Did Arrow Rush 'Olicity'? How Old Is Scandal's Liv? Is NCIS' Tony Packing? Best Mini-Brody Ever? And More TV Qs


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Homeland, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow and Scandal!

1 | Are we sure this isn’t some actual offspring of Damian Lewis’ appearing on Homeland?

2 | Why doesn’t America’s Next Top Model contestant Denzel have to wear his ugly beard weave all the time? Doesn’t he deserve to have it put back as punishment for his comments about Will? And which CW show will he get a walk-on role on?

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3 | Once Upon a Time fan/TVLine reader Citizen of the Internet asks: “If David beat Bo Peep so easily using Anna’s training, how did Bo Peep capture Anna?” And are we just going to pretend we didn’t see Elizabeth Mitchell stick her finger in that ice cream container? Props for the cute name, but “Any Given Sundae” is violating so many health codes.

4 | Where exactly is The Good Wife’s Kalinda working these days? Didn’t Diane say that hiring the P.I. was a non-negotiable term of her joining Florrick Agos? Were you expecting Alicia to reach out and slap that rat fink James Castro when he took the name of Will Gardner in vain? And did his general awfulness amp up your enthusiasm level regarding her possible run for State’s Attorney?

5 | Didn’t The Strain’s Fet worry that the dynamite would collapse the tunnel/access to the theater? Also, how did Eichorst’s fake nose, wig, etc. survive his prolonged wrestling match with Fet?

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6 | Is Rick’s decades-ago Hollander’s Woods secret tied into Castle‘s new mystery, or was knowing of it just a “password” of sorts for Not Henry Jenkins?Rebirth

7 | Does The Originals‘ new Esther remind anyone else of The Following‘s Valorie Curry?

8 | What did the Supernatural retrospective special make you most nostalgic for? John Winchester? Monster-of-the-week episodes? A time when Sam and Dean had only died once?

9 | Instead of airing a glorified clip show for the final night of Blind Auditions, why doesn’t The Voice instead devote the two hours to showing us all the Battle Rounds-bound contestants previously relegated to the dreaded “montage treatment”?

Agents of SHIELD10 | What does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Skye have there, some fancy-paints FitBit? What if Ward’s in the middle of getting dressed (or, um, worse) when someone powers down the opaque wall? And who would have theoretically won in a “snow”-down between Donnie Gill and Once Upon a Time’s Queen Elsa?

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11 | Would you be fine never hearing the word “micropenis” again after this week’s New Girl? On the flip side of that….NCIS

12 | In debating the “shoe size” myth, when NCIS‘ Tony declares himself a “size 12,” is Bishop here curiously checking out his feet, or…?

13 | Wasn’t there a moment during Sons of Anarchy — however fleeting — when you really thought Juice would kill Gemma, and pondered how the season would continue without her?

14 | Could Red Band Society‘s Dash have seemed any less panicked/interested by Jordi passing out?

15 | Could Mysteries of Laura‘s Jake please stop talking with his mouth full/eating with his mouth open? (OK, that’s more of a request than a question, but surely you’ll co-sign.)

16 | How did Nashville‘s Juliette travel from L.A. (where she was in Deacon’s dressing room) to Music City (where she stalked Avery) in the same night? On another timey-wimey note, was Avery really singing his sad song all night long?

Arrow Oliver Felicity17 | Did the Arrow opener push Oliver and Felicity too much, too fast? Or does the fact that we obviously missed months of offscreen bonding– as detailed in the Season 2.5 comics – only make it seem like that? And was the new Vertigo villain basically Scarecrow?

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18 | What’s up with South Park‘s sudden interest in continuity? Every episode leads into the next, and we can’t help but wonder what it’s all building toward!

19 | How refreshingly irreverent was it to see host Chris Hardwick use the celebration of another year of his sobriety as the basis for an @Midnight round?

20 | TVLine reader/Scandal fan Rachel wonders: “How old is Olivia supposed to be,” if her law school pal has a 17-year-old daughter? Older than 40? Or are we to assume that Caitlin is the stepchild of her father’s onetime “side piece”?

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How to Get Away With Murder Nate21 | On How to Get Away With Murder, is it possible that Annalise’s married lover Nate might have a darker agenda — or be more involved with one of the two central murders — than we were originally led to believe? And while we’re discussing unexpected developments, which was more bothersome: The rampant inconsistencies and legal whoppers in the Case of the Week or the fact that the ho-hum arc completely wasted the talents of Ana Ortiz and Jason Gedrick?

22 | What are the chances that Gracepoint‘s Det. Carver is somehow connected to Danny’s murder: Slim to none, 50-50, or pretty dang high?

23 | Did Nightline‘s Thursday-night puff piece — on the enduring appeal of ABC’s own America’s Funniest Home Videos — make you wonder if producers forgot that they’re still operating under the ABC News banner, and not as an arm of the network’s promo department?

24 | Can we get a 15 percent reduction in TV characters who say, “Copy that”?

25 | A month into the fall TV season, it’s time for our regular check-in on daytime-TV allegiances: The View, The Talk, The Real, The Chew or The None of the Above?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. TheAppleFour says:

    17. The amount of Olicity in The Calm and how it was forced has made my conviction that this is just pure fan pandering relationship and the story was as if it was taken off the pages of a fanfic story. I was astounded that they even try to retconned season one episodes and relationships, as said pure fan serving in this episode that made it disappointing. The show only livened up in the last few minutes.

    • Judicar says:

      I really enjoy reading comments like these where a show is automatically crap because that persons ship isn’t together on said show. The real problem with TV now a days is that too many of you base your enjoyment of a TV show off of who’s getting it on with each other.

      • AM says:

        That is why television is called entertainment. Each person has the right to enjoy watching for whatever reason they want. Watching for pure shipping is just as valid as someone watching for a specific plot, genre, or favorite actor or actress. There is no right or wrong so there should be no judgement.

