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Mindy Post Mortem: Star Mindy Kaling Reveals How That Big Twist Came About, What's Next for Drs. L & C

The Mindy Project Season 3 Mindy Pregnant Baby Danny

The Mindy Project‘s Mindy and Danny have never done things in the usual rom-com order: Why start now?

This week’s episode of the Fox comedy ended with a bombshell — that Mindy has a little Castellano in her oven — and left Dr. L likely wondering how to proceed in telling her super-Catholic boyfriend that they’re about to be parents.

Star and series creator Mindy Kaling tells TVLine that the development, which we now can reveal was the subject of TVLine’s recent blind item, was years in the making.

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“We talked about accidental pregnancy since the beginning of Season 1,” she says. “Nothing is funnier to me than an OB-GYN impregnating another OB-GYN accidentally. They, of all people, should know better.”

Though Kaling and her writers’ room may have seen the pregnancy coming, that wasn’t the case for a gobsmacked Dr. Lahiri (despite an admitted inability to take her birth control pills regularly).

The Mindy Project Season 3 Mindy Pregnant Baby Danny“Mindy thinks of herself as impossibly young, and that she has many years left before she needs to seriously think about kids,” Kaling says. “We have been writing her as particularly job-focused, so this is definitely a surprise.”

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The half-hour ended with Mindy keeping her secret to herself — but that won’t last long, Kaling previews.

“The next episode is all about Mindy trying to tell Danny,” she says, praising an installment which brings Danny’s father and half-sister to New York and winds up with his mother Annette hosting everyone for a meal. “It’s one of the best episodes of the series, ‘Dinner at the Castellanos.'”

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The couple’s trajectory hasn’t followed a smooth or typical path since they first locked lips in an airplane galley last season. As such, Kaling says, conceiving a child before moving in together or getting married “seems correct for them, though definitely not the way they would have liked it.”

Both NBC Universal, which produces Mindy, and Fox were “very supportive” of the narrative turn, she adds. “They were really enjoying seeing Danny and Mindy date, but I assure them their dynamic would not change. [A baby] just complicates their relationship even more and opens up so many new avenues of comedy.”

Future episodes will address Mindy and Danny’s plans for the future; a recently released synopsis for the Feb. 17 installment has the docs planning a move out of New York City, though Kaling plays coy with what’s ahead for the pair.

“All I can say is that we are purposefully trying to mess with the order of how things are done ‘traditionally,'” she says, “and that’s a big part of the last bunch of episodes.”

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  1. Merina says:

    Welp I guess this is that blind item

  2. Evan says:

    Definitely a shocker but I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

  3. Kaylee says:

    Shocked but not too shocked. This show definately doesn’t do anything by the book.

  4. Babybop says:

    Not exactly happy about this. But I love Mindy Kaling and I’ll do my best to trust her and her team of writers.

    • big cheddar says:

      Same here. I mean, i thought the dilemma she was facing before the twist was a realistic one. I’d really be shocked if her possibly moving to CA is still consideration now. But, we’ll see.

      • i do honestly think a surprise pregnancy is a realistic thing? especially now that she’s doing so great on all areas of her life. i love that mindy is getting everything she wanted and she’s wanting more, but not exactly how she planned. i’m pretty excited about this.

  5. mary says:

    Peter leaving made me cry…that I didn’t expect. Don’t know how I feel about the baby but I did love every Mindy and Peter scene. God I am going to miss Adam Palley on this show

  6. Tom says:

    Just a suggestion, but maybe some how add a tag or a category for blind items and their reveals?

  7. CourtTV says:

    Love that this is the blind item. Can’t wait to see how this rolls out. Funny material ahead.

  8. Nicole says:

    Love this and totally trust the Mindy can pull this off and make it hilarious and heartwarming!

  9. Elsa says:

    I must be honest, I’m not feeling it. I know I’m in the minority but I am liking this show less and less since Mindy and Danny got together. I feel like their characters have become caricatures of themselves, especially Danny. I guess we’ll see but I am a little disappointed. This used to be one of my favorite shows.

    • S. says:

      You’ve got a character with a tattoo that says “No more stealing cars” on his abdomen. Another that thought Mindy was a little boy when she showed up with a hair cut. A guest appearance by Shonda Rhimes in the Dartmouth guys only beer pong tournament because “she’s successful like a man.” This show’s never been entirely grounded and that’s part of what makes it awesome. Since Mindy and Danny got together, there have been lap dances from Chris Messina. How could anybody like that less?

  10. Guesty says:

    WOWWW, very happy news! I really love this show and MK too

  11. Rafael says:

    Mindy pregnant to Danny? Well it’s too bad both Peter leaving and Lauren not joining the cast! Well I hope to see the return of Betsy and the final additions of Jean, Annette and Dot also!

  12. Sims says:

    This show is so predictable. I thought Mindy Kaling was going to make a different and fun romcom, instead she made the Mindy Project which produces zero surprises or “twists”. Glad the show is keeping with the status quo.

