Revenge Recap: Public Relations

Revenge Season 4 Recap

Sunday’s episode of People Staring Longingly on Porches Revenge staged yet another non-Emily reunion for David Clarke, one which led him to make a revenge speech of his own — albeit a completely misguided one.

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During his late-night meeting with Nolan — whose puppy-esque reaction upon seeing his long-lost father figure was actually pretty adorable — David asked why, if Nolan really gave “Amanda” the infinity box, had she apparently been living in squalor above the Stowaway with Jack? (Clearly, David didn’t see Jack’s locker-room scene earlier in the episode. Question answered.)

But because Nolan couldn’t tell David the truth, lest he blow Emily’s cover and spill every last bean, he responded with some Cheshire Cat nonsense about how David should trust his heart, rather than the “trustworthy” people in his life. Sadly, David’s heart is saying that he can’t trust Nolan, as evidenced by the knockout we saw in the promo for next week’s episode. (Seriously, right in the moneymaker.)

Meanwhile, the ever-crafty Ms. Thorne — whose puppet-mastery now extends to real estate dealings — arranged for David to move back into the beach house. It was mostly so she could keep an eye on him, but also to help him relive fond memories — you know, like that time he was torn from his home as his young daughter screamed in utter terror.

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But Victoria raised an interesting question during a sadly-no-shotguns confrontation with Emily: How will David react when he learns of all the terrible things his daughter has caused in his name? Will he feel guilty? Will he be ashamed? Or will he, like the viewers, just be annoyed that this reunion took so long?

I guess we’ll find out when Emily and David finally meet, an event currently scheduled for the 12th of Never.

CHARLOTTE GRAYSON: NIGHTMARE PERSON | Oh, Charlotte, where do I even begin? She seems to think that because she has Clarke blood coursing through her veins, she’s capable of pulling off Emily-scale manipulation — but she’s just not. Not even a little bit. She’s a hot, self-destructive mess, which she further proved by telling some rando the guy who tried to hit David with his car to call her “Charlotte Clarke” before hopping into a cab to score more drugs or whatever. In fact, the only smart thing Charlotte did all week was drop this li’l truth nugget on Jack: “Wow, you’re a terrible cop.” (Sorry, Jack-o, but somebody had to say it.)

MEDIA STUDIES | Realizing that her stable of allies is depleting faster than Teresa Giudice’s bank account, Emily made “peace” with Margaux and tipped her off about David’s big homecoming. Margaux also made a new deal with Victoria for exclusive rights to his story — and all it cost was a tiny piece of her soul. (Then again, how much of a soul could she possibly have left after sleeping with Daniel?) On the bright side, I think she did something new to her hair. Looks great.

‘HOT DAMN,’ DANNY! | On the topic of irredeemable humans, Daniel and Louise dropped their all-business facade and finally got down to business. So you can imagine how pretty surprised that Daniel ultimately chose to align himself with Margaux, instead. … Actually, we can do more than just imagine; Louise’s one-woman show in the elevator — some heavy bruising of the knuckles, lots of super-crazy glances at her reflection, followed by a call to Page Six — was pretty spectacular, and definitely on-brand. I mean, have we forgotten we first met this lady in a mental institution? I love where this is headed.

BEN PLAYS DETECTIVE | In more surprising news, Ben (aka Officer Tight-Ass) came dangerously close to becoming interesting this week, soliciting top-secret files about Conrad’s unsolved murder. Unsurprisingly, his investigation led to Jack, at which point the Chief of Police — whom we know to have close ties with Victoria — caught wind of Ben’s extracurricular activities and promptly shut the operation down. Then he told Ben something really hilarious and completely untrue: “Someday, you’ll get detective.” Yeah, OK.

All right, Revenge-rs, how worried are we about Nolan after David’s little declaration? Is Charlotte not just the worst? And how long do you really think we’ll have to wait for Emily and David to share some air? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Greg says:

    There is a clear difference between delayed gratification and just stupid nonsensical filer in order to extend the show.