        • Teresa Rhoda says:

          Good response.

        • Peter Panic says:

          It’s called entertainment because it is supposed to provide amusement or enjoyment. Increasingly it seems like people watch shows in order to become enraged and have a reason to go online an gripe insessantly about how everything is crap because character A isn’t sleeping with character B because the writers put character B with character C and everybody (meaning the four people that agree with the person griping) thinks that this is an awful idea and is ruining the show. It’s not really a judgement to tell someone that if they don’t like the show that they shoudln’t be watching it.

          • KevyB says:

            You can focus on the relationships all you want… just realize you want your television to be no better than a romance novel, the lowest form of literature… if that word can even be muttered in the same sentence as romance novels.

    • Trish says:

      The show actually topped it’s season 2 premiere ratings with said ‘heavy Olicity” promotion in the season 3 premiere. And that matter’s, especially considering it lost almost 1 million fans from season 1 to season 2 premiere. If that wasn’t a red flag to change things up, I don’t know what is.

    • Enri says:

      Arrow four…you are always complaining about Arrow on this page and multiple other pages. If you dislike it so much why do you keep watching? Your negativity is getting old.

    • “fan pandering ” ok whatever … i cant wait to see the writers having Laurel and Oliver back together(because they will) just for everyone realising how much worse season one was with the unique love and meant- to- be crap they were selling between them. (and dont start me with the comic story telling of BC and Oliver being soulmates, its getting old!)

      • Ashley says:

        I doubt they will. So does SA. Read his interviews from Comic Con. He said so multiple times. Teammates….yes. Romance…no. If they wanted to get Olicity out of the way, they would have thrown them together. They are taking their time with them. They are her to stay, my friend.

      • Shelley says:

        I would like Arrow, the TV show be its own thing, it’s own story, not hold to the comics tale to the letter. If it did, then we’d know what comes next. I like that the show had adapted into new directions and explore new paths the characters take. If Felicity and Oliver do explore a relationship then wonderful. Oliver is so taciturn all business. I’m glad they brought up that he would like a normal life with a real person whom he has respect for. I think its great that the show brought out the realities that he and the team face which causes his reluctance to venture down that real Oliver part of life he wants to have. He realizes that he has a dual duty and has to be at the ready on a whim. Felicity has always humanized him making him see there was another way to be The Arrow. I feel they compliment each other. This episode showed what a potential couple they could be. But, this season will show lots of growth for all the characters. Including Laurel. What the writers do with them will be fun to watch. I’m going to be excited every week. Whether Olicity is forming or the characters meet others and form relationships with those other people. The fun is in the diversity from the comics and seeing where the writers take each story. I think it’s been well done so far. Ready for next week.

    • Jerry says:

      When Sara bit the, err, arrow, my wife said “One down, two to go!”

    • ANna says:

      OMg you again with your comments, i am sorry to inform you but if there was no olicity, the show wouldn’t be renewed even for the 2nd season. So stop complaining everywhere about Olicity and Felicity and accept the fact that many people like them together and that many people don’t like Laurel. GEEz

    • pem says:

      Nope. Not too soon, or too much Oliver and Felicity. As far as fan-pandering, I seriously doubt that the studios would jeopardize millions of dollars of revenue unless they had actual hard core numbers to back up their plan. It’s a business after all.

    • Sammy says:

      Ah. The old fan pandering argument. Why on earth would a show want its fans to be happy and catered for? Madness! Just because you don’t like Olicity doesn’t mean it’s forced. Also the fact that you think the episode livened up when Sara was murdered just shows exactly who you prefer so your argument is already colored with bitterness.

      • Katherine215 says:

        You talk like all of the fans are “Olicity” fans or fans of Oliver with Laurel or Sara. I know this is hard to believe, but they are actually not. I’ll give you a minute to absorb this astounding fact.
        I don’t actually prefer Oliver with any of the women on this show, so you can’t attack me as being a rival shipper. Some people just like to watch the show without regard to who Oliver is sleeping with at the moment.

        • Sammy says:

          Not at all. I can read. I know not everyone likes Olicity. My point about fan pandering was just a general thing not just related to Arrow. I’ll give you a minute to absorb that fact.

          I’m not attacking you for being a rival shipper. Bye!

      • Alicia says:

        My opinion on the matter is yes Olicity was rushed, but that’s also why it was stopped in the same episode! I’m a fan of that pairing and I think it’s too soon. As for whether the studio is bowing down to it’s fan base I don’t believe that at all! If that were true WB would have given fans of Smallville Chlark rather than forcing Clana down our throats for eight seasons before moving onto Clois!

    • CR says:

      It did not feel forced at all to me. It felt like a natural transition. Besides, they can’t dangle “will they/won’t they” forever in front of the viewers so they addressed it in the most logical sense possible. And for the time being Olicity is over even if they have feelings for each other. I am surprised that after such a fast episode full of so many important stories, this is what they picked as a tv question. My question was more like…..who shot *spoiler*, How did Laurel get down so fast, where is Thea and Malcolm and how much money did Oliver loose along with his company?? Also, I was majorly impressed with the direction they are taking with Laurel, finally they are on the right track with her character.

  2. tvgal says:

    my issue with arrow is that it has turn to a shippers fest.every article on arrow has 2 types of comments.1)olicity 2)I hate laurel.
    I used to really like oliver/felicity,but I just thought it’ll only be flirtations.I prefer felicity with brandon rouths character or barry.But we live in a generation where shippers control the writers

    • They pander to the most vocal fans, the shippers, so they’d create buzz online, it’s free publicity, they fail to realize(or dont care about it) that the shippers might be the most vocal but they’re the minority. The majority of viewers doesn’t care about shipping.