    • S. says:

      Keeping with the status quo? Most shows you know have accidental pregnancies in S3? You’re trolling so hard you’re gonna give yourself a hernia. Easy does it.

  13. Samara says:

    I really worry about pregnancy/baby storylines. Friends was one of very few TV shows that managed to pull-off a pregnancy/baby storyline and still keep the authenticity and charisma of the show. I wonder if TMP can pull it off.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah I’m not sure friends did. I was rewatching on Netflix and realized because of all the will they or won’t they with Ross and Rachel how much it ruined them as a couple and how truly desperate the baby thing was to force the pull again.

      I’m not sure about this as typically I don’t like baby stories but I will say the way mindy and Danny have been written and the lack of threat of them breaking up makes them more interesting and this plot better.

      I think we are now going to get to see a woman question how she can have it all, is it possible and what is most important to her. Same with Danny. You never see that on TV it’s not predictable IMo. But yeah I wouldnt be sad if they did a miscarriage story, but I’m going to wait and see because I didn’t think pairing them would help the show as much as it did.

      Sorry this is so long I’m avoiding working :)

      • KatsMom says:

        Well said.

      • Samara says:

        I get what you mean, but I find I’m already struggling with the show since Mindy and Danny got together. I love the two but after they got together I realized there was not much else happening in the show to keep me that invested anymore. I don’t know why they cannot have strong plots for Ed weeks, he is amazing.
        With Friends I felt they pulled it off because firstly it was such a spanner thrown in the works coz Rachel and Ross were not even dating and it was interesting to see them try to figure out everything and it was all very unpredictable until the finale ofcourse. And the baby plot didn’t consume the whole show, all the cast had diff plots and I didn’t get sick of that pregnancy/baby plot drowning everything and everyone else which I’m afraid might happen on TMP. I’m not opposed to a miscarriage as well at this point. I am really hoping this arc works for TMP.

    • Friends didn’t pull it off. Baby Emma was so invisible most of the time, to the point where Ross didn’t even put up a fuss when Rachel decided to move to Paris with her. The Ross/Rachel storyline was so stale by that point, they were trying to inject new life into it, and even a baby couldn’t save it.

  14. dman6015 says:

    And they jumped the shark.

  15. jj says:

    when the blind item was first revealed and people were suspecting it was mindy I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but the thought of morgan babysitting/taking care of a pregnant mindy seems like comedy gold

  16. Ames says:

    I don’t feel like this is a twist at all, I actually feel like it’s playing it safe. Why does every woman on a show in her 30s-40s have to deal with getting pregnant, especially unexpectedly (I’m looking at you Hart of Dixie, Nashville and now Mindy). Can’t they just be okay with not wanting children, focusing on their career, friends and partner and still have an interesting storyline?

    I’m actually pretty annoyed at this storyline and wish they would have stayed true to who Mindy seemed to be from the beginning of the show.

    • mollytanner says:

      I think Peter told Mindy, “It’s okay to change what you want in life.” That’s so true, and I like this direction.

    • jj says:

      mindy has always wanted kids in one of the first episodes she had a conversation with danny about how she wanted 4 kids and already had their names picked out where he then went on to talk about how she was already running out of time. And her conversation with gwen about how she wanted all her money to go to her kids and grandkids so they could be crazy socialites? Earlier this season she talked about wanting to live in Connecticut getting wine drunk while writing a mommy blog.

  17. Ella says:

    Meh, I didn’t want a baby thrown into the works so early.

    • TMPfan says:

      It’s not all that early when you consider possibility of cancellation that always seems to be looming on the horizon for the show.

  18. Moria says:

    Love the show but not very happy with this twist. I’m wary of the “Cousin Oliver Curse” where a show gets lots less funny after a new kid/baby is added. Meh. Also – a little unrelated – after watching Adam Paley host the Late Late Show I’m wondering if he was let go against his will. There was a conversation like “I quit!” “Did you really?” “No, but I say that to feel better.” Anyone know? Just assumed it was to save money.

  19. Jamila Taylor says:

    Mindy project is one of my favorite shows great storyline and great chemistry. My only criticism is that the show needs to be longer than thirty minutes.thank you guys for creating a wonderful show all related staff 😉😉😉

  20. steff says:

    Meh…I really liked the show before the Danny/Mindy thing (Dindy?Manny?IDK). Danny’s never really been nice/sweet to Mindy, and she seems okay with just tagging along on his Staten Island adventures. Wish they would bring back Peter and have things go return to season-2-level of hilarity.

  21. sillylilnut says:

    I really enjoy Mindy and Danny together and was really pulling for them, but Danny has been so cold towards Mindy. She is very loving and for sure has her issues, but Danny has not been that way at all, ever since he declared his love for her, he has shown it less. Its starting to make me hope Mindy moves on. Before this season, they were my favorite pair. I also miss and adore Pete.