and with Tony. You can’t miss them.

TVLINE | What’s the overall feeling of those scenes?
Oh my god, there’s some good stuff there. And the feeling when Jonathan came back on the set was, everyone was so happy. It was like he came home. They all rushed to embrace him, and then we were all so happy, we embraced each other! [Laughs] It was really an amazing moment. The crew, the directors. It was just an amazing moment.

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TVLINE | Have you watched Jonathan on Nashville?
Oh yeah, definitely.

TVLINE When you first met him way back when, could you have pictured him doing something like that?
I always knew that he was a mega-talent, and I always knew that he would go far. So no, I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised to see him do even greater things after this. This young man is very special.

TVLINE | Emma Samms is also back this summer. Do Laura and Holly share scenes?
Yes, we do!

TVLINE | How does that play out? They’ve both been linked to Luke at various points in the show.
There’s some kind of closure that they have with each other. There’s some really great scenes about what hasn’t been spoken about. [Laughs] They were good scenes, I think the audience will like them. And I have to say: I adored working with Emma. She’s just great. As leading ladies go, she’s not competitive. She just sticks true to her character, and she’s very gracious and sharing. She doesn’t try to undermine the other leading lady. And that’s so hard to find. So many times, that kind of a scene can feel like a battle more than a scene, you know what I mean? And this is just so lovely. I adored her and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

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TVLINE | How did you find out about Anthony Geary’s decision to leave General Hospital?
The producers called me. I mean, I knew it had been talked about a little bit in the press here and there. I never knew when [it was going to happen]. I know he’s been talking about leaving for more than a couple of years now. But I didn’t really know when.

TVLINE | What was your first reaction?
I was like, “Really?” [Laughs] “Really really?” And they said yes. The next question I had to ask was, “Are you sure he wants me to be there?” Because he’s been very vocal about not wanting it to be Luke and Laura reuniting. My next question was, “Is this what Tony wants?” And they said, “Absolutely.”

TVLINE | You haven’t filmed his final episode yet, have you?
No, not yet.

TVLINE | Have you seen a script for that yet?
No, I haven’t. All I know is that next week, I’m doing six episodes in one week and that will be the final taping with him.

TVLINE | I imagine you’re having feelings about that.
Of course I am! Oh my god, this is the end of an era. It was a big thing and it was a huge part of my life, so yeah. I feel a little weepy at times. Oh yeah.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I am very excited about this!!!

  2. alistaircrane says:

    I love Luke and Laura! I hope they do reunite.

  3. Matilda says:

    Genie is awesome and Geary just needs to go. She’s been kept off the show for too long because of his resentment for Luke and Laura. Without Laura, Luke would never have become as big. He’s an ingrate with a ridiculous ego. He’s a good actor, not great, and would have never achieved the success elsewhere. He didn’t exactly have movie star looks or talent. He has somehow convinced himself that GH and Genie have held him back from greater things. Delusional!

    Without Luke AND LAURA, Geary’s IMDB page could have easily ended with his last appearance on Barnaby Jones or maybe he could have gotten a Hart to Hart episode as “Thug number 3.”

    Geary can’t leave fast enough and if ABC is smart they’ll keep Genie, rein in Frank and Ron, or better get rid of them and clean house of the no talent scenery chewing clowns like Howarth and Stafford.

    • Belle says:

      He has somehow convinced himself that GH and Genie have held him back from greater things. Delusional!

      Matilda don’t be so harsh. Tony did have a movie. 1987, Disorderlies, costarring The Fat Boys. Also in 1987, Penitentiary III.

      I completely agree with you. I haven’t been a loyal watcher of GH for quite some time but I do read the recaps and read news articles about the show from here & there. I always thought Genie Francis never got the same amount of credit to the hugely successful romance of L&L. Genie wanted a little time off after L&L wedding. She knew she had a problem (drugs) and felt burn out, Gloria Monty would not allow it. So Genie quit to save herself. When Genie was pregnant with her first child, she was rushed back from maternity leave. and then the executives were pretty harsh about her loosing the weight. Tony has been very very vocal about not reuniting L&L. And perfectly fine with Luke cheating on Laura with Holly (he hated seeing Luke domesticated). For me, I would love to have Luke & Laura have one more crazy adventure. Luke & Laura agree that they will always love each other but the adventure has ended. Luke decides he had enough of PC, leaves for Netherlands and Laura stays in town and has a rocking romance.

    • smitten jon says:

      Matilda totally agree with you about the arrogant Mr. Geary! Genie while just a teenager at the time was amazing! Screaming making stupid faces and ridiculous hair styles does not an actor make. Hope Genie is here to stay!

    • Clandestine Green says:

      Wow…Matilda…I am surprised that you posted that given how rabid and relentless Geary’s fans can be. I agree 100% with you. i am ready for him to move on. I am also in total agreement about Roger Howarth and Michelle Stafford…they are horrible…I don’t know which is worse..the actors or the characters.

      Genie Francis looks incredible and i do think she is respectful of the Luke & Laura saga and their fans. I really hope that the writers do well by her and give her an interesting story. There was a Laura before Luke and there can be one after.

    • Blake says:

      I agree, I can’t wait til Tony/Luke is off GH for good and I really hope that Genie is on for good until the end!

    • C Dunford says:

      You’re outside if your damn mind if you think for a second Roger Howarth and Michelle Stafford have no talent. Their storylines don’t intermingle with the stratosphere of the Spencers on the show anyway. You know nothing, literally nothing.