      • Belle says:

        What’s the difference between pairing a couple because people seem to like them and pairing a couple because the comics say so? Nothing except you get better television and better ratings when viewers are excited about the pairing. I don’t know a single show that doesn’t have romantic relationship development as one of the plot points. I don’t know one MAJOR comic book character that doesn’t have a love interest that drives him. Of course I am no comic book expert. But my husband is a comic book geek and he admits that comics are a dude’s version of romance novels. So those who can’t handle seeing a little romance unfold, you’re watching the wrong show. And to answer the question… No, not rushed. First, they are not together…yet, and second, they’d been developing this relationship slowly over the past 2 years. This is the only relationship in the show that is taking it’s time.

        • Peter Panic says:

          Iron Man doesn’t do the romance thing really at all. He is a womanizer, not really a relationship guy. Captain America sometimes has a love interest but, she doesn’t drive him. Same with Thor (the love story from the movies have nothing to do with the comics). Ant-Man. Batman. Iron Fist. Doctor Strange. Green Lantern. I could go on. Some of these could probably be weeded out based on what your definition of major is compared to mine but, honestly, most comics have no romance at all. For every Peter Parker/ Mary Jane and Clark Kent/ Lois Lane there are a hundred Bruce Wayne/ Insert Random Woman with Giant Breasts. Even with Green Arrow and his established girlfriend Black Canary. The romance is downplayed. The reader knows that they are together but, any attempt at romance is more or less fan service depicting Black Canary in various stages of undress. All of the love and relationship stuff has been put into the TV shows and movies in order to broaden their appeal and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, don’t act like these stories are ripped straight from the comics just the way that they are.

      • Belle says:

        First, what is your proof that the shippers are the minority but just outspoken? Second, yeah, there are plenty of viewers who are not shippers (my husband being one of them), but doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate a well-developed relationship. He loves Felicity and think she’s the best choice for Oliver. And this is coming from a comic book geek!

        • Paddy Simcox says:

          When you look at the number of people that are watching the show versus how many people are online commenting about the relationships on the show the numbers are overwhelmingly lopsided in favor of “shippers” being the minority. It could have to do with what your definition of what a “shipper” is versus that of somebody like myself. To me it is a person who’s affection for a show lives and dies with whatever relationship they are vicariously living through which causes them to overlook anything in the show that might cast aspersions on said relationship and put an undo amount emphasis on the things that promote that relationship. The difference between them and a, for lack of a better word, “normal” viewer like your husband or myself is that they might like a well-developed relationship but, if that realtionship ends you won’t hear them, or us I guess, complain that the show is going downhill and a giant pile of garbage now based solely on the fact that person A is no longer nailing person B.

          • Angela says:

            I think your comment at the end about people making those complaints is the biggest issue people have with shippers, and I can’t disagree in regards to that. I have no problem with people shipping characters on TV shows. I have pairings I like, too-read fanfic about them, love the little moments with them on the show, wouldn’t complain if they were to get together, all that good stuff.
            But I wouldn’t dream of flipping out on the showrunner/writers/cast if my favorite pairing doesn’t get together, or fill up comment boards with my whining about how the show sucks because x and y aren’t dating like I want them to, or whatever. Unfortunately, some people DO do stuff like that, and I really do not understand why. To those who are that intense when it comes to pairings, I’d like to know why it’s THAT big a deal whether or not your favorite couple gets together on a show? Why can’t it just be one of those, “If they do, great, if they don’t, shame, but ah, well, life goes on.” Why the incessant need to harass the people who work on the show about it, or make a big production about it in fan discussions? All that stuff does is divide the fandom, and those who harass are seen as obnoxious and annoying instead of simply being passionate fans.
            Now, having said that, not all shippers are like that. Most of them just simply like to have a little fun with their favorite pairings, and leave it at that. So just as it’s not fair for shippers to harass those who don’t care about the romance aspect of a series, it’s also not fair for non-shippers to make blanket assumptions about those who like a little romance in their TV shows (and I speak in a general sense with this last paragraph).

      • Sam says:

        I know plenty of casual viewers who are interested in Olicity. They don’t read spoilers and they don’t tweet about them, they are not vocal in the slightest but they’re still invested. Just because someone isn’t vocal don’t assume that they don’t care.

  3. L says:

    Yes on Arrow pushing Oliver and Felicity too fast… cant these shows just let characters be flirty friends without trying to push them into romances? As for the Scandal age thing… maybe her pal had the daughter in her early 20s?

    • BrittBrat says:

      For Scandal, she could have adopted, been a teen (or just a young) mom, could have went to law school much later than everyone else.

      ANTM, he doesn’t wear the beard all the time because he was having a reaction to the glue. They said it on one of the last 2 episodes. But yeah, I didn’t like how he treated Will.

    • Tess says:

      No, it’s not rushed it was well developed actually from season 1. It was only addressed that Oliver loves Felicity and vice versa on season 3. But it was also good that no commitment made yet. I love the show because of the show and most of all because of the chemistry that Felicity and Oliver have.

  4. Prish says:

    I assumed he wanted time to build a case against the husband, how to get away with…show.

  5. Yoki says:

    20. Or, the mom could have went to school a little later after he daughter started school. I place Liv around 34+.

  6. Tran says:

    Number one says it all (HOMELAND) but how come they didn’t put in the moment where on The Price is Right that Corey a contestant bid $7,000 on a freakin’ hammock? In my opinion, the players who may or may not watched The Price is Right are nothing than a bunch of “losers” and I still can’t stand Drew Carey even though he continues to be more annoying and not in the level Bob Barker was and the models still have no talent because they’re obsessed with waving their hands on camera and just standing there acting like cheerleaders when they’re rootin’ for a contestant to win or lose. They should fire the person who pick someone to “come on down” and I still don’t know how long Drew and the models will stay on the show because of their contracts.

