Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, Suits, Scandal, Empire, Revenge, Looking, Once, Good Wife, Jane and More

Empire Season 2 Spoilers

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Question: I love TVLine and that I check it every day. Also, I’m loving Empire so much. Got any scoop on the season finale? —Chandler
Ausiello: Chandler, just a heads up that three out of four dentists agree you should check TVLine a minimum of six times per day – so you might need to step it up a bit. With that out of the way, I’ll pass the mic to Empire showrunner Ilene Chaiken, who has this to say about the end of Season 1: “A lot of the big questions that were raised in the pilot are not going to conclude — because nothing ever concludes in life — but there are going to be resolutions, big moves, decisions and stories that pay off. And in the course of that, everything is going to change. Everything will be poised at the end of the season to begin anew, with dynamics that are shifting and just as extravagant and flamboyant as they were in the beginning —maybe even more.” Specifically, Chaiken adds, “Be prepared for some things to happen in Lucious’ life that nobody ever expected.” And if you’ve detected an unspoken undercurrent of Cookie pondering the cruelty with which Lucious treats the people in his life — his sons and even Anika, in particular — the EP says you may be on to something. “That is very much going to come to a head in these final episodes — in a really consequential way for Lucious, and even moreso for Cookie.”

Question: I’ll take anything you can share on Bones. It’s been awhile since the show was last on. —Cassidy
Ausiello: It’s back Thursday, March 26 and showrunner Stephen Nathan promises “big changes are afoot” during the second half of Season 10. The big news: “We will be dealing with Booth’s gambling problem,” previews the EP, “and it will have repruccussions for Booth and Brennan’s marriage that will not be easily resolved.” What’s more, “We will also be catching a glimpse of Angela’s real name,” Nathan confirms.

Question: Revenge is on fire this season! Do you have any scoop? —Julius
Ausiello: I don’t think you realize how perfect your question is, Julius. Episode 20, appropriately titled “Aftermath,” deals with the fallout from a devastating fire at a yet-unknown Hamptons residence. What I do know, however, is that both Emily and David will try to enter the home looking for answers — and they’ll both be turned away by the authorities.

Question: What’s going on with Taye Diggs on The Good Wife? I was all excited about his casting and he has just disappeared. What gives? —Bonnie
Ausiello: EP Robert King confirms that Diggs’ legal eagle Dean is still employed at Florrick-Agos-Lockhart, although the actor’s starring role on TNT’s Murder in the First has made the character a scarce presence. “It always comes down to their schedules,” laments King. “But we love Taye Diggs.” (In other Good Wife MIA matters, here’s the skinny on where Robyn’s been.)

Ask AusielloQuestion: I was happy to read that Gary Cole is headed back to The Good Wife as Diane’s hubby. Any scoop? —Tarik
Ausiello: He returns this Sunday for the first of several episodes, during which the couple will “go on a surprising tangent,” teases Christine Baranski. “We go out hunting together, and I meet up with a Republican billionaire [played by Oliver Platt].” The actress adds that the ideologically opposed duo will once again run up against some conflict. “It’s so great to see that two people can be married and disagree politically,” she says, “and have a political discourse that doesn’t derail the relationship.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on the season finale of Grimm or anything for the episode(s) leading up to the finale? —Jordan
Ausiello: Co-creator David Greenwalt promises that the next few episodes will show us “Juliette like you’ve never ever seen her, and the captain like you’ve never ever seen him. Just wild stuff.” “Wild” as in “we once hooked up and now we’re moving toward it again?,” we wonder. “Always a possibility between those two,” co-creator James Kouf cagily allows. BONUS SCOOP: The soon-to-arrive new prince, Kenneth, “is much more direct” than Viktor, Greenwalt says. And the recently added Royal and Adalind “have a very funny conection” that “goes to a place you won’t see coming,” Kouf adds.

Question: I’m dying for any scoop on Looking! —Renata
Ausiello: Gay hookup ap Grindr plays a supporting role in the March 22 Season 2 finale, which, not so coincidentally, is very much focused on Kevin and Patrick’s nascent relationship. Also, the C-word is thrown around quite a bit. Just a heads-up.