    Nolan talks to David- tells him nada.
    Jack talks to David- tells him nada.
    He now lives across the way- Emily wants to wait.
    I’m sorry but all of that is very dumb, as is Emily actually BELIEVING Victoria that David would care that she killed people and/or destroyed lives to clear his name. He would be proud, not ashamed or hate her for it.

    What’s worse? Now we need to deal with David wanting his own revenge on the wrong people (Jack/Nolan). What’s worse than that? This dude with the tattoo might be working for Conrad, as in, he could be alive. No one stays dead on this show. What’s even worse than that? The subplots this show keeps adding just to fill time (Louise, Ben the cop, etc..)

    I’m trying to be positive but the writers are really testing patience.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I know this show loves bringing people back more than Resurrection, but if Conrad isn’t dead, I’ll be surprised. At least a little surprised.

      • Greg says:

        It is the only thing that makes sense. Unless David was held captive by some group we have never heard of before (please no Initiative crap), only Conrad would be nasty enough to hire someone to try and take him out. He would also put his “daughter who isn’t his” in harms way, as evidenced by his shouting at her in last season’s finale. Plus, ABC prolly thinks bringing back another dead character is the perfect hook for a midseason finale.

        • Andy Swift says:

          Can’t disagree with any of that.

        • Nichole says:

          Actually thought it was more likely something Louise (is that the red head’s name??) may have put in motion. She’s fixated on Victoria, has some series issues, and likes to punch walls, so hiring someone to talk out Victoria’s new love interest and possibly do something to Victoria’s daughter as evidenced by Charlotte leaving with the presumed would-be killer is more likely then Conrad being alive somewhere plotting his own revenge. Plus still alive David seems like someone that would make sure the person he was stabbing was actually dead before walking away. Homicide file would also indicate a body somewhere, one would presume anyway!

      • Command says:

        They’re just giving so many hints about Conrad being alive. He’ll show up eventually.

        • Bob F. says:

          Could David be holding Conrad captive?, the way Conrad held David all those years (If you believe David). We only saw Conrad shot, we never saw if he died. They had a grave for David & we know he isn’t in it. Could this be the next big secret?

          • kiwirevengefan says:

            Pretty sure they found Conrad’s body on the road. How else do they know he was murdered? Pretty sure that Conrad never held David captive, that was just David’s story. I don’t think he was held captive at all, he was just hiding out waiting his time.

    • Alichat says:

      I completely agree. This show is aggravating the hell out of me. I may have to pull this from the DVR queue as I did Bones. I was ok with Nolan and Jack being quiet with David, because I thought Emily was going to make her approach once getting David in back in his house. But nooooooo………let’s just get him in the perfect position to accept you and then do…….nothing! Yes….perfect plan.

    • Melanie says:

      I agree with most of what you say. Like, come on. Emily is not able to get to her dad, but once he get to Nolan and Jack they say nothing. I understand it’s her truth to say, but a little help from her friends wouldn’t help (like, “btw David, Amanda is alive. She’s just not who you think she is” and then Ems can fill out the rest.)

      The thing I disagree with you on is that David wouldn’t care. I think he would. He let her a note asking her not to go on the revenge pathway. So he would feel sorry for her daughter, and ashamed of himself because, as we saw with his voice-over, revenge is in the Clarke’s blood (minus Charlotte, which Jack comment on her being more like Conrad was AWESOME) PLUS, on all that waiting for the reunion which will probably be like midseason or season final thingny, I thought it really ironical that Emily waiting to tell David results in him pursuing revenge.
      — On Charlotte, I read in Andy’s review that she paid the guy to hit-and-run David, but I didn’t understand that from the episode.