  7. Coal says:

    9. I think the last season to actually present the battle rounds well was the first one.
    14. Is Dash ever panicked ?
    20. I doubt anyone still watches Scandal for its logic.

  8. neaorlean says:

    16: Those two questions answer each other. Juliette was in LA in the evening when the concert was starting, that’s 8-9ish, and had all night to get to Nashville and talk to the empty car seat for a while. Avery was at a party and he didn’t finish earlier than 4-5 in the morning, and then went home with the blonde, kicked her out immediately and sat on the piano to sing, and it was already the early morning and sunrise. Juliette has a private jet, so she had enough time to get there by the time Avery got home from the party. My question is, how does Juliette’s practically non existent career pay for the jet right now, since last time she actually made good money from it was in season one, and last time we heard about her money situation was when Dante or Diego or what’s his name stole the band money and she bought a house?

    • neaorlean says:

      Quick Google check says sunrise in Nashville was at 6:50 AM today, which means it was 6 AM-ish when Avery was singing, so it makes perfect sense to me. Google also says flight time between LA and Nashville is 3 hours 32 minutes, without having to go trough check ins and wait in lines, she only needed less than five hours to get there. :)

    • L says:

      She should be getting a lot of money from royalty checks on her past music… and shes still selling concert tickets

      • neaorlean says:

        Weird, where did my response go? I said that I know that, but you don’t see Anastasia or even Britney flying around on a private jet, even though they still probably make more than enough to not have to work a day in their lives. :)

        • BrittBrat says:

          A lot of celebs take private jets if they are flying in the US. Sometimes a private jet is cheaper than paying for a first class ticket (plus celebs usually don’t fly alone). You hardly ever see B.Spears at the airport, so I’m sure she travels private. Plus in the first season, Juliette was traveling on a private plane, when she was dating the Christian football player.

          • neaorlean says:

            Yeah, which makes sense because Juliette from season 1 was practically a Taylor Swift with bad manners. Now she’s not. Rayna Jaymes doesn’t have a private jet, Luke Wheeler doesn’t have a private jet (or maybe I missed that and he does, barbecue-sauce colored and with a Marilyn Monroish pop art of himself in the lavatory). And Britney doesn’t go anywhere to be seen at an airport, there’s no pictures of her anywhere but the local grocery store for years now.

          • neaorlean says:

            Jet fuel costs between $3 and $7 a gallon and according to Boeing’s Web site, the 747 burns approximately 5 gallons of fuel per mile (12 liters per kilometer). There’s 1778 miles between Nashville and LA. That’s 8890 gallons of fuel for a one way trip. On $3 a gallon that’s $26670, plus wages that’s $30000 on a 4 hour flight she did twice that day. That’s $60000 at best just on fuel and staff. Add some $20000 on airport taxes and navigation services each way. Add maintenance and parking. I agree she has money, but I don’t think she has private jet money.

            I don’t have Asperger. My mother had me tested. :)

          • Fran says:

            I don’t watch this show, but does the character own a private jet? Or does she just charter one when traveling? Because thats a big difference in cost.

          • Fran says:

            Then again, I am no expert on private jets so what do I know? Lol.

          • neaorlean says:

            She owns it. I suppose she could be renting it while she’s not using it, but many times during the show she’s been like “I’m bored, let’s go to Miami” so I guess it’s always there for her to use whenever she feels like it.

          • BrittBrat says:

            Well she can be a part owner of a plane. You can play a membership and fly private, but not have to pay for the entire thing by yourself. Also I doubt she has a 747. That is probably too big of a plane. Also if she did own the plane, I’m sure Nashville would be way cheaper to keep the plane than living in a more expensive city. So it is very possible.

          • BrittBrat says:

            Plus there are pictures of Britney getting off of a private plane in the last couple of years. So she does fly private. Maybe not all the time, but she does.

          • neaorlean says:

            Britney doesn’t own it, though. And Juliette does, and she’s been very vocal about it. “MY plane”, “you’re on MY plane and you’ll do as I say”, remember when Rayna first traveled with that plane? She most definitely doesn’t co-own it, she’s made that clear :) And she was a huge teen star, but then there were some problems and she had to cancel a tour and she hasn’t had a new single in a year and she’s been jumping from one scandal to another. For a while the only people buying her CDs were the ones that were burning them in public, shouting insults at her. There’s no way she can afford to keep the plane.

  9. bcharmer says:

    3. The real question is why Charming didn’the think to go get the person that can conjure fireballs to defeat a snow monster to save Emma.

    • Mary says:

      Because Regina was off on her weekly pity party.

      • Eli says:

        How is it a pity party? It’s been like 2 and half days on the show since Marian showed up alive. I imagine anyone would still be upset about a breakup less than 3 days later, let alone a break-up with someone you loved who you saw a real future with.

        If Regina had known Emma was in trouble, she would’ve helped. Regardless of her feelings for Emma, Regina wouldn’t have let Henry’s other mother die, not after everything they went through last season. Plus, she managed to stuff down her feelings in the previous episode to save Marian so she would’ve done the same for Regina.

        I understand why the writers didn’t involve Regina because they wanted Elsa to save Emma/save herself by learning to control her powers, but it made no sense for David and Hook to not even consider going to Regina. A better work-around for not involving Regina would’ve been for David to try talking Elsa through controlling her powers, have Elsa realize that David knew Anna and then have David go to Bo Peep’s to get the crook.

    • English says:

      Regina wasn’t talking to anyone remember? Not even Henry.

      • DarkDefender says:

        If they banged on her door and yelled what was going on, Regina would have helped.. Which they could have done cause they never use cell phones on that show (so she couldn’t ignore a call).

  10. Gina says:

    Your question about Arrow’s Olicity is interesting. I view their relationship as a slow burn relationship. I don’t see them getting together officially until the end of Season 4. I am looking for lots of angst!