LENA DUNHAMQuestion: This guy would love some Scandal scoop! —Kyle
Ausiello: Hopefully this guy digs Girls, because I’ve got Guillermo Diaz dishing best he can on Lena Dunham’s mystery role, airing later this month. “She’s really sassy,” is all he would say about Dunham character. As for the guest star herself, “She got used to speaking really fast, like we do on the show, very easily,” Huck’s portrayer reports. “She’s a huge fan of Scandal, and we’re all a big fan of Girls, so it was exciting to have her on set.”

Question: Any scoop you can share on Scandal? —Logan
Ausiello: If you thought that Virginia senator Susan Ross — regardless of her bout of foot-in-mouth — was a shoo-in to replace Andrew as VP, think again. As POTUS himself, Tony Goldwyn, tells us, “There are real complications about Susan Ross. So, I can’t say that it’s a done deal. When we last left Fitz, that was his decision [to pick her], but it might not be as easy as it seems.”

Question: Do you have any more news on your latest Blind Item? You said it was not Jess from New Girl, or Liv on Scandal. Any other hints? —Gina.
Ausiello: Huge hint coming your way right… now. (Also, get with the proverbial program, Gina.)

Question: Do we have any idea who knocked up Once Upon a Time’s Maleficent? —Andrew
Ausiello: Series co-creator Eddy Kitsis says that the baby daddy will be revealed, “If there is one.” Meaning? Meaning, he notes, “This is a show where dwarves are hatched from an egg.”

Question: I’m looking for some Merry Men scoop! Any info on either Once Upon a Time‘s Will Scarlett or Robin Hood? –Brittani
Ausiello: During this second half of Season 4, “We’ll get a look at a bit of the past between Will Scarlett and Robin Hood,” co-creator Adam Horowitz shares. “We’ll learn they had adventures both in and out of Sherwood Forest.  And no look at the Merry Men would be complete without a return of the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

Question: Do you have any info at all on the upcoming season of Suits? —Jack
Ausiello: While Mike and Rachel’s engagement doesn’t mean we’re in for “the season of wedding planning,” the upcoming nuptials “will bring up issues in their relationship,” executive producer Aaron Korsh previews. On a different front for the couple, “[Rachel’s father] Robert Zane is going to become involved in a legal case with Mike and that’s going to have some impact on all of their relationships with each other.” BONUS SCOOP: The show is looking for an actress in her late 30s to early 60s to play Harvey’s new, no-nonsense shrink.

Question: I was wondering if you had any scoop about Steroline on The Vampire Diaries? —Amy
Ausiello: As you might have gleaned from our sneak-peek photos, Amy, Stefan and Caroline are hitting the “pause” button on their relationship while he attempts to pull her out of her new downward spiral. That said, he’ll be getting some assistance from an unexpected — and highly reluctant — source: his brother! “Damon wants to protect Elena and his brother and make sure there’s gas in his Camaro. That’s about it,” Ian Somerhalder says. “So helping Caroline is really just Damon’s way of trying to help his brother.” Well, isn’t that… sweet?

The ClimbQuestion: Got anything on Arrow? —April
Ausiello: Ra’s al Ghul’s offer to Oliver to replace him as the leader of the League of Assassins will shake things up for his daughter Nyssa in a big way. “She’s no longer heir to the demon,” notes her portrayer, Katrina Law. “She no longer has her lover, who I’m sure she was thinking about keeping around forever. She’s essentially lost everything. For the first time in her life, she is vulnerable and she feels weak and useless; it’s very jarring. You’re going to see Nyssa trying to figure out who she is and what she stands for now.” And that journey could lead her to find an ally in fellow daddy issues-plagued Laurel. Teases Law: “The two of them may have more in common than Nyssa originally thought.”

Question: Obsessed with Jane the Virgin. Any scoop on this season’s final episodes? —Caroline
Ausiello: Mean Girl alert! Season 1’s penultimate episode will mark the introduction of Jane’s beyotch of a high school nemesis Stephanie, and sources confirm to me exclusively that Mariah Buzolin of All My Children and (ha!) Jane by Design fame has snagged the role.