    • the girl says:

      Thank you so very much. I hate when I am smarter than the characters I am watching. All Nolan had to say is, “the girl who died was not the real Amanda Clarke. She was using Amanda’s identity. The real AC is still alive but I can’t tell you who she is.” All Jack had to say is, “Carl is not your real grandson. A DNA test will prove he is no relation to you. My wife was not the real AC.” They tell David what he needs to know without robbing Emily of her chance to reveal herself to David as his daughter. It was so STUPID. And of course Charlotte was STUPID by falling for her mother’s crap. If you don’t want to be manipulated fine, but to trade one manipulator for another is wack. Charlotte would be better off saying, I choose not to participate. I am dangerously close to divorcing this show. I cannot stand to watch David be angry with Nolan OR Jack when neither of them deserve his wrath. The original Revengenda involved people who DESERVED what they had coming for them. Even Victoria’s revengenda involved Emily who ruined her life and the lives of her children so it made sense in a messed up way. But this is just WRONG. And STUPID.

      • grtm says:

        I fully agree!!! I’m almost giving up of this show, this chapter was my last shot!! Need to happen something really interesting to me come back to it!

    • Lambsilencer says:

      I knew going into this episode that any direct encounter between Emily and David would most definitely not happen. I could almost hear ABC giving the writers the order to reserve that for a sweeps episode on every frame.
      Their encounter is a clear sweeps moment, and ABC would have probably never allowed for it to happen a week before, or earlier. And if they want to really milk it, they will advertise the heck out of the moment when they meet (“Amanda?” – “Hi Dad.”), and then have it at the very end of that episode, so viewers will have to watch the next one to see them talk to each other.

    • Netty says:

      I’m sure the reunion is going to be dragged further, now that Emily has the upper hand, the only card that Victoria can play is to tell Emily that David killed Conrad and has evidence (false) and that if she reveals herself to be Amanda Clarke then she (Victoria) will tell the cops that David killed Conrad. I see this blackmail coming and delaying the reunion yet again
      I dont remember the part were David said he’s going to take his revenge on Nolan and/or Jake. That speech at the end of the episode was open ended and didnt really point to anyone.

    • grtm says:

      Hey Greg, I’d thought was just me thinking like that! Oh gosh, I’m still waiting a very good twist, but every new chapter i got more and more disappointed. What do you say about he’d recognized Daniel and not Amanda’s photo?? Someone did repair that he even looked to the photo of his supposed daughter?? Should it be a good sine?? I already doubt!! The writer are really testing my patience as well!!

    • Irene says:

      I agree my patience are being tested this season. Why did David cozy up to Victoria when he knew she betrayed him. How could he turn on Nolan. Why did jack become a cop? None of the dots are being connected. I’m very disappointed in this new season. Emily and David should have reconnected right away. I’m sure Conrad isn’t dead. I hate that Charlotte has turned into a psychopath! Aiden shouldn’t have been killed off!

  2. Sutton says:

    God this show sucks now. It’s barely watchable compared to the first season.

  3. iMember says:

    Revenge is so terrific this season! I love where it’s going. The David Clarke closing was great too. Taking Like father, like daughter to awhile other level!

  4. aa says:

    Loved the recap, Andy! But maybe should you have mentioned that Charlotte gets into a cab with a guy that almost definitely tried to run down David?

  5. Meg D says:

    Yes, Charlotte is the worst. However. I’m not sure the guy in the club was ‘some rando’. Didn’t he have the same tattoo on his hand as the guy who tried to run down David earlier? I’ve only watched once, but that’s what I thought I saw.

  6. Samantha says:

    I get that the network is saving a David/Emily reunion until sweeps, but come on! 3 yrs. this woman has been avenging her dead father and she doesn’t do anything? I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but the reunion better be worth the wait! I’m losing interest fast.

    • Eric M says:

      Episode 8 is called “Contact” – maybe thats the episode with their Reunion? Just a guess.

      • That’s too f-cking long to wait. This episode was mocking (the photo book) and a knife to the heart. They should have either sold all the episodes to Netflix so viewers like me could watch it in one day nonstop, or NOT DRAGGED THIS REUNION OUT… It’s killing me!!

        • drhenning says:

          With the low ratings this show has so far this fall, this should be it but I would guess it gets a full season… Ratings should jump once NFL and TWD are out of the way… I hope they don’t stretch it into 2015….