  11. ChicagoDan says:

    20. Olivia’s age – doesn’t have to be relative to her friend. Several people go to law school a few years after graduating college. So if Olivia went ‘straight through’ and her friend started at, say, 28 or 30, it would work. I went to law school after college, but several classmates were in late 20s -mid-30s. (We even had two moms with teenagers.)

  12. Jennifer says:

    re: 20 – Law school students don’t have to be the same age. Olivia could have gone to law school straight out of undergrad at 21 or 22 and Catherine could have been in her late-20s when she started.

  13. TW says:

    #20: I do believe that is her step-daughter. At the end of the ep when she is being arrested I thought I saw the chyron say “arrested for murdering her step-daughter” or something similar.

  14. Marco says:

    21. Forget that, I want to know the point of Asher Millstone being in the show! He’s a regular, so he must be important, but how?
    A few reasons I threw out:
    1) He is the girl’s real killer
    2) He’ll be instrumental in letting his pals ‘Get Away With Murder’ (or the opposite)
    3) He witnessed the murder of HTGAWM’s Laura Palmer knockoff

  15. Kate says:

    17. Coming from someone who isn’t a “shipper”, I actually felt like Oliver/Felicity is the only romance for Oliver that hasn’t felt forced. It’s been building over the past two seasons in a way that feels real, from tentative allies to friends to friends with buried feelings and now something clearly romantic. Definitely missed the off-screen bonding, would have made it seem less rushed, but I feel like they’ve been inching in this direction for a while.

  16. Calli says:

    RE: Oliver and Felicity… I don’t think its fast at all. This has been building for two seasons. And it’s not like they’ll be together this season as we saw in the premiere. Oliver pushed her away and she refused to wait on the line. This relationship rings a lot more true to me than any of Oliver other dalliances and I’m interested to see where and how they take this. BTW: “fan pandering” is code for bitter fanboy/fangirl/shipper. Find a new line.

    • A says:

      Great comment! I’m tried of reading about “fan pandering” especially as it is only used in relation to Oliver/Felicity. Their relationship has been building for two years, maybe people should have paid more attention.

    • violet says:

      buahahahahaha thank you “fan pandering” is reeeeeeaaaaaly old crap, is just a fanboy/fangirl/shipper that don’t get what they want. just enjoy the show.

  17. Katie Hart says:

    “Can we get a 15 percent reduction in TV characters who say, “Copy that”?” Should some of them start using “Roger” instead, a la Felicity’s debate on which was right in Arrow? :)

  18. MoshiMoshi says:

    17. Although I like Oliver and Felicity it felt too much way too soon. And Oliver dropping all the i love you’s felt out of character. The build up was better than the actual delivery…

  19. Trish says:

    LOL. As far as Arrow goes, it’s more like, many of you missed Oliver and Felicity slowly growing over almost 2 years. And that’s OK, I’m merely pointing out that since these two met, they’ve had fans, and we’ve all enjoyed their story while being told by others that we were making things up that simply weren’t there. Fast forward to season 3 and the show delving deeper into what has been going on, and some people are asking, “Where did that come from?” Clearly, you weren’t paying attention, because you were too busy waiting for the televised show to replicate material from the comics, without actually following the story that’s being shown onscreen. How many articles of the lack of chemistry between the “original” love story must be posted before people accept that no one wanted to see it? I LOVE that Arrow is taking what works on TV and running with it. Had they not, we wouldn’t have Diggle, we wouldn’t have Felicity, we wouldn’t have Original Team Arrow, and we certainly wouldn’t have Olicity. And these all have made Arrow a sensational show. And Olicity is one of the elements of Arrow that keeps the interest in the online community, unlike the original plan. And for those that spew ignorance about “too much romance on the show” no, it’s funny that 5 minutes of Olicity in a 40 minute episode is a threat. Additionally, considering how much romance is all up in the comics and ESPECIALLY Green Arrow comic lore, you just sound bitter. If that’s not enough, take a look at every single superhero film and show me a single one that doesn’t showcase a romantic plot for the hero? *crickets*

    • Teresa Rhoda says:

      I don’t know much about comic lore but every Arrow episode states that it is “based on characters from DC Comics.” would this not mean that CW would have “paid” to use the characters and been entitled to create story lines for these characters that are specific to the show only. Otherwise it would just be replicating the comics (how is that even possible with the comics multiple variations anyway?). Ooh I said “multiple” makes me think of Oliver “shirtless”…..”multiple times”……”shirtless”. LOL

  20. Abby says:

    The None of the Above

  21. GildedRose says:

    Well considering Oliver and Felicity have been interacting for 2 years and definitely showing signs of growing feelings during that time… it’s one of Arrow’s slowest, least “thrown together in 2 seconds” relationships. I’m sure they’ll torture them for the whole season before bringing them back together again. So… no. Not at all rushed or out of anywhere given the no build insta stuff they usually do with their couples.

    • Autumn says:

      Very true. I find this question a bit much considering that Oliver and Felicity have the most developed onscreen relationship of the show. Personally, I think many may have missed it because they weren’t paying attention to subtext. It’s like people don’t understand subtext anymore (something I’ve noticed on other shows as well). It’s weird. I’m guessing the writers thought it was obvious (which it was) that Oliver’s proclamation of love in S2 finale was already confirmed before this episode by the subtext of their last scene in the finale. Following through with that only makes perfect sense. They are drawing it out by Oliver believing they can’t be together. I don’t get what is weird about that.

      • JenB says:

        I do not get it either. My husband and I have been watching this from the start and I asked him after Oliver killed The Count “do you think Oliver digs Felicity?” He was like “duh…of course he does.” He is normally completely oblivious to these types of things. I had to ask him because I read these types of comments and thought maybe I was misreading the clues. If my oblivious husband figured it out, then it certainly was not subtle and this episode was not at all rushed. I mean come on, the only time Oliver smiles is when Felicity says something.