Question: Any scoop on Bates Motel? — Katie H.
Ausiello: Norma and Norman will boldly go where no Bates family member has gone before: into their very own bathroom! “We’re so excited to have a bathroom,” declares exec producer Kerry Ehrin of the show’s newest set piece, which debuts in next Monday’s episode. “We always wanted to do scenes with Norma in the bathtub and Norman walks in and they’re just chatting, and we never had a bathroom so we couldn’t do it.” Ehrin adds that the new loo boasts “his and her sinks” giving the space an appropriately creepy “husband and wife vibe.” No word on the shower functionality. (Psycho humor!)

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  1. Tran says:

    Can’t imagine seeing the look of Lena Dunham’s new ‘do for her guest starring stint on Scandal.

  2. Brian says:

    I’ll be shocked if most don’t end up hating Lena Dunham on Scandal. Hands down one of the worst casting stunts ever announced.

  3. justtobesane says:

    I love Laurel and Nyssa together on Arrow, can’t wait to see more of them!

  4. Bianca says:

    So excited for more on Robin Hood!

  5. StephonJS says:

    i thought the blind item was reveal already VIA The Mindy Project

  6. Nancy says:

    I love The Good Wife and everything about it. I also think su is a great show, but it seemed like it was a very short season. The shows you listed above I’ve never watched and probably won’t watch anyway.

    • Nancy says:

      Sorry for the mispelled word I was talking about the show Suits. It is very good but the season seems awfully short.

      • drhenning says:

        The recent Suits episodes were a final 4 from a season that started in the summer. Suits runs for 16 episodes with a split like many cable shows do on USA and TNT…

  7. Matt C. says:

    Praying the fire on Revenge involves Margaux somehow.

  8. Aadil says:

    What would be shocking if Emma is Maleficent daughter.

    • Chris says:

      That thought crossed my mind, though I hope it’s not true. I always thought Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin shared similar features so their casting always felt natural, her not being her real daughter would ruin it. There is a popular theory going around that Lily is actually her daughter though.

    • Ines says:

      She spent the last seasons accepting the fact she’s the daughter of two fairytales characters, Snow White and Prince Charming. We saw Snow pregnant and giving birth. This would contradict everything about the show. I don’t think so.
      I think Lily is Maleficent’s child.

    • Catherine says:

      I’m thinking Maleficent isn’t really pregnant. She’s carrying Rumple’s True Love egg that Charming stuck in her and it’s giving her pregnancy symptoms.

    • John NYC says:

      We saw Snow give birth and Charming put the baby in the cabinet. Then Emma aka “The Savior” reversed the Dark Curse.

      So, yes, it would be shocking.

  9. Monica says:

    VD – How to kill a series slowly? Talking to fans about what they don’t like and then tell them that is precisely what will happen in the next episode.
    (The ratings prove it)

  10. what is to come of stalker? 20 episodes for the season only 17 aired so far and if they are going to cancel they should at least give us the remaining 3 episodes of the season!

  11. nashieb says:

    Noooooo. If Nyssa becomes buddy buddy with whatsherface then my #Olinyssa (remember, i coined/called it first) dream will probably not come true!!!! Nooooooo

  12. nsp says:

    Please please please let the c-word on Looking be referring to the foul c word and not “cancelled.” I will riot..ok..I will be disappointed.

  13. TVPeong says:

    Hasn’t Adalind hooked up with all the royals introduced on the show? I hope she doesn’t get together with the new one too.

  14. Alichat says:

    Oh please God do not put Juliette and Renard together again! Of all the stories on Grimm, that was the only one I absolutely hated.

  15. 1mars says:

    Oh joy, so the Booth’s adding to their family either stresses Booth out to the point he goes back to gambling or saves him, either way I no likey. ugh

  16. a says:

    thanks for the BONES spoiler….am guessing topic of Booth’s gambling and the case are one in the same…..after everything Booth has been through lately it’s no surprise, something had to give.

  17. Angie says:


  18. DBianco says:

    I can’t wait for more Robin Hood backstory on Once Upon A Time and it’s especially exciting to hear they’ll bring back the Merry Men and the Sheriff of Nottingham too! :)

  19. Pia says:

    Missing my March calendar and the month is a third over already. :(

  20. Lily says:

    I love how Eddy Kitsis tried to beat around the bush, in regards to who Maleficent’s baby daddy is. While the dwarf may have hatched from eggs (a.k.a: the stupidest thing ever)…. given the synopsis for 4.14, I doubt it will be a similar situation. Regina hinted, who the baby daddy is, back in 1.02…. it is probably King Stefan.