          • BillinFla says:

            The “low ratings” are 30% higher than what ABC had in that time slot last year. Also, the show does extremely well in on-demand/online stream viewing. I do think this will be the last season, but the show is performing relatively well for ABC.

        • DK says:

          When I saw in the first episode they made Jack a cop, I was immediately disgusted. With all the legally questionable poop he’s been involved in, how could he pass a background check for the job?! So while u was deciding whether or not to cut this show lose, I stockpiled 6 episodes on my dvr and am now in the process of watching them all at once. Trust me, it doesn’t make a difference; this storyline sucks. Now Jack even knows David Clarke, a long lost murderer & now cat burgular, is alive & he’s not telling. This dit is absurd!

        • DK says:

          I was immediately disillusioned on the 1st show whn I found they made Jack a cop. With all the legally questionable dit he’s been involved in, how could he hve passed the background check? While I was deciding whether or not to cut this show short, I stockpiled 6 shows & am now watching them all at once & it’s not any better. After an amazing finale last season, this season is a msjor disappointment.

  7. ngirl says:

    WTF? When are we going to get the Amanda and David reunion that we are so totally desperately waiting for? Ugh. I need a drink after tonight.

  8. S says:

    I hope the writers don’t drag this reunion our forever. I’m incredibly frustrated that Emily believes that her father would be anything less than thrilled that she is alive AND that There is no urgency from anyone other than fans to make this reunion happen. There is only so much Charlotte we will watch!

  9. Nick says:

    Why does all the work of the Hamptons Police Department take place in there locker room?

  10. Rinnie says:

    First we learn that Emily spent 3 seasons trying to avenge a man that’s not even dead, then we learn that David is gonna spend the season trying to avenge his daughter that is very much alive, how fcked up is that ? That was the longest revenge episode ever, seriously what a bore. And I agree that delaying their reunion is clearly a move to fill a show that needs to be concluded asap.

  11. Maryann says:

    I am SO glad I am not wasting my time watching this season but only reading recaps. The plot line just gets worse and worse.

  12. MP says:

    I have a hard time cutting the cord with shows I’ve watched for so long, so I’ve taken to fast forwarding through any scene involving Daniel or Margaux. It’s made Revenge tolerable so far, we’ll see how long that lasts. Revenge is the only show I watch on Sunday nights.

  13. Clark S. says:

    Am I the only one who misses the Emily voice overs at the beginning and end of each episode?

  14. Garrett says:

    Wanna know what I think? Victoria is going to twist the truth and tells David something horrible (ie, Emily killed Amanda in the boat, or that Amanda and Emily were juvy mates). So David’s going to hurt Emily, but then he finally realized she was his daughter after seeing the infinity tattoo. And cue the mid-season hiatus.

    Another possible storyline; Charlotte is written off (ie killed, hooray!) and David’s going to blame Emily for the murder. Cue the hiatus. *yawn*

  15. javier says:

    I know it wouldn’t do any favors towards earning his trust back, but Emily and Nolan surely would’ve bugged the beach house if the writers of the show had any common sense at all.

  16. Cathy says:

    Am I the only one who can not stand to watch Victoria anymore? I used to like her and her vicious ways, but now I’m so bored by her and hate every second she’s on the screen. Hope they wrap this up and end this season with a good conclusion.

    • Netty says:

      I can’t stand Victoria and Charlotte. I miss Conrad, he was a villain you’d love to hate but he was not annoying.

  17. Tracey says:

    Can anyone tell me what happened in the last 10 minutes. My cable went out.

  18. Disappointed says:

    If anything happens to nolan, it will all be emilys damn fault. Her dads going around with her arch-nemesis, and what ms. Thorne is trying to do is so minute. Damn, she needs to get a grip and somehow get a way to talk to her father. And is she really going to fall for victorias trap?
    If they kill off nolan or something, they’ll be losing a lot of viewers, cause for me, revenge is all about emily and nolan, nolan is the brains of this duo and if he dies, emily is left off nowhere.