  22. Mary says:

    Yes. Having been on the radio in the Army Guard, I get very tired of hearing people say “copy that” and “roger that.”The response is supposed to be copy and roger.

  23. CMarie says:

    20) People in law school are often of varying ages, so Olivia could be in her late thirties and her friend slightly older. In other parts of Shondaland though, are we supposed to believe Meredith is only 35 (since she was supposedly 5 years old in 83 when her sister was born), Ellen Pompeo is 44…

    • TvPeong says:

      Hahahaha. I was thinking the same thing? Meredith is only 36??

      • TinLV says:

        The actors age isn’t necessarily relevant to the age of the character they are playing. Actors often play younger than themselves. Considering the time it takes to become a full-fledged surgeon,, 36 is about right for the character of Meredith Gray. Ellen Pompeo is the same age as my daughters, but they too could pass for 36, especially with the help of makeup and lighting.

    • JKR says:

      Is it 2014 in Shondaland’s Seattle? If so, Maggie is about to be 31 (last night her birthday was stated as Nov 1983) and Meredith is 36. Which may be correct? Do we know how many years total have passed on Grey’s? I believe multiple seasons have happened with a year “timeline.”

  24. i think Olicity was fast but well executed so…

  25. Jim says:

    #20 – When they showed the news piece about her friend getting arrested, it said she was accused of killing her step-daughter.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • herman1959 says:

      OK! This is why I try to read all of the previous posters BEFORE I write my post, but this time I just didn’t feel like reading through 135 comments first! Wow, you Arrow fans are so passionate – this is almost as bad as when that actress left NCIS (but ALMOST).

  26. sal says:

    I enjoyed everything about Arrow Season 3, The Calm. I loved the Team Dynamic and I definitely loved Felicity and Oliver’s pacing. Amazing! Loved it all! Well done Arrow!

  27. Louise says:

    for 20: it does actually say in the headline in the news report accused of killing stepdaughter

  28. kennedy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Felicity and Oliver scenes. I think they are right on the mark. Great angst and loved that they touched on their history.

  29. sarah j says:

    7) A little bit.
    16)Private Jet, and wasn’t it daylight out when she went to his place so he could have partied all night.
    17)Yes it all happened fast and it was over before it really began.

  30. blackconvoy says:

    I don’t think it’s rushed. If anything it’s doomed to fail. While people don’t like Laurel, she is destined to be Black Canary and that is who Oliver will end up being with. She’s going to be the woman that he can be himself with. Plus, Oliver is too screwed up to be with Felicity. She deserves someone like Ray Palmer or Barry Allen. Men who aren’t damaged beyond repair.

    • ANna says:

      I think you missed the part where they separate in the comics for good and that is the end of their story. I don’t have to remind you that this is a tv show not a comic and that
      Oliver slept with her sister before the island and again in 2nd season.

    • wonderwall says:

      While I do agree Oliver doesn’t deserve someone like Felicity right now, he’s still growing as a person. I think that by the end of the season, he’ll be a better man, someone that Felicity deserves. I don’t know if I worded that correctly. Regardless, Felicity makes Oliver a better man, and Oliver makes Felicity a better person (her speech to Oliver in 2×21 is a testament to that). The beauty about them is that they don’t ask for anything the other can’t give. In the end, it’s Felicity’s life, and her choice on whether she wants to be with Oliver. If she does choose so, I wouldn’t blame her. Deep down Oliver is a good person. she deserves good people.

      This is why I hope Oliver doesn’t end up with Laurel. They seem to bring out the worst in one another. And after Sara and Tommy dying, it just seems flat out disrespectful and slimy if they did get together even in season 10 (if it ever does get that far). Comic canon be damned! In the comics Oliver and Laurel didn’t have this ridiculously terrible backstory. And the whole meant-to-be thing is just tiring and inspires a lack of creativity and lazy writing.

    • Jane says:

      wait, so it’s not okay for oliver to be with felicity because he’s too screw up, but it’s okay if that damage guy go back with laurel? poor laurel, even people who think she’s destined to be black canary want her with the guy who cheated on her with her sister. not a mention “damage beyond repair”.

    • Lysh says:

      I can’t wait for Laurel to become BC. I appreciate the comic books, but her going back to Oliver after he cheated on her with her sister (leading Sara to the island and into a life that ultimately got her killed) and cheated on her with another woman who had his baby…it’s just not good. She deserves better.

    • Imzadi says:

      Well, Oliver & Laurel aren’t exactly Lois Lane & Clark Kent. They are not iconic and I’ don’t think that most people other than fans of the comics or fans of the ship are even aware, that they end up together. Or breake up.

  31. Mary Ann says:

    Regarding number 23, hasn’t AFV become an hour long commercial itself, for all the Disney locations and cruises?

  32. Foshi says:

    I’ve been waiting since Arrow’s season 2 episode 6 when Oliver said he couldn’t be with someone he really cared about. Did everyone else miss that episode? A series about a damaged super hero is going to be character driven in regards to his growth and development. Felicity from day ONE has made Oliver a more dynamic and interesting character. The heartless killer didn’t smile until she blabbered in season one and people sat up and took notice. My two best friends have nothing to do with online shipping and they can’t help but see where the romance led in season 2. This relationship is just starting and it will a long sloooooooow burn that will be beautiful to watch. These writers know what makes Arrow work and what feels right. Just enjoy the ride!

  33. No I don’t think it was rushed at all. Something had to give, they’ve been dancing around each other for 2 seasons, this needed to happen. It was always going to lead to this point. I loved the episode and Olicity was a big part of that.