  21. sladewilson says:

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this week’s Empire and then reading that up top, this might be the craziest two hour season finale ever!!! “And if you’ve detected an unspoken undercurrent of Cookie pondering the cruelty with which Lucious treats the people in his life — his sons and even Anika, in particular — the EP says you may be on to something.” is as ominous as it comes and Cookie is even checking how Lucious treats Anika? WOW – The Cookie Monster is even feeling sorry for po’ ol’ Boo Boo Kitty!!! I can’t wait!!!

  22. The blind item said “this is not a show on its last legs; this baby, and the subsequent implications,l will likely be around for a good while.” However, on your renewal scorecard, “The Mindy Project” is listed as “could go either way.” Was it just that the show’s prospects changed since the blind item was posted?

    • H says:

      The pregnancy was supposed to be the gamechanger in the finale (ep.15), but then Fox added 6 more episodes which means they believe in the show and a 4th season is likely because of syndacation purposes.

  23. Donna says:

    If Bones scrapes any lower in the bottom of the barrel they’re going to bring up wood trying to manufacture drama where there is none. Why not bring back Angela’s nonexistent mother to join Booth’s nonexistent mother and Hodgins nonexistent brother? That’s obviously easier for writers who’ve probably never even seen the show, based on their ignorance of actual characters on the show, like Russ, Jared, Parker, and Pops. It’s been over a year since Ralph Waite died and yet Bones can’t be bothered to make even a mention of it. Just put the show out of its misery and concentrate on what is actually working at Fox, like Empire.

    There’s no buzz about the show anymore. The only people who talk about it are the people who only talk about it. Storylines like this are why people are bored and the ratings are so low.

    • anon says:

      That’s right, the writers who never watch the show are writing about Booth’s gambling addiction that has just been apart of his character since season 1. Addìction is addiction and people can fall off the wagon at a drop of the hat, its been mentìoned TWICE this season already, setting up this storyline… do you know that Pops wont be mentioned, there have been 10eps just aired of S10 with 12 remaining. …Fox should concentrate more on Empire? REALLY? Haven’t they been doing that already since the Fall. One show does not make a network & fill up their schedule (perhaps Fox remembers just how fast GLEE & HOUSE burned out after getting huge ratings)…..Bones, a mature show that has been on air for 10 years has declined in ratings & no longer a buzz darling SAY IT AINT SO, them the breaks….I dont always agree wíth the creative narrative choices either made on Bones, esp with how B&B work partnership barely has featured this season & I detest how the asshole new guy has been shoe-horned everywhere but unlike you I would never wish putting 100’s of people out of a job because of it. I’m good like that.

  24. John says:

    Suits should get Jane Lynch for the role of Harvey’s shrink.

    • HAP says:

      Exactly my thought, too. She’s got the experience with Charlie. However, I think she may be attached to another project right now.

  25. Nicole says:

    No no no no to the captain and Juliette again. Her and Nick have enough problems, but the fact that they love each other does make it with it. That storyline drove me nuts and ruined the dynamics of their little group! I’m all for them as allies but will Nick and juilette ever catch a break?!?!

  26. Lizo says:

    OMG yes, some Nyssa and Laurel team ups would be amazing!! Would make my day!!

  27. Briggs says:

    Nyssa is a character I’ve found fascinating. Let’s see where this goes.

  28. why do they keep cutting the programs every few weeks- by the time revenge comes back on, we can’t remember what the heck was going on. They seem to be doing this with all the good shows, what’s the point?

  29. MTB says:

    Wish the spoiler would say ” Scandal Cancelled”. It is so bad. After watching last weeks episode, it should be cancelled NOW.

    • So if you dislike a show then it should be cancelled…..oh okay, got it! I will phone ABC right now and let them know MTB doesn’t like Scandal anymore after one episode.

    • John NYC says:

      While I just don’t watch it I am curious: what do you need to have there in it’s place?

      The existence of what I judge are “bad” shows rarely enters my awareness: I watch the “good” ones, or dvr them.. lol

      OPh, is that it? You’ve nothing to watch in that time slot so you want a turn of the wheel in hopes something watchable would get added? That’s a reasonable desire. I guess I’m immune to that since I time shift just about everything anyway and have a sort of embarrassing backlog of Tour de France, America’s Cup and Revenge episodes I can always resort to when a desolate time slot arises….