  19. dee123 says:

    God damn it. Why do i have the feeling that if Charlotte wasn’t Emily’s sister she would of been killed off years ago?

  20. jai says:

    Wow, I can’t believe they kept this on the air.

  21. Cat says:

    It’s probably not at all significant, but remember Nolan found the little whale with the hidden camera the other week, and said “Hello, old friend,” (or some such thing you’re unlikely to say to an inanimate object)… so as one poster above said, they’re probably bugging the beach house.

  22. Kelly Deeny says:

    Andy, your recaps are always entertaining to read! Now, down to “Revenge-y” business..

    I liked the pace of the episode. Started off with action, added intrigue, and ended with heartfelt emotion. That’s what I love about this show.

    I’m all for taking responsibility for your actions (something Victoria seems incapable of doing), but blaming “Emily” for the death of others when Victoria actually killed people – intentionally – is frustrating. Did people die while she was seeking justice for her father? Yes. But, those deaths were caused by Conrad and the Initiative. To my recollection, Emily never actually destroyed a life physically. Only ruined their careers, love lives, or reputations. The same can’t be said for “Fauxmanda”, “Conrad”, “Victoria”, and “Daniel”. So “Vicky’s” claim that “David” would be ashamed upon learning about his daughter’s actions, doesn’t hold much weight.

    Anyone else catch the parallel between “Emily’s” speech about letting her father come to her when he’s ready and how “Jack” has been doing the same for “Emily”?

    • Jen W says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I couldn’t stay in my seat this whole episode. All of those whining that David & Emily didn’t reunite is missing the art of the writing that makes up this show. I have been quite impressed with this season- so much content in each episode yet you are always left wanting more! Oh and thank you for the extra Nolan screen time this week- Clarke blocking- love it!

  23. Mimi says:

    Enjoy Andy Swift’s take on Revenge. Anyone else think David knows Emily is Amanda and is just “playing everyone?”

    • Jen W says:

      I do think it’s quite odd that David already knew that Amanda was dead but never came for her when she was alive. I think an interesting twist would be that David watched from the sidelines this whole time assisting Emily in her Revenge from the shadows Lol! Either way, I’m sure the writers have an interesting back story to David- including where he was and what he has done- I don’t expect this innocent traumatized man act to last too long!

    • grtm says:

      It is what I’m waiting!! Because if is not, will be a complete disaster!!

  24. Liza says:

    Who knew Jack was so hot shirtless? That made the episode worth it!!!

  25. Ella J. Wade says:

    So sad how the writers are ruining a great show. Can’t they find someone to come up with fresh ideas and get this back to the way it was in the beginning? So sick of Victoria, Margaux and Charlotte. And how can David Clarke be so dumb? I want the old Emily, Nolan and Jack back! Even the story lines with Ashley and Amanda were better than this stuff.

  26. kitikat says:

    This show is really testing my patience, enemies become allies and family become enemies. I wouldn’t be surprise if one of this days emily and daniel will be teaming up against their parents.

    • Jen W says:

      I could totally see that- seeing how they are trying to redeem his character a little bit. But who knows what Louise has in store for him first!?!

  27. JMOM says:

    I think David is playing everyone. I don’t believe for one second that Conrad faked David’s death and was torturing him this whole time. I think that’s just the story he’s putting out there to cover his butt. He couldn’t just show up and admit he faked his own death. David is not into self-mutilation. He only did that to sell the story of him being tortured. People ask So how could he leave his daughter like that? Well, he thought when he “died” Amanda would get the proof he was innocent and all the money from Nolan and that would give her peace and security. And he thought she would go on to live a happy life never wanting for anything. He didn’t know that his innocence would send her on her revenge journey. I don’t think he’ll mind at all when he finds out what she did because it led to his exoneration, which then allowed him to come back from the dead. But I do think he’ll feel guilty for it and wish she had taken a different path. I don’t believe for one second that he would be angry with her. I think he knows that Emily is Amanda and he’s just playing along with Victoria right now. I don’t think he knew before. I think when he went to the manor that night to kill Emily, he saw her face in the moonlight and knew right away it was his daughter. He was completely shocked to see her alive. And then he got caught right after that, and that was sooo on purpose. He’s totally playing a game right now. I think he even knows that Victoria hired that person to try to kill him to isolate him further from anyone else. I can’t wait to see Victoria get what’s coming to her and from David this time, not Emily. Charlotte too. I think David is just going with the story they are selling to see who he can trust and who he can’t trust and he’s quickly realizing that Victoria and Charlotte can’t be trusted. They are making it seem like he’s going to turn on Nolan but I will bet it’s part of the act.