  34. I think that the Nate the detective has a much bigger agenda here and it has nothing to do with him being involved in the murders as such as getting revenge on Annalise for the stunt she pulled in the first episode…
    I think the ‘case of the week’ was dumb, Ana Ortiz deserved a better role… Now she needs to guest in Grey’s or Scandal and have a juicier role… you know its coming…

  35. Celesta says:

    #20 – The byline on the news report that huck and Olivia were watching clearly said “stepdaughter” so it was pretty clear that she was her stepmother.

  36. Sparky says:

    The vulnerability that Oliver showed in the second last episode of S2 when he didn’t know how to fix it when the Mikakuru cure was stolen by Slades guys and the fact that he showed that side of himself to Felicity and how she told him that he was not done fighting was a major turning point in their relationship for me. That was when I thought Oliver and Felicity had developed a bonding that was unlike anything that he had with anyone else. Had that scene not happened I would have said the season premier was a rushed development in their relationship. Whether it’s Batman Superman or even Iron Man the romance side of their story is always going to be part of the story. The EP have said that finding EBR made the difference to the show whether it is the Olicity factor or Team Arrow so she’s not I hope going anywhere anytime soon. The big debate is who is Oliver’s endgame – Felicity who he has oodles of chemistry with or Laurel who will be Black Canary to stick with the comic books. Going to be interesting….

    • Ashley says:

      They won’t do BC and Arrow just because of the comics. SA already said he doesn’t think they will ever be together again, that the ship has sailed on that romance, his exact words. Doubt he would say something so definite without being told to or having permission to, as it alienates the small part of the fan base that stubbornly refuse to realize the TV show is not the comics and do not have to copy what happens there. Not only that, but Marc Guggenheim, although he won’t say never regarding L/O (he only mentions them when directly asked), it’s pretty obvious, when he speaks about Olicity, that he’s talking long term plan with them.

      • Sparky says:

        That’s my hope too. Felicity and Diggle weren’t in the comic books until recently but who could imagine Arrow without both of them now. Laurel gets a new love interest in the guy that trains her…name escapes me at the moment. Him and Laurel could be end game. Laurel and Ra’s Al Ghul were together in the comic books. If he’s responsible for Sara’s death I couldn’t imagine that ever happening in the show. My point is comics are a different medium to TV. What works for one doesn’t mean it will work for the other. Laurel and Oliver working together works. The ‘you catch them I cook them was a funny line”. As a couple definitely not right now if ever. They need to hit the rest button on the two of them and start from the beginning. Friendship and go from there to make the rest of us believe that she is better for Ollie than Felicity. Either way it’s going to be a really good season I hope.

  37. Lola says:

    Has anyone else noticed that every week there is a question about Red Band Society and it’s always a knock against the show?

    • DarkDefender says:

      Yeah.. But probably becuase it isn’t a great show and there are a lot of flaws (particularly with Astro’s acting or lack thereof)

  38. Violet says:

    I never liked Oliver and Laurel’s relationship, but it didn’t affect me too much because I watched ‘Arrow’ for other reasons than shipping. That’s why Olicity was such a big and wonderful surprise for me. For two seasons I’d seen Oliver and Felicity become close, trustworthy friends, I saw Felicity help him become a hero, so though I didn’t expect them to be a canon pairing I was happy she stayed as a regular. I don’t think we, Olicity shippers, could ‘force’ anything that wasn’t already there. One of the best things about Olicity is that it came so, so naturally. So no, I don’t think their relationship is developing too fast.
    Past two seasons I watched Oliver falling in love with Felicity and ‘The Calm’ just voiced his feelings. I liked the way Olicity was portrayed in the episode. There is love, but there’s also hard choices, mistakes and a long way ahead to getting together.
    I don’t know if Olicity is endgame. I’m just enjoying it like I did before.

  39. Anna says:

    Ok I am going to say this only once and I never make an comments but Arrow is the first show I really have gotten involve with, I bought my first DC comic when Felicity was introduce just recently, I bought the 2.5 comics and I watch live instead of DVR it. I also read up on what to except since it was a comic base show. But Oliver/Laurel get divorce. They didn’t work in the comics. Fan service will be to get Laurel and Oliver together because that is what everyone excepts but there is no chemistry with Oliver and Laurel. I loved her with Tommy but they killed him. Another issued I had was, Sara was cast too perfectly as the canary. She had the perfect backstory and better chemistry with Oliver but when they got back together Oliver revered back to Ollie. No I don’t feel like the Olicity was rush. They been dancing around it for a while. First she was someone that work for him, then became his partner (like Digg), friend, and then something more.

    • Chay says:

      Yep, this relationship, Olicity, is the only sensible one for Oliver. Everything else was toxic and I for one am happy with the partners/friendship direction they’re taking with Oliver and Laurel but Felicity is clearly the best woman for Oliver. Look at the way the man looks at her! He says so much without words. His body language and actions screams that he’s crazy in love Felicity Smoak. She’s good for him. She’s a fresh start and she brings out the best in him without really trying. She makes him want to be the best version of himself. I think the Arrow writers are telling the Olicity story in a very organic way. It’s definitely not rushed but is happening in a very natural turn of events sort of way. It’s so obvious to me.

  40. #3. It’s possible that Bo Peep found a way to best Anna, though I’m not sure what (otherwise, good point). What I’ve been wondering all week is how did Elsa and everyone know that the hearbeat they heard from Bo Peep’s staff was Anna’s? Does the staff read the mind of the person holding it and find the branded person s/he is looking for?

  41. Chay says:

    Arrow rush Olicity? What?! No way. It’s about time. It’s only been 2 ENTIRE YEARS in the making. It’s the one relationship with a woman that Oliver’s had that they’re NOT rushing. They’re taking their time to tell, what’s in my opinion, an EPIC love story. I’m really proud of the Arrow writers and EBR & SA for the way they always deliver on the intense and emotionally charged scenes. At the same time, they work well together will the light, funny, and relaxed scenes as well.