  30. Tracy says:

    You have a picture of Jonathan Groff and nothing on Glee! What’s up with that?

  31. Drew says:

    I’m surprised that there are no comments about Lena Dunham being a child molestor and how shameful it is for people to be throwing work at her like this. If she were a man, she would have been burned at the stake by now.

  32. Ella says:

    I’m hoping Nyssa will train Laurel. I love her as the Black Canary but I feel her journey to becoming the superhero was kindof a mess. Nyssa would make her a much better fighter.

    • John NYC says:

      She’s still on the journey, every time she get’s beaten up or does a pratfall dropping onto a car rooftop they emphasize that again.

      I sort of like that: not everyone get’s the magic dust and instant transformation treatment. Her path is more realistic having all the bruises.

      Nyssa training her could be fun. Though the room would sort of be in danger at times of exploding with grimaced determination….

      • John NYC says:


        One reason I miss Sara: she at least smiled some. And it was a happy smile (or at least a “don’t give a *flip*” smile…

  33. Daisy says:

    Really.? Booth again. Lol I wonder what’s Angelas real name? And Once spoiler, it should have been about Rumbelle.

  34. i’m really afraid with the Looking’s spoiler….don’t want a patrick x kevin break up…..#fear

  35. jackie2830 says:

    No nonsense shrink for Harvey……….how about Annette Benning or Susan Sarandon?

  36. lily says:

    need more once upon a time spoilers! I wanna know if Emma turns evil! It will defiantly be something different for the show. Looking forward to see how Bates Motel turns out this season…last season was a bit disappointing.

  37. Bruno says:

    Please, any scoop about the return of Zelena in Once Upon a Time? Thank you!

  38. Sarah says:

    I’ve noticed that stars of The Vampire Diaries repeatedly throw off these interviews by deflecting the questions. The question was about Steroline, but the answer stated the obvious and then gave a quote about something unrelated that isn’t part of Damon’s actual story in the upcoming episode. This is something that happens more often recently. I think showrunners and actors are tired of people either getting amped up or worked up about spoilers before an episode airs, and then having internet meltdowns when their expectations aren’t met. The lack of revealing spoilers could be partly why people are starting to enjoy this show again. I’m surprised no one asked about a hint about Bonnie’s gift to Damon two episodes from now. Maybe people did ask and no one’s talking. Personally, I think Damon and Elena will fail to find Lily for some reason, yet Bonnie will somehow be the one to personally deliver her to Damon’s doorstep. Kai might help Bonnie do this for Damon as a sort of favor to try to make up for how he treated her. It’s hilarious that Ian Somerhalder said that all Damon cares about is Elena, Stefan, and gas in his Camaro. Obviously Damon is going to have other concerns. He gets more stories than any other character lately. As far as we know now, the most Damon will do towards helping Caroline is agree to ask if anyone’s seen her.

  39. Tom says:

    Love the Serena Southerlyn shout out

  40. BayonneRita says:

    I love Kalinda…. She helps make the show. Whatever she does I hope we are informed. I will watch that program. I’m so sorry she is leaving. If there is a smart network out there they will give her her own series.
    Hope to see you again real soon.

  41. laylay says:

    What’s gonna happen on empire the final season please tell me .

  42. Charity says:

    Hope the Renard plot on Grimm as we head into the last few episodes is good; he hasn’t had much to do this season. Though, what’s going to happen with Juliette? Are they going to team up and go slaughter some Royals? That could be fun…

  43. acter says:

    So Booth is going to have a slip? That is lazy — why not play out the drama of NOT slipping? (Yes, I may be. reading between the lines of ” dealing with” and “repercussions”.)

  44. Callous says:

    What they com on idol season

  45. Mama Grizzly says:

    Very interesting comment, I have watched every episode of Empire and I cannot see
    Cookie having any sympathy for Anika.Period!!!!!! I can’t wait for wednesday, 4 days, 2 hours and 50 mins, EST.

  46. ivis tirado says:

    Dwight walker

  47. Luscious lieon on Empire name is Dawit walker