    • JMOM:

      I agree totally. This week, did anyone NOT notice the expressions in david’s eyes was not “vacant” anymore??? It was quite comprehending, and , yes, he did recognize his daughter as the moonlight lit her face! He has vowed, now, to find his little girl and what happened to her! It was quite cognitive.
      He will do the same when he finds out how his child was locked up. He will be glad she acted in defense of him, and those who ripped them apart.
      what I really am forward to is the confrontation of Victoria by David, as he tells her he knows what her role in ruining him and his little girl’s lives! Juicy !!!!!
      I do believe he already knows and is giving Victoria enough rope…..
      It is all in his eyes. No emptiness anymore. Revenge and knowledge.

  28. joanne says:

    this show use to be good, now it is nothing but a sad sad soap

  29. Jayden says:

    the will finally meet in the season 5 finale

  30. Han solo says:

    They better provide an ending to Revenge that end with Jack and Emily together, please @revenge@revengewriters@abc no more cliffhangers……..and definitely no emily and ben pairing, that would betray loyal viewers

  31. Geeta says:

    I am glad to know it is not just me getting bored of the new season. Daniel and Mar are probably the most boring couple ever. Daniel actually looked great with Emily.– now that would be a twist!! David back??..seriously! and then surely Conrad will too. It just seems like the writers are desperate for prolonging the series. But now its getting filled with fillers. Not seen the last episode, just reading the recap here and not bothered to see the next now..
    I used to love this show though, the plots the drrraaaaaagggg

  32. Deion says:

    Charlotte is the worst. She and Declan used to be the worst together, but in the two seasons that he’s been gone she has been insufferable. She needs to go on a European trip for a couple of years and try again. It’s absurd that she will go from vulnerable, crying little girl to attempted manipulator all in the same episode. The Grayson children can both go, although, I suspect that Louise’s brand of crazy might make Daniel’s life, if not Daniel, interesting for a while. Not sure who the enemy is with their sights on David, but I doubt its Conrad. With the jig properly up as it is, Conrad has no reason to resurface. Everyone thinks he’s dead and he hates both of his kids and Victoria. Sounds like a clean get away to me.

  33. Bob F. says:

    This weeks show left me confused. When Chalotte showed David the wedding pictures. Did David recognize the fake Amanda or did he know that it was a different person?? Is that why David wants revenge? Does David think they pulled some trick here or does he know the real Amanda is somewhere around? Why would Charlotte want to hurt David if she hired the driver and how do we know ir was Charlotte? I feel like there was a “page or two” missing from this weeks script.

  34. Delante says:

    Use common sense people…of course Emily & David reuniting won’t occur until November sweeps! So sit back and enjoy the ride!

  35. Susan says:

    One of the main reasons I’ve stuck with this dragged out, frustrating program is because the recaps are really fun – funny and clever!

  36. PAri says:

    very dumb really. Emily and David should know the truth about each other and then put the story forward please, else i cant watch this dumb plot

  37. PAri says:

    i will only stick to recaps until there is a reunion between emily and father

  38. jo branning says:

    Sorry, I just think that Revenge has completely lost the plot since Sunil Nayar took over. That’s all I have to say!!