  42. Jenny says:

    1) I think the baby is definitely a mini Brody… It just felt odd seeing no Brody around :( too sad

    7) yeah I remember telling my sister, the person Esther is in looks like that crazy chick from The Following

    11) what an annoying episode of New Girl is all I have to say

    17) I thought the Felicity and Oliver moments were perfect. It’s about time something happened. And I’m glad Felicity stood her ground and also stood up to him. she genuinely cares for him and doesn’t deserve “maybes”. After that I actually rooted for a Ray Palmer/Felicity relationship.. I think they’d be good together for a bit, plus it would make oliver super jealous hehe

  43. lsperling says:

    You put all these questions in one post and ask for comments. Who has time to sift through all those comments to find only the ones that interest them?

  44. Sara says:

    20. I am pretty sure that when Olivia’s friend was arrested, the news report said “Stepdaughter.”

  45. wonderwall says:

    I think that the whole flirty – ask out on date – go on date – get date blown up – kiss – break up was rushed but not unbelievable. I felt like they could’ve spread out this little arc over 2 to 3 episodes and it would’ve felt less rushed. They could’ve flirted and Oliver could’ve asked felicity out in episode one, then in episode 2 they could’ve gone on said date and then kiss and break up. The pacing was off I suppose because there was SO MUCH GOING ON in the episode! I think the Arrow writers need to learn that they can’t smush everything into an episode because it just leads to sloppy writing (Felicity being completely fine after the explosion with no wounds? Right).
    What I loved about Oliver and Felicity though is that Stephen and Emily completely elevated the material they were given and made every emotion completely palpable and realistic and not rushed at all. If you look at the scenes individually you can clearly see that there’s something there we’ve never seen in Oliver’s past love interests (Sara, Laurel, McKenna, Helena). If anything, regardless of the sloppy pacing, this episode made me love this couple even more.

    • Teresa Rhoda says:

      Have you not considered that Felicity’s wound was on her head hidden beneath her hair. The wound did not necessarily have to be visible eg on her face. Even superficial cuts on the head bleed profusely

      • wonderwall says:

        It’s hard to believe because there was a lot of blood on Felicity’s face, that amount of blood doesn’t come from superficial cuts. Not only that, she was wearing 5ish inch heels afterwards and looking near perfect? She didn’t look haggard whatsoever which was kind of surprising. I mean it was only a small issue I had with the episode. Another issue was Oliver looked heartbroken after Felicity walked away from him. But then in his cameo on The Flash he looked completely fine :p Fastest recovery from heartbreak ever :p

        No but these are little issues. I think if the writers took care a little more, they could address this stuff.

        This is me just being nit-picky, don’t mind me.

        • JenB says:

          The scalp actually bleeds quite a bit, so it really is not far fetched at all. A very small cut on the scalp can result in a lot of blood. I mean it isn’t like a cut artery bleed, but a surprisingly small cut on the scalp can produce a lot of blood. I only know this from experience and the doctor telling me that the scalp bleeds a lot when I freaked out by the huge amount of blood from such a small cut that required no stitches.

          • Peter Panic says:

            You ain’t lying. Back in the 90’s when Extreme Championship Wrestling was still around the wrestlers used to bleed buckets in the ring from their heads. You would’ve swore that the guy was fully scalped or something. Then you’d see the wrestlers stitched up after the show and it would be only a couple of small stitches. It always amazed me that such small cuts would produce copious amounts of blood like that.

          • wonderwall says:

            I didn’t know this! Thanks for the info, JenB! I still maintain that Felicity shouldn’t have been wearing such heels after the explosion. :p

    • Teresa Rhoda says:

      Nothing separates a girl from her heels!!!

  46. Ashley says:

    No, they aren’t moving too fast. Moving too fast would be if they were together already. They aren’t. They know what they have with Olicity and they aren’t rushing it. It’s almost 2 years in the making! Olicity fans don’t want the show to rush them or the focus to be on them all the time, either. We want moments here and there that keep the relationship developing and moving forward. I loved the whole premiere, the only sad/low moment was Sara! Keep up the good work, Arrow writers!

  47. exs113030 says:

    Honestly, I thought that Olicity was progressing at the right pace last season. The beginning of this season felt like they were just pandering to fans. I did like the moments they shared but I actually think it will be nice for them to slow down a little and progress how they were last season…if that makes sense. I still think they should end up together, it should just be more natural and the characters already have the spark and chemistry…no need to rush things!!

    • wonderwall says:

      I think now that they pushed the breaks on Olicity, I think that we’ll get that same progression from season 2 between them throughout this season. I don’t think that the beginning was pandering. I think that it was because the writers tend to think of plot before they think of characterization and relationship development. They wanted to set the scene for the season before anything else which is why I think they rushed their mini rise then fall arc. I truly hope they take care of this relationship because it’s the only relationship I can see Oliver be in. :p

  48. Winter says:

    19. It was really funny to watch Chris Hardwick make fun of himself. Also good God he looks way better these days.

  49. Tammy says:

    2. because the beard is giving him a rash….. it’s ugly so just do away with it.
    9. The Voice should have had the contestants sing, even if it’s group songs, sort of like SYTYCD lets the contestant do what they specialize in first before pairing them up and throwing crazy dances at them.
    21. I’m not that into Get Away with Murder like I was hoping I would be. I think they tried too hard to be like Scandal with a faster pace and then jumping timelines. Might have been better to start a little slower, get us invested in the characters and then start jumping around. I want to care but I’m finding I don’t
    22. Did you not watch Broadchurch?

    no need to answer Arrow, Scandal or Nashville questions because everyone else already did.

  50. Ashley says:

    20. logic didnt fail… if you look closely at the news segment reporting catherine’s arrest… it said she was charged with stepdaughter’s murder…