  4. Patty Stamps says:

    I vividly remember the first scene the three of them did together in the diner before they came back to Port Charles. It was also my first episode of GH and I was 12.

  5. BrightLight says:

    Just having Genie back on GH pleases me.

  6. Melora says:

    Sounds like Tony Geary is a bit bitter that he never went beyond soaps. Shemar Moore and Michael Weatherly were smart to get out of soaps when they did.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree about Tony Geary being arrogant. I grew up watching Luke & Laura. He would not be the big Star that he is and/or was then if it wasn’t for that pairing. He is an example of how money and fame can go to ones head. I’m happy to hear though that they settled their differences and that Genie is back. Like she said it is bringing closure to that era.

  8. Nana3 says:

    It seems like yesterday when they were all over the soaps back in the day. Loved all the adventures and missed them when they left for some time.It will be great to see everyone back again to see Luke off. The ratings will hit the roof when this all begins.

  9. Blake says:

    Wow there is the proof that Tony Geary didn’t like or want Genie Francis working with him at GH, it’s only now that he’s leaving that she’s allowed to be on the show full time again. And didn’t Tony have say in his storylines also?

    Well I already didn’t care for Tony but now I can’t wait for him to leave GH, I hope he never comes back at this point and I really hope that Genie is on the show for good until the end.

    • Mary says:

      I find it amusing how everyone reads into what Genie said regarding Luke & Laura and goes to the conclusion that Tony didn’t like Genie. I took it as the Luke & Laura storyline ran out, (which I totally agree with) and Tony didn’t want to keep going back to that. Like him or not Tony was given a great story line this year, and he deserved that award, he was fantastic. I think it is great they are bringing closure to this story line and I am excited to see some familiar faces again.

      • Marcia A. says:

        ITA, Mary. If you saw today’s episode, the writers did a wonderful job with Luke explaining why their relationship didn’t last. It was easy to see the parallels to the real-life interaction of Tony and Genie. “It’s not that I wasn’t happy. I was restless….but I have never regretted our time together or the family we made.” If you saw the emotions on both the actors’ faces, you’d have to believe it was true–on both levels. Way to close out a storyline! Kudos to Elizabeth Korte for giving T & G those words and really understanding what the longtime fans needed to hear.

        • Darla says:

          It really irritates me that he doesn’t want to pursue the L&L thing even when he’s on his way out. He never loved Laura he used her abused her drug her through the mill. Oh but he is so in love with Tracey now must be her finger pointing attitude.

      • Rene' says:

        I couldn’t agree more, Mary. I think Tony would have been THRILLED for Genie to be on the show as long as they didn’t push the Luke and Laura love story, and I personally think she was over it, too. If she had been paired with an entirely new love interest or perhaps even just did something like run her own company, etc., he wouldn’t have balked about her being there. It would have been nice to see them as friends, being there to help their children, and each other, if it called for it, but as friends and co-parents ONLY.

  10. Michele says:

    Oh Genie. It’s not Jane Elliot’s fault that she’s a far better actress than you. Stop making immature pot shots at people just because you can’t keep up with them in a scene!

    • says:

      You sound much more bitter than you claim Genie is. I like Jane but she’s a yeller like Tony and that is not the end all of great acting. Well, maybe it is for you. To each their own. But Genie kept up with Tony when she was a mere teenager and every single time they’ve asked Tony about working with her he has complimented her fantastic gift. Whenever asked about Jane, he says what a great friend she is to him. The difference in those comments is obvious. But iff you think Genie is so immature, why read her interviews at all? That’s a rhetorical question. And, not that it matters, but Genie has been waxing the floor with all her scene partners in this last return. And looking lie a million bucks while doing it.

  11. Rebecca Napper says:

    Hearing Genie Francis say, “She feels weepy…” about the end of an era ….it was a huge part of my life…” is dittoed by me. I am 51 years old & started watching when I was a junior in high school!!! That’s 35 years!!!! I have only tuned off during times of Luke and or Laura absences. It took some good story lines surrounding other characters to make me GH loyal without them.

  12. Rochelle Webster says:

    Really gonna miss Luke been watching General Hospital for a very long time I wish him all the best he will be missed a lot.

  13. The fans sure do hate to see Luke go, its just so sad. I know he said he’s just ready to do something else, and I understand, but for the fans that have been watching him and Laura off and on for 30 plus years just really don’t know how to do anything else..but watch GH and Gh just isn’t Gh without Luke.I just wish somehow he would change his mind and stay, at least make occasional appearances..Is that too much to ask?

  14. kim says:

    I think Luke and laura should had left together they really never stayed together long .they started together it should had anded together…..

  15. Joy says:

    I must say that while I am a fan of both actors Genie Francis and Anthony Geary, they are something together that they are not without each other. Especially Geary. While Genie has the same acting qualities with or without AG, Geary is no where near the same without Francis. There is a dynamic that he loses when he is not with her. He is still a great actor but it seems(imo) he is being more of who he really is in real life which isn’t so hard to do. She IS his acting soul mate and it shows whether he wants to admit it or not. Still, I am a fan of both equally.

  16. Joy says:

    I just want to add that maybe it’s the fans that love Luke and Laura together that Anthony Geary is really sick of.

  17. Krista M.Ramirez says:

    I think it was the right time to put an end to Luke and Laura.Give Laura a job and a story,though!!!