  39. WHY DO I CARE says:

    I completely recognize and and cannot seem to overcome the blatant manipulation here by the writers and the network, because all I can do throughout the episode is yell aloud:

    To Jack and Nolan: why the f#!$ are you not telling David the truth??!! Or a hint at least? A RIDDLE PERHAPS? There is no reasonable justification here given that his not knowing only puts Emily in her father’s crosshairs.

    To Emimanda: you’re a NINJA. You seriously lack the know-how to get David alone and tell him what’s happening? I don’t care if you have to tie up Charlotte and Victoria in the next room and shoot tranquilizer darts at the security detail, get the man alone and open your irrationally reluctant mouth!!!

    I feel much better now. Thank you for your time.

  40. Dennis says:

    Just want to say, love the recap Andy! I laughed out loud reading it :D

  41. Dennis says:

    Mike Kelly come baaaaack and produce the show again, please! This season just seems…off! Love Emily VanCamp but please writers, give her more to do!!

  42. jmbeach says:

    Hello my fellow Revenge fans, I am going to keep this short and sweet. So far Revenge season four is the best season of them all in my opinion. As for as the reunion between the real Amanda and her father I don’t think we will see this until the end of season four or the beginning of season five. Victoria is going to find a way to keep David under her thumb for a little while longer. As for Nolan I am deeply concerned for him. I think the reason David punch him was because he did not think that Nolan protected his daughter Amanda the way he should have. We will see in time and I can’t wait to see Ms.Charlotte and her brother Daniels outcome. Hopefully they get what they deserve. Furthermore, I think the show could have done without the new cop. Although I believe that their will be a love triangle between Jack and the new cop for Miss. Emily Aka Amanda Clark. Some one please tell me what is his name ( the new cop). Even though I was not please of the way Jack treated Emily in the past he seems to be redeeming him self a little bit and I hope he stays on that path.

  43. Angela Emanuel says:

    Hope Emily ( amanda) re-unite with his father David Clark.. and hope David will find out all the Lies and manipulation of Victoria,,,

  44. John r says:

    Its gotten stupid. I was afraid they were going to jack it up trying to extend the show and they did. Not watching anymore…

  45. carolgrover says:

    I used to hang in long after shows deteriorated in hopes the network would notice and change writers or light a bomb under the creator. Not any more. Milking programs is the order of the day. My partnerand I quit Revenge right in the middle of the last episode. I should have quit when David Clarke came back to life as its been all downhill unless you like soaps.

  46. Sahar says:

    The writers of Revenge have got it wrong so many times in this season. I am wondering why I even bother to watch. This show is becoming more and more unrealistic and not believable. Why would the writers think the fans of Revenge would think this storyline made any since.

    It so dumb and ridiculous to think a strong women like Emily/Amanda would allow anything or anyone especially Victoria of all people to interfere with her reuniting with her father, wait HER DEAD FATHER?! The three seasons prior made us feel for Amanda Clarke and grow to understand why she was so set out for Revenge but season four expects us to believe she will wait in the wings while Victoria of all people has a relationship with her father and not her. This story makes absolutely no sense. Forget what Jack or Nolan does which is absurd as well. But I just can’t believe that after everything Emily/Amanda went through even losing the ability to have children that she would allow any one especially the Grayson’s to dictate her fate and reconciliation with her father. The thing with Charlette is ridiculous as well. What does she have to gain by going along with her psycho mother. Also why would she keep up this lie about baby carl, hasn’t her dad dealt with enough liars already?!

    This is a pitiful season and story line. They have managed to ruin the excitement of David Clarke’s return with a pathetic and unrealistic story. I am done!!!

  47. Meaza assefa says:

    It is a very interesting movie.but when will we people see at dubai one

  48. Sinéad says:

    If they keep this going longer than the end of the season I could envision David and Emily being pitted against each other. What did Emily mean when she suggested he was ‘lying about everything?’ Honestly this show stopped being at all logical when David came back. I’d still like to hear how that happened and how the public was unaware that he had left prison? This is turning into a very different plot to what it was…